please hammer don’t hurt ’em

Friday night, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers rolled into town to face the Washington Wiz for Game 3 of the series. Cassie scored nosebleed tickets for $20 each so she, her dad, Brandon, Katie and I showed up for some quick 5 Guys and took our seats. Somehow, however, we weren’t the biggest celebrities in the audience. Nay! Amongst the throngs of basketball fans were such greats as Usher (who is a part-owner of the Cavs), NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins, and, yes, MC Hammer! I was especially impressed with Reverend Hammer, as he is a fellow blogger!

Even with the $75 I plugged into Wizards’ merchandise, the Cavs overcame homecourt disadvantage and pulled out a win … with an ignored, obvious travel violation!!! Ah, well. It wasn’t a total loss as I scored $5 off Brandon in a bet on the outcome of the game. Plus, just being in the presence of so much greatness (although why Hammer wasn’t invited to perform during the 3rd quarter dance cam is beyond me) was worth the price of admission.



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