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Wow … this one has been a long time coming. It’s been a crazy week: I worked 7 hours two Sundays ago and was out until at least 10:30pm each night. Not the most conducive atmosphere for blogging … but I now have a lot to discuss!

Cleaning House
There’s about to be a theme to this blog, but before I get to it, I’ll get through all the peripheral bullshit. First off, as I said earlier, I worked Sunday night from 6pm to 1am. I was working on a “dark site” – a website that would relay information to a company’s employees about either an acquisition or merger. Since the information was incredible time-critical (defense against any insider trading) the thing had to be turned around really quickly in the middle of the night. As such, I tried to do all of my exercises before the midnight hour … but managed to forget to do my situps in the rush :(. And then there were two! (and any fan of the old Bj and Nate show is in for a great final matchup!!!!)

Also, this weekend I showed off my room to potential renters. Now, back when I was dealing with craigslist to find an apartment, I would usually find myself in a long conveyor belt of prospects looking at one room. I figured the same would be the case as I received 42 replies to the ad I posted (15 of those I singled out as possibilities, and 8 of those 15 responded back saying they would “definitely” see the room during my Saturday showing). Amazingly, only 3 people arrived during the 3 hours my room was open Saturday morning … and luckily two of them were great. The one creepy guy was a guitar player named Sten (pronounced Stan) … I kid you not. It was like the Bizarro episode from Seinfeld! Anyway, the roommates loved a lady named Olivia, and she agreed to move in this coming weekend so I am all set to spend eternity in the waiting, muscled arms of the Brothers Perroy (of Escape M60 fame).

… aaaaaaand Basketball!
And now on to the theme: basketball! In case you’ve been living under an unused dohblog photo section, the annual NCAA tournament is upon us. I entered 4 brackets into 3 March Madness pools and have been experiencing varying degrees of success (and failure). I’ll let you know how it all ends up, but I believe I am statistically out of the money in my office pool (but that I’ll end up in 4th place … they pay up to 3rd 🙁 ).

Losing A Bet
Along with the exercise contest, I lost a small bet with Nate – webmistress of the gossip-column blog, Nate’s Noodle. The Suns played the Mavs on the 14th in what turned out to be a simply amazing game. We bet on the winner of the match, and the loser of the bet would have to blog about the other team. I’d like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven for having my Mavs lose by 2 so Nate could be spared the enormous pressure of blogging! Actually, I enjoyed writing about the Suns. They’ve been compared to the “showtime” Lakers of the 80’s so much it’s getting annoying, so I did some statistical analysis and examined the numbers. Possibly interesting stuff.

Paying My Respects
Last Tuesday I had tickets (is it proper to say tickets in the case that I went by myself … saying I got “ticket” just doesn’t have the same ring to it) to the Knicks/Mavs game right here in Madison Square Garden. Wow. First off, I’d like to say that my visit to American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX was about 100 times nicer than any experience in the lowly Verizon Center, but MSG was on another level entirely. The stadium is just so nice inside … I felt like royalty. Although his Dirkness didn’t have an incredible game (I have yet to be at one of those in person actually 🙁 ) the Mavs won and I had a great time mentally mocking the basketball “experts” sitting around me. I got some great pictures and when it was evident we had a blowout in the fourth quarter I just started video taping plays with my camera. I should have some goods but I just haven’t had time to go through them!

What was cool that I wasn’t expecting was the celebrity factor. I kinda started to appreciate the Lakers appeal when they started announcing the famous people in attendance that night. First off, my first MSG night was the 50th birthday of Spike Lee – the east coast’s answer to Jack Nicholson (as in, the most obsessed and visible basketball fan). Brandon Jones will be aroused to know a Soprano actor was in the stands, but as to whether this affects his chin-flap or nether regions is still up for debate. Also, Cassandra Melnikow was mad when she discovered I didn’t take a picture of a dreamy actor from Sex In The City. But the creme de la creme (the language of this should be a hint) was the introduction of Natalie Portman! They showed all of these people on the jumbo screen which didn’t include audio, but I’m sure she was asking about Richard Killiam: blogger to the stars!

