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shack 2??

So much to tell and so little time! First up, is undergoing an aesthetic overhaul. Having created several websites from scratch for Brainstorm Technologies in the past couple of months, I’ve essentially taken another design class. And, after taking a look at the old design I decided to redo some areas. Bear with me, as many of the other pages on the site will need to be altered a bit to fit in with the new look. Shouldn’t take me too long though, since I still have nothing to do really.

Secondly, I went to see a live taping of the Ron and Fez show at the Dave and Buster’s in Maryland along with Richard, Carlos, Brandon Jones, Katie (BJ’s lady in wait), and John Popajanus [sic]. It was just like going to see a band or comedian live in that the atmosphere and reality of it overwhelmed me and made me appreciate everything so much more. Crazy Jen (who was hot according to Richard) tried to escape out of a straight-jacket while Brandon, Papajanus and Richard went to get hypnotized. Sadly, all three broke out of the spell (Brandon not doing so until already being seated up onstage), but the ensuing craziness of those that were successfully hypnotized was the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. Richard plugged Bras – live on the air – as being located at (note: real site is currently here), and we all got a bit toasty at the late night Amphora’s. Good times.

Also, I can’t not comment on the state of Team USA in the olympic basketball games over in Athens. I watched them lose to Puerto Rico and just barely edge by Greece. I think it’s been a slow uphill battle to deal with different, international rules; nerves in a hostile crowd; and just playing together as a team. They’re mostly young guys and I have confidence they will perform better and better each game. At first, I had mixed feelings as to whether or not I wanted to root for USA, as they’ve dominated the sport in the past 20 years or so, but now that everyone seems so much more evenly matched … Go USA!

And, lastly (but not leastly), due to Richard’s recent … hiatus from work, we are heading up (down?) to his house in Amherst to do a bit of recording for a day or two. Due to the short length, maybe Shack 1.5 is a more appropriate title. Ok, l8r!

YEARS LATER: I had just moved back into my mom’s house after my college apartment’s lease ran out and I wasn’t working so … let’s just say I had to fill the time. Redesigning the layout of my website fit that bill quite nicely. I’ve already written a small history of the design of this site here on the Throwback page, so I won’t elaborate any further.

And in case you’re super eager to see the (terribly amateur) websites I designed for Brainstorm Technologies (now called Brainstorm Software) I’ve included those on the Features page:

Moving back into the Northern Virginia area I had been exposed to the Ron and Fez show – a radio program that played at night on WJFK-FM. Unlike most non-Howard Stern radio shows, I (along with sidekick Richard “Detective John Kimble” Killiam … sorry, I’m not explaining that joke) quickly grew to love the program. Actually, he was the one who discovered the show first, but I digress … Anyway, when the idea came up to see them live at the Dave & Buster’s in Bethesda, Maryland, I emphatically seconded it (NOTE: Interestingly enough, this exact live appearance is listed on Ron and Fez’s Wikipedia page as “2nd Annual Ron and Fez Pool Tournament” under DC Area Appearances … no, I don’t remember the sitar player).

I actually don’t remember much that happened there besides drinking a lot and having a swell time. As I have often noted (in the above blog, even!) the realness of in-person events lend a magical quality to entertainment that just can’t be reproduced in any recorded medium. Ron and “Fezzie” were very funny with recurring character, Crazy Jen – a hillbilly who Ron and Fez would constantly make fun of. But the guest hypnotist was the main event … I recall he had one person convinced there was a little man inside her watch talking to her. It was also hilarious watching Brandon snap out of his supernatural state on stage (he was unceremoniously booted during the middle of the act), but he was the only one out of the three from our group who made it that far.

At the end of the night Ron and Fez asked for members of the audience to come up and sing self-penned jingles – a contest to decide their new radio show introduction music. Richard got up and sang some Rolling Stones parody that I can’t recall (I believe he was booed) and mentioned our “band” in a nervously fast plug, stating our website could be located at As I mentioned above that was never the case. The site was and had been located at since 1999 but it can now be located here on the Features page.

