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For those of you who have scoffed at my … let’s call it “free time” during the previous months, I’ll have you know I am officially now working on a website for Brainstorm Technologies. It’s going to be oh-so-exciting, and I’ll link it up here as it comes along. I also believe I’m slowly becoming addicted to basketball. I dreamt I was on the Mavericks during the playoffs (sports-related dream: a first!) but it took place in my friend, Bill’s house (except it was a really huge subterranean barn). I am also making appearances at the Chesapeake basketball courts almost every day. I can only guess this means it’s just a matter of time before I’m Dirk Nowitzki.

So being spring and all, I decided to do a little cleaning (emphasis on “little”) and found a folder of old pictures I took back in Winter 2002 that I had totally forgotten about! This is your gain people, as I have scanned them in for all of you to look at and enjoy. A real tearjerker of a friends card has also been added. Bring tissues! And finally, after seeing undeserving American Idol contestants stay while semi-talented ones get voted off this week I have decided to break my heterosexual streak of not participating in the AI voting system. I will now vote for crappy singer John Stevens every week from now on. Alright, L8r peeps.

THREE YEARS LATER: My first freelance job! Brandon Jones had done some work for Brainstorm Technologies (now called Brainstorm Software) for a couple summers, and reccommended me to the owner for possible work. The first site I did for them was for Construction Management Professionals – a company based in Winchester, Virginia.

Freelance work for a client was extremely different than the web design I had been doing for myself. In fact, I really wasn’t as prepared as I thought I would be for this type of work immediately out of school. Looking at the sites I built for Brainstorm three years later, I’m embarrassed how amateurish they seem. Still, it was an amazing eye-opener and learning experience, and my web design/programming is immensely stronger because of it.

This entry was written during the first full NBA season I watched and I was already starting to take notice of my obsession. Pickup basketball games were almost a daily occurrence and I’d just practice by myself when I couldn’t find anyone else. By the way, the dream I mentioned in the post was one of those that have remained in my memory to this day, still. Not sure exactly what that means.

The tearjerker Friends Card referenced was the beer pong table one. And, contrary to what I said in the blog, I didn’t vote for any American Idol contestants. That is, until the whole Sanjaya Malakar incident in season 6. Yes, I must admit I voted for him about 30 times total in an effort to keep him in the contest and ruin the show.

UPDATED LINKS: Brainstorm Technologies, Bill’s, scanned them in, friends card


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