The End of The Beginning
Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for: a recap of the Lonerz’ first 3-on-3 basketball season! I’ll have you know that we made the playoffs as the 4th seed. This meant in the first round of the playoffs we would face the 5th seed (the winner would go on to play the 1st seed). The 5th seed turned out to be a team called “Hoop … There It Is.” We had played them on three separate occasions throughout the regular season and each time they seemed to be composed of different people. For our playoff match, only three of them showed up against our full six-person roster.

It was a best of three situation and game one quickly ended in a blowout: Hoop … There It Is used the superior size (one guy was both taller and, apparently, further pregnant than all of us) to bully us down low. Game 1: Hoop.

We were a little frustrated, thinking we would easily wear them down with numbers, but we regrouped and refocused for game two. We came out charging at the beginning of the second game and dominated for the first half. Hoop began to get back into it slowly, and tied the game with only a few minutes left. The game began to be one of desperation as both teams attempted to sink the final shot, and unfortunately Hoop hit a three-pointer to seemingly seal the deal. With 10 seconds left and down by 3 we needed a dohblog miracle. We had been trying to run a pick and roll play with no real success for a while so I changed it up. We have a go to guy on our team who can hit 3-pointers pretty reliably. We all knew it, including the defense, so I realized the other team would instantly double him if we ran the same play. I told him instead of trying to find space for a shot to inbound the ball – the person who inbounds the ball can’t move before passing the ball into play.

I set up on the three point line fairly close to Nick – the inbound/goto guy. When Nick passed the ball in to me both his defender and mine leaped on me to block my 3-point attempt. Meanwhile, however, I was already passing the ball back to Nick for an open shot … WHICH HE HIT! It was an ugly, ugly, banked-in shot but it was the most beautiful one of the night. We had forced overtime on the last second play that would have ended our season!

We came back into overtime after a minute pause with renewed energy and whipped Hoop’s ass. They went scoreless and we made every shot. Game 2: Lonerz!

The third, and final, game began much like the second one: we started with an early lead but had it whitled down slowly over time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a tied game – Hoop was up by 1 point with about 4 minutes to go. Thus began the most futile four minutes in basketball history. No one made a basket. Everyone fouled. No one made free throws. The game ended with the same score unchanged. Game 3: Hoop.

We were slightly stunned to be out. This was a team we thought we could easily handle by subbing in frequently and remaining fresh, but we had let the final game slip out from our grasp. Still, we had made the playoffs in our first season – and this was the season when we were all unknowns! We left with two pieces of good news: 1) next season we were being joined by two more people, including a 6-foot guy for some much-needed down low legitimacy and 2) the next season was starting in only 2 weeks!

I really enjoyed my first season of Zogsports and videotaping the games is starting to improve my play (yes, I am mocked as well). Look for a Lonerz section pretty soon where I’ll spend a little more detail on our games and progress – and not load down the blog.

Oh, and the picture to this blog is my final made field goal of the season (compared with my first made field goal). L8r.

Glory Story: Chapter the First!

Contest Updates
For some reason, the official workout contest website doesn’t seem to have been updated with the latest news, so I will have to alert everyone who has been following this hotly contested tournament of doom! Daily Dwayne and his wife have dropped out, leaving Brandon “Pokerjobber” Hochradel, Nate “The Newdle Layout” Crandell, and myself as the only contestants standing. It’s going to be very interesting from here on in – the exercises are beginning to wind me and I’m still having trouble coming down to earth off the eating high that was the cruise. I shall keep thee posted!

And speaking of the cruise, I promised a recap of my week-long adventure into the Caribbean. I’m sorry to say that I have neither the time nor the energy to go into a full day-by-day detail such as stanus does Dallas, so this will just have to suffice.

    03/03 – Traveling to Orlando

  • Wake up at 4:30 am after less than four hours of sleep, take subway into Manhattan
  • Attempt to deposit my paycheck but homeless man sleeping in ATM room scares me off
  • Grab cab to La Guardia, pick up EGM (a magazine that I have a subscription to and, yet, haven’t received in months) and board flight to Orlando
  • Sleep entire flight
  • Although we’re in the very back of the plane, crazy lady next to me demands to get up and find her coat immediately upon landing
  • Get bags from incredibly spacious Orlando airport and wait for Cassie for about half an hour (Melnislow factor begins!)
  • Cassie arrives, we can’t find her bag for awhile … finally find it with bright orange “heavy” tag slapped on as it was way over the 50 lb. limit
  • Get through inspection to board ship, but pass out soon after, missing the first dinner
    03/04 – Nassau, Bahamas

