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Oh, ye of little faith! For the past two years the roommates, friends, and guests of 736 I Sunchase have played beer pong almost every night. And yes, we keep updated scoreboards on the wall along with the 100 straight nights of beer pong commemorative shirt. However, many have scoffed at this practice! I have heard things such as this behavior is “juvenile,” or “stupid” or “gay.” Well, leave our sexuality out of this debate! Actually I have been trying to recover from the previous update of the enormous pics page so I haven’t been working on the website. Instead, I have been pouring myself into work on a beer pong game!!! It will feature all of the 736 I visuals: the table, the wall of shame, and even the players. Each player will have different playing attributes based on the scores we’ve been keeping for the last two years – so it will be the most accurate game ever, as well! Visit the beer pong page for a few preliminary screenshots. I also demand a personal apology in instant message form (inclusion of crying smilie optional) from all of you beer pong naysayers when you download and love this masterpiece. L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: Look, John Lennon had his lost summer period. I like to call January to May of 2004 as my “lost semester” period. I graduated from JMU in December of 2003, so I wasn’t taking any classes. I still had half a year on my lease, however, and since I would be paying for it anyway, I thought I’d might as well live in the apartment. Plus, I wasn’t looking forward to having to move back into my mom’s house.

I elected to turn down a glamorous, third semester working at the JMU dining hall (D-Hall), and I only had a few freelance website jobs trickling in through Brainstorm Software (Brainstorm Technologies back then). I produced a radio show, the Bj and Nate Show, but this was only one night out of the week. So, basically, I had a lot of time on my hands. This meant a lot of beer pong was played. And, since the days of BASIC, I’ve been programming games all my life. So it isn’t too much of a stretch to see that I wasted countless hours in that months-long period designing a video game based on beer pong.

I started creating the game in Visual Basic, but soon got to the point where what I needed to happen in the game exceeded VB’s capabilities (specifically projectile motion). So, unfortunately, a couple months into the project, and with so much hype, I officially put the beer pong game project on the shelf when I moved back to Woodbridge, Virginia.

The game would be picked up again in early 2006, when I moved into the Pink Sock with Brandon Jones in Arlington, Virginia. A beer pong rennaissance had occurred and we were back into taking exhaustive stats (and by “we” I mean “I”). I toyed with a video game simulation of all the beer pong players I had stats on but just jotted down some interesting ideas on paper, never writing any actual code.

In the past three years I’ve received a lot of flak about the beer pong videogame. In fact, I can’t think of a single, other project of mine that has been mocked more. I’d like to publicly assure everyone that it actually is on the backburner behind the hundred other projects I’m working on, and I haven’t officially put it to rest. So you all still have a perfectly viable excuse to continue joking about it!

I commemorated the 100th straight night of beer pong by making a t-shirt and getting the participants to sign it, but we actually got up to 134 straight nights. Though, to be honest, we eventually started counting a “night” as a 24-hour period since the previous beer pong playing. When 736i Sunchase roommate, Jeff C[removed], took issue with this counting, I told him he couldn’t sign the 100 Nights of Beer Pong shirt. He quickly recanted and signed, so there is no official discrepancy with this total.

And on a final note, I still reserve the right to request written apologies from anyone who downloads the eventual video game since you all have joked about it forever!

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