Stanus Moves!

In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that there were two large pieces of news coming down the pipe (or, as Howard Stern annoyingly says “coming down the pike”). Well, it is now officially time to announce the first piece of information:

I will be moving to North Bergen, New Jersey by early April (possibly before). The story begins with two twins – Andrew and Alex Perroy – who I’ve known since 8th grade (they went to Robinson and JMU). When we met up again at Jim Lunsford’s wedding back in December 2004, they told me they had moved up to New York City to pursue careers in the music industry and I began hatching a similar plot. Well, having lived in Astoria, Queens for some time, they have finally put all the pieces together for their new band, Escape M60, and wish to move to a larger, cheaper place in New Jersey that would allow for band rehearsing as well as continue to facilitate easy access to the city.

They found a great, four-story house just across the Hudson that seems to be perfect. The owner of the place is selling it (it used to be his parents’ but it’s just way too big for the two of them) and is even including many of the really nice furniture in as part of the deal. The Perroys plans include turning the entire basement into rehearsal space. Alex originally asked me about a week ago if I would be interested in becoming a roommate and I immediately turned him down – I had just moved only 5 months ago and I didn’t want to move further from the city than I already was.

However, the more and more I thought about it the move seemed like a great idea. I admitted to myself I was stalling in my current Brooklyn apartment. The walls were too thin that when I’d come home late I couldn’t play my electric and I was finding less and less reason to play my acoustic late as well. Though I found my roommates all very nice, we never hung out and were completely different people. Moving in with a band along with practice space and no one caring when I played would probably light up a much-needed fire underneath my ass. The next day when Alex actually asked again I said I was considering it and wanted to see the place.

Just this Tuesday the two of us took a ride out to North Bergen and the place was above and beyond the amazing photos Alex had sent to me. The house is huge and the furniture very nice (thank god we won’t have to go find couches). I’m already salivating at the basement downstairs (I was imagining where I wanted to set up my equipment)! Though the trip out there took about 45 minutes (due to crazy traffic), the bus ride back only took 20 so maybe even the commuting chaos I was expecting won’t be as bad as I thought.

Anyway, last night Alex told me the deal went through – that the house is officially ours! The others will be moving in March 15, but I told them I may need until April to find a replacement for my apartment here. Things are getting exciting again as I finally have stuff to look forward to – something that was sorely lacking for the past 6 months!!!



  • Thursday, March 8th, 2007 at 10:46 | #1

    Stanus, that’s great! I’m happy to hear you’ll be living the dream again!! Congrats!

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