  • We exit the ship and taxi our way to Paradise Island – with the famous Atlantis Resort and Hotel
  • Right outside the Atlantis we buy tickets to parasail … the men call Cassie “boss lady” the entire time
  • Cassie and I go first and it feels just like sitting in a big swing (older couple onboard takes our pictures)
  • 4:00 Do the extremely lame Name That Tune in the Old Glory Lobby with most boring host ever
  • 8:30 We go to our first meal at the Golden Restaurant
  • It’s a formal night, but we are the only people at our table – our waitress tells us no one was there last night. We will actually remain the only people to show up to our table for the remainder of the trip
  • For Cassie’s birthday we order glasses of two Napa Valley wines – I don’t notice any difference from my cheap wine tasting experience
  • Near the end of the meal the entire crew in the room get in the middle, light candles and sing an Italian song
  • Go to the 10th deck and steal a lifesaver for pictures
  • Visit the Camel Club Casino where I win $2.50 at blackjack and Cassie wins $5 at the roulette table (high rollers!)
    03/05 – Day at Sea 1

  • Woke up and freaked out – ran to Cyberspace Café and logged in to set fantasy basketball players for full week!!! At 75 cents per minute this only cost me $20!!!
  • 2:00 We go to the trivia contest in the Ivory Club – name the company based on it’s slogan – meet Bill “Vampire” guy
  • 2:30 We stay in the Ivory Club for the Boggle-like Clap Trap game which we win thanks to word puzzle mastermind, Cassandra Melnikow
  • Visit Camel Club Casino where Cassie breaks even at roulette table
  • 8:30 Go to dinner at the Golden Restaurant and, once again, it is just us at our table
  • Entire crew dances to Mambo Number 5 and La Vida Loca – Cassie is pulled up by waitress to dance (!!)
  • We order wine from Woodbridge and I don’t notice any difference between it and the Napa Valley
  • We go back to Casino where I win $10 at roulette and Cassie loses $40 – but not before she is asked by female croupier if she is 18 years old!
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Back to Business

Stanus.butt has been neglected a bit of late due to my week-long excursion into the Caribbean aboard the Carnival Glory. It was a fun experience and I’ll make sure to describe all the gory details in my next post (sadly, probably in list format). Man, a week away from the computer (it was $0.75 per minute aboard the ship) has me feeling as if I were drowning in all my emails, blogs, Toine news, and other stuff I have to get back to doing. As such, this is going to be a bit of a wee post here.

In other news, I seem to have aged again. 2007 marks my 26th year breathing and I mean to make my second quarter-century a bit more memorable than my first (though that’s not too hard to do since I don’t remember the first 10 or so years at all). Thanks to all who sent me text messages, emails, and e-cards reminding me that I’m an old man! I’ll be exacting my revenge upon you when your turn comes.

One thing I wasn’t too excited to see upon my return to the United States was the 33 spam comments that had been posted to previous blogs here. So, I’ve now added an e-mail verification system to commenting. When you now wish to comment on a blog you will be asked to input your e-mail address. The first time you use this e-mail address, you will have to wait until I approve it before your comment appears. Once approved, every comment thereafter – using the same e-mail address – your comments will automatically appear on the site. Thank the gay porn spammer while I was away for this annoying change. L8r

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Weekend Games

Besides checking out, deciding upon, and officially acquiring the New Jersey pad, last week was spent mostly experiencing the weirdest cold ever. I didn’t feel miserable or lethargic like a usual cold – I didn’t hurt – I just felt constantly annoyed for five straight days. Constant sneezing, coughing and the most fun: eye watering!! Many times I would start to tear while talking to a coworker or ON A CONFERENCE CALL and have to explain I was ok, just sensitive to light.

Though I thought this came at a terrible time – I had planned to see my first Escape M60 show and do some drinking with my soon-to-be roommates – it actually turned out to be a decent weekend. I had finished simming a series between the All-Time Bulls and All-Time Bucks when I suddenly realized … you can actually play video games instead of setting up the artificial intelligence to play itself! Armed with this revelation, I popped in my copy of Final Fantasy XII (which I bought almost 2 months ago and hadn’t even opened) and started up my first Fantasy session (I feel so gay [and yet so right!!!] referring it as such) in four years.

