controlling the level of cruise enjoyment

Internet Explorer, my brother’s preferred browser, just crashed as I was typing this entry, but I shall try again.

A couple of days ago, Brigette called to inform me that her friend would indeed not be able to move into the empty room in her apartment until October. This meant that, if I was still interested, I could have the room for all of September! Like I said in my previous blog, I didn’t know how this dilemma was going to work out, but it seems to have completely gone the way I wanted it to. Sure, it sucks for her friend since she won’t be able to relocate until a whole month after she had wanted to, but I don’t feel too bad since I will be paying the rent.

Phase 1 went immediately into action. Yesterday, I woke up at the completely appropriate time of 10:30 am (I went to sleep totally fooled I was getting up and out on the road by 8am) and rushed over to Kinko’s to print out the Mapquest directions to and from Brigette’s place (although there are 4 computers and 3 printers in my mom’s house I couldn’t figure out a single way to print these out beforehand). When I had my instructions in hand, I stopped to pull out $40 for tolls (much needed) on my way over to Best Buy. My old Sportster unit that I purchased on eBay was officially pronounced Saturday, and I was going to need a new one for the 10+ hour trip. I bought the new S50 personal unit, but was a little dissapointed to discover it only plays saved songs and not live broadcasts away from its cradle. Still, it looked and played so much better than my old Sportster, I was happy (I can always get Howard Stern live feeds online anyway).

Fully packed and as prepared as I was going to be, I hit the road at 1pm (a time precisely predicted by Cassie the night before 🙁 ). I tend to really enjoy long car rides by myself as it gives me a lot of time to work on music ideas, and I caught up on some Stern reruns. I spent most of the trip right on schedule until I hit the Lincoln Tunnel. Apparently everyone was returning from the Jersey shore the same time I was heading into town which converged into an hour-long back up. Fun stuff! As a reward for my patience, however, I was treated to the freedom of being a New York driver. Sure, there are lanes on the street, but they’re only suggestions!

Brigette’s place is on W 85th and I found a deserted driveway right next to her building. Geoff and her helped me move all my shit up the 6!!!!!!! flights of stairs (with one of us staying to watch the car). I can’t believe how dead I was after all the moving … I was completely soaked and it wasn’t because of the rain. I found a less temporary spot to park and then we all feasted on Greek pizza while watching Brigette’s favorite show, “Project Runway.” Though I’ve never really appreciated fashion I was into the show (but mostly really because of the drama 🙁 )

After dinner, I decided not to spend the night (mostly because it would mean having to sleep on the floor) and headed back for Northern Virginia. About 20 miles outside of New York I stopped at a service station, very much like one of the places my high school marching band stopped at on the way back from our senior year trip to New York. It’s a huge building with 6 or 7 different restaurants and shops smushed all together. It’s been a while since I had me a Roy Rogers burger and curly fries and then I treated myself to the New Jersey law of not pumping your own gas!

The Sirius Raw Dog channel of non-stop, uncensored comedy was the soundtrack for the ride home. My leg was starting to really cramp up from moving furniture up six flights of stairs and driving for 6+ hours already so I did something I haven’t done in a while … CRUISE CONTROL! Yes, a great invention that, for some reason, I continually forget about. In fact, the last time (and only time in my life) I used this amazing device was on the drive back from New York City with Richard in spring of 2001. What a coincidence.

Thus completed Phase 1 of my conquest of New York. Next up, moving there permanently!