So I finally saw Akira, the acclaimed anime movie from 1988 that “changed the way in which Western Cinema viewed Japanese animation.” I always held a grudge of unknown origin against Anime and Manga (it had something to do with the fact that they all looked the same), and I’m slowly learning to break that wall down. Akira was good, but pretty fucking weird. Steve sent me all of his old pictures he took with his first digital camera (he got it Christmas of freshman year), so I have 21 funny old pics up. For more photo fun … the four random pictures on the top bar of, are now clickable. CLICK ONE to see what I mean! L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: My god, I was full of non-blogs back in my blogging infancy. However, I do enjoy the brevity of these posts. I wish I could slowly move back towards this size of a blog … except with some real meat in each one.

After watching Akira, I read the entire 2,000+ page-long graphic novel (it was broken into six volumes). Akira was an amazingly-illustrated book … I’ve never seen that amount of detail paid to a single project for so long. It’s like the artist never took a day off and never tired of what he was working on. Phenomenal … though I still didn’t understand what the hell was really going on. Methinks this situation demands another read soon.

The picture of Jeff from this blog obviously came from one of Steve’s old pictures he graciously donated to my photoDB. And, finally, if you’re interested in knowing what I meant about the four random pictures on the top bar now being clickable … this was the design I was using at the time.

UPDATED LINKS: funny old pics (01/29/08)


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