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I have so many back issues of stanus.butt, I feel as if I am sinking in an ocean of stories. Therefore, I will try to go on a crash blog diet and purge myself of these weights. Prepare thyself for some crisp accounting, as I have trimmed off all the fat and leave you with nothing but pure stories.

Hyped Movies Living Up to Their Hype
Though it was only 6 months ago since I last saw a movie in the theatres (V for Vendetta), I felt as though I have been very ignorant of the last year or so crop of movies. So, like any good American citizen, I said “what the hell” and purchased a ticket to see the CGI animation and loud noise stylings of Superman Returns. Hailed as everything from “near the top, if not at the top of the supehero movie pile” to a “glum, lackluster movie,” Superman was actually somewhere in between (as usual). I guess I agree with Ty Burr the most. There, quick review number one!

Pretty much every year, I hear about or watch the Academy Awards and pretend as if I’m a movie person. Now, I think I know a lot of trivia about movies and actors, and I’ve definitely watched the holy trinity of trinities (Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and the original Star Wars) enough times to be considered a fan, but I’m just not cut out to be a movie person. I loved making home movies as a kid, but there just seems to be so many people involved in a film – so many people who have to say “yes” to an idea – that it just feels diluted by the time it reaches me. Eh, that, and music is so much cooler, anyway.

Where was I going with that? Oh, yeah, the Oscars. Anyway, this year I played my part and told myself that this year would be the year I finally get around to watching the uber-hyped best 5 (the movies up for Best Picture). Last weekend, I made another tally on that list by picking up Good Night and Good Luck. When it was over, I had the same feeling I had when I saw Million Dollar Baby – that of watching a weightless film. By that, I mean, it just seemed effortless. It just felt real, as if I were standing in those cramped offices and hearing, no feeling the fear these newscasters were feeling. But without any bump of a camera behind you filming the movie. It’s good stuff and deserves a better attempt at a review, but I have little time and much more to get to.

Pink Sock No Mo’
I finally parted ways with my Arlington apartment, the Pink Sock. Up until the day before I left it still hadn’t hit me that I wasn’t going to be staying there anymore (maybe that’s because I hadn’t begun packing?). Friday the 30th finally arrived, however, and I took the day off to indulge in an all-day pack-a-thon. For the entire ordeal, go read the 7/1/2006 entry of SteverOnline. Once again, Stever has scooped me. My parting thoughts on the Pink Sock are good: it is just one more small step in building my confidence towards my new life. According to the Urban Dictionary, a pink sock is defined as “the intestines exiting through the anus, forming a dangling mass, as a result of anal plundering.” I’d like to thank everyone who participated for making my first one enjoyable.

And, finally, some non-blog material: Look for some excellently huge new sections coming to a stanus.nut near you. We’re talking multimedia for your ears and eyes, people.



  • toineFan#toine
    Tuesday, July 4th, 2006 at 14:18 | #1

    So the 5 movies up for Best Picture are the cream of the crop? Revenge of the Sith wasn’t even in there!! Also, Crash is a piece of shit!!

    Have you pondered how you’re gonna deal with separation from Toine?

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