Afterwards we stopped at the legendary Amphoras, a 24-hour restaurant in Vienna, Virginia. I spent many a drunken night there during the summers and winter vacations from college and this visit was just as fun … and just as forgettable. As in I can’t remember what the hell we talked about. Now, I wanted to discuss the 2004 USA men’s basketball team and Shack 2.0 but I shall keep those stories for the next couple of blogs!

UPDATED LINKS: Brandon Jones, here

DEAD LINKS: websites from scratch, Brainstorm Technologies (11/23/2008)


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  • Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at 00:56 | #1

    I would like to note that I was never really hypnotized. I genuinely tried (maybe that was the problem) and when I knew only those who were “hypnotized” would be taken on stage, I faked it. After being on the stage long enough I felt a bit weird about the whole thing, so that’s when I stopped faking it and “snapped out of it”.

  • Richard
    Sunday, December 7th, 2008 at 17:39 | #2

    Hi everyone!!!

    I’m playing catch-up here, but I just wanted to say in retrospect Shack 1.5 was short but sweet. I actually think it was relatively productive, if I remember correctly, even though the Brent joke was beaten to death…to say the least.

    And re: btjones faking it; obv!

america says goodbye to rick “superfreak” james

Just came back from seeing “the Terminal,” the Tom Hanks/Steven Spielburg film with Brandon Bert (both an officer and a gentlemen, I assure you). It was pretty good, except both men’s tolerance of and preference for sappiness is starting to exceed my limits. Meanwhile, I noticed that the Olympics are drawing nearer which means … yes, USA Men’s Beasketball team games will be televised. And that means just a little bit o’ basketball fix to tide me over until November. Hotness. Speaking of basketball, check out the 2004-05 NBA Report. It’s a work in progress. L8r.

YEARS LATER: It’s kinda weird that both the title and image of the blog have nothing to do with the blog itself. Maybe I initially wanted to say something about Rick James and just decided against it? I can’t remember. Besides, I don’t think I’d have much to say about him anyway.

The Terminal was a Steven Spielberg film where Tom Hanks is a foreigner who lives in an airport and falls in love with Catherine Zeta-Jones. It’s really sappy and ultimately forgettable. I saw it at the small, second-run theater in University Center in Fairfax, Virginia with my friend, Brandon. I used to live just a few blocks away from the place when I first moved to Virginia from Texas and always felt like it was “my” shopping center. Then I moved two more times and let a decade pass so it was weird to come back to visit it one last time.

I was genuinely excited about Olympics Men’s basketball as I had just finished my first full season of NBA obsession and it seemed like a bonus round! Unlike it’s predecessor, the 2004-05 NBA Report did actually see a lot of work and progress. However, all the effort put into this project only cemented the fact that my NBA Reports were lost causes: not even I liked to look at them.

This blog was the final one made during the first phase of []’s design .

UPDATED LINKS: 2004-05 NBA Report (11/13/2008)


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hot meat jokes

This weekend held the first annual LollapaRilliam, a one-night cook out at the Killiam’s new house out in Manassas. Several worlds collided as my brother and his friends met Tj grads met Richard’s coworkers met middle school pals met JMU neighbors met friend’s younger siblings. To no surprise, much craziness followed (… followed the involvement of certain fermented and herbal supplements, that is). There was a very friendly atmosphere (with the notable exception of the “milkshake” incident), which spurred me on to create four more friends cards, bringing the total to 16!!!! Also, the menu border picture on the left is now an active link – transporting you to the section of that the photo represents (example: Dirk Nowitzki sends you to the unfinished NBAnus report section). Not all pics have a corresponding section to link to at the moment, though. Oh well … gotta leave something for later, right?

