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quest for MVP of the Party – a chess match of death!

Yes, still more back issue cleaning! Here’s the last hurrah of the late, great Pink Sock. For another take on this night, read SteverOnline 6/25/2006.

Last Friday was spent saying goodbye to a very near and dear friend – my apartment, the Pink Sock. Though this coming Friday marks the official day I will be moving out (or “visiting my brother” if you’re my boss at work a couple of weeks ago and accepted my time off request as I hadn’t revealed my plot to leave at that point) … I’m ending that sentence early, since, truth be told, I will be visiting el Stever, since he does technically live with my mom, whom I’m moving in with. Ok, going to pick up that fragment sentence in 3… 2… 1… my roommate, Brandon, was moving his stuff out (re: all the furniture in the living room) the next day so it was about to become a very different, and spacious, place.

To celebrate the final day of normalcy in the apartment, I wanted to have a grand “Pink Sock event” as Toine calls them (and I do mean calls them, since he has phoned me almost weekly about having them for the past two months). I sent out an evite (my first one!) to a select few individuals on Monday and extended a secret invitation to a special person – Nathaniel the Gray! I wanted to have him show up as a surprise since he is Brandon’s life partner but the proverbial beans were pretty much spilled throughout the week. What can I say? I can’t hold out to Brandon’s sexy torture!

I was busy with a lot of other things for the rest of the week and planned to do most of my setting up and preparation for the shindig Thursday night and Friday afternoon. However, coworker Larry Chavez’ birthday celebration threw a bit of a wrench into my plans. After work on Thursday I went to a get together at the nearby Chadwick’s which took up most of the night and Friday, the wings from Chadwick’s got me so sick I spent most of the day hurling or sleeping. Luckily, Steve and Nate dropped by a little earlier than expected and helped me clean the Sock, and steal a large slab of wood from the dungeon laundry room/basement for use as a second beer pong table.

I will now detail the events of the party by comparing the scores of the three nominees for MVP of the Night. At the end I will reveal the winner!

Brandon finally arrives home to his surprise guest and immediately begins to spray. We all eat dinner and watch the Orioles game, while waiting for the guests to arrive. Toine has called and says he will arrive at 7:30.

Nate Consumes two disgusting famous bowls from KFC (5 pts)
Steve Consumes chicken nuggets (1 pt for lack of creativity)
Toine Whereabouts: unknown (0 pts)

As the starting bell to the party sounds, Brandon dons his Cheerwine t-shirt and I throw on my new (and erotically celebratory) pink t-shirt.

Nate Remains relatively sedate (0 pts)
Steve Starts in with the Toine comments (1 pt for lack of creativity)
Toine Arrives half an hour late wearing a) unbuttoned shirt and b) no underwear (20 pts)

Brittany (Nate’s roommate) and Clint (biggest Mavs-naysayer) arrive from Harrisonburg. Brandon entertains crowd with chinflap swaying to the rhythm of Guitar Hero.

Nate Still fairly quiet (0 pts)
Steve Demands to start beer ponging (5 pts)
Toine Still unbuttoned (5 pts)

Other guests have arrived including Allison Reip (I don’t know why I link to her blog anymore since it’s never updated), her fiance Greg, and fellow 736 I-er Andrew Edwards. One-on-one beer pong starts in the beer pong room and, yes, stats are taken!

Nate Starts with the hot hand on the table and wins 3 in a row (10 pts)
Steve Spectacularly loses first game, but continues to demand playing time (5 pts for effort)
Toine Embarrassed by more people arriving, buttons shirt (0 pts)

Brrnt finally makes an appearance, as does Kevin Frey (Brandon’s TransEffect better half). The second beer pong table is set up in the living room and doubles games begin!

Nate Undeterred by his loss on the singles table, starts an insane streak on the doubles table with partner Ethan (20 pts)
Steve Continues “losing” streak on beer pong tables/”winning” streak at drinking everything in sight (10 pts)
Toine Activity unknown as I was in the other room taking stats, but this doesn’t bode well for him (0 pts)

10:00 – 11:00pm
David Hechtman arrives, complete with “Witout ME it’s just AWESO” t-shirt and comments about dropping his Wall Street Journal subscription for the print version of Dohblog. Party officially enters “drunk stage.” Team Pink Sock consisting of Brandon and I finally wrest control of the beer pong table from Nate and Ethan.

