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what’s all this then?

Greetings from the land of the Beatles, Sherlock Holmes, and those giant, red union jack hats Joey wears in the Friends visit London episodes (yes, they’re at every store). I’m just here for another night at the Astor Quest hostel in downtown London.

I woke up before Richard went to work on Tuesday and dragged all of my luggage through the metro (I had to do some amazingly creative maneuvers to get it all through the tiny turnstiles). It was a good thing I allowed myself an hour when I got to the train station as I got lost more than once just trying to get in from the metro (this sounds pathetic, but you’d understand if you were there).

I found my seat on the train and, thankfully, I was the only person in my car that had both seats to himself! Such luxury! It was a good thing too, as about an hour into the trip my stomach had had it with the disgusting crepe I ate last night and I found myself puking in the tiny train bathroom. Not once, but twice! Most of my car were French teenagers and I felt really cool coming back, dizzy to my seat after having been in the bathroom for 10 minutes a chorus of their laughter. Whatever, I was finally feeling better and passed out.

The hostel I’m staying it is very fun. I’m just taking it pretty easy here. I’m almost thoroughly Euro-ed out, and long to play my PS2, work on songs with ALL of my instruments, plan on my NY move, and, most importantly, not have to lug around all of my luggage wherever I go. My flight leaves tomorrow morning and I will be back in the states by 3pm. I shall see you all soon, I’m sure.

Also not there’s a new entry in the euroblog.



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  • Friday, August 4th, 2006 at 16:21 | #1

    Hey Stan,

    Glad to hear your music is coming along. I still want to know when we’ll be able to hear it. 😛

  • CoveroftheDVDVER
    Monday, August 7th, 2006 at 16:22 | #2

    Can the next “euroblog” entries be as funny as the events they’re describing this time? And also can they be spell-checked at least a little bit?

  • Monday, August 7th, 2006 at 16:52 | #3

    One more thing. I showed your Seinfeld site to a friend of mine and we noticed that you’re missing one of my favorite characters, Rebecca Demornay(sp

Paris: the Epic Finale!

It is my final night in Paris and though I have most of my experience here written out, I only had enough energy to post the next 3 chapters. There are many, many mistakes in these early drafts, as I didn’t know the names for some places and my computer seems to think it’s actually a French computer and puts weird spaces and punctuation in places it shouldn’t. A quick stop in London and I will be back the 3rd. Later



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What? No comments?!?!

Gently caressing Paris

Two more euroblogs, people! I’m having an awesome time so far and can’t wait to get to some great stories. I’m sure you’ll love it … even if you prefer to make out with Steveronline. I have not forgotten about anyone, and your gifts are forthcoming. Especially, you, Sir Doh!




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  • marimba
    Thursday, July 27th, 2006 at 17:05 | #1

    I must say your Europtrip blog kicks ass…
    say hi to Jagman for me

Still in Paris

Still here in Gay Paris. Not much to say … but I have updated the ol’ euroblog. Good stuff. The only reason I haven’t done more is I still need some spelling of some areas from Richard. I hope to have more than just 1 day next time I update.

Hope all is well, later.



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  • Wilson
    Wednesday, July 26th, 2006 at 17:07 | #1

    Sounds like you’re having a great time! Bring me back a beret! And don’t forget my postcard!

greetings (and warnings) from across the atlantic

Since the entry for the euroblog are sooooo insanely huge, they have been moved to their own space much like the stanus does dallas feature.

So far, I have experienced 6 days here in Paris and 2 of them are up on the Vive la France! feature. Please check them out. One thing that worries me, however, is that it seems as though many people (with the exception of steveronline) have given up their blogging responsibilities since I have left the states! I will have to start kicking some electronic-ass when I get back!

Au revoir!



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  • brandon
    Monday, July 24th, 2006 at 18:28 | #1

    Does this mean i can’t read the euroblog or be updated of a new entry via rss? No me gusta.

Vive la France 1: Traveling in my own excrement!

