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thanksgiving spectacular!!!!

As penance for not lifting a finger to help clear the dishes this year (and, honestly, every year) here’s a Thanksgiving weekend clean up blog:

Thanksgiving: When I am old enough and far away enough to start holding my own Thanksgiving get togethers, they will be small, low-key parties. There will be football on the tv in the living room, (not that I am a fan, but because it will be the designated sports room [as turkey night basketball is great and the precedent must be set early!]) an outdoor sport or activity of some type may be required during the day, and drinks will be aplenty. This year’s feast was the usual ho-hum affair – it’s time for this holliday to shake it’s boring old vibe already.

Bond Marathon: Does anyone else remember the 20 or so days of Bond that TBS used to do? Now they stuff it into four days during the Thanksgiving holliday. My opinon on the change: FINE WITH ME! I seriously watched four or five Bonds (even forcing Cassie to watch multiple ones in a row) including Goldeneye twice. I don’t know what it is, but these movies will never get old (even the terrible, terrible You Only Live Twice). Hell, I even kinda dug the completely gay, 80’s License to Kill theme song this time around. Ha, just kidding, I totally switched the channel to a Next episode on Mtv during it (anyone who pretended they did more than watch a lot of tv and veg during this weekend is a liar).

Mavs Home Loss to the Grizz: 🙁

Bras(!): Bill (of the Bert fame) came back to the Northern Virginia area this weekend to visit his family for Analgiving*. Friday night we “hooked up” and I showed him the wonderful sights and drinking holes in Arlington. I’m sure he left quite dissapointed. However, I know for a fact that he was quite impressed with one thing I showed him: the massive, exhaustive, and completely obsessive Bras anthology – a 44 page document compiling all the mp3s we have recorded (current tally: 376) throughout our non-existant career. Each entry details the date (to the best of my knowledge) the song was recorded, who played what instrument and any funny anecdotes about the recording or songwriting process. Let my OCD-music flag wave proudly!

* © Jeff C[removed] 2005

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I admit it – I can be competitive at times. Ok, ultra, super-gay competitive at times, but I think I’m getting better at recognizing when it is inappropriate to be so. Unfortunately, I have been going through an amazing success streak of late, which tends to make me want to challenge more. And since you asked, here’s what I’ve won lately!

Brandon and I have started a new ritual of competing while watching the 21-year old game show staple, Jeopardy. At first we would just keep track of the amount of questions we got right, then gamble within that count for the final jeopardy question. Now, we’ve taken it up a notch and do full-on, embarassingly accurate, dollar amount accounting/betting. Since we started the new system of scoring, I have won twice but last night’s win came down to the wire. Luckily, Brandon not only guessed the wrong answer to final jeopardy, but must have ignored the very category name itself by naming an author of a poem (the category was titled “Name the Poem”).

On an even sadder note, the second thing I’ve been winning is virtual heroin, ebay, auctions. Yesterday I received 3 packages in the mail: a Manu Ginobili away jersey, a Jason Kidd alternate jersey, and Ben Folds Five’s “Whatever and Ever Amen” cd (with bonus tracks!!!!). And yes, the winning will not stop (nor the compulsive drive to click the Buy It Now button)!

And finally, my winning continued (as it usually does) into the video gaming world. My 2005-06 NBA 2k6 season has begun! In years past I have always been the Mavs, but then I would tire of playing them in non-season games, so this time around I am the Knicks (don’t tell Jeff C[removed]). As always, my team is comprised of my friends, and we defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves in our first game last night. It was a nail-biting one point win in double overtime. Are you guys as excited as I am?!?! Pwned!

Note: The original image for this blog was a close-up picture of Manu Ginobili’s jersey number, but I realized that 95% of my blogs of late are basketball related and that no one reads them 🙁



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And it feeeels so gooood! After a year away, I found myself ass-backwards back into love with the sport of beer pong last weekend.

First, I went to Dr. Dremo’s with Brandon Friday night. Somehow, our ultimate frisbee league had scored a free beer night and was liberating Sierra Nevadas and Michelob Lights to any players. Then, using our combined JMU powers, we ran people off the tables in the front. Sadly, the night ended on a sour note as first, the Mavericks lost their season and, then, Brandon lost his lunch.

The next day I took care of some shit, and then met up with the Bowmaster for lunch at the old stomping grounds, Five Guys. Left immediately from there down to UVa where Brandon Bert was graduating. Brother Bill even showed up. Good time was had … including an extended period of time on a beer pong table as team Syckes-Graduating Bert.

