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PICTURE: the gold medal Team USA won’t win (INSET: Me)

The world community was shocked this week when a judging error allowed American Paul Hamm to win the Olympic gold medal over South Korea’s Yang Tae-young in gymnastics. Equally disturbed, I shouted “who the fuck cares?!?!?! TEAM USA just lost to Argentina in basketball!”

Really though, as I watched Duncan get fouled out, James relegated to the sideline, and Iverson completely frustrated, the loss only felt like watching the Mavericks lose. Sure, the team I was rooting for didn’t come out on top, but it was an entertaining match and the winning team played better. I’m almost relieved that USA won’t win gold this year for several reasons. First, it shows the world we’re not perfect and that international players can be just as good, if not better, than NBA players – cou(NOWITZKI)gh! This will hopefully lead to more global acquisitions in the NBA – a move that can only strengthen the league. Secondly, it makes America hungry again. We got too fat and bloated on our Dream Teams of the past. Now we’ll have to compete just like everyone else with hard work and hopes instead of boring routine and assumptions.Thirdly, the pressure of artificial hype is relieved.

Finally, it’s just good to see USA lose. Recently, it seems this country needs to be reminded that it isn’t invincible nor better than anyone else because of history – a tough, but ultimately humanizing lesson to learn. I only hope that the media doesn’t become too concerned with the fact that USA lost, as the international teams deserve their spotlight. These teams were as exciting and professional as (and a lot of times, more so than) their NBA counterparts and I will be looking into European league television as soon as I can afford quality television ( 🙁 ).

That said, I’d also like to air my opinion that the “Dream Team” really wasn’t the dreamiest it could be. Sure, there were good players on it, but think of all the insanely talented basketball stars that weren’t present. I enjoy watching the Olympics, but sometimes just the novelty of countries versus countries waters down the appreciation for pure talent regardless of national origin. In the end, Olympic basketball is only a nice diversion until the real NBA season starts in November. L8r.

Ugh … yet another basketball rant. Listen up, everyone! Stan is puking his opinions on a sport none of you care about in a non-entertaining way! At least that’s what I feel now re-reading this.

That said I still agree with a lot of what I said here. I was relieved to see the USA look vulnerable and only grab the bronze, and there was no way this was a “Dream Team” of modern b-ball players. Ok, I also concur with my heavy-handed diatribe against the country, itself. Yuck, keep it fun, Stan.

One thing that doesn’t make any sense to me now is comparing the loss of this game to a Mavericks loss. I’m assuming I mean a playoffs game – which would be 100% incorrect. I’ve turned off tvs in disgust and been in miserable moods after Mavs post-season losses. I was pretty much over the team USA blunder after writing this post.

This post ends in an horizontal-rule line. This was added when I built my own bloggin/commenting system in 2006. I wanted to test out the commenting system on a really old blog post – I felt test comments appearing on the latest blog would seem amateurish. Here, no one would see it. But just in case they did, at least the comments would appear to be separate than the post.

[STANUS.NET] FIRST: First (test) comment using my self-created blog/commenting system

[STANUS.NET] FIRST: First emoticon used in a blog (2/24/2010)


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  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 at 15:19 | #1

    my first comment! simmer down, though, it’s just a test

  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 at 15:19 | #2

    a second comment? you must be insane

pronounced: stan-us (not stain-us)

First off: a much needed WARNING! Do not go see Aliens vs. Predator! Even though I had a free ticket to view this “film,” it was so bad I almost walked out. AvP was so terrible, it inspired me to start work on my review section, along with a Top 10 Movie list and a Bottom 10 Movie list (of which AvP will be #1 with a bullet).

Secondly, I went header mad, and created a total of 20 images that randomly top They can be accessed individually on the left menu (but please, go easy on the bandwidth). With the Olympic basketball quarter-finals nearing, I feel the need to once again end this blog with a pro-American sign off (NOTE: I must strongly emphasize the fact that I will only shout this for Olympic basketball and for no other reason), so … Go USA!