Nate Hits Toine in the crotch multiple times (5 pts)
Steve Refers to Hechtman as “Bowman” for rest of the night. Begins to preside over party [and by that I mean be extremely drunk] (20 pts)
Toine With each shot in the crotch by Nate, turns bright red in the face and lays on the floor silently for an awkward 5-10 minutes, then gets up perfectly fine (15 pts)

11:00pm – 12:00am
Cassie arrives with two friends in tow from a late night event. They leave pretty quickly because everyone is already in that polarizing mode that cannot be tolerated if sober, but beloved if drunk. Cassie changes into Goodbye Pink Sock uniform: an I Love NY shirt and X-Rated medallion to recognize the future of both pink sockers. Brandon continues to heroically defend his beer pong doubles table while also playing Guitar Hero (also unheroically knocks over own cup with Guitar Hero controller)!

Nate Bites Steve’s nipple on camera (10 pts)
Steve Refers to Cassie as Mrs. Killiam for remainder of party, After being bitten, locks Nate out of party (20 pts)
Toine Oggles Cassie’s friend in front of everyone, then takes unsubtle picture of her, then falls asleep in my computer chair in my room (20 pts)

12:00 – 2:00am
Andrew, Allison, and Greg say adieu. Though beer pong starts to wind down, Guitar Hero is going strong, being passed around from player to player (and in the case of Steve, gayer).

Nate After being let back in, chases Stever around doubles table, Depantsed by Steve, he sits half naked for entire beer pong game. Sometime during this point he leaves unnoticed (10 pts)
Steve Plays a lot of Guitar Hero terribly (1 pt)
Toine Though still a solid contender for MVP, takes himself out of contention by falling asleep on couch in the middle of Guitar Hero group (0 pts)

2:00am – 3:00am
I finally get tired and decide to go pass out. Everyone else leaves except for Brittany and Stever. Brandon cries himself to sleep thinking about poker.

Nate Nate still has not been heard from. He was visibly drunk when he left saying he had to “call someone.” Conjecture as to his whereabouts/cause of death begin (5 pts)
Steve Plays Guitar Hero for remainder of night/day. Gets 2 hours of sleep and then gets up to go help move furniture (5 pts)
Toine Brief flirtation with more points as picture of Brandon’s ass dangling above his sleeping face is taken. Leaves to get up early to work (5 pts)

1:00pm the next day
Just when it appears that Stever has won the MVP crown with a solid, though quiet, 68 points …

Nate Brandon wakes up to an IM from Nate describing how he’s not dead, that instead he went to his car to “charge his phone” and woke up in Centreville (20 pts)


Nate 85
Steve 68
Toine 65



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  • Thursday, June 29th, 2006 at 14:38 | #1

    As MVP I would like to thank a few people. First I would like to thank the Mr. Sanders for his amazing famous bowls, Toine for being such a girl about taking a crotch shot, Jesus for inventing Beer Pong, Brandon and Stan for perfecting it, and Steve for not being able to hold on to those last few MVP votes.

parachute pong and the toga party

I’ve got such a backlog of blog entries I must get to, so be prepared for some cleaning here. First up is Toine’s birthday party and Andrew Edwards’ toga party. For another take on this night, read SteverOnline 6/21/2006.

Two weekends ago heralded the 26th year humankind has been blessed with Sir Doh’s presence. In appreciation for all he has done (including all scintilating 11 episodes of his blog!!!!!), Steve and I planned a bit of a doh day on Saturday.

The original plan was Anthony would come over after work and he, Steve, and I would play some basketball. Now, I know it’s only a natural mistake, but I was still a little annoyed that Steve thought this meant for him to go eat dinner. This meant instead of getting warmed up, Toine and I had to sit and watch Steve eat for 20 minutes. When the last nugget was finally downed, we left for the court where we played Horse (though we spelled Togas in preparation of the night to come) and Crappy (a basketball game that neatly removes skill from the equation for success). Some of the more interesting Horse moves were the “around-the-world” (hitting a basket on all 7 baskets on this court in a given time) and “jungle juice” (first maneuvering through an elementary jungle gym and then sinking a basket in a given time). It is also of worth to mention that Toine performed all of his basketball duties sans shirt and in sandals!!!