THREE YEARS LATER: The LollapaRilliam (a cross between the Lollapalooza music festival and Rilliam – an infamous typo from one of Richard’s dad’s ID cards) was not some sort of huge, planned event. I was over at Richard’s house in Manassas, VA one weekend and we decided to invite as many people over as possible. I know he had a pool put into his backyard but I don’t think it was even done at that time so there really was no theme to the shindig.

Still, we got a great turnout from several, different groups of friends for the first-week-back-from-college party. Guests included the following:

    My brother and his friends

  • The incomparable Stever. At some point during the night he attempted to play ping pong while donning an empty beer box.
  • Allison née Reip – high school chum of said Stever that spent most of the night giving Richard’s dog (Flurry) a bath. No one, not even Allison, herself, knows why she felt the need to do so!
    Tj grads

  • Bryan O – fellow 1999 Jeffersonian grad made a late appearance for a few minutes and gave me $20 to defray the cost of alcohol. As I recall, most of the liquor was already Richard’s dad’s so I quickly pocketed the money for myself!!!
    Richard’s coworkers

  • Kelly S – Richard had just landed a temp job and invited some of his fellow data enterers
  • Some other girl – who’s name I forget, but Toine was convinced her name was Ellen (he was wrong).
    Middle school pals

  • John “Papajanus” – legendary comic who actually attended Tj for a year or so has known Richard since they were both wee lovers in middle school.
    JMU neighbors

  • Gianina – in one of the strangest coincidences ever recorded, Gianina lived across the hall from me at my final college apartment after living across the street from good friends the Brothers Bert for decades!
    Friend’s younger siblings

  • Brandon B – an air force ROTC officer and younger brother of Bras celebrity/bassist, Bill Bert! He matched El Stever beer box for beer box in their ping pong match of doom.

Amazingly, I don’t remember a whole lot of this evening’s events! The party took on a life of its own as Richard and I were hardly capable of accomplishing any host duties. People came, people went. It was all very laissez faire. I do recall watching Terminator 2: Judgement Day in Richard’s cool movie room and Steve stole the show with a joke. I also recall Richard trying to make pot salad or something but whatever it was, it was a horrible failure. I can’t, for the life of me, remember what the “milkshake incident” was but I think we were all sitting on his steps inside and someone spilled something. Just a guess, though.

The image border link I discuss has to do with the randomized side-banner that would appear on the front page of [] back when it looked like this.

PHOTOS: Some photographic evidence of the night in question:

UPDATED LINKS: friends cards, NBAnus report (10/06/2008)


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nba ballas

Is everyone else going just as crazy as I am with all the daily transactions found on Shaq going to Miami?!? Nash going to Phoenix?!? T-Mac going to Houston?!?!? Pure zanity, if you ask me! With all the rush of adrenaline I find being pumped into my body due to up-to-the minute basketball off-season acquisitions, I’ve been able to be super productive for! Check out the five (count them, five) new friends cards, the soon-to-be updated James Bond and NBA pages, and, as always, the ever-expanding Seinfeld, Seinsmelled site. Alright, I must get back to my current addiction – I await the good news that Vince Carter will be coming to Dallas! L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: What can I say? I was starting to get full-blown into my NBA addiction, I had just moved back into my mom’s house after college, and I wasn’t working. It’s not like anything else was going on to blog about!

The previous summer I traveled to Ohio for a summer job. Right before I left, however, I began to watch a little of the 2003 NBA Playoffs as two of my roommates were semi-into the sport. I had never been a basketball (or any sport for that matter) fan but I discovered myself slowly becoming interested in it. When I would find myself in the middle of some random, Ohio park – bored and not wanting to work – I’d purchase a USA Today and read about the basketball stories going on. I was hooked.

This was the first NBA off-season that I paid attention to, however. And, with movements consisting of huge stars like Shaquille O’Neal and Tracy McGrady, I couldn’t look away. I’m sorry, reader. It only got more and more basketball-obsessed at [] from here on out.