YEARS LATER: The title of this post was inspired by having to correct a couple of new readers, but I can’t remember who these people were. It’s STAN-us, not stain-us! It’s got my goddamn name in it and it’s usually blocked by most online communities as being too dirty!

A friend of mine somehow found a way to get free tickets to see Aliens Vs. Predator and offered a couple to Richard and I. Neither of us were working and it wasn’t going to cost us anything, so even though I had no desire to see the movie, I ended up going to watch it in a theater. Well, it was so bad I honestly considered walking out. Really … a love story between Predator and a human? That’s all I can remember of this turd now, but it still sticks with me 6 years later.

I created a Top 10 page in October of 2008 but it appears that I had a similar idea four years earlier as I mention it here. However, even with all the free time I had on my hands I never even started compiling the lists. Ah, post-college laziness! Instead, it seems that I put all of my effort into creating banners for my brand, spanking new [] design. (1/18/2010)


what we talkin’ bout? we talkin’ bout practice

Still in shock I write the following: For the first time, Team USA has lost a second game in an Olympic year since NBA players were elligible to play. That’s hot! That means that everyone else is getting better and that when USA wins it will actually mean something. So that means, yes, I am still rooting for this team. Though I like Ginobili and Yao, I don’t really like them enough to root for their entire team and I have no ties to any of the other countries. Therefore, by process of elimination, Go USA!

Shack 2.0 was a success. If you have never had the pleasure of meeting Richard’s old roommate, Brent, you soon will (in song at least!) He, along with some good ol’ fashioned, Rolling Stones/Led Zep 3-evocative Nashville tuning, inspired the newest, hot Bras tune. As soon as I finish the new Bras website I’ll put it up for you guys to downlaod!

Tonight I’m going to see a free showing of Aliens vs. Predator – and I am fully aware of how bad this thing should be, but it’s free so … why not? I just hope a “safe” view of both characters is thrown out, and a definitive pro-Predator story is taken because the Aliens suck. (SIDENOTE: Please do not inquire as to my method of acquiring a free ticket as its legality is still in question). And, in case you are feeling nostalgic about the previous desing, a replica is in the archive section. L8r on.

YEARS LATER: Holy shit I’m talking about USA Basketball a lot in these blogs. I can really empathize with my readers from back then – even I can’t stand to read these now. But I’ll leave all Olympics b-ball comments for the August 27, 2004 Years Later commentary.

Instead, I’ll discuss Shack 2.0! The Shack was an empty house in which bandmates Bill Bert, Richard Killiam and I rehearsed, wrote, and recorded with our band, Bras. In fact, for a good month or so, Richard and I even lived in this bathroom-less hellhole. But, as terrible as the living conditions were we actually were quite productive. We left with 62 recordings totalling at just over 2.5 hours of running time. Sure, a good portion of this material was garbage but the lessons learned about producing, mixing and living in a band were invaluable. There was talk of returning to the Shack in later years but it never developed.

The Shack also represented the apex of Bras. Shortly thereafter the foundations of the band started to deteriorate and we never recovered. However, when I finally left the JMU area during the summer of 2004 Richard and I were still attempting to resuscitate the dream and headed for his parent’s second house in Amhearst, Virginia. Sure the official mission for the trip was to go down and cut the spacious lawn now overgrown from months of neglect, but we packed our guitars and my computer and hoped against hope!

Instead of racking my brain for memories that have long since been deleted, I’ll go to my trusty Shack Diary – a compositional notebook full of band-related journal entries. Yes, deep inside, I’m a 12-year old girl.

Entry from August 17, 2004:

After Richard finds he has a lot of time on his hands (aka is fired from the web linking job) we travel down to his Amherst house to do a mini-shack 2. Due to a superhuman Killiam factor, we don’t even arrive until 1 am! I fall asleep on Toine’s penis … I mean the front couch in the living room to gymnastics in Athens.