When we were fully spent, we trekked back to the Pink Sock and took showers (yes, sadly, three separate ones). Allison Reip (though soon-to-be Xanthopoulos) showed up and we got the pong underway.

Now Toine had been discussing his desire to skydive for his birthday for a couple of days, but didn’t get around to it, so we decided to surprise him and incorporate into our beer pong game. We taped floss around the two balls and tied the two ends to plastic grocery bags. They worked great (see picture) but proved extremely challenging to throw since you had to overcome the drag by hurling the bag and not the ball. Toine, appropriately, made the first shot and we went back to regular ball throwing.

Cassie showed up while we finished up pongage, and then we donned some togas for Andrew C. Edwards’ animal house-party. Yes, Andrew apparently did, indeed, survive our last encounter and invited us to his Clarendon house. Let me think how best to describe this establishment … “frat house.” It was great. We only had two sheets between the four of us who were going (Allison had to leave) so I wore my Dirk-faced shirt (ever seen it ??????????) and Steve was garbbed in his White Ranger outfit (t-shirt, khaki shorts, white socks, white shoes).

After a little trouble finding the place, we finally arrived to Casa de Edwards. Unfortunately, the party seemed to have already departed. Apparently the cops had already been called due to the noise and everyone who remained was half way towards passing out. Still, it was good to see Andrew in a (more) conscious state than our previous encounter. We did our duty and drank the last few sips of beer from the keg, took pictures of some girl passed out on the sidewalk, and headed out …

… for Mario’s pizza! Perfect end to a drunken night.



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backs against the wall … history in reach

Mavs vs. Heat game 6 is starting right now (some crappy barbershop quartet named Acoustix is singing the national anthem [it’s both lame and xmas-sounding]).

This may be the last Mavs entry on I’m planning to unviel a Mavs only blog pretty soon and coinciding it with the Mavs’ first championship would be amazing. However, it is game 6, with the Heat on the verge of winning the whole thing. The game is in Dallas … the players are being named right now.

The Mavericks’ backs are to the wall. They must win this one to move on to game 7 if they wish to complete this season the way it should. I’m almost glad the Heat are up … it just wouldn’t become legend if this series didn’t go to 7 and the Mavs have to climb back over Shaq and Wade to win their first title.

I believe we shall do it. Let the legend begin.

Here we goooooooooo ….. !



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  • Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 at 15:23 | #1

    sorry man…i was really hoping the mavs woulda done it. been a mavs fan since they picked up home town Altoona, PA boy Mike Iuzzolino way back when.

  • Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 at 15:25 | #2

    I don’t think you did enough push-ups.

  • Zepmoon
    Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 at 15:26 | #3

    Oh, somewhere in this favoured land the sun is shining bright,
    The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light;
    And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout,
    But there is no joy in Dallas — the mighty Mavs have struck out.

    I grieve with you.

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NBA Sim: Detroit vs. Milwaukee

The third match for the NBA Sim project has been completed and it was a blowout. The All-Time Detroit Pistons with Isiah Thomas defeated the All-Time Milwaukee Bucks led by Oscar Robertson in 5 games. Finally! I was getting a little sick of the 6-game Celtics/Atlanta series and 7-game Portland/Seattle series. The next series should be a little more interesting as it features two teams with a more balanced roster, era-wise.

Next matchup: San Antonio Spurs (2) vs Phoenix Suns (7)



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point of no return

This past Thursday, I went to work with a slight bit of nervousness in the bottom of my stomach. It felt like I was back in college and I knew I had to give a presentation later that day. But Thursday’s presentation was actually the need to officially alert my superiors at work I was leaving in a month.

I had told a handful of friends in the office of my plans, and several more coworkers discovered them via my stanus entry (with great blogging power comes great blogging responsibility). My boss, on the other hand (at least to my knowledge), was completely unaware as to where I schemed to be in 30 days time, and I felt linking him to wouldn’t be the appropriate action.

The head of the development team is a man named Mazen. He’s a pretty easy-going, jovial guy but I’ve operated in relative obscurity under him. By that, I just mean we didn’t talk much. Sure, it’s great in that I wasn’t micromanaged, but in every necessary, one on one discussion (like my review) it was a little awkward at first. Given that I had never formally resigned from a job (I just stopped showing up for my first, movie theatre one), and I was delivering bad news to Mazen, I was naturally a little nervous about the whole thing.

