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Virginia: Ever Been There?

Over the weekend I traveled down to Virginia (again) for a wedding and to hang out with as much people as I knew down there (a lot). There’s just to much to tell really, and it’d make a long, boring blog so I’ll do a few, quick highlights:

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!Bolt Bus: Always an Adventure!
Whenever taking a busride you’re really taking sanity into your hands and this trip was no different. The guy sitting next to me and his friends sitting in the seats in front of me proceeded to get drunk for the entire 5 hours we were on the road. Luckilly, I came equipped with both my iPod and laptop to distract me from their rowdy revelry.

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!The Hechtman Nuptials
The reason I left New York in the first place! Cassie and I arrived at Cherry Hill farmhouse in Falls Church, VA (didn’t know it even existed even though I used to be in the area all the time visiting Brandon’s first apartment) actually on time (!!) and proceeded to watch David Hechtman – yes, this same David Hechtman – get married! It was wild, but actually a very easy, breezy wedding. In fact, as soon as the ceremony was over it was instantly the reception! And, unlike most of the weddings I’ve been to, even though I didn’t know many people there, I actually had a pretty good time.

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!The Justice League of Couples
As famously named by El Stevedore, Cassie, Brandon and I set up a meeting of the couples for after the wedding. We three met up with Stever, Elise and Katie (Anthony and Joy were unable to come) at Faccia Luna in Arlington (“right by Dr. Demo’s (sic)” quoth the Jones). It actually was pretty shitty pizza but great company. After about two hours of eating and gabbing, we decided to carry the party back at the new Casa de Jones. Even though this was my first time seeing the new apartment, I actually had been to their building before – visiting someone some years ago that I know forget.

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!Enter: Killiam!
And it wouldn’t have been a party at the Jones’ without a little French injection (if you know what I mean 😉 )!!! Richard showed up wearing a velcro shirt that he alerted everyone to, and too-tight pants that Cassie alerted to him. We all wasted many hours swapping high school and college stories, surfing the YouTube internets and drinking many a Brandon Roman Coke! It was a great time, and ended on a high note when Richard passed out with one eye open!

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!The SteverUnderground
I was lucky enough to score a couch in the famed basement in which Stever dwells. However, there was a steep price to pay for this luxury as I was bombarded with 3 episodes of late-season Full House. Using this subterr-steveran area as a Virginia headquarters I was able to come and go as I pleased, including a mother’s day visit to Woodbridge.

Well, I survived yet another “trip around the corner” to Virginia. How’d you guys fare through this boring blog?

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It’s Been A Bumpy Ride

An easy metaphor for my past two weeks

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster these past two weeks.

First, I finally got a huge burden off my shoulders. Wednesday the 21st, my emotions and patience were tested as the giant project I’ve been plugging away on at work finally “went live.” This was a momentous event as it was the culmination of my 3 years at my firm. I started out on this project as the “Robin” to my manager’s “Batman” but with all the twists and turns of multiple years, I ended up being the damn Batman with several Robins! What a strange trip.

When things didn’t go completely according to plan at the deadline, the atmosphere got extremely tense, people became a little crazy and there was a bit of a mad scramble to set things right. But, we succeeded in getting the beast out the door and work is finally coming back down to normal levels. I’m even beginning to get used to what free time outside of the office feels like again.

Coinciding with my work’s most intense point was my grandfather’s internment. The weekend of the 24th, I traveled to Cumberland, Maryland and – although I spent 18 hours aboard a bus, a metro, and driving a car – I ended up feeling way more emotionally exhausted than just plain tired. It was nice to see all of the clan, and it was comforting to honor Pop Pop’s life in a way that was equally grand and private, but I was super sensitive at times and found it hard to really do anything but what was on the agenda. The one night we were all together, for example, I was asleep by 10pm.

