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Virginia: Ever Been There?

Over the weekend I traveled down to Virginia (again) for a wedding and to hang out with as much people as I knew down there (a lot). There’s just to much to tell really, and it’d make a long, boring blog so I’ll do a few, quick highlights:

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!Bolt Bus: Always an Adventure!
Whenever taking a busride you’re really taking sanity into your hands and this trip was no different. The guy sitting next to me and his friends sitting in the seats in front of me proceeded to get drunk for the entire 5 hours we were on the road. Luckilly, I came equipped with both my iPod and laptop to distract me from their rowdy revelry.

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!The Hechtman Nuptials
The reason I left New York in the first place! Cassie and I arrived at Cherry Hill farmhouse in Falls Church, VA (didn’t know it even existed even though I used to be in the area all the time visiting Brandon’s first apartment) actually on time (!!) and proceeded to watch David Hechtman – yes, this same David Hechtman – get married! It was wild, but actually a very easy, breezy wedding. In fact, as soon as the ceremony was over it was instantly the reception! And, unlike most of the weddings I’ve been to, even though I didn’t know many people there, I actually had a pretty good time.

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!The Justice League of Couples
As famously named by El Stevedore, Cassie, Brandon and I set up a meeting of the couples for after the wedding. We three met up with Stever, Elise and Katie (Anthony and Joy were unable to come) at Faccia Luna in Arlington (“right by Dr. Demo’s (sic)” quoth the Jones). It actually was pretty shitty pizza but great company. After about two hours of eating and gabbing, we decided to carry the party back at the new Casa de Jones. Even though this was my first time seeing the new apartment, I actually had been to their building before – visiting someone some years ago that I know forget.

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!Enter: Killiam!
And it wouldn’t have been a party at the Jones’ without a little French injection (if you know what I mean 😉 )!!! Richard showed up wearing a velcro shirt that he alerted everyone to, and too-tight pants that Cassie alerted to him. We all wasted many hours swapping high school and college stories, surfing the YouTube internets and drinking many a Brandon Roman Coke! It was a great time, and ended on a high note when Richard passed out with one eye open!

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!The SteverUnderground
I was lucky enough to score a couch in the famed basement in which Stever dwells. However, there was a steep price to pay for this luxury as I was bombarded with 3 episodes of late-season Full House. Using this subterr-steveran area as a Virginia headquarters I was able to come and go as I pleased, including a mother’s day visit to Woodbridge.

Well, I survived yet another “trip around the corner” to Virginia. How’d you guys fare through this boring blog?

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Old School Music

Photo © 2009 No Doubt

Wednesday, June 18, 1997 – I saw No Doubt (with opening act, Weezer) at Nissan Pavilion in Bristow, VA.

Sunday, June 14, 2009 – almost 12 years to the day later – I saw No Doubt (with some terrible openers) at Nissan Pavilion.

It’s such a trip to realize that I have now seen the same band in the same venue with three high schools worth of years in between. I am an old man. But really, what a show it was. This tour isn’t supporting any new album, and the band hasn’t played live in about 6 years, so it’s just a huge buzz-building affair (probably for an upcoming release). This means they just destroyed the audience with all of their well-known songs, with very little banter or pauses in between. Everything was amazingly rehearsed and executed … it was as if they were a robot band from the future sent to the present to do nothing but rock. Definitely one of my top 5 concert experiences.

I hadn’t been to Nissan Pavilion in 10 years and I completely forgot what a great venue it is for both audience and band. It’s open, but covered and even though the sound is a little muddy, the big screens are easy to see from anywhere and don’t compete with the band. It’s gotta be such a thrilling scene to be performing in front of 23,000 people as the sun goes down behind them.

The concert was actually the culminating experience of the weekend back in Virginia. I got back late Friday (thanks to a deadly combination of Lincoln Tunnel traffic and choosing the wrong Metro line) and slept at casa del Stever. We got up the next day (after the only night I’d get at least 8 hours of sleep for the weekend), stopped by an Enterprise car rental place (sadly, not the one former roommate “Badabing” works at) so I could be mobile. Damn, it’s all about renting cars outside of New York. I looked at the smallest car for a couple days and it was $100 a day out of NY, but only $30 in VA.