My first foray into the Final Fantasy fun was in 1999 when I picked up a copy of Final Fantasy VII – the best selling, best reviewed, and most beloved of the entire series. I had always mocked the RPG style of turn-based combat but actually fell in love with the strategy and resource management aspects of it when it was nestled in the warm, fuzzy surroundings of a great story. I advanced all the way until the final boss and then put the game down due to the difficulty, but it made the trip with me back to college for my sophomore year and I recall finally beating it in my dorm room.

I made stops along the way from then on – FF VIII was a nice attempt at a more serious atmosphere, but things actually got silly in the middle of the game and many of the combat animations were ridiculously long. I grew weary of the heavy handedness and waiting times. FF IX was the exact opposite – the main character had a tail and the main bad guy was a huge, fat woman who had graduated from the Joan Crawford school of makeup overkill. It was way too whimsical, and I felt like I was involved with some stupid Saturday morning cartoon and only got as far in it as I did by sheer force of will.

FF X was the first PS2 episode in the series and it seemed to have such potential (although it got a little too date sim for me at some points). Unfortunately, I recall getting to some crazy boss that would wipe me out with one or two blows! I can only knock my head into a brick wall so many times and moved on after about fifty (!) tries … and that was it! I put the series down in 2003 and ignored the next two releases (an over the top, girly sequel to X and the MMRPG XI). I had been sucked into the series by sheer luck – my first experience was the greatest in the decade plus history of the franchise’s existence but the disappointing sequels had left me wary.

Time healed that bruise, as it is wont to do, and I found myself salivating over the glowing reviews FF XII was earning in the video game press. The graphics looked great and the innovations seemed interesting … so I gave it a try. Hey, I was sick and was going to have to stay inside all weekend anyway.

Well, I get the feeling I wasn’t the only fan of the series who had felt the punches of the past few games as FF XII comes on strong and hasn’t let up about 10 hours into the story. The creators got it so right this time. It’s very Star Wars, with a little bit of Lord of the Rings for good measure, and feels like a more mature Zelda (which I actually gave up after Link to the Past, believe it or not [and, no, that day flirting with Ocarina of Time doesn’t count]). What can I say … video games are one of the huge pieces that has created who I am (along with, in order of appearance, comic books, music, website design, and basketball) and I’m still a sucker for a good weekend of doing nothing but sitting in front of the tv, playing, stopping only to read hints and eat.

Notice I didn’t say use the bathroom! Yes, I actually had to pull the famous Dumb and Dumber move of pissing in a bottle … but I’ll leave the details out unless you really wish to know about it!

The only other news of note is the contest: part deux! The original exercise contest that was won by Brandanus has been extended by the bee-logger, himself. This time, there’s a $10 ante and eight contestants. With the exit of Steve and someone I don’t know (but won’t mind spending their money when I win it!!!), it’s down to just el Toine, Bandon, Nate (of Nate’s Noodle fame!), Daily Dwayne and his lady. I’ll keep stanus.butt updated with any and all updates when they arrive!

And, finally, Toine – who has blogged twice in the past two months – called me saying he was disappointed in my blogging output of late. The doh never strikes twice!




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Stanus Moves!

In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that there were two large pieces of news coming down the pipe (or, as Howard Stern annoyingly says “coming down the pike”). Well, it is now officially time to announce the first piece of information:

I will be moving to North Bergen, New Jersey by early April (possibly before). The story begins with two twins – Andrew and Alex Perroy – who I’ve known since 8th grade (they went to Robinson and JMU). When we met up again at Jim Lunsford’s wedding back in December 2004, they told me they had moved up to New York City to pursue careers in the music industry and I began hatching a similar plot. Well, having lived in Astoria, Queens for some time, they have finally put all the pieces together for their new band, Escape M60, and wish to move to a larger, cheaper place in New Jersey that would allow for band rehearsing as well as continue to facilitate easy access to the city.