I’d love to throw in my two cents on some of the reflecting that I did during this period, but I’ll save it for another post (maybe). Meanwhile, enjoy far better recaps of the weekend at these links:

After being stretched to the absolute limit by stress one day and then faced with final loss the next, I almost didn’t care when I saw my NBA season end with the Mavericks getting ousted last Thursday. Yet, somehow, I found a few last ebbs of emotion somewhere deep in my bowels – enough to still experience that “reliable disappointment” of another losing Mavs season.

To be honest, there was a moment last week where – taking blow after emotional blow – I didn’t know what more to expect.

But fear not, dear reader! I haven’t succumbed to this assault of agitation. Just the opposite in fact, as I feel stronger having survived it all! Hell, with everything I just went through, this calls for a serious celebration. Get ready for something super awesome coming next week that will include all the greatest ingredients of []: archival material, witty commentary, music, photos, way too much information, and never-before-revealed … uh … revelations!

Take shelter! You’ll need it for this huge event.

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This Game is Stupid


… but I’m playing it. In foursquare, all you do is check into places you go to – your house, restaurants, parks, etc. The GPS functionality of the iPhone verifies your location and you use these check-ins to earn achievements. If you are the person who has checked into a place the most you become the mayor of it (I’ve heard some establishments will grant their foursquare mayor with discounts). You can also earn badges which is the only game-like characteristic of the game (and what’s keeping me “playing” it) – where you have to check-in at 4 bars in one night, or 10-gyms in a month, etc. It’s all really stupid, but it’s simple and addicting.

Besides that stupid little video game, though, I was in a life of hell. Luckily, that hell is over – I think – and I can begin to breathe again. I actually worked 12 days straight on a project at work (which has to be my career high) and finally had this weekend off. Almost immediately after discovering I’d have this weekend actually free from work I was notified Hurricane Killiam was going to be blowing into New York. Even though I was pretty tired, we still had a good time.

Friday night we met really late since I had band practice (I swear I’ll do a band report post soon!) and didn’t get home until 11ish. Then Richard, Cassie and I hit up a nearby place called Swig and, of course, got drunk and talked about old high school and college gossip. The next day, Richard went to grab some brunch with another friend of his but returned to our apartment to do some more bar hopping.

Before we left, however, Richard demanded to pull out year-old foie gras that he had gifted to us during his last visit. Along with some fig bread (regular bread with figs in it … why do the French love to mess food up by inserting disgusting items into good-tasting food?) my mouth was in for a wild ride as the foie gras looked exactly like Gatito’s wet food. For all of the obstacles it had to overcome, the meal wasn’t bad at all, actually. Sure, not really my thing since I’m a texture guy and can puke on any slimy-type of food – but at least I tried. Then we escaped to our rooftop to overlook the Upper East Side and drink a few beerskis.

After we were good and “pre-gamed,” we made the trek towards Soho for barhopping. This was actually a mixed bag as the entire area is way preppier than I’m comfortable with, but we still managed to have a good time (perhaps the continuous amount of alcohol pumped into our systems had something to do with this fact?).

Finally, Sunday morning we got down to business. I finally introduced Richard to the PS3 and we played Soul Calibur IV for a bit. It would’ve been cooler to have more recent games (hell, it’d be nice just to have more games in general) for my PS3, though. I’m still kinda finishing up all the PS2 games I had on my list to play/beat. I’ll make the move to PS3 soon, but feel like once I go PS3 I’ll never come back to PS2. Anyway, it was a low-key afternoon that reminded me of the many college weekends we had destroyed, sitting around, eating crappy food and playing games.

Alright, there you go: a shit-load of working, a stupid new social game I’m playing, and a weekend de Killiam. Hopefully I can get back to some interesting writing here now that all of that backlog of items is out!

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    Have you tried Gowalla?

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    Nope. Never even heard of it 🙁

  • Sunday, April 11th, 2010 at 11:29 | #3

    It’s a competing service, very similar. Check out their app.

