Death of a Blogger

Has blogging died? And, if the general answer is no, has it died in my blogging community? My biggest contemporaries, The B-Log (Brandon Jones) and Steveronline (Steve Syckes), haven’t updated in over a month and have been on barely-once-a-month schedules for some time. Nate’s Noodle (Nate Crandell) and the Dohblog (Anthony Stets) are popping in every couple of months to say how long it’s been since they last said hello. Hibernation Sickness (Richard Killiam) was left to die at the turn of the year, and The USAF Experience (Jeff C[removed]) and the truth..altered (Allison Xanthopoulos) were officially deleted.

Worst of all, I have so little energy myself to get through a post these days. What’s up? Are people too busy, too lazy, or just not living as interesting lives as they used to? I bet everyone says “too busy” but I bet it’s really one of the other two. As for my excuse, it’s something completely different.

I began a blog about the weekend of August 31 – September 3, my trip to Las Vegas for Brandon’s bachelor party. We gambled a lot, ate good food, embarrassed Brandon at a strip club, and checked out the Team USA basketball game. I even ran into Britney Spears. Needless to say, there were a lot of stories and the post was running super long with no end in sight. And when I realized this I was suddenly sapped of all my willpower. I couldn’t continue.

It just wasn’t exciting me. I enjoy writing about experiences of mine, but I hate feeling like I have to write about something. More and more, I’ll write down the title to a blog in my planner (yes, I have a daily planner!) and suddenly it becomes just another chore to check off my list. That just feels like high school work to me and I left that anxiety 8 years ago. But, just to document, here goes:

I would like to say I had a good time in Vegas … though I found out pretty quickly I have an extremely low tolerance for gambling. I can survive a total of 12 hours I’d say. Split that into increments and dash them across a week and I’m good but with Brandon “Pokerjobber” Jones, it’s non-stop and I started to feel it just after the first full day. The Team USA basketball was amazing (of course). It was like watching an All-Star game. Hmm … now I guess I have to go see one of those, too.

Maybe I’ll flesh this whole thing out in 2010 as part of my Three Years Later feature. Well, that is if I’m still doing it (meta-blogging can be pretty taxing though fulfilling) by then. And speaking of 3LY, if you haven’t read any of them so far, give it a peep. Some of this stuff’s pretty cool.

Random Thoughts

  • I was forced to watch Britney Spears’ VMA performance last night. It was so bored I was actually glad about being required to view against my will.
  • A new stanus.butt layout is in the works. It’s pretty easy in wordpress: just find a skin and edit a little bit. Voila.
  • People, if you aren’t reading Project NBA Sim, what are you reading?
  • Zepmoon
    Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 at 08:10 | #1

    You introduced me to blogging so I don’t pretend to have any expertise but maybe less is more, that is, don’t try to write detailed accounts for each post. Just give us the highlights. One or two lines can keep everyone up-to-date and satisfy your urge to communicate.

  • Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 at 09:50 | #2

    That’s actually a good idea. Let’s see if the perfectionist in me will let it slide …

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