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quitters, acquitters, and balls-toine

News Item #1: I watched what was Mike Tyson’s final fight on pay-per-view Saturday night at perhaps the swankiest penthouse apartment I’ve seen yet (ok, so I’ve seen only 2). I thought his post-fight speech and press conference were great. Not everyone can be a Michael Jordan who goes out on top (I like to forget his little Wizards aftershock) and Tyson is just feeling his age. I’m sure after 20 years of doing anything it gets a little tiresome. Best quote: “I got smart too late, and old too fast.”

News Item #2: In case you don’t exist, Michael Jackson was acquitted yesterday of all 10 counts against him. Unlike Tyson’s retirement, this came as no surprise to me. I didn’t pay too much attention to the case, and don’t claim to know many (much less all) of the facts, but from what I do know the defense did an excellent job at ripping apart the plaintiffs’ case. I also definitely agree with Jackson’s opinion that this verdict is up there with Martin Luther King, Jr’s birth and the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Another great day in HIStory, people!

News Item #3: It’s go time – Brandon and I got the apartment in Ballston (pronounced eerily close to Balls-Toine) and will be moving in this weekend. The housewarming party is TBA, whereas the toinewarming party will be in my brother’s bedroom. L8r


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home team

The NBA Master was wrong!!! I predicted the Miami Heat coming out of the East over the Detroit Pistons, but the defending champions showed their stuff … that is, after mauling superstar Dwyane Wade (just kidding Detroit … you know I semi-love you on a couple days out of the year or so).

What this means is an NBA Finals between the Pistons and the San Antonio Spurs (the champions of the 2003-04 and 2002-03 seasons, respectively). This won’t be flashy dunks and super shots, but amazing defense and beautiful play execution. It’ll be good basketball!

Living in San Antonio from age 8, the Spurs were the first professional basketball team I went to go see. In fact, I think I knew about them before I knew any other teams (including Jordan‘s Bulls and Johnson‘s Lakers). I even met Sean Elliot (who now does sportcasting from time to time on TNT) when he visited my class in 5th grade! Sure, I’ve lived in the Washington area for the past 10 years, and yes I’ve been to many more Wizards games than I have Spurs games, but San Antonio still feels like my home team.

Aaaaaand they’re going to kick Detroit’s ass in 6.

Aaaaaaaand next year Mavs are going all the way.

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a winner is me

Brandon and I entered into a DDC-hosted beer pong tournament Friday night. Thinking it was going to be a lot like my last beer pong tournament (one table, 8 or so teams, and getting knocked out within an hour) I made some plans to attend a party later that night. Luckily, this was much different!

First of all, there were 15 teams and 4 tables. This tournament, like the previous, was double-elimination, so it lasted all night. Sadly, I never made the other party like I planned … as Brandon and I proceeded to fucking win the tournament! (side note: We did lose a game along the way, so we had to beat the #1 seed twice in order to win). Hot!

In other news, Brandon and I have located an apartment to conquer … more on this later this week. L8r


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red alien2.0

It’s time to put the Red Alien to rest. She’s more than done her share of work for the last 9 years, but after two re-soldering jobs, four tuning pegs broken off, stints with both Ryan Schneider and Patrick McNair, and one short-circuting of an amp … yeah she’s got to go. Plus I’ve been playing a mid-level instrument (the Red Alien was an Epiphone Les Paul Standard) for so long and it’s time to take my interest to the next level.

Enter … the Red Alien2.0 (temporary name until I come up with something appropriate)! This 1978 Gibson Les Paul Standard beauty (shown in picture) arrived on my doorstep today and is simply amazing. There’s such a noticable difference in quality just picking her up in comparison to my old guitar!

She plays incredible as well – this is the loosest guitar I’ve ever played (now I know how Slash can play the double-step bends in Estranged)! I was only able to play her through my shitty 15 watt amp so the verdict is out on how she sounds, but people I will keep you informed!!!! L8r


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  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 at 13:47 | #1

    Congratulations to the proud Papa!

