i am going to kill … bill (bert)

Pretty much every critic raved about Kill Bill Vol. 2, saying it was “better” than Vol. 1, but after seeing it I’d disagree. It was good, but it wasn’t as cool. Tarrantino should’ve kept them as one movie … would’ve been a hell of a movie. The NBA playoffs have begun … don’t count Dallas out, yet. This is just a quick check-in for now, but updates will be coming up shortly. L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: I was absolutely blown away when I saw the first Kill Bill in the theatres. It was funny, smart, creative and I loved the over-the-top action. I thought I was in for more of the same with the second, but Tarantino pulled a 180. Where the first Kill Bill was influenced by different types of 70’s Samurai movies, Kill Bill Vol. 2 was influenced by 70’s Western movies. Even though I wasn’t as appreciative of the end result, I do love the idea.

Bill Bert was a good friend in high school as well as the bassist in all three of my bands (from 1997-2002): Patrick and the McNairs, Wang Lowe and the Freeballers in high school and Bras in college. This post has nothing to do with him, except for the connection between his name and a main character in the Kill Bill movies.


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