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Is everyone else going just as crazy as I am with all the daily transactions found on Shaq going to Miami?!? Nash going to Phoenix?!? T-Mac going to Houston?!?!? Pure zanity, if you ask me! With all the rush of adrenaline I find being pumped into my body due to up-to-the minute basketball off-season acquisitions, I’ve been able to be super productive for! Check out the five (count them, five) new friends cards, the soon-to-be updated James Bond and NBA pages, and, as always, the ever-expanding Seinfeld, Seinsmelled site. Alright, I must get back to my current addiction – I await the good news that Vince Carter will be coming to Dallas! L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: What can I say? I was starting to get full-blown into my NBA addiction, I had just moved back into my mom’s house after college, and I wasn’t working. It’s not like anything else was going on to blog about!

The previous summer I traveled to Ohio for a summer job. Right before I left, however, I began to watch a little of the 2003 NBA Playoffs as two of my roommates were semi-into the sport. I had never been a basketball (or any sport for that matter) fan but I discovered myself slowly becoming interested in it. When I would find myself in the middle of some random, Ohio park – bored and not wanting to work – I’d purchase a USA Today and read about the basketball stories going on. I was hooked.

This was the first NBA off-season that I paid attention to, however. And, with movements consisting of huge stars like Shaquille O’Neal and Tracy McGrady, I couldn’t look away. I’m sorry, reader. It only got more and more basketball-obsessed at [] from here on out.

I was still slowly pumping out Friend Cards, though they were becoming more and more like work. The James Bond section was to be an update of the feature I had started during the 2000 incarnation of [] but this time never really left the planning stage. The NBA feature was one of the most embarassing features I’ve ever made for the site. So, even though I sounded excited and productive, things were about to fizzle out quickly soon after this post.

UPDATED LINKS: friends cards, NBA, Seinfeld, Seinsmelled

DEAD LINKS:James Bond (9/28/2008)


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