They found a great, four-story house just across the Hudson that seems to be perfect. The owner of the place is selling it (it used to be his parents’ but it’s just way too big for the two of them) and is even including many of the really nice furniture in as part of the deal. The Perroys plans include turning the entire basement into rehearsal space. Alex originally asked me about a week ago if I would be interested in becoming a roommate and I immediately turned him down – I had just moved only 5 months ago and I didn’t want to move further from the city than I already was.

However, the more and more I thought about it the move seemed like a great idea. I admitted to myself I was stalling in my current Brooklyn apartment. The walls were too thin that when I’d come home late I couldn’t play my electric and I was finding less and less reason to play my acoustic late as well. Though I found my roommates all very nice, we never hung out and were completely different people. Moving in with a band along with practice space and no one caring when I played would probably light up a much-needed fire underneath my ass. The next day when Alex actually asked again I said I was considering it and wanted to see the place.

Just this Tuesday the two of us took a ride out to North Bergen and the place was above and beyond the amazing photos Alex had sent to me. The house is huge and the furniture very nice (thank god we won’t have to go find couches). I’m already salivating at the basement downstairs (I was imagining where I wanted to set up my equipment)! Though the trip out there took about 45 minutes (due to crazy traffic), the bus ride back only took 20 so maybe even the commuting chaos I was expecting won’t be as bad as I thought.

Anyway, last night Alex told me the deal went through – that the house is officially ours! The others will be moving in March 15, but I told them I may need until April to find a replacement for my apartment here. Things are getting exciting again as I finally have stuff to look forward to – something that was sorely lacking for the past 6 months!!!



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  • Thursday, March 8th, 2007 at 10:46 | #1

    Stanus, that’s great! I’m happy to hear you’ll be living the dream again!! Congrats!

Quantum Rants

Quantum Leapage
It’s done. As of two nights ago I finished watching the entire series of Quantum Leap thanks to tv on DVD. That part of my life has finally been fully revisited and I am now ready to move on to other shows (Star Trek: TOS season 2 is in the mail!).

Quantum Leap was a series from 1989-1993 that appeared on … Wednesday nights as well as I can remember. Now, I watched a lot of tv when I was a kid but I can actually recall where I was and what was happening around me during some of the premeires of Quantum Leap episodes. When it was cancelled in 1993, it completely disappeared from the air and wouldn’t resurface in the form of reruns on the Sci-Fi channel until just a few years ago. As a result, the memories of the fun from watching the show stayed fresh in my head, while the realities of the series’ sporadic dips into the silly and the sugarary faded.

The verdict after my much wiser, 25-year old viewing of the show is this: inspired premise, great main characters (especially their chemistry), but great episodes few and far between. I love the idea that most of the tension comes from the self-imposed rules of time travel and the limitations of suddenly leaping in to a foreign experience, but I can’t stand the general hokieness and over simplification that pervades each story. Many episodes are embarrassing to watch and only a few (usually the ones written by the creator, Donald Bellasario) try to discuss the more interesting philosphies of time travel and the greater meaning of what Sam is doing. B-

Toine Takes Himself out of His Own Contest
There’s a buzz going ’round the world – Toine is out of his own contest! As already explored by the twenty-four hour Toine news service staff at SteverOnline, Toine announced he was “really tired last night” and “watching a movie and eatting [sic] dinner” and just plain “forgot to do them till about 2am.” Toine had no comment on my follow up question as to how his boyfriend took the news. It’s now down to Stever and Brandon, but with so many responsibilities – the Bee Log, Pokerjobber, the Transeffect Blog!!!!!!!!!!! – how can Brandon pull off a win? I’ll keep you posted.

If this were the stanus.butt from a year ago I’d already have beaten NBA All-Star predictions and analysis over you, my fine reader’s head but nay! I have removed all of that talk from this storied site. I will, however, comment on the recent news of ex-NBA player, John Amaechi, coming out of the closet.

It’s absolutely backwards that people are still clinging onto hate these days. Didn’t the 1960’s and 1860’s happen already? It saddens me that people must live a lie for years even amongst people they practically live with just because those people are idiots. Amaechi is gay … how does that affect his teammates at all? Gay men date and have sex with other gay men so if you’re straight you have nothing to worry about! Whenever I hear someone casually mention that they hate gay people my instant rection is to throw any respect as a person I have for them in the garbage. If you can discard a human being’s worth by their mere existence … well, you’ve just reached my discarding criteria.

