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idenberry thoughts

By no surprise, my car is having trouble starting this week so I decided to do my errands (what little I had) by foot. At one point during the day I passed the old freshman year of college dorm, Ikenberry (or Idenberry as it said on my police log from the Breeze). Anyway, it got me into one of those moods where I gotta check out some old pictures and one thing lead to another. First, check out the massively updated pics page (64 new pictures uploaded this time!). And if that doesn’t satisfy your nostalgia needs, I’ve mirrored my old website here. Hey, you never know when Tripod will dump that piece of shit. L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: I don’t recall what kind of errands I had during this time that would make me walk on campus (I had already graduated from JMU six months previously at this point) nor do I remember what 64 pics were uploaded to my old photo database. I can, however, easily summon the vivid memories of where “Idenberry” came from.

Freshman year at college was a tremendous experience. So many choices and so much freedom all at once, it really was overwhelming for this 18-year old. I had dabbled in alcohol in high school but college offered me free access to as much as I could handle and then some every weekend. One night, I decided to tackle the legendary power hour – drinking a shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes. Quickly, the math comes out to (1.5 oz in a shot) x (60 shots) = 90 oz of beer / 12 oz in a beer can = 7.5 beers in an hour. It’s a daunting task and I had failed in a couple previous attempts, but this time I came prepared.

I lived in a dorm called Ikenberry and a fellow Ikenberry-mate, Jeff C[removed], and I popped in a movie (I think it was Wild Things) and set up a digital clock to keep us honest and we iron manned our way through it. After an hour, I was pretty fucked up – running through the dorm, screaming and annoying people enough until Jeff’s roommate, Tim, handed me a bottle of Southern Comfort and told me it was water. I was at the level of insobriety where I believed him (and my tongue was in bizarre agreement!)

Anyway, after a few sips of this foul liquid, I must have needed immediate evacuation as I woke up with my head in one of the shared, dorm toilets (not my proudest moment). Worse, I was actually being awakened by one of the Residential Advisers! I had attended a meet and greet session earlier in the semester where this RA had mentioned one of his good friends had died from alcohol poisoning, so I knew I was in for some rough treatment.

He led me back to my room. I recall telling him I couldn’t see and couldn’t walk, but I made the trek from one building to another (my dorm was actually three buildings) and up the stairs fine. Unfortunately, he proceeded to call an Emergency Medical team out to make sure I was OK. When they arrived, I answered all of their questions – just cursory ones to see if I was aware of what was going on. For example, I remember having to say my name and describe my surroundings. After this exhaustive medical analysis they found me not to be dying of alcohol poisoning and let me sleep it off.

Well, that was not the end of the whole story. I received an IDOC – essentially a “strike” – and was sentenced to a 3-day long alcohol safety class on campus. I would even inflict a self-imposed ban on alcohol for a couple of months (though I famously took a shot on the first day of this so-called ban). And yet the story was still not over!

Every Monday, The Breeze – the JMU school newspaper – would publish a highly entertaining police blotter concerning the previous weekend’s lowlights. The Monday after my brush with destiny made me famous, as I saw my name in the police blotter and identifying me as a student from “Idenberry.”

And now you know … the rest of the story!

UPDATED LINKS: pics, old website


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george bonanza

Entered my first (and probably last) beer pong tournament this weekend. It was 8 teams of 2 (down from a supposed 25 teams of 2) and $160 was up for the winners. Sadly, Nate and I were the third team eliminated (even after a game where I shot 5 cups!). Ah well. Also finally saw the Ring, and it was just freaky enough to keep my attention but I wouldn’t call it scary. Here’s what I’ve really been spending my time doing though. Season 1 of Seinfeld is completed with many a review! Also, 12 new pics have been added to the pics site, all of which were donated by the Jeff C. Estate (and thus explains why some of them are terribly grainy). L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: As I recall Nate convinced me to take a trip down to Winchester, VA for a “huge” beer pong tournament one weekend. I drove down, got lost trying to locate Nate, and finally met up with him at a gas station. I followed him out to a house in the middle of nowhere that had a huge barn behind it. Stacks and stacks of apple crates were placed on top of each other about 10 feet high in the barn, but there was some clear space in the back where we set up a table.