I was still slowly pumping out Friend Cards, though they were becoming more and more like work. The James Bond section was to be an update of the feature I had started during the 2000 incarnation of [] but this time never really left the planning stage. The NBA feature was one of the most embarassing features I’ve ever made for the site. So, even though I sounded excited and productive, things were about to fizzle out quickly soon after this post.

UPDATED LINKS: friends cards, NBA, Seinfeld, Seinsmelled

DEAD LINKS:James Bond (9/28/2008)


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king of all mix cds

As I move out of 736 I Sunchase room 1, my home for the past two years, I have finally come to realize something: I am the best CD maker in the highly competitive field of MIX CDs! Ever see the end of High Fidelity when John Cusack is describing how he creates a good mix tape? I understand exactly what he is saying there! Anyway, I can’t believe how much time I spent into cleaning this place up … I filled up half of the dumpster outside, I ripped off some of my wall while trying to take down my big tack board, and my hands still burn from all the bleach I had to use on that disgusting shower. BUT IT’S ALL DONE! To commemorate the 2 years of stanus tattoo I finally removed from this abode, the blog pic is of me knee-deep in my own trash here. Anyway, for those who have kept up with me for a while you may recall the Shack (for those new around here, check out this little tease of the place). Things are becoming interesting as I move back to NOVA. There looks to be a possiblity of … Shack 2? I’ll keep you posted. L8r!

736 I Phone Number: (540) 442-5767

THREE YEARS LATER: As I have mentioned in previous posts I really wasn’t doing shit for these last six months while living at JMU. In fact most of my time was spent trying to entertain all my free hours away. One of my main activities during this period was – you guessed it – making mix CDs and these things were works of art. The usual one would take me anywhere from 20-30 hours of work picking out tracks, selecting the order, working on a theme, and making the songs segue into each other in an interesting way. The mix I was working on that inspired this blog was called “I’m A Bloopeur Mix” – a title inspired by an old Stever joke.

I’ve started a feature called The Greatest Mix Tapes of All Time! that shows all the track lists and stories behind the songs for all of my mix CDs.

I don’t remember moving out too much. The plan was for me to pack and clean my room throughout the last week in Harrisonburg and then get a ride home from my mom. I don’t remember packing and cleaning at all but I did such a haphazard job of it the night before that she was embarrassed by what she saw when she arrived. But, we made it out of there after another hour or so of scrubbing the walls (that she demanded). Then I took a few quick pictures and said goodbye to the home that saw the best beer pong of my life.

Just for the archives, I added the 736 I phone number some time after publishing this post, though I don’t know when.

PHOTOS: Here are a couple of photos on the day I left my Sunchase apartment – the last day I lived at college. Click to enlarge the photo.
My wall of shame: all the shit I kept my senior (and super senior) year at JMU.'Abandon all sobriety, ye who enter here.' The door to 736 I Sunchase at JMU.Mila inspects all of my crap as I finally move back from college.

UPDATED LINKS: little tease (7/24/2008)


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deuce dedication

Say what you will, but when times get tough; when all hope seems lost; when the events that separate the men from the boys occur; I ignore the pain and don’t leave until I get the job done! For Christmas 2001, I received the Beatles Chronicle, a 370-page book that details every single thing the Beatles did during every single day between 1960 and 1970! When I first glanced at this work I felt completely overwhelmed by just the sheer amount of research and data at my fingertips! So I did what they taught us in COB 300: break down the large system into smaller, workable parts and attack each smaller problem. What that naturally meant for the Beatles Chronicle was to relegate it to bathroom reading material! Yes, after (astonishingly) 911 days, I finished the breaking down of this encylopedic depiction of the Fab Four. I consider it as one of the largest milestones in my life – up there with pissing behind a line of video games at an arcade (age ca. 11), and closing Woodstock 2007 (TBD). One mustn’t forget to check the Seinfeld, Seinsmelled page regularly! Things are wrapping up for season 2! Coincidentally, things are wrapping up for my (admittedly too-long) stay in Harrisonburg. The plans are to leave in 4/5 days. Alright, gotta get back to packing. L8r!

