america says goodbye to rick “superfreak” james

Just came back from seeing “the Terminal,” the Tom Hanks/Steven Spielburg film with Brandon Bert (both an officer and a gentlemen, I assure you). It was pretty good, except both men’s tolerance of and preference for sappiness is starting to exceed my limits. Meanwhile, I noticed that the Olympics are drawing nearer which means … yes, USA Men’s Beasketball team games will be televised. And that means just a little bit o’ basketball fix to tide me over until November. Hotness. Speaking of basketball, check out the 2004-05 NBA Report. It’s a work in progress. L8r.

YEARS LATER: It’s kinda weird that both the title and image of the blog have nothing to do with the blog itself. Maybe I initially wanted to say something about Rick James and just decided against it? I can’t remember. Besides, I don’t think I’d have much to say about him anyway.

The Terminal was a Steven Spielberg film where Tom Hanks is a foreigner who lives in an airport and falls in love with Catherine Zeta-Jones. It’s really sappy and ultimately forgettable. I saw it at the small, second-run theater in University Center in Fairfax, Virginia with my friend, Brandon. I used to live just a few blocks away from the place when I first moved to Virginia from Texas and always felt like it was “my” shopping center. Then I moved two more times and let a decade pass so it was weird to come back to visit it one last time.

I was genuinely excited about Olympics Men’s basketball as I had just finished my first full season of NBA obsession and it seemed like a bonus round! Unlike it’s predecessor, the 2004-05 NBA Report did actually see a lot of work and progress. However, all the effort put into this project only cemented the fact that my NBA Reports were lost causes: not even I liked to look at them.

This blog was the final one made during the first phase of []’s design .

UPDATED LINKS: 2004-05 NBA Report (11/13/2008)


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