I spent most of the day trying to just walk into his office, nonchalantly, but to no avail. He was either busy with someone else or not there. So, at 5pm, with the end of the day nearing, I sent him an email saying I needed to talk to him for a few minutes. I really didn’t want to do this, but I also didn’t want to just hang outside his office. The situation got even more awkward when, instead of responding to my email, he just showed up at my desk. I told him “can we do this in your office?” and then we did the walk of shame to his desk.

As for the conversation itself, it went about 200% better than I expected. After telling Mazen my plan (and prefacing it with “you wouldn’t believe it if I told you”), he informed me that he was actually a keyboardist in a band when he was my age. Turns out the guy not only did it for several years, but it’s how he met his wife (I’m still a little embarrased my subsequent groupie statement). It was a pretty amicable discussion, and I left feeling pretty good. Step one was down, now I just had to survive the final 30 days.

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meet the farmers (chapter 1 – enter: Tannersville!)

It’s getting to the point where it seems all of my age group is starting to fall into the tra … er bliss of marriage. Personally, it seems that, to some, it may just feel like the next step one has to take: I graduated from high school, I graduated from college, I now graduate from my independence. Okay, I don’t really believe that. Not all the time, anyway.

This weekend, I was lucky enough to be present for another of my friends’ weddings. I’ve known Shanna Hural for almost 10 years now, and though we hadn’t seen each other in quite some time we never ran into the usual awkwardness that usually accompanies old pal reunions. Most of the rest of the girls from my group of friends back then were also going to be in attendance, and her enigmaticly seductive brother/celebrity, Matt Hural, would also make an appearance. It was going to be hot!

I took Friday off of work, but didn’t get to sleep in much since my answer to the problem of “what to wear to a wedding (or other formal function)?” isn’t “wash and iron clothes” but “buy new ones.” Eh, I needed it anyway, since the shirt I would’ve worn is pretty faded and my nice shoes haven’t been cleaned in a year (they were looking kinda cheap now that I had put some distance between date-of-purchase). As a surprise of all surprises, Cassie arrived late to my apartment, but she had opted to pick the other passengers up first (a change in our foolproof plan). After conning her into ironing my shirt (which I still haven’t managed to do ever in my life) we all piled into my car and made way for parts northern.

Other passenger one – Janelle Knott. Codenamed: Jan-yell. A high school friend, Janelle, is the undisputed party champion and it is not uncommon to hear her call out her battlecry of “I’m fabulous” and whisper “yes!” to herself at every song she liked on the Sirius Hits channel – even if we had heard it in the previous hour.

Other passenger two – Michelle Wehmer. Codenamed: the Wehmer Steamer. Another high school friend – though perhaps we were more enemies? – who seems to be as obsessed with photography as I am with basketball (oh, who are we kidding, I’m so much worse). Although quieter than Janelle, Michelle is not afraid to sling the zings with the best of them (re: me). [Side note: I have typed these last two paragraphs about 3 separate times now, as I keep leaving work without saving my progress]

With my passengers and luggage in the car we headed out. I’m still not quite sure why I was selected to be the driver (nor do I care), but it turned out to be a fortuitious decision as about 30 minutes into the trip we almost died (thank you NBA Ballers! [follow up question: where you at, balllaaaaaas???]). If not for my video game-enhanced reflexes, we four would be a permanent addition to a DC divider.

A little over four hours later, we arrived in (Danny) Tannersville, Pennsylvania – the destination for our sleeping/drinking headquarters for the weekend and also scene to the thrilling Family Fun Festival! At the top of the insanely-steep Mt. Poconos (I still can’t believe we managed to get up it with 6 people in the car … more on that later) we came across our home for the weekend – house #233 of Camelback Rentals. Mostly used as a skiing lodge, our house was four very compact levels of coolness (and I mean that literally, as we learned Saturday morning in the showers)! Seriously, it had one of those circling staircases!

We didn’t have anything else planned until our friends Brigette and Geoff would get into town by bus and need picking up, but that was hours away. So, Cassie, Janelle, Michelle and I went hunting for food. And, git r done, we met our match at Barley Creek Brewery! I thought hicks only resided in the Southern states but they were in full force in this fine establishment (although I gotta admit it seemed like a pretty fucking cool place – you could buy your own mug that they would always serve you beer in).

