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controlling the level of cruise enjoyment

Internet Explorer, my brother’s preferred browser, just crashed as I was typing this entry, but I shall try again.

A couple of days ago, Brigette called to inform me that her friend would indeed not be able to move into the empty room in her apartment until October. This meant that, if I was still interested, I could have the room for all of September! Like I said in my previous blog, I didn’t know how this dilemma was going to work out, but it seems to have completely gone the way I wanted it to. Sure, it sucks for her friend since she won’t be able to relocate until a whole month after she had wanted to, but I don’t feel too bad since I will be paying the rent.

Phase 1 went immediately into action. Yesterday, I woke up at the completely appropriate time of 10:30 am (I went to sleep totally fooled I was getting up and out on the road by 8am) and rushed over to Kinko’s to print out the Mapquest directions to and from Brigette’s place (although there are 4 computers and 3 printers in my mom’s house I couldn’t figure out a single way to print these out beforehand). When I had my instructions in hand, I stopped to pull out $40 for tolls (much needed) on my way over to Best Buy. My old Sportster unit that I purchased on eBay was officially pronounced Saturday, and I was going to need a new one for the 10+ hour trip. I bought the new S50 personal unit, but was a little dissapointed to discover it only plays saved songs and not live broadcasts away from its cradle. Still, it looked and played so much better than my old Sportster, I was happy (I can always get Howard Stern live feeds online anyway).

Fully packed and as prepared as I was going to be, I hit the road at 1pm (a time precisely predicted by Cassie the night before 🙁 ). I tend to really enjoy long car rides by myself as it gives me a lot of time to work on music ideas, and I caught up on some Stern reruns. I spent most of the trip right on schedule until I hit the Lincoln Tunnel. Apparently everyone was returning from the Jersey shore the same time I was heading into town which converged into an hour-long back up. Fun stuff! As a reward for my patience, however, I was treated to the freedom of being a New York driver. Sure, there are lanes on the street, but they’re only suggestions!

Brigette’s place is on W 85th and I found a deserted driveway right next to her building. Geoff and her helped me move all my shit up the 6!!!!!!! flights of stairs (with one of us staying to watch the car). I can’t believe how dead I was after all the moving … I was completely soaked and it wasn’t because of the rain. I found a less temporary spot to park and then we all feasted on Greek pizza while watching Brigette’s favorite show, “Project Runway.” Though I’ve never really appreciated fashion I was into the show (but mostly really because of the drama 🙁 )

After dinner, I decided not to spend the night (mostly because it would mean having to sleep on the floor) and headed back for Northern Virginia. About 20 miles outside of New York I stopped at a service station, very much like one of the places my high school marching band stopped at on the way back from our senior year trip to New York. It’s a huge building with 6 or 7 different restaurants and shops smushed all together. It’s been a while since I had me a Roy Rogers burger and curly fries and then I treated myself to the New Jersey law of not pumping your own gas!

The Sirius Raw Dog channel of non-stop, uncensored comedy was the soundtrack for the ride home. My leg was starting to really cramp up from moving furniture up six flights of stairs and driving for 6+ hours already so I did something I haven’t done in a while … CRUISE CONTROL! Yes, a great invention that, for some reason, I continually forget about. In fact, the last time (and only time in my life) I used this amazing device was on the drive back from New York City with Richard in spring of 2001. What a coincidence.

Thus completed Phase 1 of my conquest of New York. Next up, moving there permanently!



time travel and thoughts about dvds

Ah, being an adult. It’s great to think to finally go to sleep at 3:55 am after spending the day doing nothing really productive besides working on a huge NBA simulation project (of which, the scope creep has increased 150%). Then, I realize a Team USA game (the World Championship of Basketall is going on now in Japan) is on at 6:30am and I decide to just tough it out and stay up (it’s not like I’m working tomorrow … on anything besides this NBA project, that is).!

