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The Backburner (Part 2)

As I began a few weeks ago, I come up with a lot of creative shit. The rest of this list are the many projects that have taken up a lot of my time for the past 8 years. Feel free to pick out your favorite and come up with a joke about how I’ll never get it done!

Ultimate Frisbee Video Game
Progress: 5%
Initial Start: Spring 1999
Other Starts: 2001, 2003, 2005
Status: See-sawing Hiatus
ETA: 2020

I played a lot of ultimate frisbee in high school. My friends and I would ignore eating during our lunch periods to play the sport, and most of my 8th period classes (an extra class added for club meetings, socializing, and miscellaneous events) were spent outside on one field or another, as well. I wanted to capture the feel of my favorite high school pasttime after I had graduated. Ever the game-designer (I’ve been making them since I was 10), I felt this could best be represented in a video game format.

I devised a set of frisbee-related attributes (aim, throwing strength, catching skill, blocking, speed, etc.) and then ranked all my friends in how well I thought they did in each category. It’s hard to remain objective in performing this task (I had yet to discover the unbiassed stats-taking system I would create for beer pong), though I tried my best.

In the numerous other times I’ve picked up and dusted off this project, another new wrinkle has been added: different fields, weather affecting play, character generation, “bosses,” and Tony Hawk-like trick sequences. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, but I still wouldn’t know where to begin programming this bad boy.

Jefferson CDs
Progress: 66%
Initial Start: Fall 1999
Number of Other Starts: Incalculable
Status: Hiatus
ETA: 2009

Music is obviously one of my passions and it first became a part of me during high school. It was here that I first started listening to popular music and noticing how songs could capture moments and store them inside. Then, upon playing the song again, I could relive those experiences. As soon as I graduated to college I began to compile a list of songs that “remembered” my most valuable high school memories. At first, I was going to put them on 4 CDs – one for each year of school – but the list exceeded the 288 minute mark. So, 4 CDs became 8 (2, now, for each year) and I started plugging away.

For the best quality of memory representation, I scoured the internet for nothing less than 320 kbps MP3s of each song on my list. I didn’t finish that quest until the fall of 2001. Then, I wrote down little blurbs about each song, and what they made me remember. Unfortunately, I still haven’t finished that task … though with my 10th year high school reunion slowly creeping up, I’m sure that extra motivation can help make this my first, completed project.

Re-record all of my old songs
Progress: 0%
Initial Idea: Winter 2006
Actual Start: Yet to be!
Status: Pipe Dream
ETA: 2009

I love to write songs, but I’m going to admit something. My output has decreased from a fantastic song-a-week in the Spring of 2003 to the pathetic song-in-six-months of now. It’s terrible, and I’m trying to find ways to motivate me back into my more prolific state.

One of the ideas I’ve come up with is to force myself to tie up all the loose ends in my musical archive, the musicDB. So many of my songs were without lyrics, a verse, or an arrangement, and it’d be easier to work with already written material rather than come up with completely new stuff. So, I’ve slowly created a musical recording workstation downstairs in my basement … I just have yet to have the time or patience to knock anything out. We shall see, dear reader!

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just in case you were worried sick about what i did this weekend

Ok, these weekend wrapup entries are getting old to write, and I’m sure they’re not the most exciting blogs to read (they’re maybe one step up from the basketball blogs), but I’ve been busy spending my blog-writing time finishing the stanus does Dallas episodes (I hope you’ve been appreciating them). The weekends are spent trying to be away from computers as much as possible, so my Monday blogs are just recaps of these adventures. Sorry, but them’s the breaks.

PPC Pwned!
The biggest news is that ultimate frisbee season is back! Team PPC has, again, been reincarnated – all of the main players have decided to participate again, giving us an instant experience edge over most of our opponents. This was extremely evident during our game Saturday afternoon. We played the Yellow Frisbeena (I could’ve sworn one of their members told me they were called Yellow Frisbee Nut) and quickly got ourselves into an 8-3 hole by halftime. None of us were in ultimate shape, and we were being sloppy in our fundamentals.

During the quick break we reviewed some of our basics and brought in a veteran squad to start off (there were about 10 new faces this game … go PPC). The vets really got a rhythm going, having played with each other for several seasons and we ended up winning the cap-shortened game 12-9 (yes, that means we went on a 9-1 run)! Though it was one of my poorer throwing games (3 turnovers), I had a great running game: I tallied 3 touchdowns and 1 assist, along with 3 blocks and an interception. Wow, I feel like Andrei Kirilenko (except for the gay, spiky haircut and resemblance to Dolph “Ivan Drago” Lundgren)!

