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In the week or so since I last updated many things have changed. The last Bj and Nate Show was broadcast, I attended my first Apple Blossom “get-r-done” outdoor party, and I watched the last episode of Friends. But most importantly, John Stevens was voted off of American Idol!!! Yes, the reign of the boring, crooning, fellow pelliorojo fag is finally over. Although, to be honest, I’ll miss having that breif 15 minutes each Tuesday of non-stop, sarcastic piss-taking. I guess I’ll just have to concentrate harder during Diana DeGarmmo‘s performances now.

THREE YEARS LATER: This is so typically me. There were two huge, exciting stories to tell in this blog yet I spend the whole paragraph on someone going home from American Idol. Lame!

First of all, however, the title of this post is supposed to be an infamous audio theme. Liesel Eby was the “intern” at the Bj and Nate Show and would make a legendary noise whenever she was dissappointed or sad. We all liked its distinctive sound so much that we mimicked it at any opportunity, as this blog title proves.

As discussed in an earlier Three Years Later post, the Bj and Nate Show was a radio program I produced with my friends Brandon Jones, Nate Crandell and Liesel Eby. That blog also reveals how the last show was a terrible mess that left a bad taste in my mouth. The Bj and Nate Show was just about the four of us goofing off and having fun together, so perhaps glossing over all the boring details about a bitter sendoff full of complaints wasn’t such a bad idea, afterall.

The Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival is an annual event held in Winchester, Virginia. There’s a parade and a day-long celebration of the blooming of these famous trees and, apparently, it’s a big deal as everyone who lives in the area makes a pilgrimage back. Liesel, Brandon and Nate are all from this area originally and convinced me to tag along. Steve decided to check out the goings-on, too, and Richard and Toine – as perhaps the most famous car passenger duo ever – made a special trip down to JMU to attend.

Brandon, Toine, Steve, Richard and I “pre-gamed” by drinking some beers and playing Scene It. We had the door to 736 I Sunchase open and a group of ladies passed by, off to some weekend party. Toine, without even being able to see them from his position on the couch, announced to the group that the girls “were hot.” Brandon asked if they “had weiners” to which Toine famously quipped “dude, don’t be a cockblock!”

When it was time to finally hit the road, we all piled into the Toinemobile and headed off for a bonfire party in the backyard of a friend of a friend’s house in Winchester. By the time we got there, however, it seemed as though most of the party was already over. Even with the light from the bonfire, it was really too dark to see anything, and the beer pong table had been thrown into the fire. It was plain to see, however, that Nate was a) drunk and b) working his game on the hands-down youngest girl at the party. At one point, to impress her, Nate walked the firey remains of the beer pong table across the bonfire. Toine, emboldened by the reaction of the crowd, decided to accomplish the same feat. Though this second fire walk was captured in an immortal photo, it failed to capture the crowd.

Highlights from the night involve Richard getting so fucked up he would sneak into the trailer (our only source of light besides the fire) to dj and not respond to a single thing I said to him. I’m not even sure he realized I was there. Liesel was so wasted, she ended up in a chair, not being able to move. Two random townies showed up to the party and started to make everyone feel really uncomfortable until the host publicly kicked them out. Toine was in rare form. I remember laughing so much at his great opening lines with the ladies there, but I was too drunk to remember any but this classic:

Toine: (near the bonfire) “Getting warm?”

For some reason, I got drunk enough that I thought it’d be funny to pretend I was gay. Toine was hitting on these two girls and I walked up and introduced myself as his homosexual friend. I thought it was hilarious, especially when Toine told Steve to “get me away from them” as if I was some sort of threat even though I was proclaiming my preference for penis. One of the girls continued to make fun of me – asking me about my boyfriends and experiences – throughout the remainder of the night. Sometime around 2am or so, Toine announced it was now or never to leave as he was too tired to drive any later. As I was getting up to go, the girl who had been harrassing me all night practically begged me to stay with her! I wasn’t quite shocked, but it was pretty weird since I had been “gay” all night. I guess that’s the secret “in” with women.

Anyway, we all packed back into the Toinemobile (except Nate who retreated into a tent with the jailbait). Everyone passed out on the drive home except for me and Toine – who had to smack his face from time to time to force himself to stay focused on the road.

Good times.

UPDATED LINKS: John Stevens, Diana DeGarmmo

DEAD LINKS: Bj and Nate Show (08/01/2007)

  • Liesel
    Monday, February 23rd, 2009 at 09:42 | #1


    This is ridiculous. Remember the guy that kept screaming in my face and finally made me puke? What was he screaming? Something about…pork rinds?

    Well, you don’t have to remember. I’ll hang on to that one since it’s just about the only thing I remember from that night. How could I have missed out on Gay Stan?????

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