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{sound of Liesel’s whine here}

In the week or so since I last updated many things have changed. The last Bj and Nate Show was broadcast, I attended my first Apple Blossom “get-r-done” outdoor party, and I watched the last episode of Friends. But most importantly, John Stevens was voted off of American Idol!!! Yes, the reign of the boring, crooning, fellow pelliorojo fag is finally over. Although, to be honest, I’ll miss having that breif 15 minutes each Tuesday of non-stop, sarcastic piss-taking. I guess I’ll just have to concentrate harder during Diana DeGarmmo‘s performances now.

THREE YEARS LATER: This is so typically me. There were two huge, exciting stories to tell in this blog yet I spend the whole paragraph on someone going home from American Idol. Lame!

First of all, however, the title of this post is supposed to be an infamous audio theme. Liesel Eby was the “intern” at the Bj and Nate Show and would make a legendary noise whenever she was dissappointed or sad. We all liked its distinctive sound so much that we mimicked it at any opportunity, as this blog title proves.

As discussed in an earlier Three Years Later post, the Bj and Nate Show was a radio program I produced with my friends Brandon Jones, Nate Crandell and Liesel Eby. That blog also reveals how the last show was a terrible mess that left a bad taste in my mouth. The Bj and Nate Show was just about the four of us goofing off and having fun together, so perhaps glossing over all the boring details about a bitter sendoff full of complaints wasn’t such a bad idea, afterall.

The Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival is an annual event held in Winchester, Virginia. There’s a parade and a day-long celebration of the blooming of these famous trees and, apparently, it’s a big deal as everyone who lives in the area makes a pilgrimage back. Liesel, Brandon and Nate are all from this area originally and convinced me to tag along. Steve decided to check out the goings-on, too, and Richard and Toine – as perhaps the most famous car passenger duo ever – made a special trip down to JMU to attend.

Brandon, Toine, Steve, Richard and I “pre-gamed” by drinking some beers and playing Scene It. We had the door to 736 I Sunchase open and a group of ladies passed by, off to some weekend party. Toine, without even being able to see them from his position on the couch, announced to the group that the girls “were hot.” Brandon asked if they “had weiners” to which Toine famously quipped “dude, don’t be a cockblock!”

When it was time to finally hit the road, we all piled into the Toinemobile and headed off for a bonfire party in the backyard of a friend of a friend’s house in Winchester. By the time we got there, however, it seemed as though most of the party was already over. Even with the light from the bonfire, it was really too dark to see anything, and the beer pong table had been thrown into the fire. It was plain to see, however, that Nate was a) drunk and b) working his game on the hands-down youngest girl at the party. At one point, to impress her, Nate walked the firey remains of the beer pong table across the bonfire. Toine, emboldened by the reaction of the crowd, decided to accomplish the same feat. Though this second fire walk was captured in an immortal photo, it failed to capture the crowd.

Highlights from the night involve Richard getting so fucked up he would sneak into the trailer (our only source of light besides the fire) to dj and not respond to a single thing I said to him. I’m not even sure he realized I was there. Liesel was so wasted, she ended up in a chair, not being able to move. Two random townies showed up to the party and started to make everyone feel really uncomfortable until the host publicly kicked them out. Toine was in rare form. I remember laughing so much at his great opening lines with the ladies there, but I was too drunk to remember any but this classic:

Toine: (near the bonfire) “Getting warm?”

For some reason, I got drunk enough that I thought it’d be funny to pretend I was gay. Toine was hitting on these two girls and I walked up and introduced myself as his homosexual friend. I thought it was hilarious, especially when Toine told Steve to “get me away from them” as if I was some sort of threat even though I was proclaiming my preference for penis. One of the girls continued to make fun of me – asking me about my boyfriends and experiences – throughout the remainder of the night. Sometime around 2am or so, Toine announced it was now or never to leave as he was too tired to drive any later. As I was getting up to go, the girl who had been harrassing me all night practically begged me to stay with her! I wasn’t quite shocked, but it was pretty weird since I had been “gay” all night. I guess that’s the secret “in” with women.

Anyway, we all packed back into the Toinemobile (except Nate who retreated into a tent with the jailbait). Everyone passed out on the drive home except for me and Toine – who had to smack his face from time to time to force himself to stay focused on the road.

Good times.

UPDATED LINKS: John Stevens, Diana DeGarmmo

DEAD LINKS: Bj and Nate Show (08/01/2007)

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  • Liesel
    Monday, February 23rd, 2009 at 09:42 | #1


    This is ridiculous. Remember the guy that kept screaming in my face and finally made me puke? What was he screaming? Something about…pork rinds?