Actually, I’ve been mildly productive in the last few days. I’ve been playing basketball or tennis almost daily (and winning a few free lunches at the hand of bets) and I’ve received word from Brigette – my friend in NYC who has agreed to put me up while I look for an apartment of my own. An old roommate of hers has moved out and a college friend of hers is moving into the empty room. Unfortunately, this friend is having trouble getting out of her current, studio apartment for another month. If she can’t get out until October, then I have agreed to sublease the room in Brigette’s place for the month of September. Regardless, I’m going to try to head up this weekend and start my search!

I also started work on a new song. For the writing of this new piece, I have decided to throw out all pre-conditioned notions about chords and melodies and rhythms. No more saying “oh, that’s been done to death” or “that sounds too poppy.” Nay! I am going to do my best to remain open and free. We’ll see how long that holds up before I come back to my senses.

Quantum Leap season 4 was finally finished this week. I bought it on a whim a couple of weeks ago because I had enjoyed watching seasons 1-3 with Brandon so much. The first couple of years, the show really was pretty bad: ranging from dull to preachy to downright stupid (Sam leaping into a boxer who fights to open a church being the worst episode). Going through these episodes I appreciated the slow increase in quality, but I started to get some serious thoughts about it being one of those shows from your childhood that doesn’t stand up to your memories of it. Luckily, season 4 solidified that memory: these are the episodes I remember watching and they hold up great, over ten years later.

The other DVD that’s been in my player of late is the Knicks Dynasty – about 8 documentaries about the Knicks from different eras of their history and 8 of their greatest games. I must admit that I knew very little of this team before delving into this anthology and I’m really starting to like them. Ewing, of course, is the greatest even though I admit he’s probably starting Center on the All-Time Ugliest team … yes, this is something I need to blog about soon. It almost seems like I’m like Dr. Sam Beckett each time I watch, leaping back in time to relive the Knicks-Bulls, Knicks-Pacers, and Knicks-Heat rivalries. Ah, synchronicity!

I’ll keep you all abreast of the latest with NYC (yes, I just wanted to say breast) when I hear about it. Until then, enjoy not having to read about my reaction to the basketball game I will be watching in a few hours here (to do that, visit the Mighty Mavs blog). L8r

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i need to be in nyc

Thanks to my foray into more European parts and my brother’s constant vigil on our dial-up connection, I haven’t had regular internet access for a full month. I can’t believe how long a period of time that seems to me. I am truly addicted to this invention and seem to be going through withdrawl between hits.

UPDATE: It is Sunday, August 13th, 2006 and I’m still in Woodbridge, Virginia. Have I forgotten my plan?

I’m slowly revving up the engines again. I am currently in the process of emailing an old friend of mine to remind her she invited me to stay on her couch while I look for an apartment. I actually responded to her invitation about two months ago but I still haven’t heard back from her. Yes, it sounds like a lost cause, but I shall try her once more.

UPDATE: I beat Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. Ok, so I didn’t beat the stupid little bonus game where all the characters have shruken bodies and cutsey huge heads. Just didn’t seem so essential to me. I did, however, beat the other 3 games with every character … yes, I’m out of my mind.

Just like books, movies, and music, since I am done with this game I’m instantly moving on to the next one. While at Wal-Mart the other day I picked up City of Heroes on a whim. Now, I’ve never played a MMORPG nor had the desire to do so, but I used to create superheroes (the backbone of this game) almost daily when I was a kid so I’m very intrigued. Turns out you can’t play any part of the game without creating an online account and signing in … so I guess I’m about to experience my first online nerdfest! Sigh … just when I think I’m getting cooler by chasing the music dream I find myself about to don blue and red tights and a cape online. I feel like the “even Steven” episode of Seinfeld (The Opposite). Perhaps that will be the name of my first superhero!

UPDATE: As I stated in an earlier blog, there will no longer be any blogs on that directly relate to current basketball news. That will be reserved for my new, basketball-only blog, the Mighty Mavericks. It’s still being worked on, and I don’t expect to be spending much time on it at all until the tip off of next season, but you can check it out right now.

