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Since was first uploaded I have been receiving IMs from friends wanting to know where certain pages are. I’d always go into a long description as to 1) where the discussed page was 2) why the discussed page was placed there and 3) how much sense it makes that the discussed page is where it is. However, for some reason, these conversations continued to occur … most of the time with the same people over and over again. The proverbial straw broke when I could not explain to myself why the friends cards were under the oral section. This, plus the fact that some things about the original layout were less than satisfactory, prompted me to redesign the index page! In other news, apparently Jeff C[removed] (yes, ladies, the same man of the USAF Experience fame!) greets certain people with “any bra pics” during IM conversations. Upon using this same greeting with the man, himself, I was treated to a few great pics from the past that I have placed online for your viewing pleasure. And I do mean pleasure. L8r

THREE YEARS LATER: I thought it would be cool to have different sections of my website based on what sense was used to enjoy it. Pictures would go into “visual.” My rants about music and the Bj and Nate Show radio program would fall into “aural.” Quotes and stories would fall into “oral.” Even though this isn’t displayed until my [] web design, I’m pretty sure this was devised slowly during my previous website layouts.

Anyway, since everything was starting to just be in written form, it made little sense to continue this paradigm. Also, it was just kinda lame. What started out as a seemingly creative way of structuring my new site transformed into nothing more than confusion for both readers and me. The eventual dropping of this layout, however, wouldn’t be seen until August of 2004.

And, finally, a word about the bra pic question. Apparently, during sophomore year of college, Jeff was talking with Allison Reip (now Xanthopoulos) on IM and was a little inebrieted. He jokingly (?) asked for a picture of her in a bra … and received one! Here’s a helpful hint: that story never 1) gets old and 2) fails to bring laughter when brought up in the company of these two!

UPDATED LINKS: friends cards, viewing pleasure

DEAD LINKS: oral section, the USAF Experience (09/26/2007)

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