    Well, you don’t have to remember. I’ll hang on to that one since it’s just about the only thing I remember from that night. How could I have missed out on Gay Stan?????

hidden treasure

For those of you who have scoffed at my … let’s call it “free time” during the previous months, I’ll have you know I am officially now working on a website for Brainstorm Technologies. It’s going to be oh-so-exciting, and I’ll link it up here as it comes along. I also believe I’m slowly becoming addicted to basketball. I dreamt I was on the Mavericks during the playoffs (sports-related dream: a first!) but it took place in my friend, Bill’s house (except it was a really huge subterranean barn). I am also making appearances at the Chesapeake basketball courts almost every day. I can only guess this means it’s just a matter of time before I’m Dirk Nowitzki.

So being spring and all, I decided to do a little cleaning (emphasis on “little”) and found a folder of old pictures I took back in Winter 2002 that I had totally forgotten about! This is your gain people, as I have scanned them in for all of you to look at and enjoy. A real tearjerker of a friends card has also been added. Bring tissues! And finally, after seeing undeserving American Idol contestants stay while semi-talented ones get voted off this week I have decided to break my heterosexual streak of not participating in the AI voting system. I will now vote for crappy singer John Stevens every week from now on. Alright, L8r peeps.

THREE YEARS LATER: My first freelance job! Brandon Jones had done some work for Brainstorm Technologies (now called Brainstorm Software) for a couple summers, and reccommended me to the owner for possible work. The first site I did for them was for Construction Management Professionals – a company based in Winchester, Virginia.

Freelance work for a client was extremely different than the web design I had been doing for myself. In fact, I really wasn’t as prepared as I thought I would be for this type of work immediately out of school. Looking at the sites I built for Brainstorm three years later, I’m embarrassed how amateurish they seem. Still, it was an amazing eye-opener and learning experience, and my web design/programming is immensely stronger because of it.

This entry was written during the first full NBA season I watched and I was already starting to take notice of my obsession. Pickup basketball games were almost a daily occurrence and I’d just practice by myself when I couldn’t find anyone else. By the way, the dream I mentioned in the post was one of those that have remained in my memory to this day, still. Not sure exactly what that means.

The tearjerker Friends Card referenced was the beer pong table one. And, contrary to what I said in the blog, I didn’t vote for any American Idol contestants. That is, until the whole Sanjaya Malakar incident in season 6. Yes, I must admit I voted for him about 30 times total in an effort to keep him in the contest and ruin the show.

UPDATED LINKS: Brainstorm Technologies, Bill’s, scanned them in, friends card


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i am going to kill … bill (bert)

Pretty much every critic raved about Kill Bill Vol. 2, saying it was “better” than Vol. 1, but after seeing it I’d disagree. It was good, but it wasn’t as cool. Tarrantino should’ve kept them as one movie … would’ve been a hell of a movie. The NBA playoffs have begun … don’t count Dallas out, yet. This is just a quick check-in for now, but updates will be coming up shortly. L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: I was absolutely blown away when I saw the first Kill Bill in the theatres. It was funny, smart, creative and I loved the over-the-top action. I thought I was in for more of the same with the second, but Tarantino pulled a 180. Where the first Kill Bill was influenced by different types of 70’s Samurai movies, Kill Bill Vol. 2 was influenced by 70’s Western movies. Even though I wasn’t as appreciative of the end result, I do love the idea.

Bill Bert was a good friend in high school as well as the bassist in all three of my bands (from 1997-2002): Patrick and the McNairs, Wang Lowe and the Freeballers in high school and Bras in college. This post has nothing to do with him, except for the connection between his name and a main character in the Kill Bill movies.


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i surrender!

I give up! After several fans (as in fanatics) insisted, nay, threatened me to upload, I have finally relented. Because of all this braying and neighing, it’s a somewhat rushed and meager upload. One new friends card (two more on the way, though!), two pathetic new pics, and the beginnings of the Seinfeld, Seinsmelled page. Now leave me alone!

THREE YEARS LATER: I’m not fully sure as to who all were involved with nagging me to update, but it seemed that [] was an instant hit! I do know that former roommate, Jeff C[removed], and friend, Allison Xanthopoulos (then Allison Reip), were both very vocal in their demands for new stanus content. Instead of fighting off their constant barrage of IMs, I decided to cave in and do a few updates to quiet them up.

