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I, Ninja!


I’m pretty much awesome at video games. That is a fact.

And last Friday night provided more evidence to this conclusion as I finally bested my latest digital endeavor: Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Hailed as one of the most beautiful games (technically and artistically) of it’s time as well as one of the hardest, Sigma lived up to the hype. Sure, it was yet another one of those games who stayed slightly past it’s welcome and, unfortunately, the older I get the more this matters to me. But the thing did look amazing and it did kick my ass.

Oh, did it kick my ass!

I can’t remember the last time I’ve completed a game 1) while I’m about to die and 2) without any means of healing myself. The final battle was pretty much a test of wills – I could’ve killed the guy in my sleep if I had a few potions. Instead, I was forced to fight this guy perfectly! Luckily, the game had really prepared me for just this scenario as it was a total beast in terms of difficulty.

Anyway, great fucking game and one that actually tested my abilities as a gamer and ultimately made me a better one. Haven’t been able to say that about a game in some time! Check it out if you dare …

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Birth. Death. Rebirth

Video game brethren

This past 4th of July festivities brought the much anticipated (and much needed) 3-day weekend. It almost made watching the boring fireworks spectacle bearable. Ok, I’m kidding. I only had to watch 5 minutes of it on my roof and then moseyed back down to my apartment. Definitely the way to go.

Anyway, I was really looking forward to the three day weekend because I had a shit of work to do. You know, video games, NBA Sim, music, Netflix: important stuff. Unfortunately, I had a mini scare! I had just settled down Saturday afternoon to put in a little time with my new copy of Ninja Gaiden Sigma (infamous for being one of the hardest games programmed in the past decade) when my PS3 just shut off! Instead of watching my ninja character stealthily decapitate foes, I was suddenly staring at a “cable disconnected” error on my tv.

After some research online I discovered it was, indeed, the dreaded YLoD (yellow light of death) :(! I’m guessing that it was an overheating problem as the last couple months the machine was running really loudly … good thing I didn’t think to do anything about that! Plus, it was on the ground and Tito’s fur was probably clogging up vents. I was beside myself – what would I now do with multiple days free and no video games to play?!

My options seemed terrible. Basically, I would have to pay $150 if I was going to attempt to get my broken console fixed by Sony and it would take about a month to get it back. There was no way I was going to wait that long! I could try getting it fixed at a third party location, but that would require a ton of research plus a wait and cost that were comparable to getting it fixed by Sony. Then, I figured, if I could find an awesome deal on a new PS3 … one at a hair more money than the $150 fix fee, than it seemed like a good buy.

So I started scrambling. Within hours of the dead machine I had e-commerce sites up, eBay and Amazon a-runnin’, and began to scour craigslist for a replacement. An hour later I had my man: a guy right on the Upper East Side was selling off his brand new PS3 and 2 games (Resident Evil 5 and Army of Two) for $300. I told him I’d pay for the PS3 but wasn’t interested the game and offered $275 to take everything off his hands. The fool fell for it!

We made the exchange at a Starbucks in-between us and now I’m the proud papa of a spankin’ new PS3 120GB slim! This baby runs cooler, is smaller in size and larger in capacity than my old beast. Plus, I’m going to sell one of the games that I have no intention of playing for 100% pure profit! And the other game, which is on my vast list of games to play, I essentially bought for $12.50! The guy obviously didn’t care about his PS3 as he left all the online games, music, and movies that he purchased with his online account still on the machine so I am also the proud owner of a lot of bad rap and action movies!


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This Game is Stupid


… but I’m playing it. In foursquare, all you do is check into places you go to – your house, restaurants, parks, etc. The GPS functionality of the iPhone verifies your location and you use these check-ins to earn achievements. If you are the person who has checked into a place the most you become the mayor of it (I’ve heard some establishments will grant their foursquare mayor with discounts). You can also earn badges which is the only game-like characteristic of the game (and what’s keeping me “playing” it) – where you have to check-in at 4 bars in one night, or 10-gyms in a month, etc. It’s all really stupid, but it’s simple and addicting.