Entry 1
Last night … earlier today … it’s hard to start a blog entry when you cross the Atlantic and travel into the future. My flight to Amsterdam left Dulles at 5:33pm and it was a frantic day spent packing, moving the last pieces of my apartment shit into my room, and trying to load enough programs and files onto my laptop (the eurotop as of now) so it would be useful. With several adieus bid from friends and family, Stever dropped me off and I was on my way.

As usual, leading up to my departure I was met with many “oh you have to get to the airport 2 hours early!” Though there was a long line to get my bags (bag + guitar) checked and to get through security, I was waiting to board my plane for over an hour. I know people have horror stories of having to stand in check in/security lines forever just to get in, but I still haven’t encountered it.

When I picked out my ticket on Orbitz two months ago, I had a cool little diagram of the entire plane to help me decide which precise seat I wanted to be located in during my travel. What bullshit! Turns out that really doesn’t mean anything as I was placed directly in the middle seat (we’re talking the middle seat of the middle row). I sat next to an “auxilery Air Force” cadet program leader named JD and we talked a bit about our travels and the Air Force (now that I have multiple peeps in it), but then the stewardes … er, flight attendant singled me out to sit in the emergency exit aisle. All this really meant was that I was given a brief list of responsibilities (which wasn’t much more than pull a giant lever to the right and push). On the upside I had two chairs to myself, I was right next to the bathroom, and I had all the legroom I could need and more. I don’t understand Larry David’s fear of having such a “responsible” seat. It was great and I’m going to try to ask for it on the way back.

I watched 16 Blocks (bleh), Walk The Line (meh), and slept for maybe an hour and a half, and then found myself in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. So far Richard Killiam is right in that Europe is so much greater than America … at least in a visually inviting way. Everyone seems stuck several years in the past as far as fashion and entertainment, yet they really revel in it so you can’t help but getting into it! Also, all the women are topless on the front cover of their magazines! Ok, so I’ve really only experienced Schiphol airport, but so far … es bueno!

I am writing this currently while waiting for my next flight to London. I shall continue this entry there as I expect a good 8 solid hours to waste for the chunnel to Paris. I must say, writing blogs when I have the inspiration/time rather than forcing myself to produce during work is a lot more freeing. Just check out the size of this thing, so far!

Entry 2
The flight to London was completely uneventful: 40 minutes of no movie, no music, no food, I finished my book right before shit. Thank god it ended quickly.

The Heathrow section I stepped off into was severely small … I know Heathrow is one of the largest airports in the world, but my area seemed to have been separated from everything else. I jumped aboard the Underground (yes, the “mind the gaps” remind me of Josh Bowman 10 years later …) where I was treated to over an hour of London architecture. That’s right … I was on the underground for over an hour. Luckily it was also extremely hot so I boiled in my seat buried beneath my 3 bags (ok, one is a guitar).

My destination was the EuroRail Waterloo station – where I would (hopefully) find my train to Paris, food, and some means to pass the 6 hours away before I was even allowed into the departure lounge. I “dined” at Burger King (the only cheap restaurant) and had some disgusting chicken sandwich. Note #1 – although the Brits number all of their meals, they do not refer to them by their number. So when I asked for a “#5 with a coke” I was greeted with stares, and when I repeated my order, the lady turned her head up to the sign to see what that was! Doesn’t she work there all day? Has she not committed that crazy, ever-changing encypted menu to memory, yet? Note #2 – the Brits like their sandwiches slimey. When I would bite into one end the fucking meat would slide out the other!

About halfway through my meal a guy asked to join me. He looked like a computer geek and I was right on the money! His name was Jerome and he was grabbing a bite to eat before returning to his home in Paris (he’d been interning in Edinburgh (sp?) ). Though I could tell English was his third language (behind French and C++), we had a pretty comfortable conversation discussing everything from how a Frenchman earns a blackbelt in judo to the syntax of programming a robotic dog. I joked that in a year of programming work he’d figure out he hated it and split to be a musician but I don’t think he got it.