An awesome weekend, but I just have no energy to write it all down. I’ll end with two messages: Good luck to 2nd Lt. Brandon Bert – may his future be Jeff C[removed] free in the Air Force. And, anyone who wants to lose at beer pong, my A-game is back. L8r


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  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 at 14:38 | #1

    excuse me, no lunch was lost until the next morning thank you very much…and it would have been my dinner anyway, if i had eaten dinner – a correct statement would have been ‘brandon lost his bag of doritos the next morning’

journey to the promised land

The big news this weekend is Stever’s graduation. Yes, ladies, the last member of Gentle Beans is finally leaving the nest! Should be an interesting time (it always is when Toine and alcohol are mixed) and produce the very first somewhat-entertaining blog post! Or it could just devolve into playing basketball, getting drunk and throwing stuff off the balcony. Either one!

Anyway, I’m starting to plan a trip to Texas. Tentative plans include checking out the old stomping grounds, drinking muchos de tequila, and staying in a secure bunker hidden in an undisclosed location patrolled by 2nd Lt Jeff C[removed]. of the United States Air Force. (Don’t you feel safer with him at the border?) Absolute, set-in-stone plans include seeing the Phoenix-Dallas game at half court near the end of February, getting either on court during halftime and/or getting Dirk/Nash/Finley’s autographs!!!! I’m sure my work will understand. Speaking of which … there may be some news in that department soon.

It’s shaping up to be an interesting December with weddings, graduations, new year’s and all. Looking forward to much drunken revelry. L8r



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old skool

This past weekend 2nd Lt. Jeffrey C. arrived into town on a surprise visit to see his sister. Since Gabs lives at JMU, I came along and we both visited the alma matter. Seeing Madison alive again brings up some cool memories, but it’s just like the last time I visited Tj during homecoming (quite a loooong time ago). Everyone looked so young and seemed so different it hardly registered as familiar. Though, I must say the brief 736 I reunion was great stuff (and, I finally wrested the Beer Pong Crown from Jeff during a blistering, treble-overtime game of the titans!).

Labor Day was spent reintroducing myself to the best old school game of all time: Mario Kart for Super Nintendo (and introducing myself to his flashier brother, Mario Kart 64). During the maiden usage of Brandon’s new blender we made frozen margaritas (note: blender did not last the night) and I proceeded to kick his ass (note: last comment may or may not be true). Before leaving, I claimed his three Best Of … Saturday Night Live DVDs as my prize. Sadly, not even on my dad’s huge, widescreen tv could these sorry Time Life features be called “Best Of …”, especially for the geniuses that are/were Will Ferrell and Chris Farley.

Finally, to conclude the blog-motif, I watched Hoosiers, starring the man, Gene Hackman. It’s a sappy, but ingratiating, movie about a 1951 Indiana high school’s basketball team and their quest for the state championships. It was good, as practically all Hackman movies are, but it just makes me want the NBA now! L8r



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george bonanza

Entered my first (and probably last) beer pong tournament this weekend. It was 8 teams of 2 (down from a supposed 25 teams of 2) and $160 was up for the winners. Sadly, Nate and I were the third team eliminated (even after a game where I shot 5 cups!). Ah well. Also finally saw the Ring, and it was just freaky enough to keep my attention but I wouldn’t call it scary. Here’s what I’ve really been spending my time doing though. Season 1 of Seinfeld is completed with many a review! Also, 12 new pics have been added to the pics site, all of which were donated by the Jeff C. Estate (and thus explains why some of them are terribly grainy). L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: As I recall Nate convinced me to take a trip down to Winchester, VA for a “huge” beer pong tournament one weekend. I drove down, got lost trying to locate Nate, and finally met up with him at a gas station. I followed him out to a house in the middle of nowhere that had a huge barn behind it. Stacks and stacks of apple crates were placed on top of each other about 10 feet high in the barn, but there was some clear space in the back where we set up a table.

Besides Nate I knew exactly one person … and I had only met him once. Most of the other players were a bit sketch, but this was when I was at my beer pong-playing prime so I wasn’t intimidated in the least. I even dazzled a few opponents with some pre-game warm ups, hitting the cup they would call out (yeah … I played a lot back then). Unfortunately, even though only 8 teams showed up, with one table it still took a good hour or two before Nate and I got to play. We easily knocked out our opponents but in the long interim between our first and second games Nate become obliterated. All he had to do was hit 1 cup in our second game, as I managed to hit 5, but he couldn’t and we were unceremoniously evicted from the tournament.

