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TWITTER: Box Spring Pee

Had to rip up the box spring. Tito got in it and peed

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The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

Photo Montage © 2009 Stan Syckes

Did I just use that as a blog title?

Well, I guess I should write this blog since I teased about it here and here. But now that it’s finally the day to talk about this I really don’t want to. It’s so stupid!

Alright here goes: I have retired my disgusting XL-sized sweatpants that I have used to sleep in for a decade. That’s right, for a goddamn decade! I randomly went into the old JMU bookstore (which used to be housed on the first floor of Warren Hall [yes, I had to look that name up]) during the very beginning of my freshman year and picked up the pants. Either I didn’t realize they were so large, or I thought they’d shrink (I certainly didn’t imagine I’d grow into them) but the XL size somehow didn’t stop me from purchasing them. Or wearing them!

Well, it’s been 10 years since I got them and they’ve seen a lot: 4.5 years of college, my first apartment, a sickness where I couldn’t speak or swallow food!!!!!, and finally my move to New York City. They’ve really held up which is why I never even gave replacing them a thought. Unfortunately, just last year they hit the wall. First, I spilled blue paint on them while painting my previous apartment’s living room. And then, pieces of the pants just started to spontaneously separate! The right pocket is literally hanging on by a thread.

I knew I had to get a replacement, but something had to be up to the task of being just as legendary as the so-called XLs. I scoured the internet for a year – to no avail! That is, until about a month ago when I looked at the latest creations at They had gray sweatpants with a garish “Mavericks” sprayed on the left leg. They were perfect!

The picture above shows me with freshman year suitemate, Eric, holding our guitars. It was taken maybe 3-4 months into college and I’m wearing my XLs back when they were young and so full of promise! You might even be able to see how I tried to wear them originally – by using the drawstring as a shoulder strap (I did a lot of stupid shit in college). Embedded is me and Tito proudly displaying the XLs 2.0 (though this time they actually fit). Who knows? Perhaps they will last just as well and see the year 2019.

To the future!

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  • Zepmoon
    Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 at 10:21 | #1

    When you begin to measure ownership of clothing in decades you are really getting old! I should point out that I have tee-shirts older than you.

  • Wednesday, November 11th, 2009 at 11:20 | #2

    Do you still wear them? Can you?

TWITTER: Dynapep

Random box of Dynapep (google it) lying around at work so I just took one. I’m hoping for super-strength and flying by around 2pm

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TWITTER: Trick Or Treaters

First trick or treaters in the building. I always figured kids did that at school in the city

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  • Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 at 11:30 | #1

    Those two kids were the ONLY trick or treaters we got, btw. They totally caught me off guard so I just threw the bags of candy at them and told them to take as much as they wanted.

Senior Soup: Part 2 ????????

Photo Montage © 2009 Cassie Melnikow

In my previous cruise post I talked about my vacation experience aboard the Carnival Triumph. Now I’ll do a super-ultra-quick recap of how I spent my time ashore! Finally, I will reveal the meaning behind the mysterious blog names. Be afraid!

  1. Boston, MA – I’d only been to Boston for about 6 hours while participating in a CMS (called Ektron) training session in nearby Nashua, NH. One night my coworker and I drove into Boston and watched a Red Sox playoff game in a bar near Faneuil Hall. We dared each other to loudly root for the other team but chickened out.

    Anyway, maybe Boston is really small but that exact same area was where Cassie and I ended up. We grabbed some beers with locals who were rooting for the Patriots this time and then decided to walk the Freedom Trail. We saw a lot of old, historical buildings but were surprised at how quiet the town was. It was Sunday night around 7pm and the entire area around Boston Common. Who knows if this was a result of blue laws or the football game but it was totally lame so we didn’t stick around too long.

  2. Portland, ME – Our second stop was in this quaint little port town (an accurate description for remainder of our stops) in Maine. There weren’t a whole lot of activities to do and we had elected to stay away from all the expensive excursions so we toured the nearby Victorian Mansion – a painstakingly recreated house from the 1860’s, complete with 90% authentic decoration and furniture. It actually was a whole lot more interesting than I thought even though our tour guide gave us the warp speed tour to get us the hell out of there. While we strolled around the downtown area we managed to find the two addicts in the whole town getting into a fight. It was almost cute coming from our New York experiences.