To be honest, that’s not true. I’m just venting. Point in case is Tim Hardaway – an ex-NBA Legend who said he “hates gays” and that they “shouldn’t be in the world or the United States.” Whether he is condoning genocide or interstellar migration is unknown, but my reaction is similar to the one I hold for Michael Richards. I can respect Hardaway’s playing and don’t mind virtually representing him in my NBA Sim project (where he will appear on the All-Time Golden State Warriors roster). Similarly, I far from mind watching Kramer on Seinfeld. Hardaway the ball player and Michael Richards as Kramer: these are their performances. Their hate doesn’t affect their work/art … but the performers themselves? I find them less than decent as human beings.

And to balance a stereotype, here are reactions from three people involved with basketball that I agree with (Charles Barkley, Isiah Thomas, Mark Cuban). Finally, David Stern, commissioner of the sport, has banned Hardaway from appearing at NBA sanctioned functions.

Try NBA Sim!
And in case you haven’t already clicked on the link to my other blog/project, NBA Sim, in the paragraph above, you should! The latest blog is non-basketball obsessed fan friendly and even insightful! Basketball players are compared to superheroes … check it out!



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  • Zepmoon
    Friday, February 16th, 2007 at 10:56 | #1

    You go girl!

    Straight or Gay you gotta love that NBA.

Warming the Bench

At the behest of some high-ranking executives at SteverOnline I checked out Prince’s The Hits package – a collection of all the songs by The Artist deemed worthy of hit status. 36 songs jammed onto two CDs and I gotta say … a lot of filler here. There are about 5 solid classics on this album but they’re the ones I was already aware of. In fact, let me quickly go off on a tangent.

I remember when Batman came out in 1989 Prince was selected to compose all of the original songs for the soundtrack. Though I was 8 years old, and wouldn’t be into modern music (anything created after about 1975) until high school I knew who he was. I loved the stuff he created for the movie, but never really investigated the rest of his material until … really, until now. I thought his Super Bowl XLI performance was phenomenal and Stever gave him a glowing review so I felt it was worth my time. And it was … just … when he’s not too minimalist for me he’s too poppy. Verdict: I’ll keep about half the album and really listen to only those 5 or 6 songs I love.

In related news, I also got the 4-CD Reprice Collection set, collection all of the Frank Sinatra albums from the 60’s and 70’s. Includes some amazing stuff and I’d have to say that, although they sound a lot more alike, Frankie’s non-singles are a little bit better than Prince’s. Though, to be honest, Frank was just singing the stuff so all he had to worry about was nailing a perfect take (and holy shit does he do that more often than anyone else). Thanks to iTunes, I must rank all of the songs I listen to out of 5 to help me determine which to keep and which to toss. I’m making it a rule to listen to things thrice before making any decisions (yes, I did that with Prince) and this seems a daunting task for 81 tracks – but they’re all good enough I’m not too concerned.

Quick Recap
Sorry that this is a bit of a cleanup blog but it had to be done. I’ve finally gotten around to adding some photos from my trip to Dallas last year to the photoDB. Also, in case you want to read about this adventure as you live it in the photos, I’ve linked all the photos in the database to the ones in my stanus does Dallas feature – it’s actually one of my more finer writing moments so (re-)check it out!

Oh, and if you’re wondering: Jack Nicholson is also included in this blog’s photo as I’m playing as him in the one-player game of NBA 2k7. It gives you incredible control to alter a created player’s face and since 1) he has such a unique face 2) he’s cool and 3) he’s probably the world’s most well-known basketball fan I decided to give him the honor.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for …
I must quickly get through week 4 of my 3-on-3 basketball conquest! I was too sick to attend the fourth night of my mens league, but I do have statistics on my coed league. To reiterate, the coed league is a lot less macho competitive (we don’t argue with the refs, and none of us think we’re Michael Jordan … ok maybe one of us thinks he’s Dirk Nowitzki) and a lot more fun. Perhaps not coincidentally, my coed team is in 3rd place in the standings (10-6) whereas my mens team is dead last (3-1,00,000).

This week we played some teams that, honestly, were probably the worst teams in our division. A quick look at the standings online proved this theory true. We dominated them the entire 44 minutes – though we somehow officially lost the first game (even though by my uh … review of the game footage we were tied at the end). Some good news on a personal note: I was Player of the Game for 3 of the 4 games! This can only spell trouble for my teammates next week!