THREE YEARS LATER: Man … this is getting embarrassing: it’s practically four years later at this point. But, fear not, reader … I shall courageously continue on with this task!

For a couple of years, my mom gave Steve and I something Beatles-related for Christmas and (if my math is correct) this book was given for Christmas 2001! This must be correct, because I can remember reading it while in my South View apartment bathroom and I lived there from Fall of 2001 to Spring of 2002. The presentation of the book’s information was so dense I could only spend a minute or two on it … which worked perfectly as bathroom reading material! Strangely, when I finally finished, Steve admitted he had already read it cover-to-cover twice.

COB 300 was the culmination class of the school of business at JMU. It was 16 credit lecture that merged four different business considerations together (management, operations, finance and marketing); it was also where I met and fell in love with Chinflap Jones.

I’m not so sure if I should go into the video game pissing story … only because there’s not much to say. Ah, what the hell. I was traveling around by car, seeing many sights in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona with my brother, Steve; cousin, Melissa; and paternal grandparents. At one hotel stop for the night there was an arcade across the street. I was so excited by this news that I ran over there and started dropping quarters into a Super Mario Bros. game instead of using the bathroom like I urgently needed to. The end of this story is that all of a sudden the juices started a-flowin’ at the beginning of level 1-2. Luckily, all of the arcade machines were situated about a foot away from the walls so I ran back there and let it fly. And I cared not that I was relieving myself on a bunch of electric cords!

UPDATED LINKS: Seinfeld, Seinsmelled (05/26/2008)

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a young man learns a lesson

Has it happened? Is it so? I just came back from seeing Spider-Man 2 and not only am I dissapointed, but kinda sick of the whole thing. This guy was my hero … what the hell happened?

First off, I have to admit: I was sucked in just like so many other people. I didn’t watch any trailers, got a little countdown clock and even bought tickets to the midnight showing of the movie. Honestly, I didn’t think I made it out to be a big deal this time around. Yet still, the moment the credits started to roll at the beginning of the movie I got goose bumps. Apparently, I was excited.

… and I was getting pretty bored by halftime. Some parts of the plot were just rediculous. I know that for a superhero movie, you have to suspend a sense of reality, but a huge science experiment … in an APARTMENT?!?! To stop a huge explosion, the fuel had to be placed in water and yet … this machine was built right on the RIVER?!?!? And a lot of the dialogue in this movie was just downright painful (I hope the scene with Aunt May’s speech will be a chapter unto itself so it can be skipped come DVD time)!

Oh, there was a lot to like. Some smart, funny moments blending the mundane with the superheroic (elevator, pizza delivery), and wall-to-wall Spidey comic references. The fight scenes between Doc Ock and Spidey were absolutely breath-taking, but that goes without saying (the fact that I was only really enjoying myself during these mindless computer animations kinda bugs me, though)! With all this going for it, and the fact that this guy was my favorite hero growing up, I still left unsatisfied.

I started asking myself what do I want in a movie? What makes a movie good? And then I started to think back to “Training Day,” which I had forced Brandon to watch just hours earlier (he made the mistake of telling me he had never seen it before). The movie involved great acting and fun fight scenes too, but what made it different from Spider-Man 2 was that I found myself questioning beliefs and thoughts throughout the movie. I was challenged and I was personally involved. The vast majority of positive Spidey2 reviews say something to the effect that it “will be the most fun you’ll have all summer.” I hope that my summer involves “funner” things than sitting in a theatre and letting my mind rest while watching some flickering lights.

