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Mini Blog: Sick Sleep

In the past 48 hours I’ve slept 28 hours! Yes, that is more than half of two days. I was sick as shit and immobile … just lying on my bed watching Judge Judy’s online, Netflix movies, and passing out. The one time I got up was to get food and that was a mistake. But, I woke up today feeling a lot better …

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  • Zepmoon
    Thursday, June 4th, 2009 at 14:14 | #1

    Have you been associating with swine again?

  • Cassie
    Thursday, June 4th, 2009 at 19:02 | #2

    Suckling on Locke’s teet again, were we?

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah …

Yep … I’m still not sure if I like these Friday Catchups at all. I’m definitely not a fan of the way they’re presented, so expect it to change as I go (of course, that depends on them surviving). Since I missed last week (that’s how enthusiastic I am about doing these so far), there’s going to be an overload in some categories.


What I’m Listening To:
David Bowie – Aladdin Sane (1973)
Billy Joel – Cold Spring Harbor (1971)
Dr. Dre – Dr. Dre Presents the Aftermath (1996)
R.E.M. – Lifes Rich Pageant (1986)
The History of Howard Stern: Act II – 1987: Video Thrilled the Radio Star
The Karate Kid Soundtrack (1984)
Hanoi Rocks – Oriental Beat (1982)
Neil Young with Crazy Horse – Everybody Knows This is Nowhere (1969)
Ringo Star – Beaucoups of Blues (1970)
Madonna – Erotica (1992)
Blur – Think Tank (2003)
The History of Howard Stern: Act II – 1988: Radio Wars

I’m starting to finally appreciate David Bowie now that I’m in his good album period. “Aladdin Sane” isn’t as good as “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,” but it’s still solid. I had high hopes for The Karate Kid soundtrack, but not even “You’re The Best” (the song playing during the ending tournament) was as good as I remembered as a kid (I used to sing it to myself when pretending I was doing martial arts in my backyard). I can’t believe I enjoyed Neil Young as much as I did and Ringo’s second solo album really ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.


What I’m Watching:
Sober House (2009)
Tough Love (2009)
Cassandra’s Dream (2007)
Lost: Season 5 (2009)
2009 NBA Season (2009)

“Sober House” is finally over … and just like it’s predecessor, “Celebrity Rehab,” each successive episode was less and less entertaining since the people involved were growing saner. There was an old-school “Lost” twist this week with the death (?) of Ben as a kid – which totally fucks shit up when time travelling. And I’m embarassed to say I watched the first couple of episodes of “Tough Love” – a matchmaking show on Mtv. I think I have a vagina now.


What I’m Playing:
PopCap – Zuma (2008) [iPod]

Zuma possessed my soul. There are 12 worlds, each with multiple levels and I was stuck on 11 for the longest time. As soon as I broke that seal, however, I’m unstoppable. However, just because I can beat the game without trying doesn’t seem to prevent me from still compulsively playing it on every commute.


What I’m Reading:
Dean Oliver – Basketball on Paper (2002)

I bought a comic to read on eBay 2 weeks ago but it still hasn’t arrived so I’m only reading one thing at nights (something I have to get used to). “Basketball on Paper” is so much better now that I have a few years of NBA Sim under my belt.


What I’m Doing:
Trying to start up a band again … booked 3 hours of studio time tomorrow in Smash Studios
Crying at every Dallas Mavericks loss


The Encore:

This is a couple of weeks old but I figured that I’d share it with all you non-NBA watching people. And, yes, he used to be a Mavericks last year 🙁

Ah, Radiohead. Back when you were content with being just the best rock band in the world …

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Second Serving

Here goes nothing: my second attempt at this Friday CatchUp. Still not sure if I like it, but I’ll reserve my judgment after a few more of these.


What I’m Listening To:
People in Planes – Beyond the Horizon (2008)

As I mentioned last week, I liked their song “Vampire” which was used for a Dirk Nowitzki YouTube mix. I decided to buy their album from Amazon since I liked a couple of their other tunes I found on YouTube. Unfortunately, the album is really samey – all the songs kinda blend into one. Good for a single song listen, but not the makings of a great album experience.