Alright, I’m out … I’m sure I’ll be back on in a couple of days because I’m obsessed! Later



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  • Monday, August 14th, 2006 at 15:01 | #1

    How’s guitar hero coming?

  • Monday, August 14th, 2006 at 15:02 | #2

    It’s tiding me over through this transitionary phase. I’m currently about 75% done with Hard difficulty (and, yes, I do not move on to the next song until I get 5 stars on the current one). 🙁

  • mike
    Tuesday, August 15th, 2006 at 15:02 | #3

    Welcome to the dark side mmorpg playing brother.

  • Wednesday, August 16th, 2006 at 15:03 | #4

    You are addicted to the internet, but you don’t need Internets Anonymous, it’s like a mother’s teat, you just need to wean yourself off of it gradually. Or become Stever and take possession of it entirely, ruling the domain with an iron toinefist.

    By the way, since you never check your email – did you get the laptop power cable or what?


Back in my mom’s house, with my new laptop, PS2, and unemployed Stever as my sidekick, life has become one long, dragged out day. Or, maybe more accurately, the same day over and over again. Since I want to conserve as much real estate as possible and make my move easy, I’ve convinced myself I should load everything onto my laptop before I head out to New York. Unfortunately, scope creep gets more and more out of control: first I was just going to shift all the files on my old computer over, now I’m scanning in all my old, physical photos. Who knows what’s next!

Basically, I do realize it’s important to be prepared for when I head out. My laptop is going to be my creative headquarters – I want to be able to have everything I could possibly need at my fingertips since I will be 3 hours away from it if I forget something. But I’m starting to get the feeling it’s just another subconcious excuse to stay for a while. At least I have come to realize that … it’s been a nice, week-long vacation, but I start the wheels up again tomorrow!

Anyway, my mom still has dial up AOL (can you believe it?) and my brother’s computer is constantly hooked up to it (the joke is, if he ever signs off, the internet will cease to function). This means I don’t get to do a lot of online stuff … and I’m starting to go crazy. Call me addicted, but so many of my projects are online related, and it drives me nuts not to be able to work on them. I promise to get to finishing the euroblog. It is only half-done and terribly designed (I only had a couple of minutes each time I found wifi access in Paris to get stuff done), and contains many spelling/grammatical errors and just plain blank spots where I didn’t remember the name of something.

Also coming down the pipe (or “coming down the pike” if you’re Howard Stern) is the musicDB and photoDB! The musicDB is completely coded and 99% of my songs have been entered into the database. I just need to enter in my latest crop in the past 9 months and it’ll be up! The photoDB is only 50% done coding, but I’ll devote a lot more time to that when the musicDB is complete. I know I’ve been mentioning these for a while, but they haven’t escaped my thoughts. Like any great work of art or entertainment, they have just gloriously missed their original deadlines (and when I miss a deadline I miss it!).

There hasn’t been too much excitement in my life lately. I visited King’s Dominion with Cassie Monday and it was awesome. I think we hit every single ride and the place just feels like home since I’ve gone to it so many times (though nowhere near as many as she has). Besides that I’ve just been slowly getting through loading my comp up with shit and treading water in my projects. Boring blog update, I know, but something had to be said!



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  • “margeschott”
    Saturday, August 12th, 2006 at 15:23 | #1

    Scanning in old physical! You must be missing big city-ness big time over there. If not then you love SteveroftheDVDver and his crossed legs for life.

  • Saturday, August 12th, 2006 at 15:41 | #2

    Yeah, I’m way out of control. Next weekend is the cutoff to hit up NYC!

goodbye, ddc

The countdown is on. As of yesterday, I have ended my employment with DDC. I will spend most of the weekend packing and generally getting prepared for overseas travel, finally flying out to Paris, France on Monday afternoon. 3 days people!

My last (and, sadly, only) trip outside the US (not counting the time I walked into Mexico and drove into Canada) was during the winter of 1997 when my high school marching band visited London. It was a pretty hilarious trip that included my first foray into drunken revelry – and, to be quite honest, every foray since has just been an attempt at matching the sweet, sweet taste of that snake bite. Unfortunately, I was 16 and on a band trip, so I experienced the foreign offerings through quite a shielded perspective.