A few rumors swirled about, but there was no definitive word on whether or not my PPC Pwned shirt/team name idea went through. Brandon and I sure said the phrase a lot during the game, though.

Only 6 pages of Beer???
Saturday, after the game, Steve and Toine came over to play some beer pong and hit DC with Cassie and I. Pong included much of its usual draws including a drunk (Steve was in rare form in his white jeans, prodding Anthony on his homosexual fantasy celebrity threesome partners, blowing a ball from one cup into the water cup, and performing more postshots this side of Jeff C[removed]), a convert (after complaining about the absurdity of beer pong for its entirety in my apartment, Cassie won 3 games in a row and hailed the game and statkeeping’s brilliance and elegance), and a doh (Toine knocked over a cup while trying to save a shot … sigh).

It started getting late and we took the metro to Chinatown where we tried out a place called RFD’s. Essentially, it was a watered down version of the Brickskeller. Whereas the Brickskeller was underground, and had a closed, intimate atmosphere and included hundreds of beers, RFD was just a bar/restaurant that had about 100 varieties. Lame. Even lamer was the fact that Toine said his only goal that night was to hit on girls and he hit on a total of zero.

March Sanity
It is over! The late, great run to the top of the DDC NCAA tournament pool ended last night as I made the final crossout on my bracket. It was a good run, though. My good bracket currently sits at 10th place out of 83 and it’s highest chart position was 9th! Though I was never in contention for money, I can’t believe I made it that high after ending the first and second round in the mid 50’s and 30’s, respectively. Still, it’s cool that George Mason is continuing to astound and may pull off the biggest upset ever (the lowest seed to win the whole shibang was an 8)!



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powerade goes bad

Yesterday I played ultimate frisbee for six hours. Yes, six hours (9:15 am – 3:15 pm). Team PPC entered into the end-of-the season tournament where we played four consecutive matches. The results of the outing were mixed: we won 2 of the games and played both amazingly and poorly at times. Based on our mediocre standings, it’s uncertain if we will be eligible to move on in the tournament bracket, but, if not, it was certainly an exhaustingly satisfying way to end a season.

Some more brief updates: two huge ebay wins were waiting for me when I returned home from work on friday: a Jay Turser violin bass (in black) and an basketball signed by the entire 2003-04 Dallas Mavericks (yeah, that’s right, when they still had Nash and Finley and the year I started watching).

And finally, the explanation of the title: After the frisbee fest I came home and was drinking everything in sight to quench my thirst. I found an old Powerade in the back of the fridge and started gulping it down. Something definitely wasn’t right, though, so I poured the rest into the sink. Ever seen blue Gillette shaving gel? Shit that looked eerily like that was floating at the bottom of the bottle!!!



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Maybe it’s due to my being raised on James Bond movies (sidenote: new Bond, Daniel Craig, looks like he’s going to suck), or from my years of playing Metal Gear Solid and GTA, or maybe it’s out of having moved so much that comfortability is uncomfortable, but for whatever reason I’m a good saboteur.

If my ambitions as a serious musician were to be mapped out onto a drive vs. time graph it would look something like a blueprint of a generic rollercoaster from a side view. Immediately after high school there were a couple of hardcore years (yes, ladies, this includes those infamous shack months), followed by several years of a cooling off period. Then, the cycle was repeated, only the periods of time and distances between the peaks and valleys in passion were shortened. Essentially, my desire, completely unconsciously, was beginning to mellow out.

Having had this dream for … wow, going on 10 years now, it seems like I’ve grown accustomed to the rollercoaster ride. The thought of the highs of jamming and songwriting don’t seem to excite me as much as they used to, while the pain and frustration of inactivity and atrophy of skill don’t seem to sting as hard. Now, I talk a good talk when I describe my dream of finally taking this plan seriously and professionally, but, then, I’ve had a decade to perfect that speech.

As I listened to Howard Stern’s Weezer (the band I’m currently nutting over) interview on the way to work this morning, I asked myself what separates a Rivers Cuomo from a Stan Syckes. Besides talent. And singing. So different musicians have different levels of ability? – that’s no surprise and therefore shouldn’t be a deciding factor in this debate. Rivers spoke of a lack of self-confidence he felt after dissapointing reactions to the band’s second album, Pinkerton, and I felt like I could relate to that.

Blah. Bullshit. I haven’t written a sophomore album that slumped. What am I worried about? It’s not drive or talent that separates me and Cuomo. It’s that I haven’t been tested. More specifically, I haven’t let myself be tested. I’m already so sure of the answer that I subconciously won’t let myself show up for the test! But if one thing has been proven in my 24 (24, man, 24!) years on planet Toine, it’s that I’m usually wrong.