Daryl Hall and John Oates – Whole Oats (1972)
U2 – Pop (1997)

Wow … I actually liked this Hall and Oates debut. So easy listening that I feel like I’m in a dentist’s office or a shopping mall circa 1985, but damn near perfect songcraft. I remember U2’s Pop album coming out in high school and cool, older kids saying it was “really good.” I finally gave the full thing a listen and guess what? They were “really wrong.”

Beck – Midnite Vultures (1999)
The History of Howard Stern: Act II – 1986-1987: Philadelphia Freedom


What I’m Watching:
Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

Long and slightly bloated, this crime epic is just … ok. It’s actually a bit amazing that a movie made by Sergio Leone and starring Robert De Niro about gangsters doesn’t deliver all the goods.

Lost: Season 5 (2009)
Castlevania Games beaten on YouTube
2009 NBA Season (2009)


What I’m Playing:
Gameloft – Block Breaker Deluxe (2008) [iPod]

Another subway commute game. This was actually the game I played before Mahjongg … maybe two months ago. But at the very end something fucked up and I wasn’t able to beat it. So, after beating Mahjongg, I decided to show some restraint and try Block Breaker again rather than buy a new game.


What I’m Reading:
John Kennedy Toole – A Confederacy of Dunces (1980)
Dean Oliver – Basketball on Paper (2002)

A reread of this classic. The first time I went through this book, I wasn’t really aware of the idea of “pace” in basketball. Now, having a year or so under my belt of doing my own pace research, I expect to get a lot more out of this one.


What I’m Doing:
ZogSports 3-on-3 Co-Ed Basketball

My team, “No Names” (ugh, I hate this name) has made it to the playoffs as the 2nd seed. Tomorrow, every game of the playoffs will be played and there is a maximum of 6 games we might have to play. It will be grueling, but awesome if we can pull out a victory. The rest of my team is made up of the winners from last year so it’s doable, but this year’s competition is supposedly way harder than last year’s.

Wednesday Trivia at the Banshee Pub (Team Name: Lost’s A Rerun) 4th place
High school friend, Michelle, is visiting us this weekend


The Encore:

I randomly came across this clip yesterday. I used to have an AOL account back in high school and, though I’m sure we had no problem cancelling it, I do recall AOL having some annoying business practices.

Mighty Led Zeppelin anthem + Nintendo bloops and bleeps = hotness!

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Friday CatchUp

Hmm … I really don’t have much to talk about, but I saw that I only posted 3 non-mini blogs in February. The last time I only managed to squeeze out 3 blasts was back in July of 2007 and that was mainly due to a website error that left stanus.butt down for weeks. So I guess I’ll just have to force myself to come up with something to talk about!

Maybe I’ll try something new here. Call it inspired. Call it a cop out. Call it a one hit wonder. Who knows … maybe it’ll have some staying power. Probably not. But it’ll fill up space on the site quite nicely!

This is the first (and quite possibly last) Friday CatchUp: a posting where I quickly recap what I’ve been listening to, watching and doing the past week. It’ll give me a weekly deadline to at least say something instead of waiting for inspiration to strike (though I’ll still be on guard for those opportunities). I’ll also be sure to post The Encore … your reward for making it through the entire boring post!


What I’m Listening To:

Danny Elfman – Batman: Original Motion Picture Score (1989)
Elliot Goldenthal – Batman Forever: Original Motion Picture Score (1995)

I always loved the music to both of these movies but this was the first time I actually listened to the full score albums. Batman Forever was kinda the same theme over and over, but Batman is probably just under Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Back to the Future as far as film scores go!

The Bob Seger System – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (1969)
Eric Clapton – Eric Clapton (1970)

Generic rock from even one of the best periods of music is still boring as hell.


What I’m Watching:

The Wrestler (2008)

Good movie. We went to go see this at the 1-room theater five blocks away from the apartment and used a 14 month-old gift card to see it for free.