Besides Nate I knew exactly one person … and I had only met him once. Most of the other players were a bit sketch, but this was when I was at my beer pong-playing prime so I wasn’t intimidated in the least. I even dazzled a few opponents with some pre-game warm ups, hitting the cup they would call out (yeah … I played a lot back then). Unfortunately, even though only 8 teams showed up, with one table it still took a good hour or two before Nate and I got to play. We easily knocked out our opponents but in the long interim between our first and second games Nate become obliterated. All he had to do was hit 1 cup in our second game, as I managed to hit 5, but he couldn’t and we were unceremoniously evicted from the tournament.

The tournament started to slowly fizzle away as losing teams left, but when it was all over those who remained went inside the house to watch “The Ring” and pass out. By the end of the movie, I was the only one still awake. I didn’t feel comfortable enough to sleep there, so I got in my car and drove back to my apartment around 4 in the morning.

Contrary to what I predicted in this post, this would not be my final beer pong tournament. As of January 2008, I entered into a 2005 office tournament with roommate, Brandon, and a 2007 tournament against Howard Stern interns with roommate, Alex. One I won and the other I was out in 3 rounds.

The 12 pictures that I received from Jeff were from Spring Break 2002 – a great time that eventually needs it’s own, separate blog.

UPDATED LINKS: Seinfeld, pics (01/24/2008)

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an update about nothing

With the invaluable assistance of Mr. Brandon Bert, the Seinfeld, Seinsmelled page has been updated. The very first two episodes of this brilliant series have been reviewed … I know, this is the absolute first time that’s ever been done … on the web, even! Look for the other 3 episodes that round out the first season to appear within in the week (we’re both pretty bored). L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: My friend, Brandon Bert, and I were so obsessed with the show, Seinfeld, that we’d rarely have a conversation without some type of reference to Jerry and the gang. So, when I decided to create my Seinfeld, Seinsmelled site – with reviews of every single episode in the show’s 9-year life – I knew I would have someone who would immediately contribute.

In fact, these first couple of reviews were created before the release of Seinfeld Season 1 on DVD. I vividly recall how Brandon had almost 90% of the episodes on his computer in MPEG format and would dole them out to me in order for the reviews. Unfortunately, Brandon hasn’t reviewed a Seinfeld episode since 2005, however Seinfeld, Seinsmelled continues on without him.

UPDATED LINKS: Seinfeld, Seinsmelled


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notice anything new?

Since was first uploaded I have been receiving IMs from friends wanting to know where certain pages are. I’d always go into a long description as to 1) where the discussed page was 2) why the discussed page was placed there and 3) how much sense it makes that the discussed page is where it is. However, for some reason, these conversations continued to occur … most of the time with the same people over and over again. The proverbial straw broke when I could not explain to myself why the friends cards were under the oral section. This, plus the fact that some things about the original layout were less than satisfactory, prompted me to redesign the index page! In other news, apparently Jeff C[removed] (yes, ladies, the same man of the USAF Experience fame!) greets certain people with “any bra pics” during IM conversations. Upon using this same greeting with the man, himself, I was treated to a few great pics from the past that I have placed online for your viewing pleasure. And I do mean pleasure. L8r

THREE YEARS LATER: I thought it would be cool to have different sections of my website based on what sense was used to enjoy it. Pictures would go into “visual.” My rants about music and the Bj and Nate Show radio program would fall into “aural.” Quotes and stories would fall into “oral.” Even though this isn’t displayed until my [] web design, I’m pretty sure this was devised slowly during my previous website layouts.