Some final notes: I’m skipping the basketball stats tables unless people really want to know about them. And … to leave you all quite titillated: expect at least two huge pieces of news in the next month or so! L8r



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  • Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 at 11:14 | #1

    you should add the ability to comment on photos

  • Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 at 11:19 | #2

    Half a dozen good songs by Prince? How about the cool fact that the first and last songs cronologically on that collection are great? (“Soft And Wet” and “Peach”) How about the fact that 90% of everything is Prince (instruments, writing, singing, production.) 🙁

  • Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 at 11:20 | #3

    Half a dozen classic songs. Like I said, I’m keeping about 18 but most are “Ehs” and “I like” rather than “I love” or “classic.” 😉

  • Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 at 11:20 | #4

    you have to amend the list, like i did. Add “trust” “party man” and (maybe) “batdance” from Batman. Also “diamonds and pearls” from the album right after the 2 hits. That’s at least 3 more (that’s a) CLAAAAASSIC tunes

Monitoring My Progress

About a week ago I started to consider my current video game situation (it’s important) and realized it was less than optimal. I had my PS3 hooked up to the tv I put in the living room. This is currently the only tv in the apartment so there would be occasions when I wanted to do some NBA Simming or play some other video games but wouldn’t be able to since a roommate was watching something (funny how they all said they didn’t watch tv when we moved in). Plus, the living room is cold in both temperature and atmosphere so it’s just not the greatest playing area.

What I decided to do was to purchase a flatscreen monitor for my room to play games on. However, since this would be installed right next to my computer desk I wanted it to also be able to double as a computer screen. This is the one I ultimately chose and found a great deal for it on eBay.

Well, when I arrived home last night a giant box was waiting for me in the hallway containing my new toy. It only took me a few minutes to have it up and running and move the PS3 beside it, but I soon realized I didn’t have the correct cable to have the two communicate. A short trip to Circuit City later and I was playing NBA 2k7.

Unfortunately, I was still playing NBA 2k7 a few hours later when I realized it was past midnight. I had forgotten to do my exercises and I was now the Kramer in my own contest. I still plan on doing the exercises as long as the contest goes, but it sucks to be out so early.

And then there were three!



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  • Sunday, February 11th, 2007 at 13:42 | #1

    You were so confident in your ability to win the contest, and you’re the first one out?!? pathetic. I’d be willing to let you back into the contest if instead of adding one rep every day, you doubled the reps every day…if you won the contest that way, that’d be very impressive.

    K K R R R A A A M M E E E E R R R !!!
    K K R R A A M M M M E R R !!!
    K K R R R A A A A M M M E E E R R R !!!
    K K R R A A M M E R R
    K K R R A A M M E E E E R R !!!

  • Sunday, February 11th, 2007 at 13:52 | #2

    doh’ I forgot whitespace gets stripped….let me try again…

    K K R R R A A A M M E E E E R R R !!!
    K K R R A A M M M M E R R !!!
    K K R R R A A A A M M M E E E R R R !!!
    K K R R A A M M E R R
    K K R R A A M M E E E E R R !!!

  • Sunday, February 11th, 2007 at 13:54 | #3

    🙁 There just might be a bit o’ the Kramer in me. In other news, I updated the stanus does Dallas feature so that you can now enlarge many of the pictures in gory detail! It only took me 11 months to get that finally done.

Master of My Domain

The Contest
Toine called me up this week and asked if I wanted to be included in a contest he had heard about on Elliot in the Morning. Every day – beginning Feb 1 – everyone in the contest must do a situp, a pushup and a squat (I get the feeling Toine added the squat for personal reasons). Additionally, another round of exercises must be added for each day. So, on Feb 2, we must all do 2 situps, 2 pushups, and 2 squats, etc. The contest is going strong into day 4 with Stever, Brandon, Toine and I all still in it! I’ll keep you abreast of the details as they come!

Week 3: State of the Zog
I’m already done with a third of my 3-on-3 basketball regular season, so along with an update on this week’s games I will include a brief report on how I’m doing, individually. In the mens league, team Time Out had its normally sub-par performance. I forgot to record two of the four games, but after it was all said and done, I wasn’t too sorry I missed them. We went 0-4 and got our asses handed to us pretty handily.

