upper west wishes

I have a bed. Long story short, I was sleeping on the floor for the past several days in glamorous New York City, but now I have a pull-out loveseat (thanks to Brigette’s friend, Christina). Many thanks to Andrew Breton and roommate Robin for helping move this monster down four flights and up six, respectively.

In other news, I have done some exploring around the Upper West Side. I have run through Central Park several times and always discover something new there. There’s a huge field with lots of frisbee players that will definitely have to be given a closer look soon, and a nice pond/fountain area nearby where many amateur musicians play. Steady, Stanus, one thing at a time!

Yes, that first item on the list is an apartment as my sublease here in the Upper West Side ends October 1st. I’m checking out some cool apartments this weekend that I’m hoping turn out better than my first attempt (turns out the lady fibbed a little about the location of the place). Besides all this hunting, I’ve done a little guitar playing and some Star Trek watching (as can be evidenced in the two new banners I created). I shall keep you updated with whatever I find.



  • Zepmoon
    Friday, September 8th, 2006 at 09:26 | #1

    Glad to hear you have a more comfortable resting place and I’ve enjoyed the snapshots of your room, but let’s see some of New York City. Get that camera outside and take some tourist shots, i.e. Stanus in the subway or Stanus at the top of the Chrysler Building, or Stanus on Broadway!

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