This time I shall be able to freely enjoy myself a little more (though how anything could top watching terrible concert bands from around the world with a bunch of bored teenagers remains to be seen)! I will, of course, be updating as much as possible in France, but I’d like to discuss my last day as a Capitol Connect/PACweb programmer.

The entire day Friday was surreal. First, I woke up in my car in a random McDonald’s parking lot (the result of my last night out with my coworkers) … and if you don’t know that story you’ll have to ask me in person sometime. I drove back to my mom’s place at around 6 am and went back to sleep, making sure to call into work and leave a message saying I was late and would be in after lunch. On the way to work, my coworker Larry decided it would be best to meet up for lunch at Five Guys. I have never been able to turn down that delightful restaraunt, so we feasted and then I finally started my last day of work around 2pm.

My last assignment involved me sending out a blast email – in this case I was sending out an email to 62,000 employees of Susan B. Anthony (a pro-life organization). FUN! Unfortunately, a lot of back and forth with the client usually takes place with emails, and this one was no exception. I finally got the thing out, but it wasn’t until 7pm. Luckily, I hadn’t started work until 2ish, so it didn’t feel as though it was a long day. As I started to pack up my stuff and say my final goodbyes to all my coworkers Larry and Michelle broke out their cameras and took a million pictures. It was as if I were some celebrity and had the paparazzi on me!

Shaking people’s hands, looking them in the eye and saying “goodbye” should bring about some form of emotion, but all I could think about was how right it felt to be leaving a comfortable, but secondary life for the uncertainty of my primary goal. I think I can succeed on some level, but I must face the risk of defeat in order to find out! Hopefully many of my fellow DDCers will realize what it is they wish to truly do with their lives someday and experience the feelings of overwhelming freedom, inspiration, and completeness I am starting to receive. It’s worth it.



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  • Euey
    Monday, July 17th, 2006 at 13:15 | #1

    Boo ya!
    Enjoy the trip bud- not just to Paris & NYC but the trip in general.

  • Monday, July 17th, 2006 at 13:19 | #2

    I have never commented on your blog before so I must this time since my name was mentioned.

    First of all you are a celebrity to Larry and I, and when you make it big in the “Big Apple” and everyone wants a piece of you , Larry and I will have a lot of blackmail photos and we will be selling these said photos to the tabloid rags for a lot of green backs. And when we’re driving our fancy cars around, we’ll be thanking ya! muwahahaha!!
    Latah Chump! 😀

  • Monday, July 17th, 2006 at 13:20 | #3

    I have never commentted on your blog before so I must this time since my name was mentioned.

    First of all you are a celebrity to Larry and I, and when you make it big in the “Big Apple” and everyone wants a piece of you , Larry and I will have a lot of blackmail photos and we will be selling these said photos to the tabloid rags for a lot of green backs. And when we’re driving our fancy cars around, we’ll be thanking ya! muwahahaha!!
    Latah Chump! 😀

  • yo mama
    Monday, July 17th, 2006 at 13:20 | #4

    Damn it wouldn’t let me edit to make it funny! Your thing sucks! Sucky Suck de suck!

  • Tuesday, July 18th, 2006 at 13:21 | #5

    Untracked time and unsubmitted timesheets makes baby jesus cry =(

  • Michelle
    Tuesday, July 18th, 2006 at 13:22 | #6


captain’s (b)log

You know what I realized last night, bitches? Besides inventing the mobile phone (communicator), and the intergalactic kiss (too many to count), USS Enterprise captain and all around man’s man, Captain Kirk also invented blogging. Essentially, each episode of Star Trek is just Kirk’s latest blog entry … notice how he always starts them out with stardates and then adds supplementals throughout?