    Then, with a little help from my iPhone Maps App, we stumbled upon The Great Lost Bear. Cassie had discovered this out-of-the-way pub on one of her pre-cruise research studies and it really paid off. They had a huge selection of local and foreign brews plus great food. They’ve won some serious awards from some very prestigious magazines and there’s a definite reason why. The place was damn good! We stayed for 3 hours and you can see how drunk I was by the time we left (pictured above).

    They even had a Schlitz – some disgusting beer that my dad has a plaque of hanging in his mancave. I’m sure the thing removed the first layer of my stomach wall it was so foul (hell, they’re owned by the makers of the even worse Pabst Blue Ribbon swill). But I manned up and downed all 16 oz (the waitress refused to give me anything smaller). With our ship leaving in 10 minutes, we hurried our asses back and said goodbye to America’s Vactionland.

  3. St. John, NB, Canada – We got up super butt late for once and didn’t have as much time to discover our next town as we had afforded for both Boston and Portland, but it didn’t matter since this town sucked. All they had was something called a Reversing Falls (which took us an hour to walk to). By the time we got back we were exhausted and hungry so we casually sat down at a little place called Grannan’s Seafood Restaurant overlooking our port.

    … and had the best seafood of my life! Holy shit! We stayed for two hours drinking the local beer and eating anything they had that used to live in water. When the weather finally started to get nasty (as it had promised for our entire trip) we went inside and continued to eat amongst the interesting Canadian accents of the bartenders. By now we had done three cities in three days and were looking forward to a day at sea so we squeezed as much time as was Melnikowly possible and got back onboard with maybe 5 minutes before it left the port. Yes, I was freaking out the entire time but that is just the dangerous life I lead with the Lady Melnikow!

  4. Halifax, NS, Canada – Our final stop was the furthest East you can go in Canada – Halifax! And it’s a good thing you have a great view of the Atlantic Ocean because there sure wasn’t anything interesting to see in the city, itself. It was super windy when we got off the boat and it only got progressively worse the entire time. We stopped and ate at the Waterfront Warehouse where we had kind of mediocre seafood and then trekked up the San Francisco-steep roads to the Halifax Citadel.

    There we got to see a giant fortification, Canada-style! The guards wore plumed hats, kilts and exposed, hairy legs (sexy!) and they shot off an old cannon at noon. It was interesting going through the museum and seeing how they kept updating the fort for every war up through World War II but … maybe it’s just my jaded, violent American ways but I scoffed that it had never seen any battle at all. Yeah, we have a historical fort, too. It’s called the Alamo and everyone in it died! Bah!

    The gift shop left us with some Canadian money burning a hole in our pockets so we stopped by a mini brewery on the way back called Garrison where we got mini beers and I picked up a shirt (what else was I going to spend the money on?). Then we passed through Canadian customs (where Cassie was unceremoniously zinged about not being married at her age by the patrolman … ah, women’s problems!) and got back on the Triumph. We still had another day at sea but our next stop would be home sweet New York City home!

Alright, as perhaps I mentioned before, this trip was more relaxing than fun which wasn’t all that bad. I had been going pretty strong for the previous two weeks at work and needed some time away from computers in general. Plus, it was such a jarring sight to see small, quiet towns instead of crowded, bustling people all beeping their goddamn horns. And, sure we had to deal with a mostly geriatric passenger list, but everyone loves a good senior soup (when a bunch of overweight, elder people swish around in those deck hot tubs)! Thanks, Carnival … but I think I’ll hit up Vegas or Europe next vacation!

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  • Monday, October 26th, 2009 at 22:34 | #1

    First off, I think it’s great the Stanus.butt comment section is working again. I for one, was deprived of 2 zingers because of this problem!

    Second, I’m glad you did this part 2 and gave us readers piece of mind with a fully finished blog topic. Having said that, when are we getting such a closure for this unfinished blog????

TWITTER: Same Sweater

I think I already wore this sweater this week …

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Senior Soup: Part 1 !!!!!!!!

