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Entered my first (and probably last) beer pong tournament this weekend. It was 8 teams of 2 (down from a supposed 25 teams of 2) and $160 was up for the winners. Sadly, Nate and I were the third team eliminated (even after a game where I shot 5 cups!). Ah well. Also finally saw the Ring, and it was just freaky enough to keep my attention but I wouldn’t call it scary. Here’s what I’ve really been spending my time doing though. Season 1 of Seinfeld is completed with many a review! Also, 12 new pics have been added to the pics site, all of which were donated by the Jeff C. Estate (and thus explains why some of them are terribly grainy). L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: As I recall Nate convinced me to take a trip down to Winchester, VA for a “huge” beer pong tournament one weekend. I drove down, got lost trying to locate Nate, and finally met up with him at a gas station. I followed him out to a house in the middle of nowhere that had a huge barn behind it. Stacks and stacks of apple crates were placed on top of each other about 10 feet high in the barn, but there was some clear space in the back where we set up a table.

Besides Nate I knew exactly one person … and I had only met him once. Most of the other players were a bit sketch, but this was when I was at my beer pong-playing prime so I wasn’t intimidated in the least. I even dazzled a few opponents with some pre-game warm ups, hitting the cup they would call out (yeah … I played a lot back then). Unfortunately, even though only 8 teams showed up, with one table it still took a good hour or two before Nate and I got to play. We easily knocked out our opponents but in the long interim between our first and second games Nate become obliterated. All he had to do was hit 1 cup in our second game, as I managed to hit 5, but he couldn’t and we were unceremoniously evicted from the tournament.

The tournament started to slowly fizzle away as losing teams left, but when it was all over those who remained went inside the house to watch “The Ring” and pass out. By the end of the movie, I was the only one still awake. I didn’t feel comfortable enough to sleep there, so I got in my car and drove back to my apartment around 4 in the morning.

Contrary to what I predicted in this post, this would not be my final beer pong tournament. As of January 2008, I entered into a 2005 office tournament with roommate, Brandon, and a 2007 tournament against Howard Stern interns with roommate, Alex. One I won and the other I was out in 3 rounds.

The 12 pictures that I received from Jeff were from Spring Break 2002 – a great time that eventually needs it’s own, separate blog.

UPDATED LINKS: Seinfeld, pics (01/24/2008)

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