If there’s one thing I have learned from my academic career it’s how to procrastinate really well. Runner-up for that position, however, would be working brilliantly under pressure. I just spent a couple of hours on my job: making a website while contracting with Brainstorm Technologies. Heh, yeah I told them I’d have this site done by Monday morning. Hey! I was telling the truth … it’s 4:39 am here. I’ve also found myself sinking back into working on the Beer Pong game. It now has sound, animation, and a slick, Street Fighter 2-esque selection and versus screen. It’ll be hot. L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: I treated my first post-college job (freelance web design) exactly like I treated most of my college work: I waited until the absolute last minute to do anything about it. So, even though I had nothing to do for an entire six-month period, I still managed to put off all of my web designs until hours before they were due.

This post is in regards to my first project for Brainstorm: CMPro (I must say that the giant, tacky business card on the front page was a client demand). I vividly remember hurrying as fast as possible to get this finished by the morning. I was the only one still awake in the apartment and I felt a lot of pressure to complete the job. Still, I seem to work well in situation of intense pressure and I was able to knock something out. I passed out for probably twelve hours afterwards only to wake up to an email full of changes from the client. Typical.

The beer pong video game benefited greatly from my viewing of Kill Bill. I incorporated several of the fighting theme songs from the movie into the selection screens and got pretty damn far in planning the surrounding of the game. Stats, power ups, and the flow of the game plan were all elements I put a lot of time into, but the actual gameplay never did leap off the ground like I thought it would.

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