    Here are some suggested names:

    Ale Nerd I
    A Led Rein
    Nailed ‘er Earned Nil
    Dear Neil
    Laid Rene
    Linda Ree
    Drain Eel
    Darn Eel I

    They’re anagrams for Red Alien

welcome to the 90’s

Crazy news! I drove down Friday to the FedEx warehouse to pick up the cell phone (couldn’t wait until today) and then proceeded to be a bum: 3 nights – 3 different beds – none of which were my own. All the while I was throwing myself into my new role of 10th grade girl – there was maybe a period of 2 hours where I wasn’t on the phone, but that was about it.

Meanwhile I hit up Dremo’s twice, hung out with Skog, Bowman, Alie, Janelle, Cassie, Brandon, the fam, went apartment hunting, covered a new Weezer song with Richard, drove a Prius for the first time, and had a drink or twenty. Excellent weekends usually lead to these crappy little entries, as I don’t feel the need to write them down and work them up to make myself feel better.

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king of all basketball information

We’re nearing the end of the NBA season … I can’t believe it’s this close (less than a month left). Conference Finals time in the NBA playoffs, so it’s time to check out my predictions (people I’m that good at this).

Miami vs. Washington: Miami in 4 (prediction: Miami in 4)
Detroit vs. Indiana: Detroit in 6 (prediction: Detroit in 6)
Phoenix vs. Dallas: Phoenix in 6 (prediction: Phoenix in 6)
San Antonio vs. Seattle: San Antonio in 6 (prediction: San Antonio in 5)

I’ll go ahead and make my predictions for the rest of the season:
Phoenix vs. San Antonio: San Antonio in 6
Miami vs. Detroit: Miami in 7
San Antonio vs. Miami: San Antonio in 6

Last night I went out to Fado’s in Chinatown for a bar-wide trivia game. Much harder than I expected and some decent beer. Anyway, the thing is set up with 7 rounds of 10 questions each, and each round has a different category (the first 2 are just general knowledge). Aaaaaand one category was basketball. Hahaha! Coincidence? I think not. L8r


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And it feeeels so gooood! After a year away, I found myself ass-backwards back into love with the sport of beer pong last weekend.

First, I went to Dr. Dremo’s with Brandon Friday night. Somehow, our ultimate frisbee league had scored a free beer night and was liberating Sierra Nevadas and Michelob Lights to any players. Then, using our combined JMU powers, we ran people off the tables in the front. Sadly, the night ended on a sour note as first, the Mavericks lost their season and, then, Brandon lost his lunch.

The next day I took care of some shit, and then met up with the Bowmaster for lunch at the old stomping grounds, Five Guys. Left immediately from there down to UVa where Brandon Bert was graduating. Brother Bill even showed up. Good time was had … including an extended period of time on a beer pong table as team Syckes-Graduating Bert.

An awesome weekend, but I just have no energy to write it all down. I’ll end with two messages: Good luck to 2nd Lt. Brandon Bert – may his future be Jeff C[removed] free in the Air Force. And, anyone who wants to lose at beer pong, my A-game is back. L8r


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  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 at 14:38 | #1

    excuse me, no lunch was lost until the next morning thank you very much…and it would have been my dinner anyway, if i had eaten dinner – a correct statement would have been ‘brandon lost his bag of doritos the next morning’

four lightsabres are awesomer than two!

My life is an experiment in seeing how many stupid things one human can do in a lifetime – such as see another Star Wars midnight viewing, thinking it will be good, and expecting Richard Killiam to show up on time for the showing. I kid, I kid!

After a quick bar trip (where I ran into coworkers – thank god I can’t escape work ever!) I arrived at the scene of the crime: the Hoffman Center. It was at this very spot 3 years ago that I saw the midnight showing of Episode 2. And somehow, after a sub-par experience, here I was again: standing in line behind a guy dressed up in a super-detailed Darth Vader costume (although there was a noticable difference in girth on this Vader compared to what I was used to in the movie).

Before I get to the review, I’ll go ahead and lump all the spoilers right up front. Read them if you wish.

Spoilers directly below:
Chewbacca knows Yoda!
Han Solo’s dad is best friends with Chewbacca’s dad!
Darth Vader has a twin sister who also is a jedi master!
General Greivous was created by Darth Sidious when he was a 12 year old child!
Everyone in the fucking first, awesome trilogy actually knows each other from this shitty series but somehow forgot about it!