Batman: The Animated Series: Season 3 (1993)
Lost: Season 5 (2009)
Tom Green clips on YouTube
2009 NBA Season (2009)

I’m sure it’s safe to assume I will be watching the NBA every week so I’ll keep quiet about it unless something big happens. Meanwhile, something big has happened: the Mavericks lost to the worst team two nights ago … and this team didn’t even have their two best players. Owner, Mark Cuban, is fuming and I believe big things will be happening soon.

Tool Academy (2009)
The Bachelor: Season Who Cares (2009)

I’m embarrassed to admit that I watched these two shows. Well, I only watched the finale to the Bachelor since Howard Stern talked it up so much (it was absolutely ridiculous), but I actually have been tuning in each week to watch Tool Academy 🙁


What I’m Playing:

Electronic Arts – Mahjongg (2008) [iPod]

I’m still simming for my NBA Sim project so I haven’t been in a video game type of mood, really. But, on my commutes to and from work I’m always playing this little gem from EA. I’m actually nearing completion … I only have about 8 levels left before I conquer the damn thing.


What I’m Reading:

Squadron Supreme (1985-86)

Watchmen changed my life when I read it at age 17 and it’s weird to finally realize that it wasn’t as revolutionary as it is always touted to be. Squadron Supreme was completed a full year before Watchmen and hits on a lot of the similar themes. But, let’s be real, as good as Squadron is, Watchmen takes a shit on all comics for all time. And, yes, I will be seeing the movie this weekend!

JLA: Terror Incognita (2002)
John Kennedy Toole – A Confederacy of Dunces (1980)


What I’m Doing:
ZogSports 3-on-3 Co-Ed Basketball
Wednesday Trivia at the Banshee Pub (Team Name: A-Rod’s Cousin)

Wednesday was Cassie’s birthday and ever the gamer, she decided we would try out trivia night at a pub down the street. The place was so nice and the event so fun, we’re definitely planning on going back again.


The Encore:

This song was used on a cool Dirk Nowitzki mix I found on YouTube. Here’s them playing it acoustically (just as good as the studio version).

Huge, huuuuuuuge Tom Green kick right now. Here’s one of the best.

Current Mood: Inspired emoticon Inspired

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Heroes, Shmeroes

Photo © 2008 NBC

The magic of Netflix introduced me to one of my new girlfriends this year in the awesome sci-fi/Gilligan’s Island remake, Lost. In fact, I managed to put aside enough time to watch all four season in a span of five months! Unfortunately, once I caught up to the current season (which happened to be the final episode of said season) I was left in the cold for months: Lost wasn’t returning until mid-January! I had built up my show-watching muscles and now they would wither and atrophy without sustenance … something needed to be done.

Enter Heroes. In so many ways it’s painfully obvious that Heroes is NBC’s answer to ABC’s Lost: both shows feature an international cast suddenly finding themselves in different environments amidst supernatural circumstances. Clandestine relationships between characters are revealed as viewer’s delve into the backstories via flashbacks. Both series are such sweeping epics that they necessitate long-winded narratives reminding you of what happened in previous episodes so you don’t get too lost. Anyway, I finally got through the first season of Heroes and I’m here to say …

… it stunk! Yes, me, a comic-obsessed kid (and still a comic-reading “adult”) couldn’t stand this show about a group of super-powered individuals attempting to save the world. Nay! Whereas Lost’s most stunning acheivement is solid, dependable consistency (ok, so there were a handful of cheesy elements early on like the polar bear), Heroes is nothing but hit-or-miss (and mainly staying in the miss category). And this has to be the result of poor planning. Every single element of the show is dictated by what needs to happen to clear up what went wrong in the previous episode. There were countless times when a character’s fundamental directive is changed between successive episodes. I get so tired of the lame “well, I was secretely waiting to do this the whole time! Earlier, when I was against it … I was lying!”

Absolutely no sense of time is adhered to. My favorite example: in a late episode a character stops at a Chinatown store with a friend to get something fixed. There, he stumbles upon a person from his past who proceeds to train him in martial arts. After this training session (which is long enough to necessitate a costume change into a dogi and learning a killer move to take out the badguy), the character leaves and wonders where his friend whom he arrived with went. Do the writers really expect us to believe his friend waited in this repair store for the hours? days? weeks? it took for all the martial arts lessons? Don’t even get me started on the fact that the martial arts trainer was someone who, again, completely flipped motivations within the span of episodes.

