time travel and thoughts about dvds

Ah, being an adult. It’s great to think to finally go to sleep at 3:55 am after spending the day doing nothing really productive besides working on a huge NBA simulation project (of which, the scope creep has increased 150%). Then, I realize a Team USA game (the World Championship of Basketall is going on now in Japan) is on at 6:30am and I decide to just tough it out and stay up (it’s not like I’m working tomorrow … on anything besides this NBA project, that is).!

Actually, I’ve been mildly productive in the last few days. I’ve been playing basketball or tennis almost daily (and winning a few free lunches at the hand of bets) and I’ve received word from Brigette – my friend in NYC who has agreed to put me up while I look for an apartment of my own. An old roommate of hers has moved out and a college friend of hers is moving into the empty room. Unfortunately, this friend is having trouble getting out of her current, studio apartment for another month. If she can’t get out until October, then I have agreed to sublease the room in Brigette’s place for the month of September. Regardless, I’m going to try to head up this weekend and start my search!

I also started work on a new song. For the writing of this new piece, I have decided to throw out all pre-conditioned notions about chords and melodies and rhythms. No more saying “oh, that’s been done to death” or “that sounds too poppy.” Nay! I am going to do my best to remain open and free. We’ll see how long that holds up before I come back to my senses.

Quantum Leap season 4 was finally finished this week. I bought it on a whim a couple of weeks ago because I had enjoyed watching seasons 1-3 with Brandon so much. The first couple of years, the show really was pretty bad: ranging from dull to preachy to downright stupid (Sam leaping into a boxer who fights to open a church being the worst episode). Going through these episodes I appreciated the slow increase in quality, but I started to get some serious thoughts about it being one of those shows from your childhood that doesn’t stand up to your memories of it. Luckily, season 4 solidified that memory: these are the episodes I remember watching and they hold up great, over ten years later.

The other DVD that’s been in my player of late is the Knicks Dynasty – about 8 documentaries about the Knicks from different eras of their history and 8 of their greatest games. I must admit that I knew very little of this team before delving into this anthology and I’m really starting to like them. Ewing, of course, is the greatest even though I admit he’s probably starting Center on the All-Time Ugliest team … yes, this is something I need to blog about soon. It almost seems like I’m like Dr. Sam Beckett each time I watch, leaping back in time to relive the Knicks-Bulls, Knicks-Pacers, and Knicks-Heat rivalries. Ah, synchronicity!

I’ll keep you all abreast of the latest with NYC (yes, I just wanted to say breast) when I hear about it. Until then, enjoy not having to read about my reaction to the basketball game I will be watching in a few hours here (to do that, visit the Mighty Mavs blog). L8r

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