Bully For Me

Me and some of my ... friends

Ah, Rockstar. How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways …

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Midnight Club II

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

… and now Bully! Though this game came out in 2006, and I bought it over a year ago, I finally got around to playing it last weekend. And let me stress something: this is all I did last weekend (probably plunked down 12+ hours thanks to Cassie’s hangover/sickness recovery Saturday)! Ok, so I took a brief break out on Sunday to watch a Mavs game, but besides that all I did was sit in front of my large TV with PS3 controller in hand and run around bullying people.

Actually, just like any of the GTA games, this one is about much more than just bullying people. You’re a new student at a boarding school and you must tread the social lines between all the cliques (nerd, jocks, bullies, preppies, and greasers), cause as much mayhem as possible and stay out of the principal’s and teacher’s ever-vigilant eyes. It’s a great, open-world environment, though only about half as large as any of the other GTA games. In fact, I really enjoy the sized-down approach to this game as it fits right in with my the amount of dedication I can give to games these days.

Anyway, it’s been about 5 years since I played my last GTA-like game and I forgot how much I loved the genre. Thank you, good sirs!

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Running in the Cold

Post-run victory poses

Photos © 2010 Cassie Melnikow, Stan Syckes

I just had a whirlwind of a weekend and, for once, I mean this in a good way!

I had President’s Day off (this past Monday) so I was already looking at a 3-day weekend but I also had another ace up my sleeve. During my Christmas vacation last year, I had to “work” two 4-hour slots even though I was away from the office. I parlayed this into a carryover vacation day and decided to use it last Friday to form a superhuman 4-day weekend! Here’s a few of the highlights:

  • Friday – we anticipated everywhere on Sunday to be crazy as 1) it would be Valentine’s Day and 2) most everyone would have the next day off. So we switched dates and made Friday the defacto V-Day. After eating lunch at our favorite hole-in-the-wall Italian place, Ottomanelli’s Cafe, we hit up the Guggenheim. I really liked the architecture but was unimpressed by the art – it seemed like hardly anything was there and most of the pieces were cubism (one of my least liked periods). The weirdest part of the whole thing, however was the “performance art” happening right in the lobby. Two actors were slowly making out for the full two hours we were there. Really creepy.

    After exiting the Gug, we walked through Central Park which was still covered in last week’s snowfall. It was very peaceful, even though the ice and snow gave dog owners a great excuse not to pick up dog poop and there was a suspicious amount of yellow snow on the paths!

  • Saturday – Took it easy. Did a few errands, played a shit load of video games, watched the Olympics opening ceremony and the All-Star Saturday Night games. I erupted in my pantelones when Dirk won the Shooting Stars contest for Team Texas!

  • Sunday – We woke up at the crack of dawn (7:45am), got dressed as warm as we could, and headed out to Prospect Park in Brooklyn for the Valentine’s 5K Run. It was my first race of any kind – and I could count the number of times I’ve run 3 miles in my life on one hand – but Cassie and I both did a lot better than we expected. I finished the full lap around the park in 27:27 (my practice run on the treadmill Friday was just a hair over 30 minutes) and came in 58th place, though I started way in the back and wasn’t looking to go fast. It was actually a lot of fun and I’m glad I did it, but I think I’d enjoy races more during warmer weather. The picture above is Cassie and I putting on our victory poses post-race!

    After a well-needed (and super lazy) 3-hour nap, I woke up and watched the NBA All-Star game. It was fun and stupid all at the same time – so it was pretty typical of these games (see here, here, here, and here for further proof).

  • Monday – Uh … I played even more video games. There was no stopping me! I vegged, watched TV, and prepared for my second straight 4-day work week. Bonus!

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Super Bowling

A bunch of sweaty, spandex-wearing men pile on top of each other

BREAKING NEWS: The Super Bowl was played last Sunday!

It seems to be that for the past decade I’ve flip-flopped my Super Bowl watching activities. Either I’ve gone all out, attending large parties filled with many people, food and beer or I’ve sat inside my place by myself and had it on in the background.

