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As I move out of 736 I Sunchase room 1, my home for the past two years, I have finally come to realize something: I am the best CD maker in the highly competitive field of MIX CDs! Ever see the end of High Fidelity when John Cusack is describing how he creates a good mix tape? I understand exactly what he is saying there! Anyway, I can’t believe how much time I spent into cleaning this place up … I filled up half of the dumpster outside, I ripped off some of my wall while trying to take down my big tack board, and my hands still burn from all the bleach I had to use on that disgusting shower. BUT IT’S ALL DONE! To commemorate the 2 years of stanus tattoo I finally removed from this abode, the blog pic is of me knee-deep in my own trash here. Anyway, for those who have kept up with me for a while you may recall the Shack (for those new around here, check out this little tease of the place). Things are becoming interesting as I move back to NOVA. There looks to be a possiblity of … Shack 2? I’ll keep you posted. L8r!

736 I Phone Number: (540) 442-5767

THREE YEARS LATER: As I have mentioned in previous posts I really wasn’t doing shit for these last six months while living at JMU. In fact most of my time was spent trying to entertain all my free hours away. One of my main activities during this period was – you guessed it – making mix CDs and these things were works of art. The usual one would take me anywhere from 20-30 hours of work picking out tracks, selecting the order, working on a theme, and making the songs segue into each other in an interesting way. The mix I was working on that inspired this blog was called “I’m A Bloopeur Mix” – a title inspired by an old Stever joke.

I’ve started a feature called The Greatest Mix Tapes of All Time! that shows all the track lists and stories behind the songs for all of my mix CDs.

I don’t remember moving out too much. The plan was for me to pack and clean my room throughout the last week in Harrisonburg and then get a ride home from my mom. I don’t remember packing and cleaning at all but I did such a haphazard job of it the night before that she was embarrassed by what she saw when she arrived. But, we made it out of there after another hour or so of scrubbing the walls (that she demanded). Then I took a few quick pictures and said goodbye to the home that saw the best beer pong of my life.

Just for the archives, I added the 736 I phone number some time after publishing this post, though I don’t know when.

PHOTOS: Here are a couple of photos on the day I left my Sunchase apartment – the last day I lived at college. Click to enlarge the photo.
My wall of shame: all the shit I kept my senior (and super senior) year at JMU.'Abandon all sobriety, ye who enter here.' The door to 736 I Sunchase at JMU.Mila inspects all of my crap as I finally move back from college.

UPDATED LINKS: little tease (7/24/2008)


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