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Quantum Leapage
It’s done. As of two nights ago I finished watching the entire series of Quantum Leap thanks to tv on DVD. That part of my life has finally been fully revisited and I am now ready to move on to other shows (Star Trek: TOS season 2 is in the mail!).

Quantum Leap was a series from 1989-1993 that appeared on … Wednesday nights as well as I can remember. Now, I watched a lot of tv when I was a kid but I can actually recall where I was and what was happening around me during some of the premeires of Quantum Leap episodes. When it was cancelled in 1993, it completely disappeared from the air and wouldn’t resurface in the form of reruns on the Sci-Fi channel until just a few years ago. As a result, the memories of the fun from watching the show stayed fresh in my head, while the realities of the series’ sporadic dips into the silly and the sugarary faded.

The verdict after my much wiser, 25-year old viewing of the show is this: inspired premise, great main characters (especially their chemistry), but great episodes few and far between. I love the idea that most of the tension comes from the self-imposed rules of time travel and the limitations of suddenly leaping in to a foreign experience, but I can’t stand the general hokieness and over simplification that pervades each story. Many episodes are embarrassing to watch and only a few (usually the ones written by the creator, Donald Bellasario) try to discuss the more interesting philosphies of time travel and the greater meaning of what Sam is doing. B-

Toine Takes Himself out of His Own Contest
There’s a buzz going ’round the world – Toine is out of his own contest! As already explored by the twenty-four hour Toine news service staff at SteverOnline, Toine announced he was “really tired last night” and “watching a movie and eatting [sic] dinner” and just plain “forgot to do them till about 2am.” Toine had no comment on my follow up question as to how his boyfriend took the news. It’s now down to Stever and Brandon, but with so many responsibilities – the Bee Log, Pokerjobber, the Transeffect Blog!!!!!!!!!!! – how can Brandon pull off a win? I’ll keep you posted.

If this were the stanus.butt from a year ago I’d already have beaten NBA All-Star predictions and analysis over you, my fine reader’s head but nay! I have removed all of that talk from this storied site. I will, however, comment on the recent news of ex-NBA player, John Amaechi, coming out of the closet.

It’s absolutely backwards that people are still clinging onto hate these days. Didn’t the 1960’s and 1860’s happen already? It saddens me that people must live a lie for years even amongst people they practically live with just because those people are idiots. Amaechi is gay … how does that affect his teammates at all? Gay men date and have sex with other gay men so if you’re straight you have nothing to worry about! Whenever I hear someone casually mention that they hate gay people my instant rection is to throw any respect as a person I have for them in the garbage. If you can discard a human being’s worth by their mere existence … well, you’ve just reached my discarding criteria.

To be honest, that’s not true. I’m just venting. Point in case is Tim Hardaway – an ex-NBA Legend who said he “hates gays” and that they “shouldn’t be in the world or the United States.” Whether he is condoning genocide or interstellar migration is unknown, but my reaction is similar to the one I hold for Michael Richards. I can respect Hardaway’s playing and don’t mind virtually representing him in my NBA Sim project (where he will appear on the All-Time Golden State Warriors roster). Similarly, I far from mind watching Kramer on Seinfeld. Hardaway the ball player and Michael Richards as Kramer: these are their performances. Their hate doesn’t affect their work/art … but the performers themselves? I find them less than decent as human beings.

And to balance a stereotype, here are reactions from three people involved with basketball that I agree with (Charles Barkley, Isiah Thomas, Mark Cuban). Finally, David Stern, commissioner of the sport, has banned Hardaway from appearing at NBA sanctioned functions.

Try NBA Sim!
And in case you haven’t already clicked on the link to my other blog/project, NBA Sim, in the paragraph above, you should! The latest blog is non-basketball obsessed fan friendly and even insightful! Basketball players are compared to superheroes … check it out!



  • Zepmoon
    Friday, February 16th, 2007 at 10:56 | #1

    You go girl!

    Straight or Gay you gotta love that NBA.

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