I got his number in case I find myself desperetly lonely sometime in the next two weeks (he was a nice guy … but not exactly the lets-go-grab-a-beer kind) and we both headed for the gate. That is until we realized he was catching the 1:30pm train and I was scheduled for the 5:40pm one. That’s right, having said goodbye to my French acquiantence (sp?) I now had 5+ hours left to kill! Worse, I was starting to feel the wear of my 30+ hours of being awake (those precius few winks I caught in the DC plane didn’t do all that much recharging). The only way I can describe the omnipresent feeling I was getting is I started to feel as though I had a helmet on my hair. I felt the helmet’s exact weight pressing around my skull like a halo and felt my hair being mushed down in hat hair fashion. No checks to the contray of my reflection disuaded this feeling.

(Intermission: There are no trashcans in England thus far! You just leave your trash and people come around to clean it up for you! WTF! LOL!?)

Somehow, with the help of an unread Rolling Stone issue (as of now previously unread) and a coke I have made it to 4pm London time and am now inside the AIR CONDITIONED departure lounge. There’s nothing like being sweaty, dehydrated, and drunk tired, let me tell you. Still, it was a trip just sitting and watching all the weird Europeans while waiting outside! Two observations: First, Richard’s theory that there are so many “super hot” ladies is incorrect. I’ve only seen 4 or so and that seems to be average in any city in the same span of time. Second, Richard’s theory that Europeans are more fit is … verified! I have only seen a handful of fat people and absolutely no obese people. Seeing as I was in a major airport, the underground, and an international train station I think that’s a definitive enough sampling.

Well, I’m up to date with where I am currently in time!!!!!!! As I sit on this blue bench, typing furiously, I notice it’s a pound per 12.5 minutes of internet time via WiFi. I think I’ll take it up in a few minutes. Au revoir!! :-*

Entry 3
While in line for my EuroRail train, I talked to two Americans waiting for the same ride. The girl alerted me to the fun fact that Paris was her “fucking favorite city, man” about 20 times. Alas, we were split up when the doors were opened for boarding. My ticket put me in the very back of one train car all by myself. Perfect for me! I slept the whole 3 hours so I wouldn’t be a complete zombie by the time I got to France.

Grabbing my bag, backback and guitar once more, I lugged them to the huge departure area of the Paris station. I turned my pounds into euros and bought some Perrier (it was to be French beer but I couldn’t find any and I’m starting to really get into club soda). After only 20 minutes I recognized Mssr. Killiam’s famous Watto-style walk and he took me to the waiting Rilliam – with rented car! The French architecture is indeed amazing … everything is so dense and yet not overcrowded (though apparently many people have gone vacationing in the south).

Richard’s apartment is small. It is one large room with a raised bed, a small couch beneath the bed, a desk near an open window, and a few dresser drawers. The bathroom is basically the size of a cardboard box raised to the ceiling. The kitchen isn’t much bigger than that. But, it’s probably bigger than anything I will be able to afford in New York (not counting the common room if I do decide to get a room in a multiple-room apartment). Mrs. Killiam and Lizzie were already here and after an expensive champagne (which I actually enjoyed!) toast, the parents left and I was at the mercy of the Killiam siblings!

My first plan of action was to remove the funk I felt I was drowning in so I jumped into the absolute smallest shower I’ve ever been a part of. You will definitely have to see the pictures to believe it. Surprisingly refreshed, the three of us did a very quick tour looking for an internet cafe. It was closed so we grabbed a French drink (beer and sprite). Mine tasted like fun soap!

An hour or so later, we were all overcome with jetlag (strangely Richard included) and we set back for Casa de Killiam where, after a viewing of the “Brent show” (British comedy Peep Show which is excellent), we fell asleep.



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  • Thursday, July 20th, 2006 at 18:42 | #1

    Finally, what I hope to be a true euroblog. I hope you can succeed where others (hybernation sickness and have failed. Trek on globetrotter.

  • Zepmoon
    Friday, July 21st, 2006 at 18:43 | #2

    Congratulations on successfully navigating to Paris. Sounds like you are off to a great start — live it up and enjoy the vacation. And say hello to Le Richard de Lune. Please keep up the GREAT travel blog “it very refreshing