Now street legal, the Brothers Syckes Caravan headed to the Man Cave – aka my dad’s place. He showed off his latest prizes: a new mini laptop, dog Roxie, and Tiger Woods 2010. Sadly, I was on a tight schedule so we grabbed some grub at Ruby Tuesdays – where pops is apparently a “regular.” As we said our goodbyes, Stever and I braced ourselves for the next episode in our adventure: Toine’s birthday party. We thought that buying a lot of alcohol would totally prepare us for what was to come.

We were wrong …

Stay tuned for part two!

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  • Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at 11:04 | #1

    …part 2?

  • Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at 11:07 | #2

    Patience, my dear Stever. I have not forgotten!

Philly Part III: Give Me Death or Give Me Doh!

Photos © 2009 Brandon Jones, Montage © 2009 Stan Syckes

NOTE: For some weird reason I can’t access [stanus.nut] from inside my apartment. I have no clue why my network is blocking it … so I’ve become a little backlogged in stanus activities that I’ve wanted to do here. However, I shall forge onward for you, dear reader! First, the end to our exciting Philladelphia mini-series!

Part 1: Death Aboard a Megabus
Part 2: Brandon Jones Travels Through Time

I don’t know what exactly it was – a horrifying nightmare, the cold Philly morning air rushing against my bare buttocks (!?), or the angst of finally having to meet and greet Toine in relationship mode – but something awoke me with such a start that cool Sunday morn; jumping straight out of bed and into a defensive position! It was my final day in Philladelphia and it was time for the final, ultimate challenge of the entire trip. For this day Toine and new girlfriend, Joy, were to arrive. The only preparations to such an anticipated event was a sternly whispered demand by El Toine, himself, to “be ready at 10 AM” for their entrance. No clear-headed rebuttals regarding hangovers and lack of sleep could penetrate the man’s brain. He had decided the day was beginning at 10 in the AM and that was final!

Well, I woke up with a bit of a tickle in my throat (I just wanted to finally use that silly phrase) so I went about trying to drink a lot of water and get my body healed enough for TOINE: THE ENTRANCE. Meanwhile, Cassie and the Joneses slowly rose from their slumber and began to make their own arrangements for the day. Katie showered. Cassie picked out her clothes. And Brandon sat, cross-legged (!!), near the window facing out into the streets the prized couple would be using. Like some hideous paparazzi-bird combination, he perched at his sniping spot with giant camera at the ready … ready and waiting for his prey to come into view! As soon as he got a Toine call saying they had arrived he began snapping furiously! As the two lovers approached the house in complete hand-holding bliss, they were completely unaware of the sheer savagery of scrutiny they were being bombarded with by Jones’ never-blinking eye.

Somehow escaping unscathed from this brutal photographic attack, The Stetses completed an even more herculean task by making it up all four (!!!) flights of stairs that led into Jones Manor; culminating with their grand entrance into all of our hearts. At first, I was stunned to see Anthony in full relationship mode – constantly holding Joy’s hand, caressing her, or using the word “we” when discussing future plans. This was a man I’ve known who would not let any type of setting, circumstance or social norm prevent him from making a loudly-spoken homosexual quip and now he was dressed nicely and comforting a female companion! But, to be honest, the weirdness of this change dissipated just as quickly as the newness off seeing Toine in a relationship did. The rest of us, not used to waking up on a Sunday morning before 10 AM, took turns getting ourselves decent for public viewing and meeting Joy, who turns out to be a really nice, funny and down-to-earth person. With everyone introduced and smelling nice, we were on our merry way!

Toine and Joy had a busy schedule that they wished to stick to. First we hit up the famous Liberty Bell … the historic monument that I’m convinced contains the highest bullshit:interesting information ratio surrounding it. My god, you had to walk down a super long hallway filled with plaques, videos, and other antiquities just to see the damn bell! Were you aware that President John F. Kennedy saw the Liberty Bell and stopped for a photo shoot? Here’s 500 words to describe that momentous occasion to you!!!!

With the bell done, our caravan made its way to the next item on the Stets’ List: Independence Hall. Unfortunately, you had to have tickets to get in and the nearest open tour wasn’t for another 2 hours. So, we reluctantly retraced our steps passed the Liberty Bell to grab the tickets. With so much time to kill we also stopped and perused the gift shop for a while where fascinating objects such as “Fart Proudly” were discovered (and luckily left not purchased). Then my stomach sounded a rallying call: I was to eat soon or else!

