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This weekend held the first annual LollapaRilliam, a one-night cook out at the Killiam’s new house out in Manassas. Several worlds collided as my brother and his friends met Tj grads met Richard’s coworkers met middle school pals met JMU neighbors met friend’s younger siblings. To no surprise, much craziness followed (… followed the involvement of certain fermented and herbal supplements, that is). There was a very friendly atmosphere (with the notable exception of the “milkshake” incident), which spurred me on to create four more friends cards, bringing the total to 16!!!! Also, the menu border picture on the left is now an active link – transporting you to the section of that the photo represents (example: Dirk Nowitzki sends you to the unfinished NBAnus report section). Not all pics have a corresponding section to link to at the moment, though. Oh well … gotta leave something for later, right?

THREE YEARS LATER: The LollapaRilliam (a cross between the Lollapalooza music festival and Rilliam – an infamous typo from one of Richard’s dad’s ID cards) was not some sort of huge, planned event. I was over at Richard’s house in Manassas, VA one weekend and we decided to invite as many people over as possible. I know he had a pool put into his backyard but I don’t think it was even done at that time so there really was no theme to the shindig.

Still, we got a great turnout from several, different groups of friends for the first-week-back-from-college party. Guests included the following:

    My brother and his friends

  • The incomparable Stever. At some point during the night he attempted to play ping pong while donning an empty beer box.
  • Allison née Reip – high school chum of said Stever that spent most of the night giving Richard’s dog (Flurry) a bath. No one, not even Allison, herself, knows why she felt the need to do so!
    Tj grads

  • Bryan O – fellow 1999 Jeffersonian grad made a late appearance for a few minutes and gave me $20 to defray the cost of alcohol. As I recall, most of the liquor was already Richard’s dad’s so I quickly pocketed the money for myself!!!
    Richard’s coworkers

  • Kelly S – Richard had just landed a temp job and invited some of his fellow data enterers
  • Some other girl – who’s name I forget, but Toine was convinced her name was Ellen (he was wrong).
    Middle school pals

  • John “Papajanus” – legendary comic who actually attended Tj for a year or so has known Richard since they were both wee lovers in middle school.
    JMU neighbors

  • Gianina – in one of the strangest coincidences ever recorded, Gianina lived across the hall from me at my final college apartment after living across the street from good friends the Brothers Bert for decades!
    Friend’s younger siblings

  • Brandon B – an air force ROTC officer and younger brother of Bras celebrity/bassist, Bill Bert! He matched El Stever beer box for beer box in their ping pong match of doom.

Amazingly, I don’t remember a whole lot of this evening’s events! The party took on a life of its own as Richard and I were hardly capable of accomplishing any host duties. People came, people went. It was all very laissez faire. I do recall watching Terminator 2: Judgement Day in Richard’s cool movie room and Steve stole the show with a joke. I also recall Richard trying to make pot salad or something but whatever it was, it was a horrible failure. I can’t, for the life of me, remember what the “milkshake incident” was but I think we were all sitting on his steps inside and someone spilled something. Just a guess, though.

The image border link I discuss has to do with the randomized side-banner that would appear on the front page of [] back when it looked like this.

PHOTOS: Some photographic evidence of the night in question:

UPDATED LINKS: friends cards, NBAnus report (10/06/2008)


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