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Stanus.butt has been neglected a bit of late due to my week-long excursion into the Caribbean aboard the Carnival Glory. It was a fun experience and I’ll make sure to describe all the gory details in my next post (sadly, probably in list format). Man, a week away from the computer (it was $0.75 per minute aboard the ship) has me feeling as if I were drowning in all my emails, blogs, Toine news, and other stuff I have to get back to doing. As such, this is going to be a bit of a wee post here.

In other news, I seem to have aged again. 2007 marks my 26th year breathing and I mean to make my second quarter-century a bit more memorable than my first (though that’s not too hard to do since I don’t remember the first 10 or so years at all). Thanks to all who sent me text messages, emails, and e-cards reminding me that I’m an old man! I’ll be exacting my revenge upon you when your turn comes.

One thing I wasn’t too excited to see upon my return to the United States was the 33 spam comments that had been posted to previous blogs here. So, I’ve now added an e-mail verification system to commenting. When you now wish to comment on a blog you will be asked to input your e-mail address. The first time you use this e-mail address, you will have to wait until I approve it before your comment appears. Once approved, every comment thereafter – using the same e-mail address – your comments will automatically appear on the site. Thank the gay porn spammer while I was away for this annoying change. L8r

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