Anyway, since everything was starting to just be in written form, it made little sense to continue this paradigm. Also, it was just kinda lame. What started out as a seemingly creative way of structuring my new site transformed into nothing more than confusion for both readers and me. The eventual dropping of this layout, however, wouldn’t be seen until August of 2004.

And, finally, a word about the bra pic question. Apparently, during sophomore year of college, Jeff was talking with Allison Reip (now Xanthopoulos) on IM and was a little inebrieted. He jokingly (?) asked for a picture of her in a bra … and received one! Here’s a helpful hint: that story never 1) gets old and 2) fails to bring laughter when brought up in the company of these two!

UPDATED LINKS: friends cards, viewing pleasure

DEAD LINKS: oral section, the USAF Experience (09/26/2007)

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If there’s one thing I have learned from my academic career it’s how to procrastinate really well. Runner-up for that position, however, would be working brilliantly under pressure. I just spent a couple of hours on my job: making a website while contracting with Brainstorm Technologies. Heh, yeah I told them I’d have this site done by Monday morning. Hey! I was telling the truth … it’s 4:39 am here. I’ve also found myself sinking back into working on the Beer Pong game. It now has sound, animation, and a slick, Street Fighter 2-esque selection and versus screen. It’ll be hot. L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: I treated my first post-college job (freelance web design) exactly like I treated most of my college work: I waited until the absolute last minute to do anything about it. So, even though I had nothing to do for an entire six-month period, I still managed to put off all of my web designs until hours before they were due.

This post is in regards to my first project for Brainstorm: CMPro (I must say that the giant, tacky business card on the front page was a client demand). I vividly remember hurrying as fast as possible to get this finished by the morning. I was the only one still awake in the apartment and I felt a lot of pressure to complete the job. Still, I seem to work well in situation of intense pressure and I was able to knock something out. I passed out for probably twelve hours afterwards only to wake up to an email full of changes from the client. Typical.

The beer pong video game benefited greatly from my viewing of Kill Bill. I incorporated several of the fighting theme songs from the movie into the selection screens and got pretty damn far in planning the surrounding of the game. Stats, power ups, and the flow of the game plan were all elements I put a lot of time into, but the actual gameplay never did leap off the ground like I thought it would.

UPDATED LINKS: Brainstorm Technologies

DEAD LINKS: website (09/08/2007)


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{sound of Liesel’s whine here}

In the week or so since I last updated many things have changed. The last Bj and Nate Show was broadcast, I attended my first Apple Blossom “get-r-done” outdoor party, and I watched the last episode of Friends. But most importantly, John Stevens was voted off of American Idol!!! Yes, the reign of the boring, crooning, fellow pelliorojo fag is finally over. Although, to be honest, I’ll miss having that breif 15 minutes each Tuesday of non-stop, sarcastic piss-taking. I guess I’ll just have to concentrate harder during Diana DeGarmmo‘s performances now.

THREE YEARS LATER: This is so typically me. There were two huge, exciting stories to tell in this blog yet I spend the whole paragraph on someone going home from American Idol. Lame!

First of all, however, the title of this post is supposed to be an infamous audio theme. Liesel Eby was the “intern” at the Bj and Nate Show and would make a legendary noise whenever she was dissappointed or sad. We all liked its distinctive sound so much that we mimicked it at any opportunity, as this blog title proves.

As discussed in an earlier Three Years Later post, the Bj and Nate Show was a radio program I produced with my friends Brandon Jones, Nate Crandell and Liesel Eby. That blog also reveals how the last show was a terrible mess that left a bad taste in my mouth. The Bj and Nate Show was just about the four of us goofing off and having fun together, so perhaps glossing over all the boring details about a bitter sendoff full of complaints wasn’t such a bad idea, afterall.

The Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival is an annual event held in Winchester, Virginia. There’s a parade and a day-long celebration of the blooming of these famous trees and, apparently, it’s a big deal as everyone who lives in the area makes a pilgrimage back. Liesel, Brandon and Nate are all from this area originally and convinced me to tag along. Steve decided to check out the goings-on, too, and Richard and Toine – as perhaps the most famous car passenger duo ever – made a special trip down to JMU to attend.

Brandon, Toine, Steve, Richard and I “pre-gamed” by drinking some beers and playing Scene It. We had the door to 736 I Sunchase open and a group of ladies passed by, off to some weekend party. Toine, without even being able to see them from his position on the couch, announced to the group that the girls “were hot.” Brandon asked if they “had weiners” to which Toine famously quipped “dude, don’t be a cockblock!”

When it was time to finally hit the road, we all piled into the Toinemobile and headed off for a bonfire party in the backyard of a friend of a friend’s house in Winchester. By the time we got there, however, it seemed as though most of the party was already over. Even with the light from the bonfire, it was really too dark to see anything, and the beer pong table had been thrown into the fire. It was plain to see, however, that Nate was a) drunk and b) working his game on the hands-down youngest girl at the party. At one point, to impress her, Nate walked the firey remains of the beer pong table across the bonfire. Toine, emboldened by the reaction of the crowd, decided to accomplish the same feat. Though this second fire walk was captured in an immortal photo, it failed to capture the crowd.

Highlights from the night involve Richard getting so fucked up he would sneak into the trailer (our only source of light besides the fire) to dj and not respond to a single thing I said to him. I’m not even sure he realized I was there. Liesel was so wasted, she ended up in a chair, not being able to move. Two random townies showed up to the party and started to make everyone feel really uncomfortable until the host publicly kicked them out. Toine was in rare form. I remember laughing so much at his great opening lines with the ladies there, but I was too drunk to remember any but this classic:

Toine: (near the bonfire) “Getting warm?”

For some reason, I got drunk enough that I thought it’d be funny to pretend I was gay. Toine was hitting on these two girls and I walked up and introduced myself as his homosexual friend. I thought it was hilarious, especially when Toine told Steve to “get me away from them” as if I was some sort of threat even though I was proclaiming my preference for penis. One of the girls continued to make fun of me – asking me about my boyfriends and experiences – throughout the remainder of the night. Sometime around 2am or so, Toine announced it was now or never to leave as he was too tired to drive any later. As I was getting up to go, the girl who had been harrassing me all night practically begged me to stay with her! I wasn’t quite shocked, but it was pretty weird since I had been “gay” all night. I guess that’s the secret “in” with women.

Anyway, we all packed back into the Toinemobile (except Nate who retreated into a tent with the jailbait). Everyone passed out on the drive home except for me and Toine – who had to smack his face from time to time to force himself to stay focused on the road.

Good times.

UPDATED LINKS: John Stevens, Diana DeGarmmo

DEAD LINKS: Bj and Nate Show (08/01/2007)

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  • Liesel
    Monday, February 23rd, 2009 at 09:42 | #1


    This is ridiculous. Remember the guy that kept screaming in my face and finally made me puke? What was he screaming? Something about…pork rinds?

    Well, you don’t have to remember. I’ll hang on to that one since it’s just about the only thing I remember from that night. How could I have missed out on Gay Stan?????

hidden treasure

For those of you who have scoffed at my … let’s call it “free time” during the previous months, I’ll have you know I am officially now working on a website for Brainstorm Technologies. It’s going to be oh-so-exciting, and I’ll link it up here as it comes along. I also believe I’m slowly becoming addicted to basketball. I dreamt I was on the Mavericks during the playoffs (sports-related dream: a first!) but it took place in my friend, Bill’s house (except it was a really huge subterranean barn). I am also making appearances at the Chesapeake basketball courts almost every day. I can only guess this means it’s just a matter of time before I’m Dirk Nowitzki.