Besides that stupid little video game, though, I was in a life of hell. Luckily, that hell is over – I think – and I can begin to breathe again. I actually worked 12 days straight on a project at work (which has to be my career high) and finally had this weekend off. Almost immediately after discovering I’d have this weekend actually free from work I was notified Hurricane Killiam was going to be blowing into New York. Even though I was pretty tired, we still had a good time.

Friday night we met really late since I had band practice (I swear I’ll do a band report post soon!) and didn’t get home until 11ish. Then Richard, Cassie and I hit up a nearby place called Swig and, of course, got drunk and talked about old high school and college gossip. The next day, Richard went to grab some brunch with another friend of his but returned to our apartment to do some more bar hopping.

Before we left, however, Richard demanded to pull out year-old foie gras that he had gifted to us during his last visit. Along with some fig bread (regular bread with figs in it … why do the French love to mess food up by inserting disgusting items into good-tasting food?) my mouth was in for a wild ride as the foie gras looked exactly like Gatito’s wet food. For all of the obstacles it had to overcome, the meal wasn’t bad at all, actually. Sure, not really my thing since I’m a texture guy and can puke on any slimy-type of food – but at least I tried. Then we escaped to our rooftop to overlook the Upper East Side and drink a few beerskis.

After we were good and “pre-gamed,” we made the trek towards Soho for barhopping. This was actually a mixed bag as the entire area is way preppier than I’m comfortable with, but we still managed to have a good time (perhaps the continuous amount of alcohol pumped into our systems had something to do with this fact?).

Finally, Sunday morning we got down to business. I finally introduced Richard to the PS3 and we played Soul Calibur IV for a bit. It would’ve been cooler to have more recent games (hell, it’d be nice just to have more games in general) for my PS3, though. I’m still kinda finishing up all the PS2 games I had on my list to play/beat. I’ll make the move to PS3 soon, but feel like once I go PS3 I’ll never come back to PS2. Anyway, it was a low-key afternoon that reminded me of the many college weekends we had destroyed, sitting around, eating crappy food and playing games.

Alright, there you go: a shit-load of working, a stupid new social game I’m playing, and a weekend de Killiam. Hopefully I can get back to some interesting writing here now that all of that backlog of items is out!

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  • Monday, April 5th, 2010 at 23:31 | #1

    Have you tried Gowalla?

  • Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 at 00:31 | #2

    Nope. Never even heard of it 🙁

  • Sunday, April 11th, 2010 at 11:29 | #3

    It’s a competing service, very similar. Check out their app.

Bully For Me

Me and some of my ... friends

Ah, Rockstar. How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways …

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Midnight Club II

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

… and now Bully! Though this game came out in 2006, and I bought it over a year ago, I finally got around to playing it last weekend. And let me stress something: this is all I did last weekend (probably plunked down 12+ hours thanks to Cassie’s hangover/sickness recovery Saturday)! Ok, so I took a brief break out on Sunday to watch a Mavs game, but besides that all I did was sit in front of my large TV with PS3 controller in hand and run around bullying people.

Actually, just like any of the GTA games, this one is about much more than just bullying people. You’re a new student at a boarding school and you must tread the social lines between all the cliques (nerd, jocks, bullies, preppies, and greasers), cause as much mayhem as possible and stay out of the principal’s and teacher’s ever-vigilant eyes. It’s a great, open-world environment, though only about half as large as any of the other GTA games. In fact, I really enjoy the sized-down approach to this game as it fits right in with my the amount of dedication I can give to games these days.

Anyway, it’s been about 5 years since I played my last GTA-like game and I forgot how much I loved the genre. Thank you, good sirs!

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I Need More Weekends Like That …

The Indianapolis Mega Man Maverick Rock Band

Montage @ 2010 Stan Syckes

Wow, what a great weekend. For the first time in 3 weeks we didn’t have to entertain anyone in our apartment so we just vegged.

First of all, Cassie was getting over a cold and took a bunch of naps which let me hit my video gaming duties with extreme prejudice! That’s right I sank 5+ hours into my PS3 on Saturday and it felt amazing – I haven’t had a game day like that in years! First, I beat Mega Man 9, a game I actually first mentioned over a year ago. Then I started to be serious about beating Rock Band. I purchased this game 3 Christmases ago (wow), but it’s been collecting dust for sometime now.

