nice snatch

I joined a new frisbee league this week – again through Mandon’s office, PPC. This league, known as the Corporate League, is a little more competitive as, unlike the previous league we were in, each team must comprise only office employees, their significant others, and roommates (for the record I fall somewhere inbetween the last two).

The first game occurred last Thursday after work at West Potomac Park. Team PPC showed up in full force – we outnumbered the other team almost 2:1! And, as what has become the eerie norm, several people on the team recognized me from some event in the past – this time from frisbee at JMU.

I consider myself getting back into good shape with all the running I’ve been doing, but at the beginning of the game I can still tell that my frisbee skills aren’t up to where they have been in the past. I’ll remember what I used to be able to do during certain plays but just can’t seem to get my body to do it. I was spending more time thinking about how to do stuff when, back in the day, I would just do it (I even had a really ugly unforced error).

After an extended rest on the bench I went back in and finally reached my old B-game. In those final 10 minutes I put up 1 touchdown pass, 1 touchdown catch, and 1 block of an opponent’s touchdown pass.

I have forgotten how much I really love playing ultimate frisbee. Sure, it’s a generic sport, but it happens to be a sport based on a skill that was beaten into me at an early age – throwing discs. Sometimes I even feel like Kobe Bryant on the field (note to my ego: the other team had a 40-year old man playing, settle down). Regardless, I will definitely continue to play and hopefully finally get back to the vaunted Syckes A-Game. Beware!


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