With large appetites from not eating anything all day, the four of us quickly glanced over the menus and ordered the first things we saw (ok, so Cassie didn’t order quickly of course). The (Dirk Nowitzki) German sampler? Clam (Cleveland) steamers? What were in for? Interesting times will resume in Chapter 2 … but I need to blog about other stuff first.

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The championship banner moved an inch closer to being raised in Dallas last night when the virginal Mavs blew out the tainted Heat. Ok, so it wasn’t a complete blow out. The Mavs at one point were up 26 points, only to let it slip back down to 7 (but that’s because coach Avery Johnson, pictured in Shaq’s troubled thoughts, put in the B team at that point), but it still counts since we won by double digits. Most of the credit should go to where it usually deserves to go: co-MVPs of Shaq’s free throw performance (1-7) and Antoine Walker’s huck-a-shot strategy (7 3-point attemtpts ???). I am planning to start a Mavs-only blog so to spare all of you these types of entries (and to delve even deeper into the obsession) and an NBA championship would be nice to coincide with its inception.

I spent my entire weekend in Pennsylvania – the state where liquor and beer are to be sold in completely different establishments (and nowhere near food) – for my friend, Shanna’s, wedding. I will wait until I get those pictures together before putting up that blog, though.



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i have the power!

People … this is what blogs are all about.

For a second let’s pretend you are the debonair, gentleman spy, James Bond. I am the ruthless, egomaniacal villain who you have been instructed to track down and stop – by lethal means if necessary! While infiltrating my secret rocket-launching headquarters located inside a volcano, you fall prey to my metal-toothed henchman and into my clutches. As you slowly come to, you realize you are tied to a chair and facing me. Struggling for orientation, it is now that I reveal my sinister plan of world domination …

I have been concocting this scheme for almost 2 years now and, with only a few slight alterations, it has been executed perfectly! Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let us start at the beginning, Mr. Bond.

For xmas 1995 I received a cheap ass guitar (shared with my brother) to fulfill my early musical aspirations. When these proved to be more than just teenage fad, I saved up and purchased an Epiphone Les Paul Standard (an intermediate guitar for about $700) in the spring of 1998.

After a couple of high school bands and only a handful of gigs, I left for college to secure plan B – a degree in computer information systems. For the entire four (and a half!) years, however, I amped up my musical involvement. I wrote and recorded nearly 400 mp3 files of music – the majority self- or co-penned – and practiced for hours along to bands I loved. I spent a summer living in a rundown shack (we’re talking no water, no toilet, holes in the wall) with two guys, just writing, recording, and rehearsing music. I studied songwriting under a music industry veteran who toured with Sammy Hagar, and had a hit song in the early 80’s. I managed to escape college with a minor in music industry, as well.

Upon graduating college I was filled with a dream, but had no fuel to propel it. The state of my musical equipment was pitiful – I had broken all but 2 of my guitar’s tuning pegs off and I had ripped off the back for easy access to oft-broken internal wires. Paying for school had left me in debt, and the only transportation I had, I shared with my brother who would be returning to college in the fall. I had no place to live so I would have to bite the bullet and move back into my mom’s house.

And yet, all of these obstacles couldn’t douse my desire. I realized that if I was going to overcome this, I’d have to sacrifice and postpone my dreams for a while – maybe years – before I’d be financially ready and mature enough to act on it. I took up temporary employment to get on my feet and, luckily, fell ass-backwards into a decent job. Less than a year after moving back into my mom’s house, I moved into an apartment in Arlington – a great location with a cheap enough rent where I have been able to save up a significant chunk of change. I bought a new acoustic and a vintage Gibson Les Paul Standard – both of which are top of the line musical instruments. I bought my own car for greater independence. I continued to write and record music. I suddenly looked up and noticed almost 2 years exactly had passed since I left college. Where once I saw nothing but obstacles in my way towards my musical future, I now saw a chance.

It is time!

Step 1: Paris, France
In one month’s time I shall depart my company and my country for foreign lands, where I will meet up with my cowriter, Richard Killiam, in Paris for two weeks. There I will allow myself to step out of the computer field mindset and get into the creative, musical one I will need for my next step (I am sure I will also drink heavily and watch many world cup games).

