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My new device!

It’s been two years since the last one, so expect an obligatory phone-update blog soon.

Oh, wait, here it is!

Over the extended 4th of July weekend, Cassie and I got new phones as both of our individual contracts had expired. She kept needling me to move over to Verizon and, now that they had their own iPhone, I really had no excuses this time. So, we hiked over to the Verizon store on 86th St and I started fiddling with some of the other phones.

… and fell in love with the Droid 🙁 !

With two years of iPhone experience under my belt it’s amazing that it only took about 20 minutes before I realized how much more aligned with my thinking the Droid was. I mean … how have I existed without widgets? My choice was between the X2 (Motorola), the Charge (Samsung) and the Incredible 2 (HTC). Well, while the X2 possessed a large screen and super fast processor, I just hated the way it looked and felt. The Incredible 2, on the other hand, was the slowest of the three and more compact (about the size of my iPhone). I hesitated for a second on that one but ultimately chose the Charge as it had a better screen than even the X2, I loved the physical buttons on the chin, and it boasted 4G connectivity. Really, they all do the same bullshit, so that was good enough for me.

I’ve got a full two weeks to change my mind on this bad boy but so far, I do really like it and PREFER IT to my old iPhanus, so Brandon you can kiss my (_|_) !!!

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A Championship In Pictures

Mavs win

Dallas Mavericks: 2011 NBA Champions
Game winner

Game winner
Mavs are tight

Through thick and thin

An emotional Dirk leaves the floor
Dirk and his new bud

Dirk and his new bud


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On The Air!

The rock of New Jersey

Wow! Rusted Hero was just on the radio! That’s right – at 11:30pm this night we were played by the great Lindsay Klein of 105.5 WDHA – the rock of New Jersey. I was, unfortunately, in the air, landing at La Guardia after my Dallas-Austin mini-vacation so I missed the playing of it live. Luckily, Stever was able to grab it. It truly is quite an awesome moment to hear your stuff on the air … lemme tell ya!

Next up, we’re going in and playing a couple of songs acoustically for WDHA on Tuesday the 28th. Don’t know when they’ll play it over the airwaves, but I’ll keep everyone informed (of course)!

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  • Shelby
    Friday, June 10th, 2011 at 21:11 | #1

    This is a large deal! Congratulations – how did this get arranged?

  • Friday, June 10th, 2011 at 21:31 | #2

    Working the connections. Drummer’s fiance’s coworker knew the DJ and got our CD into her hands. We’re already working on our next radio station, believe it or not!

I’m Old

Mose recent photo of me

During my week of hell at work I went through another nightmare.

I turned 30.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to mark this milestone in the usual, drunken revelry that many of my peers would choose. Nay! I “celebrated” by taking a couple of hours off from working, sitting on the couch in my sweatpants, watching a Mavericks game and drinking beer. It was the best I could do with the time I had! Sure, it wasn’t the most memorable of evenings, but it could’ve been worse. In fact, there was a bit of a silver lining as I was so busy that I didn’t have time to reflect on the real weight of the occasion.

It’s not as if the day has any hard meaning to me, anyway. I tend to forget the birthdays and, instead, remember more of the year in general. This one’s got a nice, round number to it which brings a hint of closure even though I don’t think there’s going to be too much of a difference between my 30th and 29th years on the planet. But, as I was reading before hitting the hay one of these nights, I did sit and think about the fact that I’ve witnessed three decades of life and … it was a big deal.

All for about 10 seconds. And then I went back to reading my Batman and Superman comic book.

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The culprit

It’s been a bit of a nightmare week. First (and most) of all, I’ve been completely swamped at work. I’m working on an outrageous project – giant demands, super aggressive deadline, pushy client. What it meant for me was working until 3am (at the earliest) for a week straight (including weekends). I barely had time to sleep much less live so I became quite the zombie. I probably also became really surly … but something had to give and usually the first to go is my manners.

While that hell was going on, my beautiful [] got hacked! I was so busy I actually had to be told by people that it was down. When I checked it out for myself I was pretty shocked: the homepage was now a creepy photo of some person gagged with arabic writing below. Looks like it was some sort of free the Middle East stuff and not threatening, but it creeped me the fuck out. I logged into my server to clean up the damage and found something even more insidious – the asshole had deleted every single one of my files!