Well, this year Cassie and I were invited to our friends’ (The Bess’) place to watch a little football and eat a shitload. Since Cassie’s Indianapolis Colts were in the contest, she went in full support – shirt, pants, scarf, and jersey all emblazoned with the horseshoe logo. I managed to fit myself into one of her Colts t-shirts and called it a day. Because of the weather, a few people decided to bail on the party, though it was great to finally meet their 13-month old future rock star, Dylan, for the first time. I’ve only seen him in blurry iPhone photos and it was fun to see him in person (though most of the night he was afraid of me and instantly in love with Cassie).

Aside from drinking a ton of beer (holy shit, those pre- and sometimes post-band practice bar trips are upping my tolerance considerably!), we played a gambling game where everyone is assigned random points. So, if I were to get 0-7, that meant that at the end of any quarter, if the integer values of the scores ended with 0-7, I’d be a winner. It was slightly more complicated than that but if you’ve never played it (and I don’t know the name), I’ll spare you the details.

Anyway, I’m sad to say it was a bad night for team Gatito as we never won in our gambling game and the Colts ultimately succumbed to … something. To tell you the truth, I know I was in front of a TV for 4 hours but I can barely remember anything I actually saw on it. I was having too much fun in the meantime, I guess.

NEXT POST (a teaser!!!!!!!!!!!): The return of the band! Interesting updates await …

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I Need More Weekends Like That …

The Indianapolis Mega Man Maverick Rock Band

Montage @ 2010 Stan Syckes

Wow, what a great weekend. For the first time in 3 weeks we didn’t have to entertain anyone in our apartment so we just vegged.

First of all, Cassie was getting over a cold and took a bunch of naps which let me hit my video gaming duties with extreme prejudice! That’s right I sank 5+ hours into my PS3 on Saturday and it felt amazing – I haven’t had a game day like that in years! First, I beat Mega Man 9, a game I actually first mentioned over a year ago. Then I started to be serious about beating Rock Band. I purchased this game 3 Christmases ago (wow), but it’s been collecting dust for sometime now.

Sunday, we woke up early (for us) and headed downtown to Madison Square Garden to see the annual Knicks game versus the Dallas Mavericks. I don’t know how I managed to acquire them, but I actually found great seats near mid-court for half of their face value. I was expecting some giant column to be in front of me, blocking my view, but the seats were phenomenal! And we ended up witnessing history – a 50 point win by the Mavs which was their biggest win in franchise history (and it was the Knicks’ worst loss in the Garden). I never thought I’d be interested in a blowout (and had never seen one until last weekend), but I actually got to see some of my favorite players on the Mavs bench get a lot of playing time so I was happy. And we had a great, bunch of drunk guys just above us who were hilariously yelling at the players. Great fans, great game, great time!

And, yes, I brought both of my away jerseys with me so I could make sure I was wearing the exact same one the Mavs ended up wearing. 🙁

After the game we came back and watched two great football games (did I just say that? Who am I becoming?). First, Cassie’s Colts won a trip to the Super Bowl and then there was a great battle between the Vikings and the Saints. I’m finally looking forward to a Super Bowl again (last year turned out to be good, but I wasn’t really anticipating it to be anything special).

Weekends not doing anything special = awesome. More of those, please!

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Fuck 2009 [Part 2]

Kenny Kramer and a bunch of Seinfeld, Seinsmelled contributors

Photo @ 2010 Brandon Jones

Ugh … I’m really hating this layout. I’m working on a completely homemade, new one. It’ll be pretty sparse so hopefully I can get it implemented soon because this piece of crap is actually making me want to blog less. UPDATE (TO MYSELF: I’ve already changed it.

Anyway, to continue where I left off, it was January 1st. I was in a fitful sleep when I was suddenly awoken out of a serious, New Years Eve/Jeff C[removed]-induced hangover by my phone. Picking it up revealed that my brother, Captain of the U.S.S. SteverOnline, was on the other end! It turns out that he had just been denied access to his Bolt Bus transportation into the city because he “looked like someone who had assaulted a lady on a previous bus.” I’m sure everyone can see the joke coming as Steve is my identical twin.