The tournament started to slowly fizzle away as losing teams left, but when it was all over those who remained went inside the house to watch “The Ring” and pass out. By the end of the movie, I was the only one still awake. I didn’t feel comfortable enough to sleep there, so I got in my car and drove back to my apartment around 4 in the morning.

Contrary to what I predicted in this post, this would not be my final beer pong tournament. As of January 2008, I entered into a 2005 office tournament with roommate, Brandon, and a 2007 tournament against Howard Stern interns with roommate, Alex. One I won and the other I was out in 3 rounds.

The 12 pictures that I received from Jeff were from Spring Break 2002 – a great time that eventually needs it’s own, separate blog.

UPDATED LINKS: Seinfeld, pics (01/24/2008)

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notice anything new?

Since was first uploaded I have been receiving IMs from friends wanting to know where certain pages are. I’d always go into a long description as to 1) where the discussed page was 2) why the discussed page was placed there and 3) how much sense it makes that the discussed page is where it is. However, for some reason, these conversations continued to occur … most of the time with the same people over and over again. The proverbial straw broke when I could not explain to myself why the friends cards were under the oral section. This, plus the fact that some things about the original layout were less than satisfactory, prompted me to redesign the index page! In other news, apparently Jeff C[removed] (yes, ladies, the same man of the USAF Experience fame!) greets certain people with “any bra pics” during IM conversations. Upon using this same greeting with the man, himself, I was treated to a few great pics from the past that I have placed online for your viewing pleasure. And I do mean pleasure. L8r

THREE YEARS LATER: I thought it would be cool to have different sections of my website based on what sense was used to enjoy it. Pictures would go into “visual.” My rants about music and the Bj and Nate Show radio program would fall into “aural.” Quotes and stories would fall into “oral.” Even though this isn’t displayed until my [] web design, I’m pretty sure this was devised slowly during my previous website layouts.

Anyway, since everything was starting to just be in written form, it made little sense to continue this paradigm. Also, it was just kinda lame. What started out as a seemingly creative way of structuring my new site transformed into nothing more than confusion for both readers and me. The eventual dropping of this layout, however, wouldn’t be seen until August of 2004.

And, finally, a word about the bra pic question. Apparently, during sophomore year of college, Jeff was talking with Allison Reip (now Xanthopoulos) on IM and was a little inebrieted. He jokingly (?) asked for a picture of her in a bra … and received one! Here’s a helpful hint: that story never 1) gets old and 2) fails to bring laughter when brought up in the company of these two!

UPDATED LINKS: friends cards, viewing pleasure

DEAD LINKS: oral section, the USAF Experience (09/26/2007)

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diary of a townie

I haven’t learned much from living in Harrisonburg for going on 5 years now, but what I have learned will serve me well. For example, just because the state law is that beer stops being sold at midnight, do not expect stores to be selling them at 11:44 pm! Also, beware of girls who enjoy country music. But perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned is that I need to get out of Harrisonburg as soon as is humanly possible! Richard’s down here and we’re getting music ready together, but H-burg just is not a great place to get a band started. We’re looking for places to go to start this shit up, but that’s a big decision so we’re handling it in our own, special fashion: we’re ignoring it.

I put up some friends cards (you’ll probably only get the joke if you’ve seen some of my earlier sites), and some crazy old sites I’ve done for school which aren’t that cool. Everyone should keep on sending me March Hotness results, because I’m posting what everyone’s final four are. And if you’re Jeff C[removed], or anyone else who is extremely bored, these are the pages that are regularly updated: quotes and links.

THREE YEARS LATER: I remember the beer incident happening one night when we ran out of beer to play beer pong with and rushed over to the nearest gas station. Even though we were in line, with beer, at 11:44pm, the (sextagenarian) cashier refused to sell us the goods. We quickly drove over to another, shadier gas station and safely bought some reinforcements.

I believe the “girls who like country music” refers to a party thrown by friend, and fellow Bj and Nate Show broadcaster, Liesel Eby, at her apartment. Country themed parties suck balls.

And, finally, it is on quite a sad note to comment on the band status. I was still pretty upbeat then, looking forward to moving with Richard Killiam, my singer, to somewhere and finally put all of our effort behind starting a band. Three years later, he’s living in France, lost, and I’m no further ahead in my musical aspirations living in New York City.

The Friends Cards was a cool idea – making virtual baseball cards of people I knew based on an old set of X-men cards I bought. But it took so much time to knock one out, and I’m not sure how many people were really into them, so I gave up.

UPDATED LINKS: friends cards, sites I’ve done for school, March Hotness results, final four, quotes



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