A coworker of mine asked me the other day what tv shows I watched (he then quickly added “besides basketball”). I realize I’m at the age where most of my friends aren’t really watching a lot of tv – we’re all running around being young professionals or drinking or both. Yet, with satellite tv, there are so many programs out there that there has to be good ones and it seems that everyone else has discovered one they actively look forward to watching. I love catching each new edition of Real Time with Bill Maher, and though I thought it was pretty hit or miss, I still was excited before each Curb Your Enthusiasm last season but both shows have been out of rotation for many months now.

To satisfy my natural desire as a human to watch tv shows, I have turned to Tv on DVD. Last year I devoured the first three seasons of Quantum Leap with Bandon, and have been slowly completing Seinfeld and Monty Pythons Flying Circus as well. Recently, I have also started on a quest to get through all the Star Treks (original series and next generation).

I’m three episodes into the original series and I’m amazed at how well the show has stood the test of time. Sure, the execution is silly at times (I will never understand how camp was fashionable in the 1960s) but the writing is truly inspired and the style is still just damn cool. I actually watched about 75% of the original series about 12 years ago back in San Antonio. One of the channels would show an episode each weeknight late at night and, since this occurred during the summer, I was able to stay up and watch. I remember being really into it then, as well, but I probably didn’t get as much.

I may be missing out on some decent, current programs, but there’s just so many, excellent shows that came before it feels like I’d do a disservice to myself not to experience them. Plus, I prefer the Tv on DVD method of watching over the usual, catch a show at a certain time. This way I can watch it whenever I want and with the presentation (no commercial interuptions, added features) I really get to see the growth of a show and appreciate the created world.



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  • Friday, July 14th, 2006 at 13:39 | #1

    I highly recommend the new … hey, the comment page has a different color scheme now. Ah, the refreshing breeze of change. What was I saying. Dr. Who. The new Dr. Who. A few episodes I quickly pre-judged but the writing is just so dang good. British TV is excellent compared to American tripe.

    The first season of the new Dr. Who is coming out on DVD this summer but it’s also on the Sci-Fi channel still, I think. Maybe.

humans are scum

Instead of the boring, old, flashing, loud lights in the sky that happens everytime this year, I decided to watch some movies for this 4th of July. My selections were Syriana and Munich. Both of them debuted last year, received several Oscar nods, star huge celebrity actors, and involve complex, international workings consisting of multiple murders. But the biggest similarity I noticed between the two films was that each dealt with a version of prisoner’s dilemma.

The theory behind prisoner’s dilemma begins with this premise: two suspects have been arrested for a crime. If one suspect confesses and snitches on the other he goes free, while his partner gets sentenced for 10 years. If neither one snitches, they both only receive 6 months. However, if they both confess, they are each sentenced to two years behind bars. Will the two prisoners cooperate to minimize total loss of liberty or will one of them, trusting the other to cooperate, betray him so as to go free?

Syriana and Munich explore this theme throughout two, differing settings. Syriana introduces a cast of characters from different backgrounds who know nothing of each other, but are ultimately thrown together in a giant version of the prisoner’s dilemma. Here, the game is played between the oil producing country of Kazakhstan and the US oil interests represented by the CIA and a large oil company. Though the main characters believe themselves to be major players, at the end of the movie they realize they’re merely pawns. Don’t be alarmed at the confusing plot … it never really comes together, but I think that’s the point. It’s supposed to be atmosphere plot, as in you feel more in it rather than understanding it.

Munich, on the other hand, is all about plot. Though, many government agencies are featured amidst international backdrops, the focus of the movie is an inner struggle. The main character starts out feeling as if he’s doing a patriotic duty to systematically assassinate the minds behind a ghastly terrorist attack, but slowly this vengence begins to eat at him. He finds himself paranoid and disillusioned. He questions his own motives. The prisoner’s dilemma shows up as the main character questions if his acts of vengence really have a beneficial result as the men who replace his targets turn out to be worse than their predecesors. Palestine and Israel would obviously benefit from cooperation, yet the movie depicts a vicious downward spiral of violence and counter-violence.