Well, he asked if I had ever done such a deed. Normally, I might have been a little pissed that he’d even consider this reprehensible behavior to actually have been perpetrated by me – except I had just survived the wildest/stupidest two weeks of drinking since perhaps my last college spring break. So, when he asked if I had anything to do with it I, too, paused for about half a minute to make sure. Luckily, my brain kicked my ass with the realization that 1) I would never do such a thing 2) I would never drink on a 4-hour bus trip (think of the sickness!!) and 3) I’d never had a female bus driver from this company (it was a woman driver who was banning Stever from boarding). The situation totally sucked balls, but Stever and his lady in wait, Brandon, snuck aboard the next bus half an hour later and managed to get into the city without further incident.

They arrived at my doorstep around 7 in the PM and were instantly introduced to the dainty, little princess that is Gatito. She ran into a corner and started growling and hissing and generally annoying everyone. Finally she ran into the bedroom where she remained for the rest of the weekend (except for the celebrated bathroom standoff the next morning). This was her first weekend with people and I’m actually happy to say she’s gotten 100% better. We had people over the next two weekends in a row and she came out and interacted with everyone. Maybe she just has a thing against the Stever-Brandon tag team.

Speaking of which, I also realized that Stever must have been mistaken for someone completely different than either of us as he was sporting a 2-week old beard! Anyway, after spending way too long deciding on where to eat (apparently one of my lesser enjoyed habits), we decided on Doc Watson’s bar/restaurant. It was … ok. It was really cramped inside and the atmosphere was “bring your older relatives for a zany time!” Then we went home and watched 4 Dexters in a row … wow, what an addicting, great show.

We got up butt-early the next day and trekked through the insane winds over to the Producer’s Club Theater, located just outside of Times Square. We walked up a flight of stairs into a small bar, randomly decorated with classic album covers, and found just five people ahead of us waiting for the tour. As the room began to fill with more and more tourists, suddenly there was an electricity felt … a presence! That’s when J.M. C[removed], himself, entered the room! With tiny, purple JMU gloves on! Stever rejoiced.

The room finally filled up to about 40 people and we were ushered into another, small room – this one vaguely resembling the one in the opening, stand up scenes in Seinfeld. The man who had led us there said a few, terrible, warm up jokes and I suddenly became frightened that we weren’t going to see Kenny Kramer at all. But, just as his counterpart Jeff C[removed] had, the real Kramer lit up the room upon entry! He told a few jokes, reminisced about his friendship with Larry David and the inception of the show, and then we were on our way!

… to his store! I bought a George Costanza shirt and got Kramer to sign it and we all got a picture with the man, himself. Then we boarded the bus (we were in the absolute last two rows) and proceeded to be shown a bunch of places that were no longer in existence. Yes, Kramer has been doing this tour for 14 years and the average turnover in New York City is about 3, so everything has changed except for a handful of places. Still, the stories he told were great and I loved the experience of “living” the show. We stopped outside of Tom’s Restaurant and all got pictures with Kramer (including one, giant one featuring everyone on the tour) and then arrived back at the Producer’s Club. Kramer even gave Brandon and I free tickets to a comedy club that we ended up using the next night.

Stever’s bus was leaving soon after we got back, and Jeff was eager to head out as well, but none of us wanted the good times to end so we ate at … Chevy’s right in Time’s Square. Whatever, New Yorkers. I care not about where I eat, even if it’s a tourist trap franchise establishment!

To close, if you’re as big a Seinfeld fan as I am and you’re in the New York area I’d highly recommend you going to see the Kramer Tour. It’s not going to be the greatest show on earth, but it’s a great look behind the Hollywood curtain at some of the background of the beginnings of this superior TV series. But it’s not something like the Brooklyn Bridge or Times Square where you can continue to take visitors to … once is enough.