Photo Montage © 2009 Stan Syckes

Wow, I took all of last week off for vacation and now I feel like I’m in a complete game of catch up. Of course, with my poor time management skills, that feeling never really leaves. However, the trip did bleed off quite a bit of some built up stress so at least I have a chance at tackling some of this shit! Ok onward and, if not upward, than at least in a straight line pointing away from here.

… anyway, I was on a cruise, bitches, which is why I didn’t get anyone’s calls or txts (except, somehow, Brandon’s annoyingly emoticonned updates about iMobsters). Nay, I was enjoying the blustery, cold temperatures of the Northeast and all the quaint towns that lie therein! To tell you the truth, the week was more relaxing than fun (and maybe that’s what I was looking more for anyway) so I’ll just skip to all the highlights really quickly. Then I’ll get back to not blogging!

  • The Ship – This was our second cruise together and second time aboard a Carnival line. After this trip I’ve decided I’m not the biggest fan of Carnival and would like to 1) put off cruises for a while and 2) try a non-Carnival line next time. This trip was selected, though, because it was cheap, left straight out of Manhattan, and gave me a day between arrival and having to go back to work. The Carnival Triumph was our ship and had just been redone to keep up with the newer ships. So it had an awesome outdoor slide, a huge outdoor tv, and surround system – three things that were barely used (if at all) since we were going Northeastern into cold weather. Besides that, though, the rest of the ship was exactly as I had remembered our previous one (the Glory) so it all seemed a bit blah to me.

    The gym, however, was awesome. In fact, they had the greatest treadmills I’ve ever seen! Each one had a mini flat-screen tv on it and controls for channels and volume were right at your fingertips. I was switching between SportsCenter and a badly transcribed Judge Hatchett (what can I say? we didn’t get a lot of good channels) with ease even though I was running over two miles (the 100 mile challenge continues!).

  • The Clientele – easily the worst thing about the vacation as the average age of our fellow cruisers was about 60. This worked out great one night when we easily crushed everyone in the “Famous Faces” trivia contest and won the coveted Carnival Trophy (this was the first night so we decided to let other people win the rest of the week). We also ate dinner one night with an older, Scottish couple who had never even been to the US and they were both funny and interesting.

    But for the majority of the time this age difference was annoying. While in the shop we were asked if we worked there. While waiting in line for a bus we were asked all kinds of questions about it (even though it was a Boston Transit bus and I’ve never even been there before). Let’s ignore the fact that everyone moved slowly and took up a lot of space (though it was anything but easy to ignore aboard) – the worst part about all these seniors was the time difference. We’d pull into ports at 7 AM and leave at 6 PM. We’d be relaxing around the boat and suddenly be attacked by a stampeding herd of early bird eaters. And the casinos and bars were empty by midnight. At times it was cool having the whole ship to ourselves, but I’ve always preferred a little background noise with my fun.

  • The Food – Carnival must’ve been hit by some of the recession as the food was noticeably worse on board than the last time (and that was back in March of 2007). But, the usuals (pizza, fries, ice cream – you know, the healthy stuff) all were fine. We only made it to three of the main dinners (and had our own table … again!) and the food was alright, but I just remember the dining experience on the last ship being a level or two above what we had last week.

    Luckily, this turn of events was buoyed by the fact that we landed in 3 amazing seafood ports, so we quickly learned to do one meal off the boat even though everything was free on board. Although I eat the stuff I’ve never considered myself a big seafood eater but some of these places made me contemplating that decision! The stuff in St. John, especially, was nutworthy!

Alright, I’m wrapping this up for now. There will be one more boring post to discuss all the places we visited and then a certain sport utilizing balls and hoops begins. It sounds so exciting it just may consume my soul for a while.


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  • Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 at 12:56 | #1

    This is a test

  • Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 at 11:18 | #2

    This is another test, yo!

TWITTER: Great Lost Bear

At the famous (ok maybe just legendary) The Great Lost Bear in Portland, Maine.

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TWITTER: Boston Freedom Trail

Walking the Freedom Trail in Boston.

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TWITTER: Trivia Victory

Won the first cruise trophy of the week in the Famous Faces trivia last night

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