The Seinfeld, Seinsmelled site was the offshoot of another idea I had for a little while. In the 2001 incarnation of [] (called “The Man’s Homepage”), I tried to create a James Bond movie database. Unfortunately, this was before the days I knew SQL or PHP, so every single page was handcoded and I tired out before completion (so what else is new, right?). Still, the idea intrigued me to do something similar for Seinfeld – all of my close friends were as obsessed with the show as I was, so I felt I could collect our multiple opinions online.

I’m not fully sure what was being offered here in this initial roll out of Seinfeld, Seinsmelled. The first two episodes weren’t reviewed until over a month after this post, so it must just have been showing off the layout.

UPDATED LINKS: friends card, pics, Seinfeld, Seinsmelled


[STANUS.NET] FIRST: First mention of Seinfeld, Seinsmelled (04/02/2010)

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the passion of [removed]

Oh, ye of little faith! For the past two years the roommates, friends, and guests of 736 I Sunchase have played beer pong almost every night. And yes, we keep updated scoreboards on the wall along with the 100 straight nights of beer pong commemorative shirt. However, many have scoffed at this practice! I have heard things such as this behavior is “juvenile,” or “stupid” or “gay.” Well, leave our sexuality out of this debate! Actually I have been trying to recover from the previous update of the enormous pics page so I haven’t been working on the website. Instead, I have been pouring myself into work on a beer pong game!!! It will feature all of the 736 I visuals: the table, the wall of shame, and even the players. Each player will have different playing attributes based on the scores we’ve been keeping for the last two years – so it will be the most accurate game ever, as well! Visit the beer pong page for a few preliminary screenshots. I also demand a personal apology in instant message form (inclusion of crying smilie optional) from all of you beer pong naysayers when you download and love this masterpiece. L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: Look, John Lennon had his lost summer period. I like to call January to May of 2004 as my “lost semester” period. I graduated from JMU in December of 2003, so I wasn’t taking any classes. I still had half a year on my lease, however, and since I would be paying for it anyway, I thought I’d might as well live in the apartment. Plus, I wasn’t looking forward to having to move back into my mom’s house.

I elected to turn down a glamorous, third semester working at the JMU dining hall (D-Hall), and I only had a few freelance website jobs trickling in through Brainstorm Software (Brainstorm Technologies back then). I produced a radio show, the Bj and Nate Show, but this was only one night out of the week. So, basically, I had a lot of time on my hands. This meant a lot of beer pong was played. And, since the days of BASIC, I’ve been programming games all my life. So it isn’t too much of a stretch to see that I wasted countless hours in that months-long period designing a video game based on beer pong.

I started creating the game in Visual Basic, but soon got to the point where what I needed to happen in the game exceeded VB’s capabilities (specifically projectile motion). So, unfortunately, a couple months into the project, and with so much hype, I officially put the beer pong game project on the shelf when I moved back to Woodbridge, Virginia.

The game would be picked up again in early 2006, when I moved into the Pink Sock with Brandon Jones in Arlington, Virginia. A beer pong rennaissance had occurred and we were back into taking exhaustive stats (and by “we” I mean “I”). I toyed with a video game simulation of all the beer pong players I had stats on but just jotted down some interesting ideas on paper, never writing any actual code.

In the past three years I’ve received a lot of flak about the beer pong videogame. In fact, I can’t think of a single, other project of mine that has been mocked more. I’d like to publicly assure everyone that it actually is on the backburner behind the hundred other projects I’m working on, and I haven’t officially put it to rest. So you all still have a perfectly viable excuse to continue joking about it!

I commemorated the 100th straight night of beer pong by making a t-shirt and getting the participants to sign it, but we actually got up to 134 straight nights. Though, to be honest, we eventually started counting a “night” as a 24-hour period since the previous beer pong playing. When 736i Sunchase roommate, Jeff C[removed], took issue with this counting, I told him he couldn’t sign the 100 Nights of Beer Pong shirt. He quickly recanted and signed, so there is no official discrepancy with this total.

And on a final note, I still reserve the right to request written apologies from anyone who downloads the eventual video game since you all have joked about it forever!

UPDATED LINKS: beer pong


[STANUS.NET] FIRST: First mention of beer pong

[STANUS.NET] FIRST: First mention of the infamous beer pong videogame and beer pong stats (04/02/2010)

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more than meets the eye

So there’s some type of fish that returns to its home just before it dies (sorry, I don’t feel like doing the research to find out which fish exactly does that). In an abnormaly similar situation, I saw the free midnight showing of Transformers: the Movie last night. This was a movie I haven’t seen since I was 10 and I almost died halfway through it. To keep with the theme (reliving embarrassing old memories), I have added the pics section. Prepare yourselves … this update is massive. Two new friends cards are up, and the original 10 cards from version 1.0 are up as well. L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: Probably the closest thing to a cult event I’ve ever been a part of. People brought Transformers action figures, wore Transformers shirts, one guy even was dressed up like an Autobot. I don’t know if I was ever in love with the film as a kid, but I definitely remember liking it a lot, so I had to see it again when it was advertised.

