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As mentioned in the last BLOG (I love saying that word!), GITRMEN won’t start. Of course, my car decided to stop working the week I had to go back to Woodbridge to housesit! As luck would have it, Liesel was travelling to Winchester the day I had to get back, and Brandon was travelling from Winchester to NOVA to sign his new apartment lease! So, two hitchhikes later, I arrived back home. I haven’t been in my old room in about six months, and it’s always an interesting experience to enter it. My college room is just my computer, bed, and the stuff I need to live day to day. My room at home has all the old shit I’ve collected through my life and it was fun swimming through all of that for a bit. HIGHLIGHT OF THE RUMMAGING: a tape I recorded on the last day of high school, interviewing and messing with people. Seinfeld season 2 is currently being attacked on Seinfeld, Seinsmelled, so go check it out. L8r fools.

THREE YEARS LATER: I really don’t remember much about this post … perhaps because it’s pretty much a non-blog.

The tape I mentioned was a spur-of-the-moment idea I had on my final day as a high school student. I can’t, for the life of me, recall where I found a mini-tape recorder, but I had one on my person for the entire last month or so of school. I used it to record a slew of strange situations: a play my friend, Josh Bowman, was performing in; a discussion amongst my friends about women while looking at old yearbooks; a dinner conversation between a random selection of people from my class; and I even (gasp!) recorded myself playing guitar one afternoon.

Anyway, the final day of high school completely snuck up on me, so it took me a while to realize that I had the recorder in my backpack. Once I did however, I went into a scramble! I was without a tape, so I ran to the only place I knew that was guaranteed to be stocked with some: the band archive room! A quick swipe and I had me a tape of a decade-old band concert. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until half an hour later when I tried to record that this tape had been rendered unrecordable as two safety tabs on the top side had been removed. Luckily, I had come across this obstacle before as a tape-recording-obsessed kid, and new I could rustle up a MacGyver-esque solution: place small pieces of duct tape over the holes to simulate the missing tabs (I hope all of you readers know what I’m talking about as I’m not going into anymore detail about this)!

With tape and tape recorder in hand, no one was safe from my prying, sarcastic journalism. I went around the school interviewing various friends and classmates with a couple of accomplices and got a good half hour of entertainment. As such, I can understand how coming across this lost treasure would have been quite a find while house-sitting.

UPDATED LINKS: Seinfeld, Seinsmelled (01/29/2007)


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