Entry from August 18, 2004:

At the most appropriate of times, we woke up at 1:30. After eating the nutricious [sic] meal of Lizzie Killiam’s cake, we went through some of our most recent songs. Got interested in a couple, but kept hitting walls. Went to the nearest Food Lion, picked up some beers and hot dog buns and then cooked them out. Then we played basketball, and by that I obviously mean just walked around Sweet Briar College doing nothing. And on the way we met a nice man who was sitting in his truck in his front yard. What? Nothing weird about that! Upon returning the decision was made to simply tune our guitars to the (Steve) Nashville tuning and write as we went. Based on Rolling Stones stuff and “That’s The Way” from Led Zeppelin 3. “The Brent Song” was created!

Here’s everything else I can remember: We were there for 2 days and 2 nights and spent about 3 hours in front of my computer (yes, I brought every single component of my machine for the trip), trying to write and record. We wasted the rest of the time in fabulous ways: looking through Richard’s barn-sized storage building, walking around Sweet Briar, going through old sheet music and tab books in the “piano room” of his house. I was experiencing intense, conflicting emotions the entire time: extreme boredom at being in the middle of nowhere, profound frustration towards our lack of progress, and paralyzing laziness that prevented me from doing anything about anything.

On our way home we stopped at some dollar movie theater and saw Van Helsing. It was so bad I almost wanted my dollar back, but I didn’t want to put any bad karma into the ending of the trip as “The Brent Song” actually turned out to be a worthy little tune.

UPDATED LINKS: archive (01/18/2010)


shack 2??

So much to tell and so little time! First up, is undergoing an aesthetic overhaul. Having created several websites from scratch for Brainstorm Technologies in the past couple of months, I’ve essentially taken another design class. And, after taking a look at the old design I decided to redo some areas. Bear with me, as many of the other pages on the site will need to be altered a bit to fit in with the new look. Shouldn’t take me too long though, since I still have nothing to do really.

Secondly, I went to see a live taping of the Ron and Fez show at the Dave and Buster’s in Maryland along with Richard, Carlos, Brandon Jones, Katie (BJ’s lady in wait), and John Popajanus [sic]. It was just like going to see a band or comedian live in that the atmosphere and reality of it overwhelmed me and made me appreciate everything so much more. Crazy Jen (who was hot according to Richard) tried to escape out of a straight-jacket while Brandon, Papajanus and Richard went to get hypnotized. Sadly, all three broke out of the spell (Brandon not doing so until already being seated up onstage), but the ensuing craziness of those that were successfully hypnotized was the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. Richard plugged Bras – live on the air – as being located at (note: real site is currently here), and we all got a bit toasty at the late night Amphora’s. Good times.

Also, I can’t not comment on the state of Team USA in the olympic basketball games over in Athens. I watched them lose to Puerto Rico and just barely edge by Greece. I think it’s been a slow uphill battle to deal with different, international rules; nerves in a hostile crowd; and just playing together as a team. They’re mostly young guys and I have confidence they will perform better and better each game. At first, I had mixed feelings as to whether or not I wanted to root for USA, as they’ve dominated the sport in the past 20 years or so, but now that everyone seems so much more evenly matched … Go USA!

And, lastly (but not leastly), due to Richard’s recent … hiatus from work, we are heading up (down?) to his house in Amherst to do a bit of recording for a day or two. Due to the short length, maybe Shack 1.5 is a more appropriate title. Ok, l8r!

YEARS LATER: I had just moved back into my mom’s house after my college apartment’s lease ran out and I wasn’t working so … let’s just say I had to fill the time. Redesigning the layout of my website fit that bill quite nicely. I’ve already written a small history of the design of this site here on the Throwback page, so I won’t elaborate any further.

And in case you’re super eager to see the (terribly amateur) websites I designed for Brainstorm Technologies (now called Brainstorm Software) I’ve included those on the Features page:

Moving back into the Northern Virginia area I had been exposed to the Ron and Fez show – a radio program that played at night on WJFK-FM. Unlike most non-Howard Stern radio shows, I (along with sidekick Richard “Detective John Kimble” Killiam … sorry, I’m not explaining that joke) quickly grew to love the program. Actually, he was the one who discovered the show first, but I digress … Anyway, when the idea came up to see them live at the Dave & Buster’s in Bethesda, Maryland, I emphatically seconded it (NOTE: Interestingly enough, this exact live appearance is listed on Ron and Fez’s Wikipedia page as “2nd Annual Ron and Fez Pool Tournament” under DC Area Appearances … no, I don’t remember the sitar player).