So being spring and all, I decided to do a little cleaning (emphasis on “little”) and found a folder of old pictures I took back in Winter 2002 that I had totally forgotten about! This is your gain people, as I have scanned them in for all of you to look at and enjoy. A real tearjerker of a friends card has also been added. Bring tissues! And finally, after seeing undeserving American Idol contestants stay while semi-talented ones get voted off this week I have decided to break my heterosexual streak of not participating in the AI voting system. I will now vote for crappy singer John Stevens every week from now on. Alright, L8r peeps.

THREE YEARS LATER: My first freelance job! Brandon Jones had done some work for Brainstorm Technologies (now called Brainstorm Software) for a couple summers, and reccommended me to the owner for possible work. The first site I did for them was for Construction Management Professionals – a company based in Winchester, Virginia.

Freelance work for a client was extremely different than the web design I had been doing for myself. In fact, I really wasn’t as prepared as I thought I would be for this type of work immediately out of school. Looking at the sites I built for Brainstorm three years later, I’m embarrassed how amateurish they seem. Still, it was an amazing eye-opener and learning experience, and my web design/programming is immensely stronger because of it.

This entry was written during the first full NBA season I watched and I was already starting to take notice of my obsession. Pickup basketball games were almost a daily occurrence and I’d just practice by myself when I couldn’t find anyone else. By the way, the dream I mentioned in the post was one of those that have remained in my memory to this day, still. Not sure exactly what that means.

The tearjerker Friends Card referenced was the beer pong table one. And, contrary to what I said in the blog, I didn’t vote for any American Idol contestants. That is, until the whole Sanjaya Malakar incident in season 6. Yes, I must admit I voted for him about 30 times total in an effort to keep him in the contest and ruin the show.

UPDATED LINKS: Brainstorm Technologies, Bill’s, scanned them in, friends card


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i am going to kill … bill (bert)

Pretty much every critic raved about Kill Bill Vol. 2, saying it was “better” than Vol. 1, but after seeing it I’d disagree. It was good, but it wasn’t as cool. Tarrantino should’ve kept them as one movie … would’ve been a hell of a movie. The NBA playoffs have begun … don’t count Dallas out, yet. This is just a quick check-in for now, but updates will be coming up shortly. L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: I was absolutely blown away when I saw the first Kill Bill in the theatres. It was funny, smart, creative and I loved the over-the-top action. I thought I was in for more of the same with the second, but Tarantino pulled a 180. Where the first Kill Bill was influenced by different types of 70’s Samurai movies, Kill Bill Vol. 2 was influenced by 70’s Western movies. Even though I wasn’t as appreciative of the end result, I do love the idea.

Bill Bert was a good friend in high school as well as the bassist in all three of my bands (from 1997-2002): Patrick and the McNairs, Wang Lowe and the Freeballers in high school and Bras in college. This post has nothing to do with him, except for the connection between his name and a main character in the Kill Bill movies.


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i surrender!

I give up! After several fans (as in fanatics) insisted, nay, threatened me to upload, I have finally relented. Because of all this braying and neighing, it’s a somewhat rushed and meager upload. One new friends card (two more on the way, though!), two pathetic new pics, and the beginnings of the Seinfeld, Seinsmelled page. Now leave me alone!

THREE YEARS LATER: I’m not fully sure as to who all were involved with nagging me to update, but it seemed that [] was an instant hit! I do know that former roommate, Jeff C[removed], and friend, Allison Xanthopoulos (then Allison Reip), were both very vocal in their demands for new stanus content. Instead of fighting off their constant barrage of IMs, I decided to cave in and do a few updates to quiet them up.

The Seinfeld, Seinsmelled site was the offshoot of another idea I had for a little while. In the 2001 incarnation of [] (called “The Man’s Homepage”), I tried to create a James Bond movie database. Unfortunately, this was before the days I knew SQL or PHP, so every single page was handcoded and I tired out before completion (so what else is new, right?). Still, the idea intrigued me to do something similar for Seinfeld – all of my close friends were as obsessed with the show as I was, so I felt I could collect our multiple opinions online.