Both are excellent examples of beautiful filmmaking … that is, if you can handle the not so pretty subject matter.



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beach blanket bring-doh

As is the case most of the time I hang out with El Stever, he scooped me on this story. Read all about it in the 7/4/2006 edition of SteverOnline.

Since I took off Friday the 30th to move out of the Pink Sock, and had Monday and Tuesday off due to the 4th of July, I was left with a 5-day weekend. Though I spent most of those days packing, moving, and unpacking (ok, I got some Guitar Hero and Street Fighter Alpha-ing in there, too) Monday was dedicated to a beach run in Ocean City, Maryland.

We woke up at the strike of Toine (around 7:45am) to get an early start. Unfortunately, since I had decided to play video games all night this meant I only got 3 hours and a handful of minutes of sleep. But, since Toine was driving the hours-long trek to the OC I could fall asleep during the car ride (and did!). After about 3 hours in the car, a stop at Wal-Mart for swim shorts (I found out I didn’t have any old ones), a stop at McDonald’s, and several near-death experiences at the driving stylings of Toine, we arrived!

Steve and I used to visit Ocean City every summer with our cousins and extended family and it always seemed overly family-oriented. The boardwalk was saturated with t-shirt and giftshops and the beaches were overcrowded with parents chasing their children around. Since we stopped going about 8 years ago, Steve has made a separate trip twice with his friends. When I joined them this time, the area had changed drastically – now it was stuffed with beautiful people. If my original vacations were compared to a Leave it To Beaver episode, this one was straight out of Laguna Beach. We’re talking pencil-thin beards on all the guys as far as the eye could see!

Although it was a fun day at the beach it remained pretty uneventful. So, instead of rambling on and on about the realtively non-events that happened I shall resort to a brief list. (It will probably be noted that I received a Toine overdose from the following list … and that would probably be correct)

  • Taking half an hour to find a parking space
  • Listening to Toine, the driver, ask the passengers for where he should go to find a parking space as if we knew
  • Toine going the wrong way down a one way street (perhaps a metaphor?)
  • Having Toine apply sunblock to my back (and getting an erotic picture of it!)
  • Playing “O-A” (a play on how Toine doesn’t pronounce the “k” when he says “okay”) – a game played while swimming in the ocean. One person keeps his eyes closed and cannot open them until another person says he can … usually a split-second before a wave is about to crash
  • Taking two unadvisable dives into the hot sand while throwing around a frisbee
  • Becoming addicted to Stacker
  • Walking ’round the boardwalk with a near-topless Toine
  • Eating at the Dough Roller (perhaps a reference to
  • Purchasing a basketball henna tattoo
  • Watching Toine get his gemini tattoo … which he took his shirt off to get!!!!! (I think the tattoo artist was so impressed that she waived his fee)
  • Getting a perfect 3-man picture from the photo booth (we had about 3 seconds between each picture so there was some frantic running in and out of it to get the separate pictures)
  • The Age Guessing man actually guessing close to Toine’s age (his goatee gave him away this time)
  • Riding the Tidal Wave rollercoaster … as usual
  • Seeing Toine freaked out to the point of visibly shaking due to not wanting to go on the Tidal Wave
  • Pointing to a girl literally half Toine’s size who was in line for the Tidal Wave … then receiving no change in behavior from Toine
  • Passing out in the backseat of the Toinemobile to the melodious conversations of Herr Stever and El Dohmaster
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blog constipation

I have so many back issues of stanus.butt, I feel as if I am sinking in an ocean of stories. Therefore, I will try to go on a crash blog diet and purge myself of these weights. Prepare thyself for some crisp accounting, as I have trimmed off all the fat and leave you with nothing but pure stories.

Hyped Movies Living Up to Their Hype
Though it was only 6 months ago since I last saw a movie in the theatres (V for Vendetta), I felt as though I have been very ignorant of the last year or so crop of movies. So, like any good American citizen, I said “what the hell” and purchased a ticket to see the CGI animation and loud noise stylings of Superman Returns. Hailed as everything from “near the top, if not at the top of the supehero movie pile” to a “glum, lackluster movie,” Superman was actually somewhere in between (as usual). I guess I agree with Ty Burr the most. There, quick review number one!

