red alien2.0

It’s time to put the Red Alien to rest. She’s more than done her share of work for the last 9 years, but after two re-soldering jobs, four tuning pegs broken off, stints with both Ryan Schneider and Patrick McNair, and one short-circuting of an amp … yeah she’s got to go. Plus I’ve been playing a mid-level instrument (the Red Alien was an Epiphone Les Paul Standard) for so long and it’s time to take my interest to the next level.

Enter … the Red Alien2.0 (temporary name until I come up with something appropriate)! This 1978 Gibson Les Paul Standard beauty (shown in picture) arrived on my doorstep today and is simply amazing. There’s such a noticable difference in quality just picking her up in comparison to my old guitar!

She plays incredible as well – this is the loosest guitar I’ve ever played (now I know how Slash can play the double-step bends in Estranged)! I was only able to play her through my shitty 15 watt amp so the verdict is out on how she sounds, but people I will keep you informed!!!! L8r


  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 at 13:47 | #1

    Congratulations to the proud Papa!

    Here are some suggested names:

    Ale Nerd I
    A Led Rein
    Nailed ‘er Earned Nil
    Dear Neil
    Laid Rene
    Linda Ree
    Drain Eel
    Darn Eel I

    They’re anagrams for Red Alien

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