Fortunately, another item on The Stets List was to eat a Philly cheese steak sandwich from “one of the top 5 in the city.” About a mile from the Liberty Bell area, we found a cool little street of interesting restaurants on either side. There was one dedicated to famous Philadelphian, Larry Fine, and several dedicated to women’s breasts (I’m not kidding), but we finally decided upon Steaks on South – a typical Philly fast food restaurant. I got the pizza cheesesteak (sans onions!) which was fantastic and they even threw in free fries after we showed our Phillies game ticket stubs. Most of the meal was spent getting to know Joy a little better – specifically by finding out what she knew about our Toine!

From lunch we moved back towards Independence Hall where we were allowed past the gates now that we possessed the tickets of freedom! Inside, I was immediately greeted with two unnerving facts. First, we brought down the average age of the other members of the 3:15 PM tour group a good 40 years. And secondly, I had to urinate so badly and knew there was no hope for blessed release until after the tour. I braced myself and entered the hallowed halls of freedom with Doh at my side!

I’m not sure who came up with the idea but so many tours begin with a pre-tour. Well, the one at Independence Hall was no different as we were “treated” with a 15 minute introduction and light joke fair from our 60-year old tour guide. There was absolutely nothing of note during this monologue – it was obviously just vamping to get the tour ahead of us out of the room – with one lone exception: oh yeah, that’s right. Anthony fell asleep within those 15 minutes!!!! Brandon snapped a few candid shots on Cassie’s camera for proof! I think the last time I’ve had to try to stop laughing so hard was back in high school band. It was glorious! Ladies and gents, the man just does not disappoint!

I was actually quite impressed and awed by the two rooms we saw during the tour, but I won’t bore you with any of those details. We’re here for Toine, people! Principal Photographer Jones took a few more candid Doh-shots of the new couple cuddling while learning about how our nation’s forefathers attempted to piece this war-battered country together into the great nation we all love. Then Toine pointed out how we shouldn’t be leaning on the railings that stopped us from physically entering the rooms as the nails were “probably really old.”

By this time I was pretty Phillied-out, to tell you the bitter truth, but Toine and Joy, still vigorous and full of energy in the honeymoon of their courtship wanted to go check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art – whose famed steps Rocky Balboa climbed to the top of and raised his fists in victory. It took us two taxis to get over there, but Toine and I recreated that famous jog step-by-step and ejaculated in a similar fashion atop the famed steps. Heh. Then, with one final ounce of energy, we all took pictures in front of the Rocky statue at the bottom of the steps. Toine did the Rocky pose while Cassie and I elected to give the Italian Stallion the ol’ rusty trombone.

Philly was done. And so am I with this blog. A super-quick recap of what else happened: we walked back to Brandon’s place, talked for a second or two, and then Cassie and I had another terrible experience with Megabus. But not even this final setback could prevent us from feeling privileged to have met and hung out with Toine’s new ladylove, Joy. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but a satisfying experience in the end.

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  • Monday, May 11th, 2009 at 17:18 | #1

    Great blog. But it begs the question: Who’s Toine?

  • Monday, May 11th, 2009 at 19:18 | #2

    I believe Toine said we shouldn’t lean on the railing because the paint was really old and probably had lead in it. I guess he thought the paint was original… not sure what he thought of the building’s central air conditioning that must have been quite advanced in the 1750s!

  • Richard
    Friday, May 15th, 2009 at 03:48 | #3

    Who’s Toine? Who’s You??

The Other Me

Photo © 2008 Stan Sykes

I’m sure it’s evident that I am a huge music lover: I write, I play, I listen, I obsessively categorize and identify songs in iTunes. All through high school I was identified as “the music guy,” I helped start a high school guitar club (ok not start but helped get it popular), I studied songwriting under the wing of an 80’s songwriter. Hell, I was even Vice President of my marching band. In fact, even if you don’t know me but have stumbled onto my humble corner of the internet from time to time, I’m willing to bet the understanding of my musical interest and aspiration is probably crystal clear. However, unbeknown to everyone – yes, even my own self – is the news that I have actually already succeeded in my goal!

You heard right. Apparently I am actually a “vocalist/writer/producer/performer” for BMI!

As an added bonus I am apparently also a short, black cruise ship entertainer! Who knew?

In the latest version of iTunes Apple has introduced Genius: an iTunes functionality that suggest songs to play after the one you are currently listening to. Essentially, this creates smart playlists based on iTunes users’ preferences. Another feature of Genius is to suggest similar music that you don’t have and can conveniently purchase from the iTunes Store!!!!! I’m not so big on that marketing scheme, but I was pleasantly surprised when I played one of my own songs: it recommended Stan Sykes’ latest CD, “Just Stan.” Please be mindful of the copyright notice attributed to Sykes Music.