I showed up at Grafton-Stovall, the on-campus theatre at JMU with my girlfriend, Sarah (who I believe I forced to attend) and instantly ran right into an old classmate from high school. He was several years younger than me, and a fellow trumpet player in the marching band and had changed quite a bit (I guess people do that between the ages of 15 and 20).

Unfortunately, his changes were all physical as he was just as weird as ever and I spent some time arranging not to sit near him. Then I found myself getting more and more bored as the movie seemed to continue on forever. Some things are better left as memories.

By the way, 90% of salmon return to the place where they were born to reproduce and then die.

UPDATED LINKS: pics, friends cards, version 1.0


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only six more episodes of the best show ever …

… and I don’t mean Friends! The Bj and Nate Show, heard on 88.7 WXJM Harrisonburg on Mondays from 9-10 pm, is coming to an end soon. If you’ve never tuned in, you only have a few more weeks to do so! After each show we crash the nearby BW3’s, order $2.50 double-deuce Coors Lights, and play the trivia game for cash (side note: I have not lost a non-practice game!). Richard and I are still finishing the writing of “Notice.” It’s an old song Richard wrote and recorded with Zafs back in 1999, but we’re dusting it off and giving it a new facelift. Caution: contents will be hot!

THREE YEARS LATER: From September 2003 to May 2004 I produced the Bj and Nate Show on JMU‘s college radio station, WXJM. This consisted of adjusting the volume knobs for the microphones, screening callers (failing to get them on the air 9 out of 10 times), running the PSAs (public service announcements which were like our commercials), and playing the background music. Roommate, Nate Crandell and friend, Brandon Jones were the talents – providing their witty and humorous comments on current events and retelling funny stories. Liesel Eby rounded out the group as our “intern” who would respond to instant messages and act as Nate’s main foil.

I was completely taken by surprise the day when Brandon and Nate came over to my apartment to ask me to be their producer. I had randomly sat by Brandon on the first day of COB 300 – the most feared class in the school of business curriculum – and started to chat to him. He showed up in my other class that semester (that’s right, COB 300 was actually 4 classes in one, so I could only manage another class in that busy schedule) and we became friends. Still, I had never expressed an interest in radio, so I have no clue where he got it in his head to ask me to produce his show idea. As it turned out, it was perhaps my favorite time at school.

Monday nights from 9-10pm, the four of us would head over to Anthony-Seeger, where the radio station was housed. Out of the 24 or so episodes, I believe we prepared for about 3 full shows, as most of the time we would just show up drunk and have a good time. This obsessive archivist completely lucked out when I discovered they had Cool Edit Pro (the program I used to record my own songs) set up on a computer there that could record our direct output feed, which means I have (almost) every single episode recorded for posterity!

As much fun as the show was the real fun was directly before and after. I fondly remember the hour just prior to the show as we’d watch American Idol and play beer pong to fully prepare for the hour of entertainment we’d have to provide to the listeners of Harrisonburg, Virginia. After the show we would head down the street to Buffalo Wild Wings (or BW3’s as we called it) where we would behave badly into the wee hours of the night drinking cheap beer, crying to super-hot buffalo wings, and gambling on the trivia games.

It just so happened that the Bj and Nate Show was coming to an end around the same time the mega-popular sitcom, Friends, was. I had been watching the final season with some of my roommates and neighbors and was completely underwhelmed at the close of this show. The Bj and Nate Show didn’t end so great, either. None of us wanted to be there, and we ended early with Nate complaining about how terrible WXJM was. We quickly signed off and headed over to imbibe at BW3s, instead.

“Notice” was the first Bras song recorded at college (or anywhere else for that matter). It was a Richard Killiam-penned tune, but his producer, Aaron Zafran, advised to change the chords around in the chorus. I thought the original version of it – recorded back in the fall of 1999 – was great, but was eager to update the sound now that we had several years of recording under our belt. As usual, we didn’t get far on this and Richard was out the door and back home at his parent’s house in Manassas, Virginia by the end of the month.


diary of a townie

I haven’t learned much from living in Harrisonburg for going on 5 years now, but what I have learned will serve me well. For example, just because the state law is that beer stops being sold at midnight, do not expect stores to be selling them at 11:44 pm! Also, beware of girls who enjoy country music. But perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned is that I need to get out of Harrisonburg as soon as is humanly possible! Richard’s down here and we’re getting music ready together, but H-burg just is not a great place to get a band started. We’re looking for places to go to start this shit up, but that’s a big decision so we’re handling it in our own, special fashion: we’re ignoring it.

