Theme to a Blog

Wow … this one has been a long time coming. It’s been a crazy week: I worked 7 hours two Sundays ago and was out until at least 10:30pm each night. Not the most conducive atmosphere for blogging … but I now have a lot to discuss!

Cleaning House
There’s about to be a theme to this blog, but before I get to it, I’ll get through all the peripheral bullshit. First off, as I said earlier, I worked Sunday night from 6pm to 1am. I was working on a “dark site” – a website that would relay information to a company’s employees about either an acquisition or merger. Since the information was incredible time-critical (defense against any insider trading) the thing had to be turned around really quickly in the middle of the night. As such, I tried to do all of my exercises before the midnight hour … but managed to forget to do my situps in the rush :(. And then there were two! (and any fan of the old Bj and Nate show is in for a great final matchup!!!!)

Also, this weekend I showed off my room to potential renters. Now, back when I was dealing with craigslist to find an apartment, I would usually find myself in a long conveyor belt of prospects looking at one room. I figured the same would be the case as I received 42 replies to the ad I posted (15 of those I singled out as possibilities, and 8 of those 15 responded back saying they would “definitely” see the room during my Saturday showing). Amazingly, only 3 people arrived during the 3 hours my room was open Saturday morning … and luckily two of them were great. The one creepy guy was a guitar player named Sten (pronounced Stan) … I kid you not. It was like the Bizarro episode from Seinfeld! Anyway, the roommates loved a lady named Olivia, and she agreed to move in this coming weekend so I am all set to spend eternity in the waiting, muscled arms of the Brothers Perroy (of Escape M60 fame).

… aaaaaaand Basketball!
And now on to the theme: basketball! In case you’ve been living under an unused dohblog photo section, the annual NCAA tournament is upon us. I entered 4 brackets into 3 March Madness pools and have been experiencing varying degrees of success (and failure). I’ll let you know how it all ends up, but I believe I am statistically out of the money in my office pool (but that I’ll end up in 4th place … they pay up to 3rd 🙁 ).

Losing A Bet
Along with the exercise contest, I lost a small bet with Nate – webmistress of the gossip-column blog, Nate’s Noodle. The Suns played the Mavs on the 14th in what turned out to be a simply amazing game. We bet on the winner of the match, and the loser of the bet would have to blog about the other team. I’d like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven for having my Mavs lose by 2 so Nate could be spared the enormous pressure of blogging! Actually, I enjoyed writing about the Suns. They’ve been compared to the “showtime” Lakers of the 80’s so much it’s getting annoying, so I did some statistical analysis and examined the numbers. Possibly interesting stuff.

Paying My Respects
Last Tuesday I had tickets (is it proper to say tickets in the case that I went by myself … saying I got “ticket” just doesn’t have the same ring to it) to the Knicks/Mavs game right here in Madison Square Garden. Wow. First off, I’d like to say that my visit to American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX was about 100 times nicer than any experience in the lowly Verizon Center, but MSG was on another level entirely. The stadium is just so nice inside … I felt like royalty. Although his Dirkness didn’t have an incredible game (I have yet to be at one of those in person actually 🙁 ) the Mavs won and I had a great time mentally mocking the basketball “experts” sitting around me. I got some great pictures and when it was evident we had a blowout in the fourth quarter I just started video taping plays with my camera. I should have some goods but I just haven’t had time to go through them!

What was cool that I wasn’t expecting was the celebrity factor. I kinda started to appreciate the Lakers appeal when they started announcing the famous people in attendance that night. First off, my first MSG night was the 50th birthday of Spike Lee – the east coast’s answer to Jack Nicholson (as in, the most obsessed and visible basketball fan). Brandon Jones will be aroused to know a Soprano actor was in the stands, but as to whether this affects his chin-flap or nether regions is still up for debate. Also, Cassandra Melnikow was mad when she discovered I didn’t take a picture of a dreamy actor from Sex In The City. But the creme de la creme (the language of this should be a hint) was the introduction of Natalie Portman! They showed all of these people on the jumbo screen which didn’t include audio, but I’m sure she was asking about Richard Killiam: blogger to the stars!

The End of The Beginning
Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for: a recap of the Lonerz’ first 3-on-3 basketball season! I’ll have you know that we made the playoffs as the 4th seed. This meant in the first round of the playoffs we would face the 5th seed (the winner would go on to play the 1st seed). The 5th seed turned out to be a team called “Hoop … There It Is.” We had played them on three separate occasions throughout the regular season and each time they seemed to be composed of different people. For our playoff match, only three of them showed up against our full six-person roster.

It was a best of three situation and game one quickly ended in a blowout: Hoop … There It Is used the superior size (one guy was both taller and, apparently, further pregnant than all of us) to bully us down low. Game 1: Hoop.

We were a little frustrated, thinking we would easily wear them down with numbers, but we regrouped and refocused for game two. We came out charging at the beginning of the second game and dominated for the first half. Hoop began to get back into it slowly, and tied the game with only a few minutes left. The game began to be one of desperation as both teams attempted to sink the final shot, and unfortunately Hoop hit a three-pointer to seemingly seal the deal. With 10 seconds left and down by 3 we needed a dohblog miracle. We had been trying to run a pick and roll play with no real success for a while so I changed it up. We have a go to guy on our team who can hit 3-pointers pretty reliably. We all knew it, including the defense, so I realized the other team would instantly double him if we ran the same play. I told him instead of trying to find space for a shot to inbound the ball – the person who inbounds the ball can’t move before passing the ball into play.

I set up on the three point line fairly close to Nick – the inbound/goto guy. When Nick passed the ball in to me both his defender and mine leaped on me to block my 3-point attempt. Meanwhile, however, I was already passing the ball back to Nick for an open shot … WHICH HE HIT! It was an ugly, ugly, banked-in shot but it was the most beautiful one of the night. We had forced overtime on the last second play that would have ended our season!

We came back into overtime after a minute pause with renewed energy and whipped Hoop’s ass. They went scoreless and we made every shot. Game 2: Lonerz!

The third, and final, game began much like the second one: we started with an early lead but had it whitled down slowly over time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a tied game – Hoop was up by 1 point with about 4 minutes to go. Thus began the most futile four minutes in basketball history. No one made a basket. Everyone fouled. No one made free throws. The game ended with the same score unchanged. Game 3: Hoop.

We were slightly stunned to be out. This was a team we thought we could easily handle by subbing in frequently and remaining fresh, but we had let the final game slip out from our grasp. Still, we had made the playoffs in our first season – and this was the season when we were all unknowns! We left with two pieces of good news: 1) next season we were being joined by two more people, including a 6-foot guy for some much-needed down low legitimacy and 2) the next season was starting in only 2 weeks!

I really enjoyed my first season of Zogsports and videotaping the games is starting to improve my play (yes, I am mocked as well). Look for a Lonerz section pretty soon where I’ll spend a little more detail on our games and progress – and not load down the blog.

Oh, and the picture to this blog is my final made field goal of the season (compared with my first made field goal). L8r.