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Perhaps it’s not too terrible a problem to have but I am currently feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the entertainment options at my fingertips. I have a list of about 200 movies I want to see (and I made that thing back in 2003!); there are about fifteen books and comics strewn about my bed and table that I need to get through; I have a list of 20 albums (and growing every week) that I would like to hear; I’m trying to keep up with the world of basketball as well as my own world of basketball; not to mention all the sights and sounds to be enjoyed in the city. Add to this a desire to kick off all the dust that lingers on my music aspirations and perhaps you will understand the paralysis that confronts me when I realize I only have 5 hours a weekday to spend on these activities.

I think this is representative of a larger condition. Even though I’ve always been a big idea person, details don’t frustrate me. The execution, on the other hand, I have issues with: I planned out a beer pong video game during my lost semester (I had graduated from JMU but still lived near campus without really working for a couple of months) down to the different powerups and what beer pong attributes they would affect when used. When it came to actually getting through the entire mess of code I gave it the ol’ try but stumbled a couple of weeks into it. The contant barrage of little problems I had to overcome while coding annoyed me to no end. Why couldn’t I just reach my goal without interruption? I quickly burned out.

Well, it may come to no surprise that once again I’m having trouble kickstarting my neweset grand scheme. As of this second, I have 232 songs registered in my musicDB. I would like to go through all of these and use each one that is not either a cover or already completed as a spring board into productivity. Essentially, this means I want to finish every song in there. I want to put no limitations on this project – I don’t care if the results are good or bad. I just want to get back into the phenomenal songwriting shape I was in about four years ago (jeez … four years ago).

With my new toy – the iMic – I thought I was ready to begin conquering this Mt. Everest last night. Unfortunately, I am experiencing technical difficulties. Plugging my guitar into the iMic and then the iMic into the computer results beautiful, clear recordings. However, these sounds can only be heard upon playback. I cannot hear myself play in realtime and that seriously bugs me. A lot of my writing is spent rewinding and replaying a track over and over while I noodle on my guitar on top of it. Having to constantly stop and press play to hear if something worked will, at the very least, double the amount of time it takes me to write.

I’m still in search of a solution, but I am determined to breakthrough my usual execution-of-big-idea wall this time around. One problem at a time, dear blog readers!



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deuce dedication

Say what you will, but when times get tough; when all hope seems lost; when the events that separate the men from the boys occur; I ignore the pain and don’t leave until I get the job done! For Christmas 2001, I received the Beatles Chronicle, a 370-page book that details every single thing the Beatles did during every single day between 1960 and 1970! When I first glanced at this work I felt completely overwhelmed by just the sheer amount of research and data at my fingertips! So I did what they taught us in COB 300: break down the large system into smaller, workable parts and attack each smaller problem. What that naturally meant for the Beatles Chronicle was to relegate it to bathroom reading material! Yes, after (astonishingly) 911 days, I finished the breaking down of this encylopedic depiction of the Fab Four. I consider it as one of the largest milestones in my life – up there with pissing behind a line of video games at an arcade (age ca. 11), and closing Woodstock 2007 (TBD). One mustn’t forget to check the Seinfeld, Seinsmelled page regularly! Things are wrapping up for season 2! Coincidentally, things are wrapping up for my (admittedly too-long) stay in Harrisonburg. The plans are to leave in 4/5 days. Alright, gotta get back to packing. L8r!

THREE YEARS LATER: Man … this is getting embarrassing: it’s practically four years later at this point. But, fear not, reader … I shall courageously continue on with this task!

For a couple of years, my mom gave Steve and I something Beatles-related for Christmas and (if my math is correct) this book was given for Christmas 2001! This must be correct, because I can remember reading it while in my South View apartment bathroom and I lived there from Fall of 2001 to Spring of 2002. The presentation of the book’s information was so dense I could only spend a minute or two on it … which worked perfectly as bathroom reading material! Strangely, when I finally finished, Steve admitted he had already read it cover-to-cover twice.

COB 300 was the culmination class of the school of business at JMU. It was 16 credit lecture that merged four different business considerations together (management, operations, finance and marketing); it was also where I met and fell in love with Chinflap Jones.

I’m not so sure if I should go into the video game pissing story … only because there’s not much to say. Ah, what the hell. I was traveling around by car, seeing many sights in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona with my brother, Steve; cousin, Melissa; and paternal grandparents. At one hotel stop for the night there was an arcade across the street. I was so excited by this news that I ran over there and started dropping quarters into a Super Mario Bros. game instead of using the bathroom like I urgently needed to. The end of this story is that all of a sudden the juices started a-flowin’ at the beginning of level 1-2. Luckily, all of the arcade machines were situated about a foot away from the walls so I ran back there and let it fly. And I cared not that I was relieving myself on a bunch of electric cords!

UPDATED LINKS: Seinfeld, Seinsmelled (05/26/2008)

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