To top this all of this, my counterpart actually has a website located at! That’s right, we even share a love for the .net domain!

I’m actually considering purchasing “my” album. I have a bunch of free song credits saved up from going to concerts around town (Ticketmaster has a deal with iTunes) and with song titles such as “God’s Gift To Me Was You,” “Mixin Sweat,” the grammatically incorrect “It Should Of Been Me,” and what can only be an ode to a Toine video cam session “Cam We Still Be Friends” … how can I go wrong?

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Yet Another Weekend Spent in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Photo © 2008 Stan Syckes

I’m starting to fall behind in my super-important blog postings and I know it. I really need to switch priorities and start blogging about stuff I do instead of actually doing them … but I won’t! I can only continue to break this and all other rules because of my rebellious ways!

A Wedding So Grand Wikipedia Must Be Updated Because Of It!
It’s a good sign that the SteverOnline is starting to scoop me again when we attend shared events. For a while I was worried I was the lone blogger left in my community … but I digress! I took the 11th off to (once again) drive down to Virginia. I rented a small car and checked out my cousin Zack’s wedding to long-time girlfriend, Alexandra. And, yes, in case you didn’t notice the gentleman in question has a Wikipedia page. Very cool. The whole affair was very traditional and classy with a Penn State flavor – the mascot even jumped out of nowhere during the reception to start the dancing. Congratulations you two, though the number of single relatives is whittling down quickly … scary.

Reclaiming One’s History And Sorting It From All The Other Crap I’ve Saved
Since I was in the area for the wedding I decided to drive down to my mom’s house in Woodbridge, Virginia to finally tackle a long neglected project: go through the 25-30 boxes of my shit in her basement closet. Steve – along with his sidekick Tom Tom GPS doodad – joined me for the ride (though I still managed to take a wrong turn right off the bat). We dumped out all the boxes and I picked out the items I absolutely needed to have for my New York apartment. The fun of coming across so many items and memories I had totally forgotten about far outweighed the work (I estimate we put in 5 hours or so). Then, all “jazzed up,” we dialed-a-Toine and played some basketball (in an eerie mirror image of an earlier match, I won both of our games). The sad part of that last sentence was how I wasn’t able to link Toine to the DohBlog as it is looking more and more likely the site is down for good. 🙁

Getting Lost In Philadelphia
… is not that cool. Don’t know how I did it but I found myself on the wrong road on the trip back to New Jersey. Ah, well. Even though my phone’s battery and blackberry were both dead I managed to locate directions back (hint: it involved my laptop and a Dunkin Donuts establishment). Perhaps the thought of the Jones’ moving to Philadelphia was in the back of my mind and I subconsciously made my way there in hot anticipation. That, or I just took the wrong exit on 95.

Great Toine-blogs! there is just so much excitement in my life, eh? I will continue to post as there are a lot of occurrences this past week that need to be shared. Next up: Cassie and I almost get killed at a busy intersection!

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Chinflap Jones and the Temple of Doh

Photo © 2008 Brandon Jones

Last weekend Cassie and I drove down to Arlington, Virginia to make a surprise birthday visit to Brandon Jones who was now a year older and a chin flappier. It was actually a busy couple of days for many of my friends as Toine was moving into his new townhouse and Stever was moving his girlfriend temporary into his quarters (I hope that is public information!). However, by the time we arrived to Brandon’s apartment (in the same complex as the Ol’ Pink Sock) it seemed as though the jig was up.

First of all, Brandon’s best man, Brendan, showed up the night before and the two lovers went to go see a baseball game between the Nationals and the Orioles. Katie, Brandon’s betrothed, told him that this would be Weekend Game 1 of 2 and that the second would involve six people total. So, Brandon’s brain worked feverishly to decode who else would be joining the festivities.

No one knows for sure which came first: Brandon’s steel-trap mind computing that I would be one of the surprise guests or Toine spilling the beans! What is known is that my knock on the door to the “Marital Sock” was greeted with a sarcastic “who could that be?!” The last to arrive for the affair was Brandon’s business partner, Kevin, and then we all headed out/back to National’s Park for Nats vs. O’s: Round Deux!

