an entry from new york city

Hello and welcome to the first entry written from my New York City temporary abode! So far, it is extremely hot (in awesomeness, that is. It is quite the opposite in actual temperature here). While looking for some grub this afternoon, I took a stroll aroud the neighborhood – I’m in the upper west side right next to famous Broadway (although more near the not so famous part). So much to see at once! I’m already getting that feeling as if I’m in a video game and must see, taste, experience everything but it’s just way too overwhelming to start. I’ll have to settle for these baby steps if I want to make any progress at all.

To get here, I made a reservation with the nice people at Washington Deluxe, a bus service that just travels between DC and NYC. My bus was to leave McPherson Square at 8am yesterday, but due to Metro waits, I didn’t arrive until 8:05! Sadly, I watched my bus head out without me. But I am used to having to wait for long periods of time with nothing to do and nowhere to go (thanks to lots of experiences with my summer 2003 job in Ohio and my recent trip to Europe), so I parked myself in a Burger King and read my newest Rolling Stone cover to cover.

By 10:45, I was aboard the second bus and on my way towards the big apple! Most of this trip was a giant black spot on my memory, as I was asleep for the majority of the time (which is just how I wanted it). Due to a pit stop somewhere in Maryland halfway through, we finally arrived near Penn Station around 5:00pm. At almost the exact second I set my foot on the sidewalk a taxi pulled up and I was on my way to Brigette’s apartment. Let me say that this guy was the stereotypical New York taxi driver: When I asked him if he had driven any celebrities he mentined he almost got Monica Lewinsky (I thought he said “Nowitzki”) and proceeded to give me a private stand up routine where each joke ended up with “… in Lewinsky’s pussy.” I laughed a lot (but didn’t tell him it was because it was due to the ridiculousness of this strange man) and got to the apt in 10 mins!

Most of the next couple hours were spent by myself, putting together my room (when I drove up here Sunday I pretty much just threw everything into the middle of the room). Brigette came home around 6:30 but left for a boxing class, so I put together a table and made the best sleeping area I could (as in, I have no bed yet). Brigette returned with the other roommate, Robin, around 8pm. Robin is an architecht who just graduated from Columbia and participates in triatholons in his spare time! Seems like the makings of a pretentious bore on paper, but the guy is really down to earth and cool. We spent the wee hours of the night together, emotionally invested in the crazy Andre Agassi-Baghdatis US Open match.

The rest of today will be spent getting everything I need together to start looking for apartments, and the quest may begin as early as tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted. L8r



  • Monica Lewinsky-Schott
    Monday, September 4th, 2006 at 10:10 | #1

    bigger or smaller than my place? apt size = dick size of course….in lewinsky’s pussy!!

    congrats yo, one small step for your foot, one giant step for your peenyus. I miss that “videogame” feeling!

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