Step 2: New York City
When I get back I shall move into an apartment in NYC (I’m still working on where exactly). I shall follow two of my friends and start working temporary employment in the various music inudstries up there to a) just get my foot in the door, b) pay for living, c) start working some contacts in the field and d) see where exactly I want to go. I have steeled myself to work most of my nights as well, writing and recording music, getting a band together, rehearsing, and eventually playing around the city. It isn’t the fool-proofest (real word?) of plans, but it’s the best I got and I can’t wait any longer! Besides, every success in this industry needs some luck.

Step 3: The World!
Or, at the very least, a new dohblog!

I trust this blog should start getting very interesting soon with the Paris trip and subsequent move to New York, the initial scramblings for a foothold in the industry, and what I hope to be some type of success (perhaps I just doomed myself with that line). However, I promise to you, reader, I will never lose sight of what I am here to do – no matter what happens or where I am – I will continue to write about the Mavs!

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  • Wednesday, June 7th, 2006 at 17:45 | #1

    Holy shazbot! This is a big deal, Stan. This means you’re going to be telecommuting into work, right? Oh. Wait. You’re saying that you’re going to move on with your life to pursue great things.

    Bah humbug. What about the drudgery? What about the soul crushing routine and arbitrary stress/pressure that your physiology can’t distinguish from being hunted by, say, a member of the big cat family?

    Yes, I’m jealous. But you have my full moral and immoral support.

  • Zepmoon
    Thursday, June 8th, 2006 at 17:45 | #2

    Go man go! I’m 100% behind you and know you’ll never regret it.

  • Thursday, June 8th, 2006 at 17:45 | #3

    Way to throw it out there, bud! I am sure big dreams will turn into big accomplishments!

    When are you breaking it to the bosses?

  • rk
    Friday, June 9th, 2006 at 17:46 | #4

    It’ll be hard to watch World Cup games because it will be over! Fear not, though! Expect drinking to be accompanied by outdoor music festivals and rock bars. One problem: my bed is loft-style and only two feet from the ceiling, so no doggy-style or fat chicks. Can’t wait for Escape From Arlington!!

  • Mike G
    Sunday, June 11th, 2006 at 17:46 | #5

    The inmates are running the asylum!

  • amie
    Wednesday, June 14th, 2006 at 17:47 | #6

    You’re an inspiration!!!

the mavs are going to the NBA finals

Saturday night I hiked down to Woodbridge to watch the Mavs play the Suns in game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. Watching games in high definition (and on a 57″ screen, no less!) has got to be the best way to experience basketball. Yes, it even beats in person, because I never know everything that’s going on (like how many points everyone has, the score, etc.) since I’m usually focused on one or two players. By the way, the Mavs rallied back from an 18-point deficit to win the aforementioned match, 102-93.

Which means the Mavs are going to the NBA Finals!!!!!!!!!

I know not many of you care about the NBA, much less the Mavs, but this is a huge deal to a longtime fan like me (ok, so I’ve only been a fan of the Mavs for three years, but that’s 100% of my NBA-fandom)! The circumstances are still so awesome that I haven’t really grasped the reality of it all.

I guess what I feel is akin to someone who has invested a lot of time and emotions into the characters of some show and they’re about to witness the season finale. You can’t believe it’s finally upon you (and I can’t believe people are that into scripted television shows). I have no real stake in the matter – I’m not on the team, I don’t own any parts of the team – but they represent me, and I, them. For whatever reasons, our fate are intertwined – like when dog chose to align itself with man along the evolutionary road – I have felt the weightlessness of each victory and I’ve shared their heartbreak with each crushing defeat.

And now we are on the brink of greatness! The storied few – the Birds, the Magics, the Jordans – all made their stamp on this, the most important stage. And, we are fortunate enough to be facing a worthy adversary. The Heat from down under have the legendary Shaq (who has guaranteed a championship to Miami during his tenure) and the Jordon-clone, Dwayne Wade. It is stuff legends are made of!

Mavs in 6!!!!!!



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  • Zepmoon
    Thursday, June 8th, 2006 at 17:53 | #1

    The 57 inch HDTV is available for all your “finals” viewing pleasure. I’ll even supply the beer!

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bullshit, brits

It seems that everytime I’m ready to acknowledge that England is home to the better music fans they go and do something stupid. Like this!

For the record …




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