The new Nationals Park is beautiful – from almost anywhere you can see the game and the atmosphere is equal parts state-of-the-art technology and baseball nostalgia. The Nationals actually have the best mascots (that I’m aware of): they have the four Presidents from Mount Rushmore as giant-headed, costumed people who are usually involved in races around the bases and shirt-tossing. The best was Teddy Roosevelt who – with a race win total of 0 – finally popped his cherry by defeating the Orioles bird! Super hilarious, though it’s hard to describe.

There was a massive thunderstorm in the middle of the game and we had to withstand an hour-long rain delay, huddled under some stairs with a bunch of other people. But after the skies cleared again we managed to sneak down into amazing seats to watch the rest of the game. Brandon was in such an aroused state due to the Orioles’ winning he demanded to play a game of Scene It? when we all got back to his apartment. He then proceeded to lose horribly (Cassie, who forecasted coming in last place surprisingly won).

The next day I returned to Casa De Jones to play some basketbanus with El Stever and Brandon. In my absence, they (along with Toine-master) have devised a new, more potent form of Crappy in which each person must add a word to a growing sentence while shooting the ball. Screwing up either due to Crappy rules or not coming up with a word results in a penalty and the whole thing is just so funny to play. Once again Brandon lost (I won 2-0 🙂 ) but he might’ve been a little depressed that his girlfriend, Toine, didn’t show up to play.

(Warning: Schumin-style ending!) All in all, it was a great weekend to relive the Arlington, Virginia experience and to see Brandon’s alcohol-reddened cheeks again. But I knew I would have an interesting, New York-themed weekend to look forward to upon my return … wait for details in the next Stanus blog!!!!!

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Hard-hitting Journalism

As promised in a previous blog, I wanted to announce the creation of a new project by El Stever and I.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bid thee welcome to The Doh Drop! If you are a fan of Toine (and who isn’t) and just aren’t getting your Doh-fix at Dohblog then this is the site for you! Here you can find up-to-the-minute, late-breaking news, rumors, and gossip concerning everyone’s favorite celebrity, discussions with other fans, as well as trips back into the Dohblog past with the weekly Dohblog review. It’s all good, clean fun and if you wish to actually partake in any of it you’ll have to let me know personally, as the site is password enforced to protect the innocent!

Be prepared as there are some heavy-hitting stanus.butt news reports coming down the pipe: some interesting, some exciting, and some just plain shocking!

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  • Zepmoon
    Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 at 18:34 | #1

    Z-News begs for permision to enter The Doh Drop.

Lots of Updates, Chapter the First: Web Bullshit

I don’t have too much to report but I thought I’d check in. It’s only been a week since my last post, but I feel like it’s been forever … which is probably a good thing. It shows my dedication to the blogging community! Disregard what it probably means about the excitement level in my life!

I’ve been working on two huge projects that are nearing some level of completion. First, I wanted to retool and reskin the musicDB. Unfortunately, when I originally set it up, I showed poor planning, building out a web and database structure that is cumbersome both to view and to edit. As a result, pages take forever to load, the data isn’t pretty to see, and no one enjoys it (hell, I don’t even use it and I was the sole member of the intended audience). Anyway, I’ve updated the whole shebang and it looks and works great. Even though I’m maybe 33% done with entering in all the information I wish to have, I think I can roll it out in phases. Maybe expect something in less than a month, dear readers!

I loved the new design for the musicDB so much that I copied it (web designer’s privilege!) for my other blog, Project NBA Sim. A year after it was created, this site is still not really ready to be viewed by the public. But it’s getting there! With the inspiration gained from a cool design I can see work really picking up on this project. Maybe in two months or so I can actually have some results to show. We can only bide our time and see!

And finally, I have semi-hatched a great idea for a new blog with El Stever. It concerns a certain webmistress of a certain dohblog. I don’t want to give away too much until plans have been confirmed and balls have been rolled (quite the image there)!

Next in this series: Lots of Updates, Chapter the Second: Band Bullshit

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State of the [] and Gilbert Arenas

When [] made the switch to WordPress in July I elected to take a longer, more comprehensive route to migrating over my old posts into the WordPress database. As such, when I initially launched the site in WordPress, I had 0 archived blogs.

What I’ve been doing is going backwards through my history, and inputting in each, individual post. All of the content is in, but I’m cleaning up some of the code and formatting the writing to reflect the more recent changes I’ve made to the site. As I said, it’s taking me quite some time to finish, but it’s a labor of love. Currently, I have all of my posts from 2006 and 2007, as well as a handful from 2004 in the archive (a total of 148 blogs), so I’m definitely making progress.

