The Backburner (Part 2)

As I began a few weeks ago, I come up with a lot of creative shit. The rest of this list are the many projects that have taken up a lot of my time for the past 8 years. Feel free to pick out your favorite and come up with a joke about how I’ll never get it done!

Ultimate Frisbee Video Game
Progress: 5%
Initial Start: Spring 1999
Other Starts: 2001, 2003, 2005
Status: See-sawing Hiatus
ETA: 2020

I played a lot of ultimate frisbee in high school. My friends and I would ignore eating during our lunch periods to play the sport, and most of my 8th period classes (an extra class added for club meetings, socializing, and miscellaneous events) were spent outside on one field or another, as well. I wanted to capture the feel of my favorite high school pasttime after I had graduated. Ever the game-designer (I’ve been making them since I was 10), I felt this could best be represented in a video game format.

I devised a set of frisbee-related attributes (aim, throwing strength, catching skill, blocking, speed, etc.) and then ranked all my friends in how well I thought they did in each category. It’s hard to remain objective in performing this task (I had yet to discover the unbiassed stats-taking system I would create for beer pong), though I tried my best.

In the numerous other times I’ve picked up and dusted off this project, another new wrinkle has been added: different fields, weather affecting play, character generation, “bosses,” and Tony Hawk-like trick sequences. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, but I still wouldn’t know where to begin programming this bad boy.

Jefferson CDs
Progress: 66%
Initial Start: Fall 1999
Number of Other Starts: Incalculable
Status: Hiatus
ETA: 2009

Music is obviously one of my passions and it first became a part of me during high school. It was here that I first started listening to popular music and noticing how songs could capture moments and store them inside. Then, upon playing the song again, I could relive those experiences. As soon as I graduated to college I began to compile a list of songs that “remembered” my most valuable high school memories. At first, I was going to put them on 4 CDs – one for each year of school – but the list exceeded the 288 minute mark. So, 4 CDs became 8 (2, now, for each year) and I started plugging away.

For the best quality of memory representation, I scoured the internet for nothing less than 320 kbps MP3s of each song on my list. I didn’t finish that quest until the fall of 2001. Then, I wrote down little blurbs about each song, and what they made me remember. Unfortunately, I still haven’t finished that task … though with my 10th year high school reunion slowly creeping up, I’m sure that extra motivation can help make this my first, completed project.

Re-record all of my old songs
Progress: 0%
Initial Idea: Winter 2006
Actual Start: Yet to be!
Status: Pipe Dream
ETA: 2009

I love to write songs, but I’m going to admit something. My output has decreased from a fantastic song-a-week in the Spring of 2003 to the pathetic song-in-six-months of now. It’s terrible, and I’m trying to find ways to motivate me back into my more prolific state.

One of the ideas I’ve come up with is to force myself to tie up all the loose ends in my musical archive, the musicDB. So many of my songs were without lyrics, a verse, or an arrangement, and it’d be easier to work with already written material rather than come up with completely new stuff. So, I’ve slowly created a musical recording workstation downstairs in my basement … I just have yet to have the time or patience to knock anything out. We shall see, dear reader!

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