I wrote this review immediately upon getting home, still hot from the dissapointment (that felt personal due to the character involved … sigh I am a nerd). I’ve given it a day and some thought to the fact that perhaps I went in wanting more than was promised. That may be true. However, I left thinking the movie acheived less than it attempted. At times this movie really felt different, but these would be followed by a scene that was lifted straight out of the first Spider-Man. It’s as though Raimi had high hopes and a cool vision for this film, but by decision or corporate pressure, didn’t commit to that vision throughout.

A quick check at Rotten Tomatoes has just shown that after the first viewing people are raving more about this movie. I’ve never seen a 97% rating for a movie on this site before. That said, I’m ready to be wrong. I’m going to get a ticket and see this thing again. I’m going to give Spidey another chance … perhaps even by playing into the movie industry’s hands. But because of all Spidey and I’ve had together in the past (!!!!) he deserves it.

THREE YEARS LATER: It’s true: I scored midnight tickets to see Spider-Man 2 at the Regal Harrisonburg 14 and excitedly counted down the hours until showtime (what else was I going to do … I sure as hell wasn’t working or studying). When I got there with my girlfriend, there was already a line starting from the theater door and went outside the building. Unlike the famous Star Wars lines, there weren’t too many weirdos awaiting entry into this film (besides me, of course). There was one guy dressed up as Spidey (kinda creepy) and I made a point to wear my ratty, 12-year old Spider-Man t-shirt (definitely creepy) but that was about it.

Once we were seated, a DJ from a local radio station stood up front and talked a little about the movie (don’t remember a thing he said) and then asked a few Spidey trivia questions to the crowd for prizes (gift certificates and … I think a boogie board, randomly, was one of the prizes, as well). These questions were strictly for the hardcore fans in the audience such as “What is Spider-Man’s alter ego?” and “Who did Spider-Man marry?” Ugh … I raised my hand like the comic nerd I am but never got called on.

After the movie, we drove back and I recall just laying on my bed and staring at the ceiling for a good 15 minutes, not saying a word. When my girlfriend, Sarah, asked me what was up I admitted I was actually disappointed to the point of being hurt. Listen, I’m a sensitive flower, ok? I forced myself to channel all of these swirling emotions into the greatest, most personal blog yet, but ran out of steam halfway through the damn thing (as it clearly says above, I picked it up where I left off the next day). Brandon IMed me after I posted this blog, saying he thought it was hilarious that my longest and most emotional blog to date was a reaction to a stupid superhero movie, but the love and life I share with Spidey just isn’t meant to be understood by others!

And on a final note, it actually would be quite a while before I had me a second viewing of Spider-Man 2. I believe I didn’t see it again until it came on HBO one night in the Pink Sock. Oh, and I hated it then, too. (05/26/2008)


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countdown to spidey 2

Yes … the official Spider-Man 2 Countdown has begun! According to my Spider-man 2 countdown clock from, we only have 2 days, 56 minutes, and 12 seconds before the likes of Doc Ock and Peter Parker invade and conquer our brains! ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THIS CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE??? In case you are like many of us, who are not fully equipped to go into the greatest movie ever and be able to leave fully functional, please go see Fahrenheit 9/11 as a warm-up. Now, I don’t mean to belittle this “documentary” in any way, but … come on. Fahrenheit 9/11 is a smart, insightful anti-Bush expose, but Spider-Man 2 has fucking DOCTOR OCTOPUS! Well, this webpage will become a small Spidey2 shrine as soon as I see it, but until then spend some time with the Seinfeld gang (season 2 is almost complete). L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: Can you gather from this blog that I was a little psyched to go see Spider-Man 2 in the theaters? I had a clockdown (a little program that does nothing but countdown the days, hours, and minutes until an event) for weeks before the premiere, and even scored tickets to see the opening night midnight showing.