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  • Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 at 14:09 | #1

    Testing that comments work 🙁

Fuck 2009 [Part 1]

Finally getting some on New Year's Eve

Photo @ 2010 Jeff C[removed]

Good weekend!

Thursday night was the last night of 2009. A year that, save the acquisition of one Gatito, was one of the crappiest I’ve ever experienced. Sure, I had a lot of fun, started up my most serious attempt at a band, and got a dream apartment in New York City, but I never quite shook free of that thin layer of dread. Work was crazy: besides having to go through the uncertainty of the recession (we did let people go), I also suddenly found myself in charge of this giant project that was way out of my skill set. But, 2010 brings hope and a lot of opportunity! I’m finally feeling like I’m on top of things at work, the apartment is still awesome, I feel as though I’ve found some really good war buddies in my bandmates, and we’ve gone poo-free in the tub all year (thanks so far, Tito)!

Enough of my emotional purging! Here are the goods you wanted: Jeff C[removed] and his girlfriend, Megan, came up to New York for New Year’s Eve. They were staying with Jeff’s old friend, Naveen (who I’ve had the pleasure of Spring Break-ing with twice) but we all met up at Papillion to start off the celebrations. The place was a giant, French/beer restaurant (though strangely occupied by Italian opera karaoke upstairs) but I was impressed with neither the food nor the beer selection. The best line was as I first sat down, Jeff C[removed] ordered me to drink the beer in front of me saying “we’re all drinking their finest, 1664!” Amazingly, he wasn’t being faceitious so I had to burst his bubble and tell him it’s essentially the French Budweiser (thanks to my storied two weeks in France with Detective Richard Kimble). I know this paragraph sounds like I’m a food snob. I’m not. I’m a beer snob! With very little information. It’s makes for one terribly confused cocktail.

We finished up and went to Pravda – a Russian warehouse themed bar in the Lower East Side – which was a great idea of Naveen’s since Papillion was dying. Thanks to some quick cab wrangling, we arrived with just minutes to spare before the big countdown. Jeff C[removed] bought a bottle of champagne and poured us all a glass (a mistake, as he continued to remind me that I “owed him for the alcohol” for the rest of the night). Everyone was drunk, wearing New Year’s pointed hats or 2010 glasses, and the bartender jumped on the bar with a giant, cheerleader megaphone for the countdown (I filmed it with my iPhone but who knows how well it came out). It was my first time spending New Year’s Eve in a cool bar and it’s gotta rank up there as the best ways to welcome in a new year. Jeff’s three single buddies (Naveen and two other guys who we had dined with) tried to pick up some girls while Jeff, himself, decided to hump balloons and party hats. Did I mention he was out of his mind drunk? Oh, and there were several ladies who I practically violated just by looking at them since their skirts (more like long belts) were so short. All of this (ok, mainly him being ignored by the ladies they were hitting on) led to Naveen finally declaring we would move onto another bar.

The second bar was super small, super cramped and not as inviting an atmosphere as Pravda. Plus, you had to pay $3 a jacket for them to hold it for you. I snuck my second jacket in my larger one’s arm and no one was the wiser, though! We were there for quite a while but I started to get a little drunk. I danced a little, drank a little, talked a little, and remember even less. Cassie and I didn’t make it home until 5 AM … where I made the terrible decision to watch a 3 hour-long Mavericks basketball game that I recorded.

But that’s just the beginning, reader! As I lay my head down to sleep at 7 AM little did I realize what was in store for me: Syckes meets Syckes; Kramer meets Kramer; a deadly, cornered wild beast rears her fearsome head; a showdown with a serial killer commences; and my violent past finally catches up with me! Stay tuned!

Oh, and check out the Best/Worst of 2009 feature I’ve started! Enjoy and Happy Goddamn 2010!

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TWITTER: Bad Karaoke

Ugh … I’ve still never received any evidence contradicting the fact that karaoke is for non-musicians

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