After entering in about 10 old blogs I started to think I had chosen the wrong method – this was going to take me way too long, and Brandon informed me of a way to migrate with a click of a button. However, now deep into the well of my shameful blog past, I’ve realized this was, after all, the correct decision.

As seen in such sites as Dohblog, SteverOnline and the B-Log, there seems to be a blog drought. I, too, was hit by it. I have no clue as to what is causing this, but it’s presence has been felt in all corners of my blogging community. However, taking a trip through some of my most inspired writings has pulled me from these duldrums and I’m happy to report that I, once again, eagerly look forward to blogging each time. Hell, I’m having to stop myself from pulling a Schumie Web and blogging almost daily!

There’s your update on the state of []. Now, here’s just one more reason why I love Gilbert Arenas (besides the simple fact that he’s a great basketball player and blogs):

Reporter: (About Arenas’ blog site) “Do [you] ever scramble to come up with stuff for the site?”
Arenas: “That’s why it’s surviving: I have an entertaining life. I thought I was boring. When I went through my life, I was like, ‘I sit around and play video games all day. Nobody wants to hear about this.‘ But once I started doing the site, I was like, ‘Yeah, I do have an interesting life!'”

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Death of a Blogger

Has blogging died? And, if the general answer is no, has it died in my blogging community? My biggest contemporaries, The B-Log (Brandon Jones) and Steveronline (Steve Syckes), haven’t updated in over a month and have been on barely-once-a-month schedules for some time. Nate’s Noodle (Nate Crandell) and the Dohblog (Anthony Stets) are popping in every couple of months to say how long it’s been since they last said hello. Hibernation Sickness (Richard Killiam) was left to die at the turn of the year, and The USAF Experience (Jeff C[removed]) and the truth..altered (Allison Xanthopoulos) were officially deleted.

Worst of all, I have so little energy myself to get through a post these days. What’s up? Are people too busy, too lazy, or just not living as interesting lives as they used to? I bet everyone says “too busy” but I bet it’s really one of the other two. As for my excuse, it’s something completely different.

I began a blog about the weekend of August 31 – September 3, my trip to Las Vegas for Brandon’s bachelor party. We gambled a lot, ate good food, embarrassed Brandon at a strip club, and checked out the Team USA basketball game. I even ran into Britney Spears. Needless to say, there were a lot of stories and the post was running super long with no end in sight. And when I realized this I was suddenly sapped of all my willpower. I couldn’t continue.

It just wasn’t exciting me. I enjoy writing about experiences of mine, but I hate feeling like I have to write about something. More and more, I’ll write down the title to a blog in my planner (yes, I have a daily planner!) and suddenly it becomes just another chore to check off my list. That just feels like high school work to me and I left that anxiety 8 years ago. But, just to document, here goes:

I would like to say I had a good time in Vegas … though I found out pretty quickly I have an extremely low tolerance for gambling. I can survive a total of 12 hours I’d say. Split that into increments and dash them across a week and I’m good but with Brandon “Pokerjobber” Jones, it’s non-stop and I started to feel it just after the first full day. The Team USA basketball was amazing (of course). It was like watching an All-Star game. Hmm … now I guess I have to go see one of those, too.

Maybe I’ll flesh this whole thing out in 2010 as part of my Three Years Later feature. Well, that is if I’m still doing it (meta-blogging can be pretty taxing though fulfilling) by then. And speaking of 3LY, if you haven’t read any of them so far, give it a peep. Some of this stuff’s pretty cool.

Random Thoughts

  • I was forced to watch Britney Spears’ VMA performance last night. It was so bored I was actually glad about being required to view against my will.
  • A new stanus.butt layout is in the works. It’s pretty easy in wordpress: just find a skin and edit a little bit. Voila.
  • People, if you aren’t reading Project NBA Sim, what are you reading?
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  • Zepmoon
    Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 at 08:10 | #1

    You introduced me to blogging so I don’t pretend to have any expertise but maybe less is more, that is, don’t try to write detailed accounts for each post. Just give us the highlights. One or two lines can keep everyone up-to-date and satisfy your urge to communicate.

  • Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 at 09:50 | #2

    That’s actually a good idea. Let’s see if the perfectionist in me will let it slide …

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