$killz 17.0 15.0 6.0 3.0 0.0 7.0 53.3% 0.0 100%
Run NMC 10.0 7.0 2.0 5.0 1.0 4.0 41.7% 3.0 100%
Time Out 5.0 6.0 1.0 1.0 0.0 6.0 17.2% 2.0 0%

Here’s how I’m faring on my mens team:

Averages 1.7 2.3 0.3 1.2 0.0 2.5 16.1% 0.3
Place on Team 3rd 3rd 3rd 1st 2nd 6th 3rd 4th

This puts me solidly as the third best person on the team. Sure, that’s not bad on a six man team, but when you realize two people haven’t played at all my real position becomes a little clearer. I need to focus so much on my rebounds, because when I don’t I just wait for the ball to come to me. Watching the video has really started to make me realize I need to be trying so much more.

Over in my coed league, the Lonerz were up to their usual performance as well: winning at least half of our games. I didn’t earn any Player of the Game honors this time as well (though I did earn a Stinker of the Game). However, watching the video, I realized my play is becoming a lot steadier.

Wishy Washy 14.5 8.5 1.0 4.5 0.5 6.5 38.9% 3.5 100%
The Lonerz 9.7 11.7 1.7 4.0 1.7 10.0 26.4% 1.3 50%
Cheese Toasties 10.0 9.0 1.0 3.0 0.0 11.0 29.4% 0.0 0%

Here’s the State of the Stanus on the Lonerz:

Averages 2.4 2.8 0.6 0.8 0.2 1.8 32.5% 0.2
Place on Team 2nd 2nd 1st 2nd 2nd 5th 3rd 3rd

Amazingly, this ties me for first place on the entire team! Still, watching the video I notice I could do so much more on the boards. My rebounding woes continue to haunt me in this league as well. Next week I’m really going to try and focus solely on putting all my effort into rebounds. I’ll even give up shots to try to learn how to get better positioning down low! Toine to the future!




Perhaps it’s not too terrible a problem to have but I am currently feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the entertainment options at my fingertips. I have a list of about 200 movies I want to see (and I made that thing back in 2003!); there are about fifteen books and comics strewn about my bed and table that I need to get through; I have a list of 20 albums (and growing every week) that I would like to hear; I’m trying to keep up with the world of basketball as well as my own world of basketball; not to mention all the sights and sounds to be enjoyed in the city. Add to this a desire to kick off all the dust that lingers on my music aspirations and perhaps you will understand the paralysis that confronts me when I realize I only have 5 hours a weekday to spend on these activities.

I think this is representative of a larger condition. Even though I’ve always been a big idea person, details don’t frustrate me. The execution, on the other hand, I have issues with: I planned out a beer pong video game during my lost semester (I had graduated from JMU but still lived near campus without really working for a couple of months) down to the different powerups and what beer pong attributes they would affect when used. When it came to actually getting through the entire mess of code I gave it the ol’ try but stumbled a couple of weeks into it. The contant barrage of little problems I had to overcome while coding annoyed me to no end. Why couldn’t I just reach my goal without interruption? I quickly burned out.

Well, it may come to no surprise that once again I’m having trouble kickstarting my neweset grand scheme. As of this second, I have 232 songs registered in my musicDB. I would like to go through all of these and use each one that is not either a cover or already completed as a spring board into productivity. Essentially, this means I want to finish every song in there. I want to put no limitations on this project – I don’t care if the results are good or bad. I just want to get back into the phenomenal songwriting shape I was in about four years ago (jeez … four years ago).

With my new toy – the iMic – I thought I was ready to begin conquering this Mt. Everest last night. Unfortunately, I am experiencing technical difficulties. Plugging my guitar into the iMic and then the iMic into the computer results beautiful, clear recordings. However, these sounds can only be heard upon playback. I cannot hear myself play in realtime and that seriously bugs me. A lot of my writing is spent rewinding and replaying a track over and over while I noodle on my guitar on top of it. Having to constantly stop and press play to hear if something worked will, at the very least, double the amount of time it takes me to write.

I’m still in search of a solution, but I am determined to breakthrough my usual execution-of-big-idea wall this time around. One problem at a time, dear blog readers!



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