I’ll try to be breif in my quick little review (or maybe rant is the more appropriate word), because more eloquent descriptions of my disbelief and dissapointment can be located elsewhere.

Time finally catches up with the Star Wars saga in more ways than one with Revenge of the Sith. This is the episode that is supposed to tie the infantized recent trilogy with the classic, original three “later” movies. In the last two minutes, plot points have been set up, characters have been placed at their starting positions, and familiar sights and sounds are finally hinted at.

And it’s right at this moment that this finally feels like a Star Wars movie. The rest of the movie is either a fanboy’s lightsabre wet dream (this one had no less than 5 sabre showdowns and a bad guy who has four lightsabres instead of darth maul’s two!!!!) or a baffling display of inconsistencies (Annakin can jump through lava and land on a floating robot’s head but can’t jump over Obi Wan for a third time?). There’s some genuine cool moments during the movie, but a lot of times it seemed the creators were more interested in finding answers for “what would an audience want to see?” rather than “what would make sense?”

Sure the relationship dialogue between Annakin and Padme is terrible, but I honestly didn’t think the rest of the lines were too bad (way pedestrian, but not terrible). The space scenes are breathtaking and actually appropriate this time around. And I’m still impressed with Ewan McGregor (people, he’s been replacing Alec Guinness!)

In fact. there’s a lot to like in Revenge of the Sith, but the same thrill that came with the revolution of the first couple of Star Wars movies just has worn off with the slow chippings of 30 years. Maybe comparing it to arguably top 10 of all time movies isn’t fair, but if you remove all the hype from seeing this movie, you’re left with just a fun, but flawed, end to a totally unnecessary excursion into a familiar universe. Three out of five toines.



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video game hell

I feel the need for a confession: I’m 24 and I play video games.

Whew! Glad that’s over with! I’m in a weird video game slump at the moment. Even though I am in the middle of playing great games such as GTA: San Andreas, Freedom Force, and ESPN NBA 2k5, not even my inexorable desire to complete games is motivating me enough to play. Am I finally reaching the end of my long romance with video games? Have other, more mature interests acquired the resources of my heart that used to be so dedicated to these pixelated pasttimes?

Nah, that’s bullshit since I spent a whole afternoon/night (after an ultimate frisbee tournament) playing God of War with Brandon. If it’s a good game, I won’t mind putting the time into playing it. Perhaps I just found myself in a phase of life that tested my immature love of video games – a Nintendo’s inferno, if you will. And Kratos, the blood-soaked, pissed off anti-hero of God of War, who decapitates foes with burning double swords, has finally led me out of this hell.



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batting 1000

Steve Nash received the NBA MVP trophy last night before the first game between his Suns and my Mavs (outcome of the game will not be discussed). He, along with Shaq were the two big candidates this year, but I predicted Nash would win it. Which got me to realizing … I’m batting pretty high in NBA predictions thus far. Here’s a recap:

MVP: Steve Nash (prediction: Nash)
Rookie of the Year: Emeka Okafor (prediction: Okafor)
Coach of the Year: Mike D’Antoni (prediction: Nate MacMillan)
Defensive Player: Ben Wallace (prediction: Wallace)
Sixth Man: Ben Gordon (prediction: Gordon)
Heat v Nets: Heat in 4 (prediction: Heat in 5)
Pistons v Sixers: Pistons in 5 (prediction: Pistons in 6)
Celtics v Pacers: Pacers in 7 (prediction: Pacers in 7)
Bulls v Wizards: Wizards in 6 (prediction: Wizards in 6)
Suns v Grizzlies: Suns in 4 (prediction: Suns in 5)
Spurs v Nuggets: Spurs in 5 (prediction: Spurs in 6)
Sonics v Kings: Sonics in 5 (prediction: Sonics in 6)
Mavericks v Rockets: Mavs in 7 (prediction: Mavs in 7)

Okay, okay. You see the results there. Time for the NBA Master Predictor to make his round 2 visions.

Heat v Wizards: Heat in 4
Pistons v Pacers: Pistons in 6
Suns v Mavericks: Suns in 6 🙁 – or Mavs in 7 🙂
Spurs v Sonics – Spurs in 5



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