beach blanket bring-doh

As is the case most of the time I hang out with El Stever, he scooped me on this story. Read all about it in the 7/4/2006 edition of SteverOnline.

Since I took off Friday the 30th to move out of the Pink Sock, and had Monday and Tuesday off due to the 4th of July, I was left with a 5-day weekend. Though I spent most of those days packing, moving, and unpacking (ok, I got some Guitar Hero and Street Fighter Alpha-ing in there, too) Monday was dedicated to a beach run in Ocean City, Maryland.

We woke up at the strike of Toine (around 7:45am) to get an early start. Unfortunately, since I had decided to play video games all night this meant I only got 3 hours and a handful of minutes of sleep. But, since Toine was driving the hours-long trek to the OC I could fall asleep during the car ride (and did!). After about 3 hours in the car, a stop at Wal-Mart for swim shorts (I found out I didn’t have any old ones), a stop at McDonald’s, and several near-death experiences at the driving stylings of Toine, we arrived!

Steve and I used to visit Ocean City every summer with our cousins and extended family and it always seemed overly family-oriented. The boardwalk was saturated with t-shirt and giftshops and the beaches were overcrowded with parents chasing their children around. Since we stopped going about 8 years ago, Steve has made a separate trip twice with his friends. When I joined them this time, the area had changed drastically – now it was stuffed with beautiful people. If my original vacations were compared to a Leave it To Beaver episode, this one was straight out of Laguna Beach. We’re talking pencil-thin beards on all the guys as far as the eye could see!

Although it was a fun day at the beach it remained pretty uneventful. So, instead of rambling on and on about the realtively non-events that happened I shall resort to a brief list. (It will probably be noted that I received a Toine overdose from the following list … and that would probably be correct)

  • Taking half an hour to find a parking space
  • Listening to Toine, the driver, ask the passengers for where he should go to find a parking space as if we knew
  • Toine going the wrong way down a one way street (perhaps a metaphor?)
  • Having Toine apply sunblock to my back (and getting an erotic picture of it!)
  • Playing “O-A” (a play on how Toine doesn’t pronounce the “k” when he says “okay”) – a game played while swimming in the ocean. One person keeps his eyes closed and cannot open them until another person says he can … usually a split-second before a wave is about to crash
  • Taking two unadvisable dives into the hot sand while throwing around a frisbee
  • Becoming addicted to Stacker
  • Walking ’round the boardwalk with a near-topless Toine
  • Eating at the Dough Roller (perhaps a reference to
  • Purchasing a basketball henna tattoo
  • Watching Toine get his gemini tattoo … which he took his shirt off to get!!!!! (I think the tattoo artist was so impressed that she waived his fee)
  • Getting a perfect 3-man picture from the photo booth (we had about 3 seconds between each picture so there was some frantic running in and out of it to get the separate pictures)
  • The Age Guessing man actually guessing close to Toine’s age (his goatee gave him away this time)
  • Riding the Tidal Wave rollercoaster … as usual
  • Seeing Toine freaked out to the point of visibly shaking due to not wanting to go on the Tidal Wave
  • Pointing to a girl literally half Toine’s size who was in line for the Tidal Wave … then receiving no change in behavior from Toine
  • Passing out in the backseat of the Toinemobile to the melodious conversations of Herr Stever and El Dohmaster

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