I actually don’t remember much that happened there besides drinking a lot and having a swell time. As I have often noted (in the above blog, even!) the realness of in-person events lend a magical quality to entertainment that just can’t be reproduced in any recorded medium. Ron and “Fezzie” were very funny with recurring character, Crazy Jen – a hillbilly who Ron and Fez would constantly make fun of. But the guest hypnotist was the main event … I recall he had one person convinced there was a little man inside her watch talking to her. It was also hilarious watching Brandon snap out of his supernatural state on stage (he was unceremoniously booted during the middle of the act), but he was the only one out of the three from our group who made it that far.

At the end of the night Ron and Fez asked for members of the audience to come up and sing self-penned jingles – a contest to decide their new radio show introduction music. Richard got up and sang some Rolling Stones parody that I can’t recall (I believe he was booed) and mentioned our “band” in a nervously fast plug, stating our website could be located at As I mentioned above that was never the case. The site was and had been located at since 1999 but it can now be located here on the Features page.

Afterwards we stopped at the legendary Amphoras, a 24-hour restaurant in Vienna, Virginia. I spent many a drunken night there during the summers and winter vacations from college and this visit was just as fun … and just as forgettable. As in I can’t remember what the hell we talked about. Now, I wanted to discuss the 2004 USA men’s basketball team and Shack 2.0 but I shall keep those stories for the next couple of blogs!

UPDATED LINKS: Brandon Jones, here

DEAD LINKS: websites from scratch, Brainstorm Technologies (11/23/2008)


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  • Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 at 00:56 | #1

    I would like to note that I was never really hypnotized. I genuinely tried (maybe that was the problem) and when I knew only those who were “hypnotized” would be taken on stage, I faked it. After being on the stage long enough I felt a bit weird about the whole thing, so that’s when I stopped faking it and “snapped out of it”.

  • Richard
    Sunday, December 7th, 2008 at 17:39 | #2

    Hi everyone!!!

    I’m playing catch-up here, but I just wanted to say in retrospect Shack 1.5 was short but sweet. I actually think it was relatively productive, if I remember correctly, even though the Brent joke was beaten to death…to say the least.

    And re: btjones faking it; obv!

america says goodbye to rick “superfreak” james

Just came back from seeing “the Terminal,” the Tom Hanks/Steven Spielburg film with Brandon Bert (both an officer and a gentlemen, I assure you). It was pretty good, except both men’s tolerance of and preference for sappiness is starting to exceed my limits. Meanwhile, I noticed that the Olympics are drawing nearer which means … yes, USA Men’s Beasketball team games will be televised. And that means just a little bit o’ basketball fix to tide me over until November. Hotness. Speaking of basketball, check out the 2004-05 NBA Report. It’s a work in progress. L8r.

YEARS LATER: It’s kinda weird that both the title and image of the blog have nothing to do with the blog itself. Maybe I initially wanted to say something about Rick James and just decided against it? I can’t remember. Besides, I don’t think I’d have much to say about him anyway.

The Terminal was a Steven Spielberg film where Tom Hanks is a foreigner who lives in an airport and falls in love with Catherine Zeta-Jones. It’s really sappy and ultimately forgettable. I saw it at the small, second-run theater in University Center in Fairfax, Virginia with my friend, Brandon. I used to live just a few blocks away from the place when I first moved to Virginia from Texas and always felt like it was “my” shopping center. Then I moved two more times and let a decade pass so it was weird to come back to visit it one last time.

I was genuinely excited about Olympics Men’s basketball as I had just finished my first full season of NBA obsession and it seemed like a bonus round! Unlike it’s predecessor, the 2004-05 NBA Report did actually see a lot of work and progress. However, all the effort put into this project only cemented the fact that my NBA Reports were lost causes: not even I liked to look at them.

This blog was the final one made during the first phase of []’s design .

UPDATED LINKS: 2004-05 NBA Report (11/13/2008)


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