This isn’t a spoiler: the bad guy can “steal” people’s powers by cutting their heads open and figuring out how their power works. He explains this by saying he was a watchmaker and loves to see how things work. Ok … as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m perfectly fine with suspending my logic when watching entertainment. I assume his power is stealing people’s powers just like his good guy nemesis. But in an earlier episode a scientist looking for superheroes reveals that this bad guy is actually a regular human being. Now, I’m either forced to believe just by looking at a brain this regular guy can learn a superpower or that, somehow, someone was, again, lying. Ugh … such tired, lazy writing.

Sorry, Heroes, I will not be devoting any more time for other seasons with you. Besides, come mid-January I’m going to have an hour less of free time, anyway.

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A Happy Day

Photo montage © 2008 Stan Syckes

Though it’s inexcusable for you not to know, I’ll reiterate anyway: tonight the 2008-09 NBA season begins! To tell you the truth, I actually found this offseason to be super short, but maybe that was because there was so much Olympics basketball. Or maybe reading about basketball 24/7 had something to do with it. Who knows?

And who cares! I’m psyched. This year I finally made the plunge and purchased NBA League Pass – I now get up to 5 out-of-state games a night! To be honest, I would’ve gotten this service last year but my terrible New Jersey cable service didn’t offer it. Once again, New York > New Jersey! Perhaps this is the year where I get to see every single Mavs game! I’ve actually thought about that mission ever since I reviewed the Seinfeld episode where George’s unemployment counselor says she watched every Mets inning one season. I lead a sad life.

Or do I? I recently acquired NBA 2K9 for the Playstation 3 and let me tell you that it is life changing. This year, they flipped fantasy basketball on it’s head. Instead of regular joes choosing NBA players for their fantasy teams, NBA players choose real joes for theirs! Yes, I have been selected for Chauncey Billups‘ team, Smooth’s Squad. No buzzer left unbeaten! All of my stats from online games I play will be added to Chauncey’s fantasy team. And to the winner go the Dohblog!

NOTE: My coach, Mr. Billups, likes to wear towels on his head while on the sidelines. I have incorporated a picture of him performing this feat into a fantasy-style montage since he looks like a hobbit when he does so. May it create many a joke!

Current Mood: Ballin’ emoticon Ballin’

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  • Zepmoon
    Friday, October 31st, 2008 at 09:58 | #1

    If you don’t have one get a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). I’m sure your cable system offers them for something like $10 a month extra. Anyway, it will allow you to set up a program to record every basketball game that is televised then you can watch them at your leisure and without commercials.

    I never watch anything live anymore.

    If you do this I’m confident of two things:
    1. You will finally see enough basketball and,
    2. Cassie will leave you.

Bill Murray and the Lost Book Club

Photo © 2008 ABC, Inc.

First things first: I walked past Bill Murray yesterday. About 3 feet separated me and comedy greatness! I’m ashamed to admit that I did a double-take. “That guy looks like Bill Murray” (eyes look down, eyes look back up) “That IS Bill Murray!” Pretty awesome and it’s been forever since my last celebrity sighting … Los Angeles this is not. 🙁

In an effort to meet people in the Upper East Side, Cassie is trying to get us involved in a lot of meet up organizations. One she finally convinced me to attend is a Lost Book Club. Essentially, we read books that appear on episodes of Lost or have influenced the show (since we’re Lost fanatics).

The first book is The Invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares. When I was first handed the book I confess that I wasn’t at all excited to read it. But after the first 10 pages I couldn’t put it down. The story revolves around a fugitive who is hiding from the police by living on a deserted island. Once there, however, he starts to come across some strange encounters.