I’m putting it out here on the public forum that is that I’m rededicating myself to the pursuit of my goal – to be fully tested, by my own crazy standards, in the field of music – in an effort to get myself off my lazy ass (“it’s not a bad ass” – David A. Stets) and follow through with my mission. It’s not an epiphany, or a shock to my system, it’s just something I’ve finally admitted to myself.

Now onto the real stuff you guys crave:

Frisbee Update (since I know you all are on the edge of your seats pining for this information!!): Team PPC won again, easily steamrolling the slower Huckin’ AAAS 15-7. This might have been the reason why I had my best offensive production to date – 3 assists and a touchdown. I know: you want me!

Finally, is it crazy I’m seriously considering this?



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As I blogged before, Team PPC=A wiped the floor with our opponents in the first game of the WAFC ultimate frisbee fall league. Due to laziness and then coolness, however, I missed games 2 (a loss) and 3 (a win). I knew I could live with the personal consequences caused by my neglection of frisbee duties but soon realized it wasn’t fair to deprive my blogging audience of their favorite entries: frisbee game synopses.

So, people, I showed up for game 4!

Our adversaries were the cleverly titled Barely Legal – a group comprised of local high school 17-year olds. Now, I don’t know if anyone else remembers the inexhaustible energy that comes with being 17, but if you do try imagining playing the non-stop sport of ultimate against an entire army of these brats. On top of this they were led by a phonomenal coach who played in the Pro League.

Being the champion of the Summer league, we struck hard and fast (a strategy in many things made famous by Brandon Jones) but the tireless sprinting took it’s toll and we found ourselves in a slump. Barely Legal scored five straight points to enter halftime at 8-5.

The brief rest brought us back to being competitive, but after a few possessions we knew we couldn’t just trade points if we were going to win. While waiting to receive the pull, Dennis (the offensive presence of PPC) told the worst story involving a lacrosse player who lost a testicle in a game and required a prosthetic replacement (Brandon suggested it should be brass, and I suggested it should have a spinner on it).

Amazingly, this was the turning point of the game!

PPC was loose from the pressure of losing to snot-nosed punks and drunk with the confidence that comes with knowing you have your own pair intact (one can only wonder why the women of PPC were also thinking this). We went on a rally performed with surgical precision and ended up tied at 14-14. The team captains conferred and agreed on a hard cap of 16.

Phong, the Asian Invasion, turned on the turbo and practically won the next two points by himself – but it was an awesome overall win for PPC: a gutted-out victory from behind against younger, faster players.



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double trouble

After only three hours of sleep I awoke to the melodious sounds of pops knocking at the door. Six hour, seven cars, and a meatball sub later, I had finally purchased some new wheels. But that, people, is another blog!!!

Immediately upon returning from buying a new car, I had GITRMEN towed. Luckily the tow truck guy was pretty cool – turned out he used to work security for local bands and we talked about music the whole time – and didn’t charge me full price. Now that the business part of the day was done it was onto the normal weekend duties.

Brandon and I raced to Montgomery Hills in Silver Spring, Maryland as soon as the tow truck dropped me off in order to play in our first ultimate frisbee fall league game. Our opponents were “Ferocious Tang” – they were anything but – and we quite easily (and almost lazily) beat them 15-10. Before we left, teammate Amanda invited everyone to a “double trouble” party at her place near East Falls Church.

After mulling about this vague theme, Brandon and I had a gay moment when we decided it meant to dress alike (and by moment, I mean entire night). The night quickly goes hazy (as Saturday nights tend to do) but here’s the highlights: getting lost and walking an extra mile, skirt keg stands, the Carroll twins dressed alike, Brent’s militant green shirt (left on Amanda’s floor by “some guy”), Amanda refusing to take the metro, and ditching the group for the solace of the Silver Diner bathroom.

My private chauffeur, Ms. Melnikow, picked me up and had an equally good story and then I passed out to finally finish that 3 hour sleep from Friday night.

NOTE: I accidentally copied the late night tennis blog from 9/9/2005 into this blog when I converted to [] 2.0 in January of 2006. So, from then until I today – when I discovered this blooper – it has been incorrect and unseen! (10/8/2007)



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i win

Ladies and Gentlemen: The WAFC Corporate C League Ultimate Frisbee Championships occurred yesterday at Gravelly Point near Reagan Airport. Team PPC showed up and … well, here’s what went down.