I’m not fully sure what was being offered here in this initial roll out of Seinfeld, Seinsmelled. The first two episodes weren’t reviewed until over a month after this post, so it must just have been showing off the layout.

UPDATED LINKS: friends card, pics, Seinfeld, Seinsmelled


[STANUS.NET] FIRST: First mention of Seinfeld, Seinsmelled (04/02/2010)

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the passion of [removed]

Oh, ye of little faith! For the past two years the roommates, friends, and guests of 736 I Sunchase have played beer pong almost every night. And yes, we keep updated scoreboards on the wall along with the 100 straight nights of beer pong commemorative shirt. However, many have scoffed at this practice! I have heard things such as this behavior is “juvenile,” or “stupid” or “gay.” Well, leave our sexuality out of this debate! Actually I have been trying to recover from the previous update of the enormous pics page so I haven’t been working on the website. Instead, I have been pouring myself into work on a beer pong game!!! It will feature all of the 736 I visuals: the table, the wall of shame, and even the players. Each player will have different playing attributes based on the scores we’ve been keeping for the last two years – so it will be the most accurate game ever, as well! Visit the beer pong page for a few preliminary screenshots. I also demand a personal apology in instant message form (inclusion of crying smilie optional) from all of you beer pong naysayers when you download and love this masterpiece. L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: Look, John Lennon had his lost summer period. I like to call January to May of 2004 as my “lost semester” period. I graduated from JMU in December of 2003, so I wasn’t taking any classes. I still had half a year on my lease, however, and since I would be paying for it anyway, I thought I’d might as well live in the apartment. Plus, I wasn’t looking forward to having to move back into my mom’s house.

I elected to turn down a glamorous, third semester working at the JMU dining hall (D-Hall), and I only had a few freelance website jobs trickling in through Brainstorm Software (Brainstorm Technologies back then). I produced a radio show, the Bj and Nate Show, but this was only one night out of the week. So, basically, I had a lot of time on my hands. This meant a lot of beer pong was played. And, since the days of BASIC, I’ve been programming games all my life. So it isn’t too much of a stretch to see that I wasted countless hours in that months-long period designing a video game based on beer pong.

I started creating the game in Visual Basic, but soon got to the point where what I needed to happen in the game exceeded VB’s capabilities (specifically projectile motion). So, unfortunately, a couple months into the project, and with so much hype, I officially put the beer pong game project on the shelf when I moved back to Woodbridge, Virginia.

The game would be picked up again in early 2006, when I moved into the Pink Sock with Brandon Jones in Arlington, Virginia. A beer pong rennaissance had occurred and we were back into taking exhaustive stats (and by “we” I mean “I”). I toyed with a video game simulation of all the beer pong players I had stats on but just jotted down some interesting ideas on paper, never writing any actual code.

In the past three years I’ve received a lot of flak about the beer pong videogame. In fact, I can’t think of a single, other project of mine that has been mocked more. I’d like to publicly assure everyone that it actually is on the backburner behind the hundred other projects I’m working on, and I haven’t officially put it to rest. So you all still have a perfectly viable excuse to continue joking about it!

I commemorated the 100th straight night of beer pong by making a t-shirt and getting the participants to sign it, but we actually got up to 134 straight nights. Though, to be honest, we eventually started counting a “night” as a 24-hour period since the previous beer pong playing. When 736i Sunchase roommate, Jeff C[removed], took issue with this counting, I told him he couldn’t sign the 100 Nights of Beer Pong shirt. He quickly recanted and signed, so there is no official discrepancy with this total.

And on a final note, I still reserve the right to request written apologies from anyone who downloads the eventual video game since you all have joked about it forever!

UPDATED LINKS: beer pong


[STANUS.NET] FIRST: First mention of beer pong

[STANUS.NET] FIRST: First mention of the infamous beer pong videogame and beer pong stats (04/02/2010)

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