only six more episodes of the best show ever …

… and I don’t mean Friends! The Bj and Nate Show, heard on 88.7 WXJM Harrisonburg on Mondays from 9-10 pm, is coming to an end soon. If you’ve never tuned in, you only have a few more weeks to do so! After each show we crash the nearby BW3’s, order $2.50 double-deuce Coors Lights, and play the trivia game for cash (side note: I have not lost a non-practice game!). Richard and I are still finishing the writing of “Notice.” It’s an old song Richard wrote and recorded with Zafs back in 1999, but we’re dusting it off and giving it a new facelift. Caution: contents will be hot!

THREE YEARS LATER: From September 2003 to May 2004 I produced the Bj and Nate Show on JMU‘s college radio station, WXJM. This consisted of adjusting the volume knobs for the microphones, screening callers (failing to get them on the air 9 out of 10 times), running the PSAs (public service announcements which were like our commercials), and playing the background music. Roommate, Nate Crandell and friend, Brandon Jones were the talents – providing their witty and humorous comments on current events and retelling funny stories. Liesel Eby rounded out the group as our “intern” who would respond to instant messages and act as Nate’s main foil.

I was completely taken by surprise the day when Brandon and Nate came over to my apartment to ask me to be their producer. I had randomly sat by Brandon on the first day of COB 300 – the most feared class in the school of business curriculum – and started to chat to him. He showed up in my other class that semester (that’s right, COB 300 was actually 4 classes in one, so I could only manage another class in that busy schedule) and we became friends. Still, I had never expressed an interest in radio, so I have no clue where he got it in his head to ask me to produce his show idea. As it turned out, it was perhaps my favorite time at school.

Monday nights from 9-10pm, the four of us would head over to Anthony-Seeger, where the radio station was housed. Out of the 24 or so episodes, I believe we prepared for about 3 full shows, as most of the time we would just show up drunk and have a good time. This obsessive archivist completely lucked out when I discovered they had Cool Edit Pro (the program I used to record my own songs) set up on a computer there that could record our direct output feed, which means I have (almost) every single episode recorded for posterity!

As much fun as the show was the real fun was directly before and after. I fondly remember the hour just prior to the show as we’d watch American Idol and play beer pong to fully prepare for the hour of entertainment we’d have to provide to the listeners of Harrisonburg, Virginia. After the show we would head down the street to Buffalo Wild Wings (or BW3’s as we called it) where we would behave badly into the wee hours of the night drinking cheap beer, crying to super-hot buffalo wings, and gambling on the trivia games.

It just so happened that the Bj and Nate Show was coming to an end around the same time the mega-popular sitcom, Friends, was. I had been watching the final season with some of my roommates and neighbors and was completely underwhelmed at the close of this show. The Bj and Nate Show didn’t end so great, either. None of us wanted to be there, and we ended early with Nate complaining about how terrible WXJM was. We quickly signed off and headed over to imbibe at BW3s, instead.

“Notice” was the first Bras song recorded at college (or anywhere else for that matter). It was a Richard Killiam-penned tune, but his producer, Aaron Zafran, advised to change the chords around in the chorus. I thought the original version of it – recorded back in the fall of 1999 – was great, but was eager to update the sound now that we had several years of recording under our belt. As usual, we didn’t get far on this and Richard was out the door and back home at his parent’s house in Manassas, Virginia by the end of the month.