First, we had to finish the Semi-Finals game that had been rained out on Monday. We picked it up at 6-8 with the advantage in Brown to the Bone’s favor. Due to the fact that the Finals were going to start at 6:30, we played a shortened game – first to 11 would win. BttB was definitely our toughest opponent to date, and hope seemed dim when they were up 10-8 with matchpoint on the line. Somehow we gutted it out and stole the next 3 points, eliminating them from the tournament and moving on to the Finals.

The Finals began 15 minutes late due to our opponents, Postal Service, finishing up their rained-out game. When we began to play it became quite apparent we were in an evenly matched game. At no point in the match was either team up by more than 2 points. Night began to creep in towards the end of the game, so we decided to end at first team to 14 (we were up 12-11 at the time). Both teams put it all on the line, and Postal Service tied it at 13-13.

I had been having a decent game at this point. I made 2 errors, but I also had a great, leading assist for a touchdown and a key block on a potential touchdown. We started with the disk. Phong, our coach, saw me running and threw a 50-yard pass. I grabbed it right before the endzone, and dumped it into Dennis for the winning touchdown. I had been repeating the name “Dirk” in my mind like a mantra in order to pump me up (or perhaps because he’s my secret crush!) and it somehow seemed to work!

That’s right, Team PPC won the ultimate frisbee championships. And we beat the only two teams with undefeated records to do it! Brandon snapped a terrible photo of us with his camera phone (see picture) and we headed off to celebrate at the Rockbottom Cafe.

And now on to the real reason for my subject line. A mere 28 hours after the bet, Brandon yelled “Toin_” on the sidelines during the Finals. I felt sorry for this sad, gambling-addicted man with an obsession for Anthony Stets, so I gave him a double-or-nothing second chance.


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  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 at 11:43 | #1


    I’m sure Dirk is proud of you.

on the line

LEFT: “Big” Ben Wallace of the 2003-04 NBA Champion Detroit Pistons, and coverman of ESPN NBA 2k5, laying down a monster dunk. INSET: Me, hours into playing said game against tens of opponents via Playstation 2 online. NOT PICTURED: My ass, as it has been kicked by every cheating 12-year old with an ehternet cable on the East coast.

If you have ever heard anyone raving about the joys of online gaming take note: they are correct! I’ve spent a good 5 hours over the past three nights engaging in electronic basketball matches with varying degrees of success. It took me a while to realize that at certain levels of difficulty the game is less like basketball and more like “try to stop the opponent from cheating,” but I think I’ve finally gotten it down.

Tonight was the WAFC semi-finals against (and I’m not kidding) Brown to the Bone. They have a perfect regular season record (as opposed to our 4-2), and started out the beginning of the game with a bang – scoring 5 quick points. For a long time it remained very even – with no one converting any possessions into touchdowns. Then, Team PPC began to rally back, and by halftime had it close at 6-8 (them).

It was at this moment, however, that mother nature stepped in and ended the game with a torrential downpour that actually stung my eyes it was so rough. That is where the game stands – it should be picked up at 6-8 tomorrow night. Wish us luck!


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  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 at 12:13 | #1

    Saw this and thought of you:

    SEOUL (Reuters) – A South Korean man who played computer games for 50 hours almost non-stop died of heart failure minutes after finishing his mammoth session in an Internet cafe, authorities said Tuesday.

    Oh, and he was 28 years old!

we’ve got GaS!

Team PPC will continue onto the WAFC Corporate League playoffs round 3, after last night’s dominating 15-5 win over Navy. The WAFC semi-finals are Monday, and if we win that we will move on to the Finals Wednesday.

In other news, I have located the old Nickelodeon gameshow, Finders Keepers – some late-80s show I used to watch as a kid. It is played at 5:00 am on the Nick Game and Sports channel we get through Comcast at the Pink Sock, and thanks to the wonderous powers of the DVR, I have now watched two horrible episodes. Luckily, I also taped Nick Arcade, a vastly superior gameshow from the early 90s. If you get Comcast, definitely check it out.


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the littlest frisbee team

Yesterday’s game marked the third week in a row where Team PPC won our game by opponent forfeit. Unfortunately, this was also the second week in a row where we weren’t alerted of that tidbit of information until after arriving at the game location and waiting around for half an hour.

Instead, we played double-box, a version of mini ultimate frisbee that was quite embarrassing, as I sucked at it. Man, I used to be good at this sport!

After the scrimmage, Brent, Brandon, and I went to El Ranchero – an awesomely located, but dissapointingly serviced/priced Mexican restaurant in Arlington. We met up with an old high school friend of Brandon’s there and then all went back to the pink sock, where Brandon schooled everyone in Guilty Gear X with his famed “coin move” (must be seen to be believed!)


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