Maybe I hyped it too much. Maybe I thought it was going to somehow top the first Spider-Man, which I loved so much that I watched it every night for a week after buying the DVD. Maybe it was just a lame, completely silly movie. Who knows, but I was in for quite a disappointment …

UPDATED LINKS: Seinfeld gang (01/30/2008)



So I finally saw Akira, the acclaimed anime movie from 1988 that “changed the way in which Western Cinema viewed Japanese animation.” I always held a grudge of unknown origin against Anime and Manga (it had something to do with the fact that they all looked the same), and I’m slowly learning to break that wall down. Akira was good, but pretty fucking weird. Steve sent me all of his old pictures he took with his first digital camera (he got it Christmas of freshman year), so I have 21 funny old pics up. For more photo fun … the four random pictures on the top bar of, are now clickable. CLICK ONE to see what I mean! L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: My god, I was full of non-blogs back in my blogging infancy. However, I do enjoy the brevity of these posts. I wish I could slowly move back towards this size of a blog … except with some real meat in each one.

After watching Akira, I read the entire 2,000+ page-long graphic novel (it was broken into six volumes). Akira was an amazingly-illustrated book … I’ve never seen that amount of detail paid to a single project for so long. It’s like the artist never took a day off and never tired of what he was working on. Phenomenal … though I still didn’t understand what the hell was really going on. Methinks this situation demands another read soon.

The picture of Jeff from this blog obviously came from one of Steve’s old pictures he graciously donated to my photoDB. And, finally, if you’re interested in knowing what I meant about the four random pictures on the top bar now being clickable … this was the design I was using at the time.

UPDATED LINKS: funny old pics (01/29/08)


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kramerica industries

As mentioned in the last BLOG (I love saying that word!), GITRMEN won’t start. Of course, my car decided to stop working the week I had to go back to Woodbridge to housesit! As luck would have it, Liesel was travelling to Winchester the day I had to get back, and Brandon was travelling from Winchester to NOVA to sign his new apartment lease! So, two hitchhikes later, I arrived back home. I haven’t been in my old room in about six months, and it’s always an interesting experience to enter it. My college room is just my computer, bed, and the stuff I need to live day to day. My room at home has all the old shit I’ve collected through my life and it was fun swimming through all of that for a bit. HIGHLIGHT OF THE RUMMAGING: a tape I recorded on the last day of high school, interviewing and messing with people. Seinfeld season 2 is currently being attacked on Seinfeld, Seinsmelled, so go check it out. L8r fools.

THREE YEARS LATER: I really don’t remember much about this post … perhaps because it’s pretty much a non-blog.

The tape I mentioned was a spur-of-the-moment idea I had on my final day as a high school student. I can’t, for the life of me, recall where I found a mini-tape recorder, but I had one on my person for the entire last month or so of school. I used it to record a slew of strange situations: a play my friend, Josh Bowman, was performing in; a discussion amongst my friends about women while looking at old yearbooks; a dinner conversation between a random selection of people from my class; and I even (gasp!) recorded myself playing guitar one afternoon.

Anyway, the final day of high school completely snuck up on me, so it took me a while to realize that I had the recorder in my backpack. Once I did however, I went into a scramble! I was without a tape, so I ran to the only place I knew that was guaranteed to be stocked with some: the band archive room! A quick swipe and I had me a tape of a decade-old band concert. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until half an hour later when I tried to record that this tape had been rendered unrecordable as two safety tabs on the top side had been removed. Luckily, I had come across this obstacle before as a tape-recording-obsessed kid, and new I could rustle up a MacGyver-esque solution: place small pieces of duct tape over the holes to simulate the missing tabs (I hope all of you readers know what I’m talking about as I’m not going into anymore detail about this)!

With tape and tape recorder in hand, no one was safe from my prying, sarcastic journalism. I went around the school interviewing various friends and classmates with a couple of accomplices and got a good half hour of entertainment. As such, I can understand how coming across this lost treasure would have been quite a find while house-sitting.

UPDATED LINKS: Seinfeld, Seinsmelled (01/29/2007)


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