I won’t ruin anything, but even if you guess what’s going on (and I did less than halfway through) I still found the ending to be both a surprise and poignant. It’s a breezy, 100-page read and never dull for a second (though, knowing the trick, some of the scenes seemed a bit forced). I can definitely see where this influenced the writers of Lost, but I have no clue what we’re going to discuss once the book club meeting comes around (I haven’t been involved in a book group since 9th grade). Alright, back to work!

UPDATE: Dammit, I keep forgetting to do blog moods!

Current Mood: Pretty Fucking Radical emoticon Pretty Fucking Radical

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  • Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 at 11:57 | #1

    I think I’m done with the whole Sonichu thing. I started being against it, got completely absorbed in it for a day or two, then learned the latest disturbing news. It now seems they’re after this guy for no reason, and they’ve turned vicious. Game over

  • Wednesday, October 8th, 2008 at 12:22 | #2

    There are definitely many mean-spirited people bullying this guy but I disagree with you. Just because some people take this too far doesn’t affect my enjoyment of reading about him or his work. I find him fascinating – it’s like a glimpse into childhood that’s communicated on an adult level. Plus I get several huge laughs with every read. There may come a point where I tire of Sonichu, but I won’t let other people’s actions determine that date. E tu, doh?!

  • Zepmoon
    Thursday, October 9th, 2008 at 15:43 | #3

    In your latest comment on Z-News you suggested I Man-Up to over come my sore muscles. Maybe I should do something Manly like join a Lost Book Club – yeah – that should spike my testosterone levels.

    Speaking of manly things, are you still playing and basketball?

  • Thursday, October 9th, 2008 at 19:13 | #4

    I haven’t played basketball (of the real life sort) in a while, but I’ve signed up for the next season which starts in January. 3 months to “train” … we’ll see if I finally live up to my Dirk potential!

  • Thursday, October 9th, 2008 at 22:07 | #5

    Turns out Bill Murray was on “Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday” tonight…so maybe that’s why he was in town.

The Red Butt

Photo © 2008 Stan Syckes

I can’t believe I was away from the blog for almost an entire month! That feels so Nate’s Noodle of me. There will have to be multiple catch-up-blogs just to get back to present day, I’m sure (I can just feel your excitement about that prospect)!

The last weekend in July Cassie and I moved all her stuff (furniture and all) that was left in her Jersey City apartment into my North Bergen house’s garage … by ourselves. And I nearly died. We toughed out the next fortnight and a half in my suddenly cramped house but August 15th finally came.

For the move into the city we made the right decision in hiring professional movers. Two Russian-speaking gentlemen (no word on whether or not Miss Melnikow understood their secret whispers!) arrived at my door (an hour late) and amazingly packed all of our shit into one giant truck. These guys truly were pros as they both had turns with my giant-ass tv – each picking it up and moving it by themselves! When I originally moved into the North Bergen house I moved the tv up two flights into my room by myself … and didn’t leave my bed the rest of the night I was so sore!

Anyway the whole process was over in just 5 hours and it couldn’t have ended at a better time as it started to rain (lighty) as we were unloading the last items. And the guys did such a good job that they only had two “incidents:” one of them dropped a bag that only contained a pillow of mine, clothes hangers and a fruit punch bottle; and they almost absconded with Cassie’s “if the shoe fits, buy it in every color” decorative pillow (they actually knocked on the door a few minutes after leaving to return it)!

For the next week (that I took off for work as a “staycation” … lo, I hate the word!) we moved furniture around, unpacked boxes, cleaned surfaces, and, most importantly, tried to come up with a name for the apartment. On the day Brandon and I moved into our Arlington, VA apartment we couldn’t stop saying the phrase “pink sock” – we must have used it in at least 60% of our sentences that day so it was the natural selection for the apartment title. However, forcing something just didn’t seem right and, to be honest, it wasn’t working either.

Meanwhile, New York is so busy (duh) that the earliest we could get Time Warner to install cable into our new home wasn’t for a full week after having moved in. Thus, we had to supplement our amusement from local and basic television with boardgames: specifically a Friends trivia game (which I sucked at but continued to play for some reason). I can talk a lot of trash while playing games and at one point I threatened punishment for losing with a “red butt” – a phrase for a spanking I must have picked up from my mom as she randomly mentioned it a while later. It was so spur-of-the-moment and complimented the old Pink Sock moniker so well that it stuck as the official apartment name.