Pretty much every year, I hear about or watch the Academy Awards and pretend as if I’m a movie person. Now, I think I know a lot of trivia about movies and actors, and I’ve definitely watched the holy trinity of trinities (Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and the original Star Wars) enough times to be considered a fan, but I’m just not cut out to be a movie person. I loved making home movies as a kid, but there just seems to be so many people involved in a film – so many people who have to say “yes” to an idea – that it just feels diluted by the time it reaches me. Eh, that, and music is so much cooler, anyway.

Where was I going with that? Oh, yeah, the Oscars. Anyway, this year I played my part and told myself that this year would be the year I finally get around to watching the uber-hyped best 5 (the movies up for Best Picture). Last weekend, I made another tally on that list by picking up Good Night and Good Luck. When it was over, I had the same feeling I had when I saw Million Dollar Baby – that of watching a weightless film. By that, I mean, it just seemed effortless. It just felt real, as if I were standing in those cramped offices and hearing, no feeling the fear these newscasters were feeling. But without any bump of a camera behind you filming the movie. It’s good stuff and deserves a better attempt at a review, but I have little time and much more to get to.

Pink Sock No Mo’
I finally parted ways with my Arlington apartment, the Pink Sock. Up until the day before I left it still hadn’t hit me that I wasn’t going to be staying there anymore (maybe that’s because I hadn’t begun packing?). Friday the 30th finally arrived, however, and I took the day off to indulge in an all-day pack-a-thon. For the entire ordeal, go read the 7/1/2006 entry of SteverOnline. Once again, Stever has scooped me. My parting thoughts on the Pink Sock are good: it is just one more small step in building my confidence towards my new life. According to the Urban Dictionary, a pink sock is defined as “the intestines exiting through the anus, forming a dangling mass, as a result of anal plundering.” I’d like to thank everyone who participated for making my first one enjoyable.

And, finally, some non-blog material: Look for some excellently huge new sections coming to a stanus.nut near you. We’re talking multimedia for your ears and eyes, people.



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  • toineFan#toine
    Tuesday, July 4th, 2006 at 14:18 | #1

    So the 5 movies up for Best Picture are the cream of the crop? Revenge of the Sith wasn’t even in there!! Also, Crash is a piece of shit!!

    Have you pondered how you’re gonna deal with separation from Toine?

nice snatch

I joined a new frisbee league this week – again through Mandon’s office, PPC. This league, known as the Corporate League, is a little more competitive as, unlike the previous league we were in, each team must comprise only office employees, their significant others, and roommates (for the record I fall somewhere inbetween the last two).

The first game occurred last Thursday after work at West Potomac Park. Team PPC showed up in full force – we outnumbered the other team almost 2:1! And, as what has become the eerie norm, several people on the team recognized me from some event in the past – this time from frisbee at JMU.

I consider myself getting back into good shape with all the running I’ve been doing, but at the beginning of the game I can still tell that my frisbee skills aren’t up to where they have been in the past. I’ll remember what I used to be able to do during certain plays but just can’t seem to get my body to do it. I was spending more time thinking about how to do stuff when, back in the day, I would just do it (I even had a really ugly unforced error).

After an extended rest on the bench I went back in and finally reached my old B-game. In those final 10 minutes I put up 1 touchdown pass, 1 touchdown catch, and 1 block of an opponent’s touchdown pass.

I have forgotten how much I really love playing ultimate frisbee. Sure, it’s a generic sport, but it happens to be a sport based on a skill that was beaten into me at an early age – throwing discs. Sometimes I even feel like Kobe Bryant on the field (note to my ego: the other team had a 40-year old man playing, settle down). Regardless, I will definitely continue to play and hopefully finally get back to the vaunted Syckes A-Game. Beware!


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