Lonerz: Week 1 recap of fortune!

Two nights ago was the beginning of the regular season in my co-ed 3-on-3 basketball league. As stated before, my mens 3-on-3 basketball league began a week ago, but I missed the game due to having to work late on a stupid website. I wasn’t going to miss this game as well, and headed over as fast as I could after a quick haircut (luckily, Martin Luther King, Jr. was on my side and I didn’t have to work).

Well, I managed to circle the entire block the school we were playing in was located on twice before finding an entrance (even though I had already been there two weeks ago). As I explained in my previous post, three teams show up each night and play each other twice for a total of 6 games. Unlike the scrimmage, however, I came prepared with my FinePix F30. I felt like Spider-Man as I set up my camera to take photographic evidence of me in action (though I must admit to feeling like Spider-Man in most of my everyday behavior, really).

For the first two games I set my camera in a discreet corner on a bench, partially obscured by my backpack. I figured it would probably be better not having to advise people I wasn’t some creep recording girls running up and down. Ok, so it also would be better not admitting I was recording the games for stats-taking purposes. Whatever. This had to be done! It goes against the very DNA in my makeup to not take stats. Cou(beer pong, ultimate frisbee)gh!

Well, the Lonerz split the first two games and the image for this post includes a composite picture of my first made basket in the regular season. After noticing some of the teams er … larger females hanging out and blabbing in front of my “backpack” I decided I had to move my camera so I’d be able to actually see the games. There was a shelf just at about my head level that was perfect and the other two games came out crystal clear (for stats taking purposes, that is!). So as not to bore everyone with all the individual notes I took, here’s how the night broke down for each team:

ZS-CBB 15 12.0 10.0 3.0 1.0 0.0 3.0 40.0% 1.5 100%
The Lonerz 9.5 10.3 1.8 3.0 1.8 4.5 29.9% 1.8 50%
Angels in the Outfield 7.0 6.5 2.0 1.0 0.0 6.0 25.0% 1.0 0%

I must say that it was quite an eye-opening experience watching the games play back. It became quite obvious from the outset that just being able to quote Michael Jordan’s career stats doesn’t directly correlate into being a good basketball player! It was a hard lesson to swallow as – according to an unbiased formula that weights all the contributions (both positive and negative) a player brings to a game – I learned that I was the “stinker of the game” for not one, but two of our four games.

Now, sure, I was the only player on the team to score in all four games. And I didn’t have the worst or even second worst field goal percentage. I was, hands down, the best dribbler on the court. But I would react to all of my missed shots and turnovers and allow my defender to take advantage of this hesitation. Also, I just wasn’t putting 100% into anything the entire time. I was disgusted watching myself mosey around on the court, letting rebounds bounce over my head and not jumping for them. I have decent reflexes, I just wasn’t willing myself to actually do anything. Blah!

Still, there is hope. Last week, Cassie commented on the fact that I didn’t mark the people I was defending at all and I made a concious effort to do so. It showed in the video as I think only one person got a shot off over me. Furthermore, I never let a person get past me and drive to the basket. One thing at a time! Luckily, today is another game – this time in my men’s league – so I will focus on upping my rebounds this match. May the basketblogs never stop!

New York Moment of the Blog: On my way back from getting lunch yesterday I passed Elvis Costello and his wife Diana Krall walking their two kids in a double stroller. I didn’t stop and stare, but I can’t believe New York is cool enough where you can just brush up against famous entertainers and it’s no big deal.