Anyway, I’m sick of writing about all of this now that it’s half-a-month in the past. So I’ll just wrap up (without actually wrapping up at all!) and let you know there are some pics up of the apartment in the photoDB. Sure, it’s still messy but this will give you all an inkling of what’s going on up in the Upper East Side. L8r!

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  • Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 22:06 | #1

    You moved, blah blah blah. Let’s get back to those Olympic memories!

Olympic Memories

Montage © 2008 Stan Syckes

Man, when you’ve got an unfinished blog in the can it can really constipate your output. This one drove me nuts as I knew I had some interesting stuff to say but couldn’t bring myself to ever finish it or write it entertainingly. Oh well, I finally just said to hell with it and chopped it in half. Here’s part uno!

I’ve watched all of the Olympics – from when they opened to when they finished last week. I don’t know why but I just enjoy having them on in the background as I was first packing and then unpacking for the move. I’d look up, watch some random sport, then go back to my business. Sometimes I’d sit and watch an entire 1.5-hour-long volleyball match or something. There’s something about the Olympics that has me excited and at peace with everything going on around me as if I were a kid again. To investigate this feeling further I looked back and found a bunch of memories I had for each of the Olympics I’ve lived through.

1984 Olympics (Summer, Winter)
Oops … actually don’t remember shit. I was only 3 years old and I’m not even sure where I was living at the time. In fact, the only memories I have of this time are climbing on the outside of a fenced-in porch and peeing in the backyard next to a tree.

1988 Olympics (Summer, Winter)
It’s crazy to realize that my first decade of life is pretty spotty as far as memory goes. I have a vivid memory of walking in a Long Beach park with my brother and dad discussing the complicated reasoning behind each number in our bike combination lock. And at one point we stopped at a picnic table to eat lunch from McDonalds which included cups emblazoned with the Dream Team on it. Unfortunately, now that I’m basketball obsessed, I know that Jordan and Co. suited up for the 1992 Olympics, so truth kills yet another great memory 🙁 . Ah, well, I do recall getting several of these Garfield mugs (and continuing to use them for years).

1992 Olympics (Summer, Winter)
Just like everyone else, I remember the Dream Team, but I don’t think I watched any of the games. I do remember all the McDonalds cups bearing each team member, though!!! Hometown hero, David Robinson, was on it so my elementary school friends were all a-twitter and I got caught up in it.

1994 Winter Olympics
This seemed to be a big deal as it was the first time the Olympics were split up into Summer and Winter and I remember being bummed that I would have to wait longer for the Summer Olympics since I really never connect with the Winter Olympics – I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that I didn’t see much snow as a kid and I’ve only skied three or four times. I have, however, gone ice skating recently and I actually rocked that (I never fell down … though there were some close calls). These probably occurred around the time I found out I was moving to Virginia so I don’t remember much of the games since I was more intent on maximizing my Texas-friends time.

1996 Summer Olympics
Every summer my family and I would stay for a week at Bethany Beach with my mom’s brother’s family and grandparents. This almost month-long Olympics began while we were at the beach this summer and I recall watching games when I wasn’t swimming in the ocean or playing arcades on the boardwalk. When the infamous bombing occurred I wasn’t scared or even aware of it being real – it just seemed to happen in some far away place and I enjoyed the controversy as a spectacle. Ah, sweet callousness, I’m going to hell.

I went to a marching band camp every summer during high school and I remember a week or so before going to my second camp I snuck into the backyard of a friend’s neighbor’s house. We used their pool and then went back to his place to watch an Olympics event (I think men’s gymnastics). My marching band summer camps were legendary (I’ve striven to never start any of my sentences with “one time in bandcamp …” but it is difficult!!) we’d practice for 10-12 hours a day with little to no free time in between. And, even though I was dead tired by the end, I didn’t dare go to sleep so I wouldn’t miss out on the awesome nightly social events. Therefore, a bunch of us would devour our lunches as fast as possible during the mid-day break, run back to our cabin, and take the most powerful of power naps of all time. To facilitate these naps during the summer of ’96 we would play someone’s CD of the Olympics Theme. The song still relaxes and makes me feel all peaceful whenever I hear it to this day.