Luckily, I keep back ups of all my web work (though this’ll remind me to start doing that more often) and I only lost a handful of images that I was able to replace pretty quickly. Still … what the fuck? What possible benefit did this guy have to hacking a site that has a readership of maybe 3? Weird. The craziness continues in my next post …

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Enough With The Mouth


Alright, I’ll admit it: until my appointment last year, I hadn’t seen a dentist since I moved up to New York. Yes, it’s terrible but I have learned my lesson and am currently paying the price.

Cassie found a great dentist in midtown who gave me a wake up call. For some reason (be it genetic or otherwise) I had giant holes in the top of two of my teeth. It never really hurt but I do know how annoying it could be to eat as small bits of food would get stuck up there. Well, the dentist laid down the gauntlet: root canals on both along with a few cavity fillings. Fun! Worse, the work had to be spread out over 4 separate days. This was going to be a marathon of pain, but I knew I had to do it (as well as I deserved it for my negligence).

Well, it turns out the whole thing wasn’t as bad as we thought. Upon further investigation by the dentist, she discovered that I didn’t need root canals on either tooth but I would need tooth-like onlays attached to fill the gaps. The process took a lot of Novocain shots (so much so that I began to get used to the pain of a needle in my gums) and over 4 hours of work but I survived. In fact, the worst thing was having to chew on one side of my mouth for the rest of the day after a procedure.

Anyway, the hell is over and my fear of dental work is conquered (mostly)! I just have to go to pick up a protective night guard in mid-March and I’m done!

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  • Shelby
    Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 at 07:06 | #1

    Smart move, I hope you had some insurance help with the bill.

Rusted Review

Just in time for our CD release show this week at The Delancey (Thursday starting at 10pm!), Rusted Hero’s EP got our first major review!

Check it out here: The Cheap

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  • Zepmoon
    Tuesday, November 16th, 2010 at 10:59 | #1

    Nice to see you are getting positive press!

Our Digital Duty

The EP

Some hot news for you: Rusted Hero’s self-titled EP is up and available for digital purchase on a million sites!! We’re here on CD Baby and, thanks to them, we’re also on iTunes (now) and (soon). The whole album is about $7 and is fucking awesome! I know you’ll love it.

Oh, and if you want the physical version, we’ll be selling these babies at our CD release party 11pm on November 18th at The Delancey. Including the EP, we should have some shirts and FREE whiskey drinks for the full hour leading up to our set. I’m super excited … so beware. NOTE: This will be hot!

UPDATE: We’ve got a cool little contest going. The first 5 people to review our EP on iTunes will get a free copy of the actual CD! Email after leaving your review and we will send out the CD as soon as we get them!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Now we’re on!

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Albany Beckons

Some random band in the studio

Have I mentioned that I’m in a band?

Well I am … and I have more news regarding said organization! We’ve officially secured a weekend at Max Trax Studios in Albany, NY to record our demo. HOTNESS!

We’re heading up the weekend of August 13-15th (you know just days before our first gig). Adrien (bass) and Matt (singer) have that Friday off so they will drive up together in Adrien’s Bronxmobile with all of our equipment and set up for a couple of hours before working stiffs John (drums) and I (NBA Sim) follow by train/bus. The plan is to stay with Adrien’s brother who lives up there and record for a total of 16 hours over the next two days. I’m hoping to bring up a camera to capture some impromptu, romantic moments whilst recording and hanging out to share with everyone while you patiently wait for the music, itself.

Three nights recording, one day off and then our first gig … damn, this should be cool! I’m really excited to get the band up and running – ready or not, in those five days come mid-August, Rusted Hero will be born.

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Gig Coming Your Way

Future historical landmark

Alright, so you’ve listened to the practice recordings over at, become a friend of the Rusted Hero Facebook and MySpace pages, and are an avid follower of the Rusted Hero Twitter account. But what about seeing these guys live?

Well, your wish (and ours) has come true!

Our first gig has officially been confirmed. We will be playing Tuesday, August 17th at Otto’s Shrunken Head on E 14th St and Ave B at 11pm! HOTNESS! I originally heard of the place when my New Jersey roommates’ metal band played there a couple years ago (I showed up just in time to not see them, though) and my coworker’s jazz band performed there as well. I’ve also just hung out in the place a couple of times on my own – it’s a wacky, weird bar with a great vibe. Hell, they played “Temporary Secretary” the last time I was in there – that’s gotta count for something!

Anyway, everyone, there’s no cover so I’m sure that’ll offset the fact that it’s a little late on a weekday. Who the hell cares, though, with a chance to be a part of history!

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