Sunday, we woke up early (for us) and headed downtown to Madison Square Garden to see the annual Knicks game versus the Dallas Mavericks. I don’t know how I managed to acquire them, but I actually found great seats near mid-court for half of their face value. I was expecting some giant column to be in front of me, blocking my view, but the seats were phenomenal! And we ended up witnessing history – a 50 point win by the Mavs which was their biggest win in franchise history (and it was the Knicks’ worst loss in the Garden). I never thought I’d be interested in a blowout (and had never seen one until last weekend), but I actually got to see some of my favorite players on the Mavs bench get a lot of playing time so I was happy. And we had a great, bunch of drunk guys just above us who were hilariously yelling at the players. Great fans, great game, great time!

And, yes, I brought both of my away jerseys with me so I could make sure I was wearing the exact same one the Mavs ended up wearing. 🙁

After the game we came back and watched two great football games (did I just say that? Who am I becoming?). First, Cassie’s Colts won a trip to the Super Bowl and then there was a great battle between the Vikings and the Saints. I’m finally looking forward to a Super Bowl again (last year turned out to be good, but I wasn’t really anticipating it to be anything special).

Weekends not doing anything special = awesome. More of those, please!

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The Future: What Screen Do You Got?

I just finished watching someone play through the entirety of Final Fantasy X (2001 Playstation 2 game) on YouTube – 16 hours of “entertainment.” I only put that in quotes for your protection as I’m sure anyone but myself would find this extremely boring.

FFX was a game I fondly remember playing during my senior year of college but one in which I got completely stuck on at the very end. I struggled for a month trying to defeat this one boss, but you can only beat your head against a brick wall so many times and the game was finally discarded to make room for the next game. I mean studying. … Did anyone believe that last sentence?

Anyway, I bring this up because it has dawned on me that I now watch more of my visual entertainment on YouTube rather than on my TV (which is fucking awesome, by the way). And most of the reason I do this is because YouTube has the content I want. While regular TV channels show crappy reality shows, dance shows, talent shows, and unfunny, lame sitcoms YouTube is showing what happened at the end of a game I never could finish five years ago. It’s showing me old NBA games from the 60’s and 70’s.

And, of course, YouTube has brought Chris Chan into my life.

So, until the 2010 NBA season begins (the best chance TV has got at getting my attention), I get the feeling I’m going to be sitting in front of my computer at home rather than sitting in front of my TV. Although, hell, with NBA League Pass, I can watch any of those game online, too.

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  • Zepmoon
    Thursday, September 17th, 2009 at 15:02 | #1

    Agree – that there Internets is the future of TV.

TWITTER: 2 Drafts

Two simultaneous fantasy football drafts (one live, one online). Hectic!

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TWITTER: iMobsters

Why Twitter when I can be playing iMobsters?

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TWITTER: Zelda Youtube

Watched a video of someone beating NES Zelda in 30 mins. I barely played it but remembered a ton.

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Bad Fantasy

I still have a backlog of posts I’d like to get out but unfortunately I’ve been experiencing some stanus.butt difficulties while at home. It’s forced me to be a little slower at posting than I’d like but I promise to get all of these goodies out.

Holy shit, I sucked at all of my fantasy sports. I’ve done fairly well in all of my online sporting ventures in the past but this year was quite a wake up call. I’m going to be a man and admit it here … I’m also going to be lazy by putting up a table and calling it a blog.

Sport League Name Team Name Draft Order Result
Baseball PPC Fantasy Baseball 2.0 NY Homeless #3 9 of 10
Football DSPC Fantasy Football Daily Stain #8 8 of 8
Football Belichick’s Boobies Favre’s Silver Pubes #10 5 of 14
March Madness Marsteller Office Pool Bracket #1 N/A Tie-34 of 143
March Madness Marsteller Office Pool Bracket #2 N.A 66 of 143
Basketball Kobe Is A Nutter Dirk&KiddAreLovers!! #2 7 of 14
Basketball Jason Kidd’s Head Wrinkles NBASim #1 6 of 12

I actually did win a March Madness bet ‘tween just Cassie and I, but even this didn’t buoy my overall outcome by much.

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