1998 Winter Olympics
I don’t remember shit from this Olympics. From the date in Wikipedia (early February of 1998) I had just returned to the states from a memorable band trip to England. This and the fact that I’ve never been into the Winter Olympics in the first place probably explains why I didn’t watch this one.

Since this bad boy is keeping me from blogging about other stuff let’s just leave this with “to be continued…”

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  • Monday, September 1st, 2008 at 14:02 | #1

    I remember being really into the 1992 dream team. I begged my parents to get me a USA basketball hat (or maybe it was my grandparents that got it for me). It had the traditional USA Basketball logo on the front, but also had an early 90s look being multi-colored (if I recall it was mostly white with a “splash” of blue and red, and by splash I literally mean it was supposed to look like a splash of liquid). I wore that thing everywhere and I think it’s still at my parents house.

    Also, I can’t wait to hear the Enron song you’re going to write.

  • Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 at 13:03 | #2

    Now that you mention it I do remember watching a bit about the bombing of the Olympics at the beach – don’t remember watching the sports themselves, although I think we and our cousin Zack, made fun of some of the sayings. Then I went off to Lenhok’sin High Adventure Camp and made the same jokes with my Scouting friend Tyler Heimann. Either that or Lenhok’sin came first and then the jokes continued at the beach…

  • Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 at 14:05 | #3

    I believe part of the joke was based on Dominique Dawes‘ nickname of “Awesome Dawe-some.” I’d be willing to bet you came up with it at the beach first since I remember watching the opening during our trip. Do you remember what was so funny about this? Did we just keep saying “Awesome Dawe-some” about everything?

  • Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 at 09:13 | #4

    The announcers called her “awesome Dawe-some” all the time and we picked up on it. We also started saying “awesome Moceanu” after her teammate, Dominique Moceanu. For some reason I thought that was hilarious. I also remember Tyler Heimann thinking the same

Superhero Caloric Intake!

© 2008 Buena Vista

Balance is a characteristic I’d love to possess sometime. Until then, however, I will just have to tolerate my natural see-sawing inclination. Right now I’m experiencing several parallel swings at the same time (all seemingly shifting me into more “wholesome” situations).

The first has me back on a healthy kick as I’m counting calories and starting to exercise on a regular basis. Trying to adhere to 2000 calories is a lot harder than I imagined. I figured most people have themselves fooled as to how poorly they eat but I never thought I’d be one of them (nor how badly I had myself fooled). I’m in week three of adhering to my “diet” and am already noticing differences in my appearance (goodbye gut!) and how I feel. But there’s a long way to go and the real test is sticking to the plan for several months.

At this same time I’m also finding myself suddenly super-interested with a lot of things I was into as a kid. In fact, I’ve watched 2 hours in as many days of episodes from the 1967 Spider-Man animated series. I remember watching the show sometime during the time I lived in Long Beach, California (ages 5-8). The DVD came via my mistress (Netflix) and I even received instant, vague memories of sitting in my parents’ room watching the tv when an episode called “Spider-Man Meets Dr. Noah Body” started (I dunno, I could be wrong but the name just sounded so familiar like an old joke from my past).

And finally, with the inspiration of goal-making (and goal-taking!!!!) from my calorie counting experiment, I’m slowly acclimating myself back into songwriting every day. For so long I’ve just been beating myself up for not having any energy or desire to sit and do a little recording/writing every day (as I did back in my 2000 or 2003 heyday). But then I realized I was too focused on trying to go from 0 to 60 in too quick a time and have chopped up my goals to something way more bite-sized. This week I’m just making it an absolute priority to sit down with a guitar and work on a song for 15 minutes a day. It’s such an easy goal that I know I can accomplish it, get it under my belt, and slowly build upon it. I’ll keep all of you readers (are there any left?) updated!

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