I put up some friends cards (you’ll probably only get the joke if you’ve seen some of my earlier sites), and some crazy old sites I’ve done for school which aren’t that cool. Everyone should keep on sending me March Hotness results, because I’m posting what everyone’s final four are. And if you’re Jeff C[removed], or anyone else who is extremely bored, these are the pages that are regularly updated: quotes and links.

THREE YEARS LATER: I remember the beer incident happening one night when we ran out of beer to play beer pong with and rushed over to the nearest gas station. Even though we were in line, with beer, at 11:44pm, the (sextagenarian) cashier refused to sell us the goods. We quickly drove over to another, shadier gas station and safely bought some reinforcements.

I believe the “girls who like country music” refers to a party thrown by friend, and fellow Bj and Nate Show broadcaster, Liesel Eby, at her apartment. Country themed parties suck balls.

And, finally, it is on quite a sad note to comment on the band status. I was still pretty upbeat then, looking forward to moving with Richard Killiam, my singer, to somewhere and finally put all of our effort behind starting a band. Three years later, he’s living in France, lost, and I’m no further ahead in my musical aspirations living in New York City.

The Friends Cards was a cool idea – making virtual baseball cards of people I knew based on an old set of X-men cards I bought. But it took so much time to knock one out, and I’m not sure how many people were really into them, so I gave up.

UPDATED LINKS: friends cards, sites I’ve done for school, March Hotness results, final four, quotes



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birthday bash

What the fuck? He put that stupid page of his back up … again? Yep. The official birthday of [] now coincides with mine!!!! Ooooooh, hotness. Well I’ve been scrambling to put this together for the past two weeks and I do have a few things up (March Hotness Tournament, quotes page, and some hot buddy icons), but please bear with me as this is still a work in progress – yes the coolest thing to ever say on a website. Alright, I plan to spend the rest of my birthday sleeping. L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: My birthday just happened to coincide nicely with the unveiling of []. Honest, no planning! Here’s what the layout of [] looked like on it’s inaugural day.

The March Hotness Tournament was based on a website that my friends were into during my freshman year of college. I can’t remember what it was called, but I know it was taken down during my sophomore year. I can’t believe how much time I put into designing and configuring this tournament, only to get 13 responses!

The name of this post came from an old tape I made with my brother and friend back in elementary or middle school. We were some band and just kep singing “birthday bash” over and over (what can I say, I was easily amused back then). The title just seemed appropriate for this occassion.

This was also the first post to include my “L8r” closing. Though it felt juvenile even back in 2004, I felt it was a fitting end to the first official blog of []. All throughout high school I was addicted to the chat rooms and instant messages of AOL and, thinking it was hip, would always end my IMs with L8r.

UPDATED LINKS: March Hotness Tournament, quotes page, buddy icons


[STANUS.NET] FIRST: First public blog post

[STANUS.NET] FIRST: First use of my lame “L8r” signoff (04/02/2010)

the countdown!!!

The webspace has been allotted. The domain name has been registered. The deadline for the grand opening of this site is Tuesday the 9th. So now begins the mad rush to put something on each page. Interestingly enough, along with the startup of, I’m trying to start up the band again. Jammed with Brandon Jones (of btjones web design fame) and his former roommate, Will on drums. ‘Twas hot. Jamming with a drummer is a lot like sleeping with a girl – it’s a lot cooler than doing it alone. See you in a few.

THREE YEARS LATER: I recall Brandon driving me to Will’s house near JMU for the jam. Will had been Brandon’s freshman year roommate in college and played the drums. I brought my dinky, little 15-watt but was embarrassed to play on it, so I plugged into an amp that we found there. I don’t remember exactly what we jammed on (I’m betting just basic blues), but I did try to teach them one of my songs, “Shine On You.” We played for a little over an hour, but I never saw Will again. I casually brought up the idea of playing again to Brandon, who said Will had expressed a similar interest, but that might have just been lip service.

As of 7/15/2007 (three and a half years later), this is still the only post that includes a non-JPEG image (though some do not have an image at all). For the record, this is an animated GIF image.


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