just in case you were worried sick about what i did this weekend

Ok, these weekend wrapup entries are getting old to write, and I’m sure they’re not the most exciting blogs to read (they’re maybe one step up from the basketball blogs), but I’ve been busy spending my blog-writing time finishing the stanus does Dallas episodes (I hope you’ve been appreciating them). The weekends are spent trying to be away from computers as much as possible, so my Monday blogs are just recaps of these adventures. Sorry, but them’s the breaks.

PPC Pwned!
The biggest news is that ultimate frisbee season is back! Team PPC has, again, been reincarnated – all of the main players have decided to participate again, giving us an instant experience edge over most of our opponents. This was extremely evident during our game Saturday afternoon. We played the Yellow Frisbeena (I could’ve sworn one of their members told me they were called Yellow Frisbee Nut) and quickly got ourselves into an 8-3 hole by halftime. None of us were in ultimate shape, and we were being sloppy in our fundamentals.

During the quick break we reviewed some of our basics and brought in a veteran squad to start off (there were about 10 new faces this game … go PPC). The vets really got a rhythm going, having played with each other for several seasons and we ended up winning the cap-shortened game 12-9 (yes, that means we went on a 9-1 run)! Though it was one of my poorer throwing games (3 turnovers), I had a great running game: I tallied 3 touchdowns and 1 assist, along with 3 blocks and an interception. Wow, I feel like Andrei Kirilenko (except for the gay, spiky haircut and resemblance to Dolph “Ivan Drago” Lundgren)!

A few rumors swirled about, but there was no definitive word on whether or not my PPC Pwned shirt/team name idea went through. Brandon and I sure said the phrase a lot during the game, though.

Only 6 pages of Beer???
Saturday, after the game, Steve and Toine came over to play some beer pong and hit DC with Cassie and I. Pong included much of its usual draws including a drunk (Steve was in rare form in his white jeans, prodding Anthony on his homosexual fantasy celebrity threesome partners, blowing a ball from one cup into the water cup, and performing more postshots this side of Jeff C[removed]), a convert (after complaining about the absurdity of beer pong for its entirety in my apartment, Cassie won 3 games in a row and hailed the game and statkeeping’s brilliance and elegance), and a doh (Toine knocked over a cup while trying to save a shot … sigh).

It started getting late and we took the metro to Chinatown where we tried out a place called RFD’s. Essentially, it was a watered down version of the Brickskeller. Whereas the Brickskeller was underground, and had a closed, intimate atmosphere and included hundreds of beers, RFD was just a bar/restaurant that had about 100 varieties. Lame. Even lamer was the fact that Toine said his only goal that night was to hit on girls and he hit on a total of zero.

March Sanity
It is over! The late, great run to the top of the DDC NCAA tournament pool ended last night as I made the final crossout on my bracket. It was a good run, though. My good bracket currently sits at 10th place out of 83 and it’s highest chart position was 9th! Though I was never in contention for money, I can’t believe I made it that high after ending the first and second round in the mid 50’s and 30’s, respectively. Still, it’s cool that George Mason is continuing to astound and may pull off the biggest upset ever (the lowest seed to win the whole shibang was an 8)!



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