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With the invaluable assistance of Mr. Brandon Bert, the Seinfeld, Seinsmelled page has been updated. The very first two episodes of this brilliant series have been reviewed … I know, this is the absolute first time that’s ever been done … on the web, even! Look for the other 3 episodes that round out the first season to appear within in the week (we’re both pretty bored). L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: My friend, Brandon Bert, and I were so obsessed with the show, Seinfeld, that we’d rarely have a conversation without some type of reference to Jerry and the gang. So, when I decided to create my Seinfeld, Seinsmelled site – with reviews of every single episode in the show’s 9-year life – I knew I would have someone who would immediately contribute.

In fact, these first couple of reviews were created before the release of Seinfeld Season 1 on DVD. I vividly recall how Brandon had almost 90% of the episodes on his computer in MPEG format and would dole them out to me in order for the reviews. Unfortunately, Brandon hasn’t reviewed a Seinfeld episode since 2005, however Seinfeld, Seinsmelled continues on without him.

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